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    I am looking for a VBA Expert who can help me with a project that requires coding macros. I have a specific goal in mind that needs to be achieved and I would need the expert to work on it for 1-3 days. The ri...Expert who can help me with a project that requires coding macros. I have a specific goal in mind that needs to be achieved and I would need the expert to work on it for 1-3 days. The right candidate should be good at Excel and have experience with dashboard generation. The below is the sample project requirement. You will be interviewed based on your performance to provide resolution to below illustration. Whomsoever- want to apply create the macro in attached file ''compare data" two data and bring difference in other tab. It should be professional and can...

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    Begger jai 6 天 left

    I'm looking for a talented designer to create a graphic design project centered around the phrase "Begger jai". The design should have a modern aesthetic and feature an average level of detail. Whether you create a logo, illustration, or other graphic design, I'm excited to see what you come up with!

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    I need approximately 14-16 realistic colored illustrations for a young-adult book on Mulan. Each illustration will go on a page, which will have roughly 5 inch (12 cm) x 5 inch (12 cm) space for the illustration. (One of the illustrations will be the front exterior cover, which may have a larger space for the illustration.) Illustrator with knowledge of traditional Chinese culture and/or Chinese history will be especially well-suited for the task. The illustrator will be provided with reference materials, such as images of art, architecture, and artifacts, and will be asked to study these materials. The illustrations should authentically portray sixth, seventh-century China.

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    Read the manuscript thoroughly to understand the story, characters, and overall theme of the book. Note down any important details that should be incorporated into the illustrations. Develop sketches or rough drafts of each illustration. These initial drawings should help you determine the composition, color palette, and overall look of the illustrations. Create life-like illustrations that accurately reflect the characters and settings described in the book. Pay attention to details such as facial expressions, clothing, and environmental elements to create an immersive and engaging experience for readers. Utilize shading, textures, and other techniques to create a three-dimensional effect in the illustrations. This will make the characters and settings feel more real and help br...

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    Photo of 2 people. Need a sketch of it. Not to be made using software filter. Actual sketch. My budget is a $25 firm so only reach out if it is acceptable.

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    logo design 5 天 left

    I'm looking to find a talented designer to create a logo for my project. I'd like a minimalistic design with abstract illustration, traditional typography, and colors that are open to suggestions. I'm open to insights from the designer and starting from scratch is fine. I don't have any particular colors in mind, but I do have sample designs and images to reference should the designer need ideas. It's important to me that the logo conveys the stylish yet modern look I'm aiming for.

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    Hello! I am looking to hire a skilled graphic designer to create an illustration design for me. I have specific requests and preferences that I would like the designer to follow, so please make sure to read these thoroughly and be comfortable completing a project to these specifications. The size of the design that is requested is small.

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    Bonjour Marc-Etienne, voici le devis pour le cahier des charges avec les illustration. Avec certains animations et plusieurs visuelles.

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    Need an environment illustration artist who can turn our block outs into some stylized environment concepts with colours so that we can decide its final look from the painting.

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    ...I will attach a link to get a better understanding of the product. Name - Divine Rugs Tagline maybe - "Steps to Heaven" I am also attaching what I already found online, so try to make something unique and attractive. some ideas-(I suggest you show your own creativity and unique designs) 1) The logo features an illustration of a staircase, with each step representing a different rug design or pattern. The stairs ascend towards a heavenly light, creating a sense of aspiration and inspiration. The stairs are depicted in a gradient of blues and whites, evoking a sense of tranquility, calmness, and peace. The word "Rug" is written in a simple, modern font, in white letters against a blue rectangle, which creates a

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    Logo Design 5 天 left

    Would like an artist to create an illustration of an existing photo. The illustration will be used for the company logo. I'll send the photo to the artist at a later time.

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    ...effectively communicating the concept of data protection. Requirements: • Provide all these formats: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PNG • Texts: embedded or converted into vector graphics and/or provide font files • Preferred main colors: white, gray, light blue, blue General presentation: You can draw inspiration from image ideas, such as: A shield with a cloud icon and a hard drive. Illustration of data being transferred between a local server and a cloud server. A digital safe with file icons inside. Pictograms representing the 3-2-1 backup rule. Make sure to include the World-Connect Services logo in the image (see attached files). Please see the attached file: We look forward to your creative and innovative proposals to best represe...

