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    ...project is very simple. I need 4 very stylish and different slide template backgrounds which incorporate my corporate colors and very creative uses of my logo or elements of my logo. That's it. I need top quality designers. Here are the details: 1. You are NOT designing this in PPT or any Powerpoint format. They are to be simple backgrounds

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    To Whom It May Concern: I own a web design company we are in New York City. We have been in business for 5 years. Our web design departments have too much projects and they can’t handle it. We are looking to hire a good web designer. That web design must have a good graphic eye and a good flash design and programming Php.asp.mysql. This will ...

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    Flash Search Engine Interface I have a Windows search engine application available in both desktop and web versions. It can be seen at [[登录来查看链接]][1] The actual database I want to interface to can be seen at: <[登录来查看链接]> Right now the desktop search engine

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    I deal with mostly printing, photography and Flash driven sites, but I have no backend programming experience. I am launching a site where people can buy my printing services from me. I need something where a user hits “Log In Button?? and take them to a screen to **“Log-In??** or **“Create User Account??** User info would be: NAME...

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    I need a Dating Directory site programmed in PHP/MySQL with mod_rewrite so that it is very search engine friendly. The site will be very similar to this site as far as content goes: <[登录来查看链接]> The graphics and overall design of the site will be provided to you (they are being done by a graphic designer). There are

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    I am interested in getting our Product Data Sheets designed by best designer on RAC and would like you to review the attached material and give me a quote. This work involves designing one GIF which will be used in our data-sheets and a miniature variation (with perhaps less detail) in some other documents. I am attaching a hand-drawn concept

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    Over The Line Design 已经结束 left

    I am trying to develop a project, and since I do not know as much as I need to about coding, I thought I would use this to flesh out what I would even request from a coder, so I could place an actual "live" bid another time. Basically what I am looking for is some modification to a r...

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    Coder/Designer needed to create a database drivin content management real estate website. We currently have a an Access 2000 database with 5 main tables and 15 to 20 lookup tables which has information on new homes for sale in different communities of our metro area. I have created a website at [登录来查看链接], however it is static

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    ...there were some great Logos, it's going to be hard. Will notify of the winner shortly, I have allready received some great feedback regarding this request. Obviously I want to pick the right person to supply the Logo since it wil be representing my Company. On the other hand, I can see where no one would want to spend there tim...

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    web site creation 已经结束 left

    I'm looking for a web designer who can work some magic on my existing website, I have designed the original myself using frontpage and it works fine, but I'm looking for a coder who can make my website look both professional and elegant. The website is to include interactive on-line software (supplied by myself) and feature an order form that works

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    ...only one part of a huge program designed to teach kids and help parents teach their kids good habits. It's a program that will initally target ages 6-9. This program is designed to teach Patience, Responsiblity, Interity, etc. and the webpage is going to be a huge tool in doing that. TIMELINE IS CRUTIAL TO THIS SITE: We NEED a shell up and online

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    ...site with an interactive page for users to select the components of an intruder alarm system. I can outline what the web site will contain and what I want it to do, but I am looking for a designer to come up with ideas on presentation, style and usage as well. I would like to see a few ideas before...

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    Orion Hosting Website 已经结束 left

    ...Design I would like a new template for [[登录来查看链接]][1]. It needs to be professional and 'clean' looking, this project offers a very free reign to the graphics designer. It needs to be unique (not like the countless other webhosts out there!) while easy to navigate. I will adapt any template cr...

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    Unique Auction Site 已经结束 left

    ...looking for is this: An auction website, except it's pretty unique: I want it to be strictly for beats. When I say beats I mean rap/hiphop beats that producers make and sell. I want it to be a place where mcs/rappers can come and browse through beat auctions and place bids on them. I would need to have a ...

