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    Need to implement Linphone on ios, to be able to receive Incoming Call VOIP Push notification from PHP (Freeswitch --> PHP --> Linphone ios to be precise). _____________________________ I have a very specific need. As my team failed to make this work. My team was able to compile the softphone from Linphone source code. Was able to write push notification script, and able to send and re...

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    I need Need VoIP Softphone Source Code. I need support Android studio Latest Version and support voice code g729, g722 & others. If you have any ready source code then give me message.

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    Copywriting new document 已经结束 left

    find coders and fix java server errors I need to find someone who writes the server code based on an available client. client running java me (j2me). The budget is 500$ looking forward to cooperating with you, immediately

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    Install vicidial dialer 已经结束 left

    Hello freelancers, I am looking for help to install vicidial dialer on my computer and to get it working with my x-lite softphone.

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    Hi Guys! we need Softphone client for windows and Mac for our MT freeswitch platform (Hudusoft) the client need to include : BLF internal chat video calls Transport protocolls: UDP, TCP, TLS, tunneling Registrar Support Proxy Support Outbound Proxy Support Call Mute Call Hold Call Transfer Call Forwarding Conference Calls (with local mixer and codec conversion when necessary) Click to Talk Callbac...

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    I need to find someone who writes the server code based on an available client. client running java me (j2me). The budget is 500$ looking forward to cooperating with you

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    Softphone development 已经结束 left

    ABOUT OUR ORGANISATION Wildlife Rescue Australia (WRA) is a not-for-profit, voluntary association operating throughout Australia and staffed exclusively by home-based volunteers. It is dedicated to the rescue of native animals and operates a national 24/7 emergency call centre for thIS purpose. ABOUT THE PROJECT To facilitate finding rescuers, carers etc, WRA utilises inhouse software ("MapM...

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    We have an asterisk server at our HQ and we have sip phones in our branch offices. We want to Develop a SIP softphone that we customize with our brand and users can install in their windows, mac, ipad, android etc....We need to do voice and video calls with the softphone.....something like LinePhone and Zoiper.

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    Current source code is written in Java 8 and Java ME, I need write an emulator that run this source code. Request: 1. Use Java 8 syntax to write. 2. Java 8 compilation support. 3. New variables, comments MUST be written in English. 4. You DON'T need to re-translate the text available in my source code. 5. Minimum support from android 5 version, if possible support from android 4 version would...

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    I am now useing magnusbilling with Asterisk 13 and ssl cert installed throw let’s encrypt I would like someone to configure WebRTC to connect a softphone user I just want confirm a softphone can connect to Asterisk via WebRTC and make calls via its extension through the trunk.

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    We would like someone to confgure a test PBX for WebRTC from a softphone (it will be a js softphone), but we just want confirm a softphone can connect to Asterisk via WebRTC and make calls via its extension through the trunk. Setup and Document the process so we can deploy to our other Asterisk PBXs.

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    softphone build 已经结束 left

    Hi, I want to create a self branded softphone, based on open source sdk, as for example pjsip. Thanks

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    We have a ReactJS and Django application, we would like to integrate a softphone into this which connects to a SIP extension. On the Django user side: In User table: PBX/SIP Hostname User PBX Extension User Extension Password ReactJS side, a nice softphone to connect to the SIP when a user logs in with their credenials, can make calls via the SIP trunk and receive calls to their extension.

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    React Native - Softphone 已经结束 left

    Build a prototype softphone using Bandwidth or SignalWire API to: accept incoming calls and make outbound calls. send and receive SMS Messages internal AddressBook

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    i need a softphone branded and designed of free source predesigned platforms like micro SIP etc.

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    webrtc softphone 已经结束 left

    Need webphone developer for web based calling

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    Hello. I have one physical device and 3 soft phones that I need configured with twilio sip. Would you be interested in this project?

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    Hello, We are developping a softphone/webphone like zoiper. We developed user interfaces and now we are looking for someone for developping functionnalities like : SIP account registration Receiving call Calling out Transferring call On hold call Recording call ... Best regards,

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    Desarrollo Softphone 3.0 已经结束 left

    El proyecto constará de 2 bloques de trabajo: I. Implementación de nuevas funcionalidades del cliente de VOZ: • Desarrollo de enlace con un canal de video RTSP. • Desarrollo de envío de mensajes entre clientes. • Optimización de módulo de contactos. • Desarrollo de módulo de grupos de llamadas. • Optimización del consumo d...