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    加精 加保 顶级竞赛
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    Coffee House 5 天 left

    creating branding for retail shops selling Arabic coffee beans and specialty coffee beans. also offering catering Services with both. The name of the brand ( Coffee House ) the main requested items: - logo - illustration - slogan design - both designs for the catering - carry bag design - coffee cup design - coffee bag mock design for 250 grams and 1 kg bag. ( ideas for the set of 5 different types of beans ) each with a different design - small filter coffee bag designs - Instagram account layout - staff dress thanks

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    The project description text is auto-generated text. I am in need of an illustrator for a graphic design project. I have reference images that should be taken into consideration, as well as a rough idea of what I'm looking for. The desired size of the design is medium. Whoever I hire should have professional experience in illustration, and be able to efficiently produce the desired result. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or inquiries.

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    Trophy icon Illustration of two boys 2 天 left

    I need an Illustration of two boys looking at a pink dot. The illustration must be as real as possible. The colors of the dresses can be chosen. Important: - one boy has a little hat, one has a hooded sweatshirt. - the boy with the cap must have the number "69" on the back of his shirt. - the boy with the cap is 188cm tall, the other boy is 178cm tall. - the style of the boy with the cap is urban/rap. The style of the boy with the hood is a mix of urban/elegant. I need drawings in photoshop with layers.

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    I need a logo done using This FONT MAGNETIC FERTILIZER MAGNETIC FERTILIZER.COM. It is for cannabis so good to have the logo incorporate cannibus growing ! Winner gets $50 plus potential bonus

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    CREATE LOGO 4 天 left

    I need a LOGO for: MAGNETIC FERTILIZER MAGNETIC I like the font This is also for cannabis... Maybe you can incorporate cannabis too? Send your design and winner gets $30 (bonus if it is amazing) I keep all copyrights!

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    I’m looking for a talented 3d cartoonist, artist, illustrator, animator who is skilled at copying a sketch drawing and rendering it digitally as a realistic 3D-style animated character that has very good detailing, not one-dimensional but it seems quite realistic. My logo design has been Copyrighted, and the freelance animator, by accepting this job, must agree that the ...could even use photos I have for the monkey to draw around to create a similar 3d copy of the monkey. The main logo is just text so that’s very quick and easy to make. I’m looking to complete this job in 3 days so if you can’t complete it by then, then please don’t apply for this job. I would like to see just the 3d head of the monster within 24 hours so I can see the designer’s...

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    I am looking for someone who can convert my existing design into an illustration. The illustration will be used as branding material, so it needs to be professional and visually appealing. I have an existing design to reference, so the right candidate should be able to take that and create an effective illustration that represents the brand effectively. I am looking for somebody who is experienced and knowledgeable in the area of graphic design to help me create an illustration that I can use for my brand's promotional purposes. Please refer here my design

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    I'm looking for an experienced and talented Illustrator to create a 2D flat illustration for me. The purpose of the illustration is to use in an explainer video. The desired style is flat and I'm looking for multiple colors to be used in the artwork. This will require a professional touch and good understanding of design aesthetics. The end result should be attractive, creative and in line with my vision. If you think you can deliver with this project, I welcome your interest. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! For this project, we will be following a similar style as seen in the video "StoryChef" from this link: We need to start it right away.

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    Scene 1 - Jerika snatches the doll from Kiyana

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    Hello, I am looking to hire an experienced graphic designer to create an illustration with a specific look and feel for my project. The size of the design should be medium. I am looking forward to seeing what you can create and to work with an expert who can make my vision come to life.

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    Dear all, I am seeking an experienced marketer / designer to to setup, design and run my kickstarter project for a new fiction based physical card game. The game is complete and comes with 81 cards, a 12 sided die and a digital manual. All, a 12 sided die and a digital manual. All the art for the cards and manual are complete, as is the logo. I would like someone to develop a captivating kickstarter campaign, including the design of the required web based imagery and/or video for the game. If you are available and interested please let me know, as well as your price and time for completion. I have a background in illustration and design amongst other things so are looking for someone who is proactive and keen to create a great campaign. With kind regards,...

    $3935 - $7870
    加封 保密协议
    $3935 - $7870
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    I'm looking for a talented artist to draw 3 subjects of my choice in a clean vector design. I need the three subjects to be in a vector format such as AI. I will provide photographs and/or notes, but need the artist to create a high quality design based off of them. This job requires some knowledge of illustration techniques as well as efficient use of graphic tools. I'm hoping to be able to pick a style that best suits the subjects and will be easy to scale if I decide to print the drawings at some point in the future. I'm open to discussing the style and file format before the artist takes on the project. My budget for this project is $45.

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    Scope of work: Create designs for 25 min of elearning course. We will provide the storyboard. Its illustration base.