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    We are soon to begin development of a MMORPG space-themed game that will be an OPEN-SOURCE GPL project. Graphics and artwork are needed to be developed for this project, on an ongoing basis. We prefer all graphics in .png AND .psd (photoshop)format compatible with all common browsers (I know there is a way around the alpha-transparency .png problem

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    Box Graphics Needed 已经结束 left

    I need an image of a box designed for a program named Internet Time Control. Attached are 3 boxes I had done by someone in the past. Please look at them because this is the style and quality of the box I need. I also need some other boxes designed so if the job is done right and good price, I'll have more. But PLEASE look at the attached. I want the

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    Description: REPOST OF FORMER BID REQUEST (with some adjustments). I would like to set up a website which need to include the following scripts: - Links database (either CGI or PHP). It must be possible for outsiders to add their link (which needs to be approved by me) to a specific category (outsiders not capable of adding a new cate...

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    Software Company logo 已经结束 left

    ...engine shops. I am looking for somthing creative, inovative and profesional looking. INCLUDE EXAMPLES OR LINKS TO PROJECTS YOU HAVE COMPLETED WITH YOUR BID. I would like an image designer to show me 4 to 6 styles for me to choose from. After I choose a style, I would like a main image for...

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    NOTE: I need this immediately. Please do not bid unless you can begin working immediately. Thank you. I have a web page design that I would like to place in Flash instead of HTML, at least the header portion which is about 750x250 pixels. Anyway, it is composed of some small pieces of stock photos and text and lines, and that's it. I<...

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    Greetings, I am starting a Promotional Marketing business in the United States. I am in the need of my web site being completely designed and functional, a logo created, business cards designed, and stationary designed. My website shall just be possibly six pages, nothing too complicated but it MUST be unique. I do NOT want template designed as an ordinary

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    Web Design 已经结束 left

    Hello, I need a main page design for my new site: [登录来查看链接] It is an incentive based website almost identical to [登录来查看链接] except that it will offer free gift certificates to restaurants. I need somethign that loads relatively quick, and looks good.. easy to navigate.. I will need the offer categories on the side like [登录来查看链接]

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    ...for static and dynamic pages. The site is HTML driven by PHP/MySQL. Most of the site has been completed. What I need is this: A (artistic flare required) designer, competent with PHP/MySQL. This developer would be required to complete a number of pages, provide 3 or more mock ups, deliver chosen mock up in html templates ready for web integration

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    5 Search Engine Articles 已经结束 left

    I need 5 well researched articles on the general subject of Search Engine Optimisation. I have provided a general list of headings and topics to cover. I am particularly interested in Google, so a large part of the focus should be on google as opposed to other search engines. Subject Matter 1) Keywords What exactly are keywords? Choosing optimal keywords

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    Web Page Needed 已经结束 left

    I am in need of a front-end page layout/design for my website. I do have a few graphics that can be used, but this page will require more. My website's main function is for sports communities. It is a large message board for NFL, MLB, and NBA. I want to start the beginning of a full development effort. Once this page is created, I will also need it...

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    Complete Site Redesign 已经结束 left

    We require an excellent web designer to totally redesign our website. Designer should be skilled in Flash and graphics designing. There are 3 or 4 pages that I consider as important and would require maximum attention: 1) Home Page - Must catch the attention of the customer. Display our main packages and highlights. 2) Packages Page (Linux, Windows

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    ...This outline has been re-posted as a "featured" project. It is a long project description - but it presents a really decent opportunity. (New programmers please note - there are NO fees on this project if you are chosen for it ...) **** Brief Project Description **** - Programmer(s) needed to help me build, extend and upgrade my scripts. - Priority

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    ...taking the time to read this project outline. There are two distinct parts to this fairly easy project. 1. Provide the content for my new "web design" site. 2. Create a form that customers can fill in, to request information. Recently I created a 9 page website for my new web design business, but my hard drive crashed. Unfortunately, I did not back...

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    Asp guru needed 已经结束 left

    We are in the urgent need of a web developer who is very good in ASP since all our web programmers are busy. We need to get one of our product's website out asap. The product's name is LockX and we have registered [登录来查看链接] for it. Our product is anti piracy related. Our web hosting company doesn't support php or perl and we need everything only

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