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    We are looking for someone who can design a catalog/product profile for the packaging machinery company. We have stick, sachet and vffs machines so we need product profile for each machine. After we conclude one, we can follow the similar structure. The attached file can get followed as a guide (Mentpack Corporate file is...

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    Packaging Label 已经结束 left

    I need someone to design a packaging label for our new beard balm product.... I am attaching a similar packaging label that contains the right packaging size for the jar.... We want the front of the label to contain the brands name, size, scent, its benefits... and at the back of the lab...

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    I have an AI file of some current product packaging. I need to re-design this for a new product that we are introducing to our market. The design will be similar however has a different look and feel. All the layout and text has been done. I need someone with a keen eye

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    Make a logo design 已经结束 left

    I am working as a product manager for a new project, I will need someone who has a skillset to work on the logo design of a new product. I will need a minimal design with a high-quality resolution for use in packaging and website. The design...

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    ...you creative peeps.. I have a new range of kitchenware products (predominately knives) currently being finalised and manufactured for sale on Amazon. Would like a quality website developed using WordPress and ideally Divi as I have an account and makes it easier for me to update later. I really enjoy doing website design/...

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    Trophy icon Packaging Designs for 2 Music Score Covers 已经结束 left

    I need 2 very similar packaging designs for my product - Music Score Covers, i have the preliminary designs done, but need someone to change the background, rearrange the elements and make it look more professional. This is not a design of a cover of book, it is for 2 similar designs for 2 packa...

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    We are a new company that needs our very elementary (I created it) logo brought to life, and professionalized. Simply, we want our logo concept to look like it belongs to a Fortune 500 company. We will also need this logo implemented into the design of our product packaging. Our products will be packaged in a ti...

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    ...launching a new food product and need a premium look with bold, aggressive & modern design for our packaging. The winner will work closely with us to complete final edits and text placement. We have 6 packaging design projects and a website design project to complete over the next 45 days. Look...

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    Hi! I'm creating a skincare line, and am looking for a logo as well as packaging for my skincare serum, my first product. I need: 1. a strong, elegant, memorable logo (I would like a separate file for this please) 2. a label for the serum bottle 3. a box for the serum bottle ...

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    retail packaging deisgn 已经结束 left

    I need someone to design the retail unit packaging for a new product.

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    Hello Freelancers. We are looking for a creative graphic designer to create new artwork for a pair of multi-shot fireworks. This contest requires the creation of two new graphics, each one for a different box. Here are some details about these items: Multi-shot A: "Dog Fight" Multi-shot B: "Fury Road" ...

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    ...Freelancers. We are looking for a creative graphic designer to create new artwork for a pair of multi-shot fireworks. This contest requires the creation of two new graphics, each one for a different box. Here are some details about these items: Multi-shot A: "Close Contact" Multi-shot B: "Sky Defender"...

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    ...Freelancers. We are looking for a creative graphic designer to create new artwork for a pair of multi-shot fireworks. This contest requires the creation of two new graphics, each one for a different box. Here are some details about these items: Multi-shot A: "Hey Y'all!" Multi-shot B: "Watch This!"...

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    Trophy icon Graphic Design Packaging 已经结束 left

    I need someone to design the graphics for some packaging based on the same look as an existing box. I have attached photos and renders of the current box, we have recently launched and new smaller different style box of the same product so we need it to look very similar - although it is a different style of...

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    I am launching a new sports supplement drink and I am looking for someone to design the graphics which will go on the container. Product will come a pouch. Front side is branding (this competition) and other side will contain nutritional/legal information - this side can be left blank for now. The name of the p...

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    Trophy icon PACKAGING DESIGN 已经结束 left

    Hi, I need someone to create packaging design for a new start up. The start up company is a beauty product targeted to women in India. Copy, logo and image of packaging is attached. Thanks Elle

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    ...Logo: Attached in .zip Product: Hoverboard (self balance scooter) Example of packaging including correct sizing (.psd with die lines etc): attached in .zip folder Plain images of hoverboards attached (both black and white - you choose based on your ideas). We want to leave you to do your own ideas of package design, packaging must be really simple

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    Messages to communicate through the design: We work with a couple of packaging manufacturers to make our existing ecommerce boxes. What I need is for someone to create me (CAD?) drawings of four types of packaging. Details about the product: Ecommerce packaging Ideas for the visual style: Will b...

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    DESIGN PACKAGING 已经结束 left

    ...Expert Information for the business: mobile phone accessories Target audience: Experienced Person Details about the product: mobile phone accessories Ideas for the visual style: Professional , Corporate and Slick Hello We Need a reliable and very experienced person who preferably is All Rounder to work with us for long term a...

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    I need help designing a package for my "stand-up resealable pouches". I would like someone who has some knowledge on packaging for consumer goods. I have been working with someone so far (and she has done a great overall job with creativity and design) but I would like a new set of ey...

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    I need my packaging designed, I have the template chosen and a logo already. The product is a children's storage bag. I need someone who understands Australian aesthetics. I also need a swing tag for the bag. I have an image already to use, just need someone to...

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    We're a small but growing company in the greeting cards industry. We're looking to hire someone to create new greeting card designs of various style and expand our existing product line. This will definitely be a long-term cooperation, at least 1+ year, provided that you're the right person. Here is who we're looking for...

