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    ...experience in ARM mbed OS who is helping me with writing the firmware for a project incl. the following components: 1) MCU Nordic nrf52 (Fanstel BT832 or BT840) 2) Gyro incl. DMP (Invensense mpu9250/ICM20689 ) 3) Sound decoder (VLSI vs1053b) 4) Serial (SPI) NAND flash storage (Micron MT29F2G01) 5) Touch input (TI msp430fr I2C) and 6) Vibration (TI drv2605L)

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    ...password form which then proceed to main form after login, There are some data entry textboxes which print the entered values as well as their must an upload button to upload an Excel file and then further ahead print that Excel file. The printer that we are going to use is DMP (Dot Matrix Printer). we almost have all codes for the following program

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    I have a new creation, about 200 pages, shadowing a recent event in small-town, involving a beauty queen, missing for 11 years, unexplained; then a local friend of two low lives spills the beans to the local Chief/Police about the crime. Tough to cover the missing 11 years b ut I tried. The two in jail awaiting trial in April, 2019 for several murder charges. No body or remains. I have 3 books wi...

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    Implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for one of our clients, including email marketing, social studio, advertising studio, DMP.

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    Hello, I need someone to help me find a movie online it is called Water, made in 2005. I need a website where i can watch that film online

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    Hi, I need someone to be able to retrieve all the data from the old Yellowpages CDs of the Netherlands. I have the iso file and would be able to send to the person who is interested in it. More information will be provided on request. Thanks.

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    I have a big mmorpg project built using C++ but since It's code is pretty old, It's actually using visual studio 2005 and some old libraries, I want someone with a good C++ knowledge able to upgrade this code from VS2005 to a newer version of visual studio through teamviewer.

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    I want you to build a simple financial accounting software i already have the same software on vb 6 and a have existing data in the same. i want new software built on not c# and i want to add all functionalities of existing software into new software.i would need the code as well so that i can make changes on my own after that. basically i would

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    We have a dump (.DMP) file, which is to be taken to Oracle instance of AWS RDS.

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    CMS-DMP-CRM 已经结束 left

    I'm seeking...Purchase options and an easy to navigate integration system for changes. (See PDF) Contract Management System (CMS) - most of the features for a standard CMS (see PDF) Data Management Platform (DMP) - most of the features from the PDF Options to purchase 1 or all 3 of the systems with monthly billing and for up to no more than 500 users.

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    i require a 3d design of an original corvette and would like to add some extra buttons, a gear lever like a plane throttle lever, logos, extra tv screen, extra guages on top of dash.

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    i require a 3d design of an original corvette and would like to add some extra buttons, a gear lever like a plane throttle lever, logos, extra tv screen, extra guages on top of dash.

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    Hi Freelancers, I have a old website whats running on a very old OScommerce version 2.2-MS2 (round 2005). This software needs to be updates till the newest release version, ( Alle products, attributes, prices, shipping, payments en etc. needs to stay in the new update version. Can you start directly? and finishing ASAP? Contact us now directly

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    need to design a custom interior for corvette, also a special type gear lever to add, and some other buttons, and only change of the color of the interior.

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    tax from 2005 till now 已经结束 left

    I need my Taxes, Done from 2005

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    ...structure to shift, the offsets to be wrong and your game to crash. Also, implementations and structure of STL-types might change over time. The game is build on VC80, aka. 2005. 13 years ago. The newer your library and compiler, the more likely is a broken code. Consider reconstructing std::wstring for your own use so you won’t run into problems using

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    Hello, I have a webshop with bowling products, this store runs on OScommerce from 2005. Now ask my hosting to update this software, so who can help me to update this OScommerce? let me know, thanks!

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    I have a project I am working on that requires me to move data from a sql 2005 server into a postgre DB. There is a TON of potential for regular work here. This particular project is a small test but I am working on a 1 year project that will require the import of more data as development progresses.

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    Mengedit program perpustakaan yang sudah ada dengan Visual Studio 2005, database menggunakan Ms. Access. Pengeditan pada menu anggota dan buku. Untuk anggota ditambahkan field angkatan pada database, penambahan coding, membuat kode otamatis untuk NIS. Untuk buku diperlukan kode otomatis sesuai dengan jenis buku, seperti Fisika (F-001), Matematika (M-001)

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    We have a seemingly simply need. We have a mySQL database that is driving an old CRM we are using. We need to export the database into a .sql format so it can be uploaded to our hosted SQL online. What we understand needs to be done is simply not working. Assistance is needed.

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    I need somebody to help me install SQL server 2005. I am having issues with the installation with regards to the IIS and registration.

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    ...[登录来查看链接] which is related to Technology, Gaming and Entertainment. We are looking for someone who can make our content reach to its relative audience. Also, who knows the DMP platforms like Mediamath, Ignition One, Lottame Crowd Control and Krux Digital We want you to build us organic and direct traffic for our website from the USA, UK, Australia

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    ...program must be met: 1) it must work in windows 2) sample needed for Visual Basic express edition with exe program for windows 3) only visual basic express edition must be used 2005 or later, no vb6.0 or older 4) only FFMPEG, FFPLAY and VB express can be used. it can be used as exe or dll but no other programs or use of c plus plus 5) since it is bought

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who can parse a text file using python. It is actually a .dmp file. What I need is to find one...the cotnents of what is behind path: and then the following to be stored in a Pandas dataframe 'TYPE : NAME : TEMPLATE : PORT : SERIALNUM : INFINETID : MODEL : ALIAS InfinityInfinetCtlr

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    ...Library Services at UCT Libraries have been putting in place Research Data Management support services for user communities at University of Cape Town, part of which is a DMPonline platform (running on Ruby on Rails) that guides users through the creation of a Data Management Plan (DMP). Until recently, there have been two separate platforms internationally

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    Hello I need to build simple java application. There is dmp file which is exported from oracle10g or 11g. the java application will import dmp file and analyze this (get some information such as basic information such as table-building statements, indexes, primary keys, and foreign keys , table datas) Please bid who has experience.