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    Hi Sahib K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. Redirection of .com/.org to .io Whiteboard integration Create Directory on About Us page Update/Re-design Layout on News page Update text on Services page Support uploading of content on Datum Repository page Embed illustration/animation video on homepage Integrate poll/survey tab with (standalone page?) and templates (linked to Mailchimp?)

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    I have a story line and i need a Children book illustration using animals - its a 12 page book - preferably using midjourney.

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    i need a professional content writer / Illustrator to write one article every fortnight for SEO Optimisation and Linkedin Posts the task would include researching and understanding our business and our client base. We are an industrial rope access company in Brisbane that undertakes services such as window cleaning, leak repairs, anchor installation, concrete repairs and others. i need the articles carefully curated to be professional so that they can be read by our clients through Linkedin and also be used for SEO Purposes ( Blogging) . The articles will be written as if they come from the Director 1. The article needs to be informative 2. The article needs to be highly researched for the client audience ( Commercial Buildings) 3. The article needs to have Meta Tags 4. The article n...

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    ...reports, website, books. Job details: I’m looking for a designer on Adobe illustrator who could use technical drawings with animations on 100 existing isometric illustrations but need to be re-edited and modified for animation. - We will give you the models to make. - It will be necessary to respect the same graphic line for each illustration. - Use the same file format, dimensions and proportions. - Experience with Adobe Illustrator. - Insert animations for the illustration with text so that the designs are ready for use on a wix website with interactive animation. Please provide me with a brief summary of your relevant experience and one or more examples of work in your proposals....

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    Both text and illustration so includes business name (GPS Counselling with Lisa Jane) and suitable graphics. Logo is required for use on documents, website, etc. Mental health logo. GPS is a play on a journey (as counselling is a journey), but stands for Growing Positivity Safely.

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    We are working on a marketing campaign for a client that would invlove a seris of 5 different graphic comic book lookng illustraations that would be be specfic to a tagline for each month of the campaign. We would have specfic instrctuion of what the characters would need to be doing to it would work with the tagline. capability of animation of the illustration preferred but not required. Attached files are in line with what we are thinking of the look.

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    Hi there, my friend I love crazy ideas!so let's have some fun bringing your ideas and projects to life haha.

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    ...responsible for creating unique and eye-catching designs for our print products. Your ability to create illustrations with a similar style to DJuanPula is essential for this role. ✔TIP: If you have the ability to create illustrations with the same captivating and expressive brushstrokes as DJuanPula, we strongly encourage you to apply for this opportunity. Make sure to carefully examine each illustration in the links provided to fully appreciate the level of detail and artistry that we are seeking. Link provided: I CAN WAIT FOREVER, MY LOVE KISS ME MAMA

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    I need to edit a Freepik logo. My logo is already in the vector illustration format, so there is no need to convert it. I just need to change colors and text.

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    I am looking for a talented visual artist who can create 3D illustrations depicting a selfstorage facility. Create 5 picture, 3D rendering of a selfstorage box, The goal is to help people imagine what they can store in the box. Using objects usually whose size we know, such as a washing machine, tv, fridge, bike or a car... Example will be provided.

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    illustration 2 天 left

    I need an illustration for change, before and after, to be inserted in a document. There'll be two images side by side, about Overseas Trained Teachers [OTTs] in UK: Before OTTs are small figures outside an auditorium, some are looking in through small windows. Inside the auditorium politicians on the stage making decisions about OTTs. One has a speech bubble ‘Are they any good?’ Another, ‘How many do we have?’ After OTTs are now on the stage, holding mics, talking about their experiences. One politician says ‘Why don’t they just get on with it?! Another ‘shhhh, we might need more of them, let’s listen’.

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    I need an artist for a semi-realistic manga style illustration of an undead warrior with a weapon. The final work needs to be as detailed as the provided picture (Pic 1). The other pictures are provided only to show you the style that I am using for my project. I need an artist who can match the same style. Please review the pictures and contact me only if you are able to work with the same style. Thank you. I require a knee-up illustration with no background, colored and detailed, commercial use. I will provide you with all the necessary details and reference pictures for the work in the chat.

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    Hi Neeraj D., Here is the project I was mentioning about. I do need the waivers signed again., please if you dont mind. Basically need a spot illustration of a king helping a mother with 2 kids right after a disaster from a storm. I'd like it to be in a medieval time era and to be as a pencil sketch. Ive sent a sample so you can get an idea of the style. I would need this done ASAP, if possible please. Thanks again Neeraj, let me know if you need anything else.