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    I need a logo designed. We are launching a new liquid nano coating technology and need a logo branding design fir our company and packaging asap... This product is going to be marketed under three different brand names our primary consumer product called DiamondGuard Nano also DiamondShield Nano and the industrial ...

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    Greetings, I am looking for the perfect graphic design to use as a product advertisement packaging. I am looking for someone who can use these images that i display to make an effective design as if this were a product you would buy in a store or online. [登录来查看链接] - need de...

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    Redesign Packaging 已经结束 left

    We need to recreate our existing product packaging to match our new designs of our product. The only image required from the old packaging is the "La Tortilla Oven" logo. [登录来查看链接] and [登录来查看链接] are old samples of the finished product. This is just to get an idea. 13inch LTO Header Card OLD is an old image of th...

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    I have a new product and require a website. It is that simple. I would like the page to be modern infinitely scrollable single-page with a navigation bar/menu of some kind to jump to specific places in the page. The website should have a theme/template with harmonized colours. Meaning, I don't want it <...

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    I have a custom wordpress site developed. I need someone to help finish the site. I want a very visually appealing finished product with a good call to action strategy. I will be utilizing inbound marketing on the site and want someone who understands what that is and why it is important from a ...

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    I need someone to create a unique and outstanding product label design for a new company that sells protein peanut butter. We need product packaging that stands out and makes a statement.

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    ...are a new company who intend to manufacture food products and will be starting initially with sheesh kebabs (and for those unaware a form of skinless sausage). We will be looking for a number of packet designs. The first product will be Chicken, shortly to be followed by Lamb. Our requirement is to get apa...

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    Packaging 已经结束 left

    I need someone to design some packaging boxes for my new line of products. We already have something basic, now it just a question of refining it and making some initial changes. This will be a recurring job as there will be more than one product to design for. We will be looking for advise on ...

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    I am looking for someone to design a simple logo that indicates that my product changes colors. I am attaching an example of a competitor's product that has a similar logo, as well as the photos you could possible use to create the logo. I then need you to take the logo and properly siz...

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    Just need someone who is an expert in .ai docs to review and existing document to ensure all necessary formats and files are included to use the .ai document for print. Backdrop: Had a .ai design file created that would serve as the template for new packaging (carton) for a product. The develope...

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    ...have a very basic packaging design in place for Frozen Prawns at the moment but it does not have a brand and no background design. We are looking for someone who will be able to help design a logo for our new brand "Ocean Emperor" and also come up with a simple design/pattern in...

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    1. I am looking for product packaging designer, someone who experienced in packaging design is a must. 2. I need to design my brand/product name logo. [登录来查看链接] New page for my webpage. Experienced in web design is a must. Freelancer work as per job basis welcome to con...

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    Hi, I really like the wedding favor boxes shown in Pictures 1 and 2. I think that a similar product can be designed to hold gift cards for birthdays and other holidays. I am looking for a designer to create some concepts of the idea. I intend to work with a manufacturer abroad to produce the box...

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    Hi! I am looking for a very creative packaging design expert to make us a new, unique design for an upcoming baby blanket product! Below are links to a few examples of designs we like. I am looking for something along these lines, however must be completely unique and look clean, simple and cut...

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    Trophy icon Create Luxury Package/Box Design 已经结束 left

    I am looking for someone with experience and talent to design a product packaging for truly beautiful cosmetics brand. I'm creating a high-end brand, we'll be selling top quality cosmetic creams, these will be mainly: 6 lines of treatments for diferent ages, with proven results. It is intended to make ...

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    I have a very unique product I am bringing to market. It is a new twist to a wine bottle gift bag. It is actually a tea towel specially wrapped around the bottle (wine, chamgpagne, etc) and you just slip your bottle in and put the bow on. When the recipient receives your bottle in the wrap, they take the bow off and they will ha...

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    Ongoing work for experienced Package & Graphic Designer with discipline, creativity and initiative to design and implement product concepts and for folding box retail packaging for Japanese wellcare and beauty products. Hands on package die line design and mockups integral. We need someone whose work is innovative, fresh,...

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    I'm a small business owner and I need help designing a new business logo and packaging for my product. I sell designer nail wraps (for fingernails). I have some broad ideas but I need someone to illustrate and design a logo and some packaging for me. Eventual...

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    Logo & package design 已经结束 left

    I'm a small business owner and I need help designing a new business logo and packaging for my product. I sell designer nail wraps (for fingernails). I have some broad ideas but I need someone to illustrate and design a logo and some packaging for me. Eventual...

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    ...Company We are launching a private label business which will be selling physical products on Amazon.com. We will be purchasing various health, personal, family and baby care products from overseas suppliers, private labelling them and selling them in the Amazon store. Our first product will be a small electronic piece for personal & family use.

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    HI, I am looking to get a new design for our iphone product. We currently sell a Screen Protector for iphones and other devices, and we are about to launch a new version for the iPhone 6. So we are looking at resigning our product packaging, with updated iPhone 6 images and a ne...

    $836 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a natural cosmetics line and a partial logo and label design from a graphic designer friend who doesn't have time to continue. I'd like to find someone who can finish the project (the very small project) and possibly take it to the next level with new ideas and new designs for additional packagi...

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