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    Hello I need to build simple java application. There is dmp file which is exported from oracle10g or 11g. the java application will import dmp file and analyze this (get some information such as basic information such as table-building statements, indexes, primary keys, and foreign keys , table datas) Please bid who has experience.

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    ...Motion Processor (DMP) engine (*) * Read and report game rotation vector (*) * example sketch(s) to demonstrate above features (*) Please note that use of DMP and reading game rotation vector is not described in the datasheet ([登录来查看链接]). You would need to download, analyze and adopt codes from "DK-20789 DMP eMD-SmartMotion

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    Hey, I need someone to do a simple task, open a .dmp file (I believe from postgis) and transform it into a valid csv file. The .dmp file is 2.57gig.

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    the CEC 2005 Mathematics 已经结束 left

    Mathematics Evaluation Criteria for CEC 2005 Mathematics

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    There is CEC’05 Test Functions and I need support with them

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    We have ongoing projects setting up Data Management Platforms (DMPs) such as Bluekai and Krux (Salesforce). If you're a DMP enthusiast that sees huge potential for the future, please contact me to join a remote team of big data, financial and ad experts.

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    ...database is backed up (in .DMP format) and is posted to a public FTP folder in compressed RAR format ([登录来查看链接]). I need your help developing an automated daily script that does the following: 1. Uncompress the RAR file 2. Opens the .DMP file 3. Gets all the database structure and data and restores it into a cloud

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    Hi, Have you ever worked with the MPU6050? Maybe you have tweaked the DMP? If you have done this then I would like to hire you to provide me with a software solution that can do the following: 1) It should provide yaw / pith /roll of a vehicle 2) Should filter out external noise such as road noise and engine noise (adjustable filter / auto learning

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    Write a technology blog of 600 - 800 words on Data Management Platforms (DMP)and how important it is to large companies to better manager their customers data they collect from their CRM system, tagging their websites, and online advertising campaigns they run Need to finish that within 3-4 hours from now

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    Hi , I need a Competent freelancer to build a page / web app like: [登录来查看链接] Best Reputation, Lower bid wins Looking for a Long term working relationship regards

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    Trophy icon Flowchart Design needed 已经结束 left

    ...them: • CRM Advertiser – A database with advertiser data • Owned Media Advertiser – The Advertiser’s homepage for example • Advertiser – Our client (has to stand on the left and look a bit lonely facing all the tech on the right) • Advertiser DMP – A databased that belongs to the advertiser &...

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    Netexpert Develop NetExpert to support QoS KPI data from PMS system and check Cell status(A72) for monitoring alarms. The detail KPI names and criteria are configured on NX DMP to generate alert for 3G/4G KPIs (Huawei/ZTE). project is already 80% complete. need to finish the remaining activities.

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    I have a DMP file and need to convert it to plain text DDL and, if possible, the data itself.

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    Oracle installation 已经结束 left

    Install oracle on SQL Server 2008R2 and import old database (.dmp) Connect sql developer to database.

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    Hello I have a project that I worked on in 2010 and want converted and published. The application was developed with Visual Studio 2005 using Visual Basic 2005. The program works and should not need any or very little changes. - I need the application published to work with Win 7, 8 and 10 - Work with current .Net installed driver - Needs to

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    Oracle DBA 已经结束 left

    We need someone to help us on the oracle database dmp import

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    Oracle DBA 已经结束 left

    We need someone to help us on the oracle database dmp import

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    We want design layouts on full body wrap on one of our company cars important that designer is familiar with the challenges of design on cars. We are a company in Norway who is daily working with design and vinyl.

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    ...there, I need someone to help me set up my publisher's website for programmatic buyers of audience data. Our website gathers a really niche audience and registered users input data that is valuable to advertisers. I need to set up with a DFP (DMP ?) to manage my audience based on the information we gather and the site's interaction, and then be

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    Wydad AC vs AHLY final champions league d'afrique 2017 Stade Mohammed V

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    Dmp sales communique 已经结束 left

    I need some graphic design. Redo a sales communique for a high end spa product

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    ...Android Alternative Angular JS Angular JS v1 AOL On AOL-Time Warner Online Advertising Apache Apple Mobile Web Clips Icon AppNexus Babel BatCache BlueKai BlueKai DMP [登录来查看链接] Bounce Exchange Cache Control Canonical Content Tag Cascading Style Sheets CDN JS Chartbeat CloudFront comScore Conditional Comments Content Security

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    UK DMP IVA Voice Outbound 已经结束 left

    An exclusive UK based outbound campaign generating leads to reduce b2c unsecured debts and monthly payments. A service provided to all type of citizens and support them to get debt free. NO SALES NO COLLECTING CONFIDENTIAL INFO CRITERIA- IVA- 1)Must have 5k+ unsecured debts. 2)Must have atleast one lender with 2 lines of credit. 3)Must have £80+ DI. 4)Equity should be less than...

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    Digital lab 已经结束 left

    Looking for a Digital profile: DMP, programatic advertising email & display marketing, retargeting, audience modeling Interactive capabilities (RRSS, afiliation, SEO, SEM etc) Web/APP channel business levarege (user centric, site centric & ad centric) A/B testing Adobe&Google analytics user experience Fintech ecosystem savvy

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