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    I have Isabel installed, i need the following 1. configure 1 number and 3 simultaneous calls? 2. configure power dialer and tell me how I can load my clients' contacts 3. manage predictive calls on any softphone

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    I have Isabel installed, i need the following 1. configure 1 number and 3 simultaneous calls? 2. configure power dialer and tell me how I can load my clients' contacts 3. manage predictive calls on any softphone

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    Hi, I need a windows pc softphone with following features. 1. SIP server information will be configurable through an API. 2. balance display through api. 3. Auto answer the incoming call 4. Play a sound file to other party after answering the call. 5. Option to add delete sound files. 6. Branding Thanks Vidhya Sagar Dixit

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    Hi, I need a windows pc softphone with following features. 1. SIP server information will be configurable through an API. 2. balance display through api. 3. Auto answer the incoming call 4. Play a sound file to other party after answering the call. 5. Branding Thanks Vidhya Sagar Dixit

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    I need a softphone for my a2billing platform.

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    need a multi tenant system in fusion pbx. which can create extension for softphone etc. which can do all the things ip pbx systems are suppoed to do

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    Hi, We have an application which is React JS front end and Django backend. We are looking to incorporate webrtc within this application: We would like 5 features if possible: 1. webrtc - audio to other users on the application 2. webrtc - video to other users on the application 3. webrtc - chat to other users on the application 4. webrtc - softphone that connects to an Asterisk PBX - to click to...

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    goautodial using ASTPP trunk will having problem for autodial. customer answered the call but get silence and it wont pass to agent softphone. within 5 second will drop the call. tested using manual call with no problem with RTP voice complete. i has been try to use other supplier trunk and getting not issue with manual and auto dial from campaign.

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    SIP phone HTML / JS 已经结束 left

    Hi guy's, I have a sip provider, but I don't want to install a softphone on my computer, instead I want to use a HTML SIP / JS so I can make a module to use with my CRM. I have find those two references page and it seem it can be acheive. [登录来查看链接] and [登录来查看链接] For this projet, I want to be able to connect with my phone provider and receive a call I can anwser or make a call. Basic ...

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    Business user interface 已经结束 left

    This project will be broken into several milestones. Please note this needs to be a desktop application since it needs to interact with VoIP. The overall project is for a user interface system for our business. Please note that you will be expected to know how to achieve such things. There is limited time available by the project manager to discuss things on a daily basis. I have to run a busy bus...

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    I sell and install Mypbx S-series phone system (asterisk based) and i would like to integration Cliniko CRM into the Phone system. Features - when there is an inbound call on the PBX the caller id will be sent to cliniko and Cliniko will display the customers details automatically in the cliniko software. If the caller id is not in the cliniko software as a known caller id display a customer ca...

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    Background: the client needs to make and receive calls (inbound and outbound) from salesforce to (from) clients using existing Asterisk PBX, actually the client had Salesforce Enterprise Lightning (consider for development related Salesforce API calls enabled). Scenario: The calls need to be run using integrated softphone on Salesforce UI (not an external softphone like X-Lite or Zoiper using cal...

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    Web soft phone code needed. Advise (a recommended opensource or free) or develop and provide code for web softphone the provided code will be added to a Laravel app We have a FreeSWITCH pbx that will handle the SIP/calls The soft phone will need: dial pad, auto pickup call feature type a number to call optional additions: answer/decline call button transfer call feature

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    We require a number of modifications to the Jitsi windows desktop softphone.  Ringing Dialog able to be permanently moved to a different location on screen. Currently appears center of the primary monitor. (Current Win10 method is to drag the window to the desired location, click the Red-X in the top right corner, window then opens in new position – Jitsi has no Red-X).  Change hang up c...

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    Cloud Based Phone System 已经结束 left

    I built my own custom CRM in PHP. I want my CRM to have a “Cloud Based Phone System” integrated with it. 1. Freeswitch installation and setup server for web 2. Configuration, GUI web and API provided for multi tenant, configure webrtc for web calling 3. Softphone design and development

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    need just a basic xamarin softphone that use ozeki sdk. prefer vb.net

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    We have a project left halfway by a freelancer. Fusionpbx is already installed on server, just need to configure trunks, gateway with our SIP provider and create 10 extensions to be used on softphone.