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    Test artwork 5 天 left

    Hi. On the recommendation of the PFP staff, I am sending you this offer for the completed test work. If you want me to send you an illustration in high resolution, please give me your We transfer address and inform the platform staff about the exchange of information outside the platform. Sincerely yours Mihajlo Petrovic.

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    Trophy icon illustration of a Crazy Dog 2 天 left

    I need a vector illustration to be used in a logo design. It can be just the head and shoulders or the entire body. The name of the company will be "Psycho Dog" so I need a simple style, crazy looking dog. Try to keep the details to a minimum. The dog should look a little crazy and funny. NOT dangerous or aggressive. I do not need the font, just the illustration. I have attached a few samples of the style I am looking for. You can not use stock images, only original art.

    $589 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I need a technicial manual for the installation of our new "FIT" lock. The basic design should be equal to the "SOLO Manual" > attached. We have a new lock and we need to show how to install it. Please find my drafts attached as "DrawingsManualFIT". Your task: - Use the existing manual - Replace the lock - Add all the things I made on my DrawingsManual - Provide me with a EPS, PSD ... You will get in the project: - 3D files for the FIT lock and locking part (door) - EPS file for the exising manual

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    ...and create illustrations with a consistent art style that aligns with our brand and vision for a variety of projects on a long-term basis. Our ideal candidate will have a strong portfolio showcasing their illustration skills and a focus on an art style similar to DJuanPula. As our Illustrator, you will work closely with our team of writers, designers, and creative professionals to bring our ideas to life through stunning and captivating visuals. You will be responsible for creating illustrations for a range of media, including digital, print, and social media. ✅Tip: Examine every illustration that is provided in each link, there are interesting brushstrokes that he used on every artwork. Apply if you can do it too! We are specifically looking for an artist who can ill...

    $16485 (Avg Bid)
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    ...and create illustrations with a consistent art style that aligns with our brand and vision for a variety of projects on a long-term basis. Our ideal candidate will have a strong portfolio showcasing their illustration skills and a focus on an art style similar to DJuanPula. As our Illustrator, you will work closely with our team of writers, designers, and creative professionals to bring our ideas to life through stunning and captivating visuals. You will be responsible for creating illustrations for a range of media, including digital, print, and social media. ✅Tip: Examine every illustration that is provided in each link, there are interesting brushstrokes that he used on every artwork. Apply if you can do it too! We are specifically looking for an artist who can ill...

    $369 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I have a project that involves creating an automated wiring diagram publishing system in ReactJS, a...wiring diagram publishing system in ReactJS, and I'm looking for reliable freelancers to help me bring it to completion. The wiring diagrams will be available from relational database tables in the form of a JSON with information about the connectors and the individual connections between each pin of one connector with the other. This wiring diagram system will be used by technicians to look at illustration related to the connectivity of various connectors, thereby improving their efficiency when addressing customer issues. I'm looking for freelancers with experience in ReactJS and backend database technologies who can help me create a reliable system for automated wiring...

    $801 (Avg Bid)
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    ...creating illustration with support of adobe photoshop. Artistic abilities like line drawing, coloring, digital sketch creation and visualizing is required .should have basic animation knowledge along with bachelor in fine arts (BFA) and mark in fine art (MFA). Animator or artist Duties and Responsibilities:- 1. Conceptualizing ideas for characters, scenes, backgrounds, and other animation elements. 2. Creating semi realistic character sketches for new animations based on design and coloring. 3. Developing storyboards for animation projects 4. Designing backgrounds, sets, and other elements of the animated environment 5. Working with the story editors to merge the various layers of animation 6. Recording dialogue for the animation, where necessary 7. Excellent Knowledge in Illu...

    $2080 (Avg Bid)
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    10 个竞标

    Hi i-Tech Art, can you please create illustration as per brief.

    $788 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for 2 illustrations for our blog on Maverick Spending. 1. Illustration 1: a. Dimensions: 1024*1024 b. Mock up attached (File name: Illustration 1) 2. Illustration 2: a. Dimensions: 1024*1024 b. Mock up attached (File name: Illustration 2)

    $220 (Avg Bid)
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    Art and Design 1 天 left

    I'm looking for an experienced artist and designer to work with my existing business on an advertising design project. The project size is small, but the impact it could have on our business is big – we need a professional approach and a creative design that stands out. We’re looking for someone with experience in logo design, illustration, and graphic design who can work with us to create an eye-catching design that meets our business needs. If you think you’re the right person for the job, I look forward to hearing from you!

    $448 (Avg Bid)
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    volunteer firefighter illustration, style references provided by the client, daily feedback and delivery in high quality PGN

    $157 (Avg Bid)
    $157 平均报价
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