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    zoho crm integration 已经结束 left

    We are looking for a freelance with experience in integration of Zoho CRM with other applications. Context : We are a contact center working for enterprise customers. We use Zoho CRM to manage outbound call campaigns and Aircall as IP telephony system to make those outbound calls . Both systems are integrated. Our enterprise customers need to have access to the recordings of the calls. E...

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    We are urgently looking for a developer who got experience with a desktop app on linphone for macOS and Windows desktop. We need to change the entire UI and will provide design and UI assets. Please do not waste time if you don't experience developing softphone customization for macOS and Windows.

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    I have an Asterisk system running in the cloud - specifically an IncrediblePBX system (see nerdvittles<dot>com) running on a Crown Cloud server. I am an Asterisk noob and would like some help getting the cloud software configured to connect to my extension at home. The software is is installed and running on a commercial (Crown) cloud environment. I need to: 1. Help me access and set-up PI...

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    The initial phase is to provide a Flutter replacement for an existing Java j2me based barcode scanning application which currently runs on dedicated scanning hardware. Full source of the existing application can be made available. For later stages it is intended to significantly extend the Flutter application (separate document), but we want to keep the initial scope as narrow as possible. There...

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    V-Tiger CRM Customisation 已经结束 left

    Please quote for making following modification in V-tiger CRM: 1. In the Quotation module add 1 more field called 'unit price after discount'. Please also change the existing discount field to show the discount % instead of discount amount. [登录来查看链接] shoot "click to call" function in the our CRM system and we are using 3CX softphone to dial out, sometimes it is not working. 3....

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    my website is developed using CMS caller Perfex and I need you to integrate softphone so that my team can call leads using CRM only. Softphone Type: -with SIP login - work with VoIP channel with call recording

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    I am investigating on setting up 3CX for our company's needs. I am looking for a freelancer to help me set it up. I am a techie, but not an expert of PBX systems. The work would probably take some 2-3 hours to start with and later on I would like to work with the freelancer to help maintaining it. Hosting is preferred on Amazon EC2 or Lightsail as apparently 3CX's own environment does n...

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    Softphone 已经结束 left

    Hello, I want to make the same application in the link below. Version with [登录来查看链接] 4 + Team. [登录来查看链接]

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    Softphone Developer 已经结束 left

    Wildlife Rescue Australia is a registered charity dedicated to the rescue of native animals. To this end, WRA operates an Australia-wide, 24/7 call centre staffed by home-based volunteer phone coordinators (PCs). PCs use a FileMaker Pro-based search engine developed in-house to draw Google-type maps, send and receive emails, text messages and phone calls. Outgoing calls are made via an external, ...

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    Mod game java j2me 已经结束 left

    Bug chỉ số độ bền vũ khí lên 9999

    $78 - $234
    $78 - $234
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    Hi. I'm looking for someone who has ALREADY BUILT a WebRTC app that I can buy, then pay to have it customized. I will only consider those that can send me a login of one they have built so I can test it. Here are the features/requirements: - Softphone that connects to my SIP - Chat/messages which works via API with my carrier - Video which works via my PBX/WebRTC - File sharing on chat - S...

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    softphone that will register to my sip PBX as an extension. I'll load the EXCEL sheet with leads that I want to call to. the dialer will call them one by one. when it gets sip event of 200K (so it's a valid number)- I can set in the settings if I want to receive the call on the softphone- or it will transfer the call to another EXT or ring group that pre related in the settings. click ...

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    je suis un élevé en fin d'années et pour mon projet de fin d'années j'ai besoin de concevoir un système de communication a base de voix ip. une application desktop softphone qui satisfait le protocole ED137 . ici joint un projet similaire .

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    Hi, I need support setting up a basic on premise (RasPBX) Asteriks installation. I have the following devices: - Raspberry PI 4 with RasPBX installed - 2N technolgies Doorbell with Sip Support (works already and is registered to sipgate) - Several Devices with Sip Softphone installed - Home Assistant on several devices (I want to connect via webRTC (Browser) to the Asteriks) So I need: - ...

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