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    Homework Project 已经结束 left

    Java, simple Java program that I am haveing trouble with. I am having trouble understanding the concept of methods in Java. I need to write a program that will allow a business to be able to store information related to their products purchased and calculate their profit when they later sell the products. To start with they want the program to be able

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    Live Help Project 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a live help tool that I can embed into webpages, emails and other web-based applications. References are [login to view URL], [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] The feature list is as follows: a. Text Chat ??" Client to Agent b. Text Chat ??" Agent to Agent c. Real Time Traffic monitoring d. Web Based administration

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    online scheduler 已经结束 left

    web-enabled tool to allow administrators and staff to go online and depending on their role, to either view on schedule classes on a monthly basis and the ability for the teachers to record the course hours of their students, as well as all information pertaining to the students. will be using java - servlets, bean, jsp - tomcat - ant -access database

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    Password Creator 已经结束 left

    ...very simple project for programmer who knows what they are doing. In short: want to create a version of this tool: <[login to view URL]> The source is here: <[login to view URL]> (java source) <[login to view URL]> (c source) I'd like a similar feature set as <http://haxial

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    branding software 已经结束 left

    ...softwares;. 1- autoresponder 2-ezy java pop up wizard 3-drop down wizard 4-picture perfect image viewer 5-web site tool bath 6-web radar 7-banner buddy 8-domain alarm 9-site submitter 10-ip web sender 11-amazing web tools ( 12 software) 12-ultimate creation tools ( 5 sofwares) 13-Ad tracker tool 14-magic subscriper 15-secret

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    ...access and change the documents at different points of time in the day. I want a software to automate the synchronization of these directories at different locations. The tool should run without any manual intervention and at off-beat hours, when n/w utilization is low. Real time polling of documents is ruled out. For complex scenarios like modifcation

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    Specification: In-Browser Photo Resize Tool System should be based in DHTML/JScript, JavaScript, or a related technology, a thin-client Java or Flash soloution may also be acceptable. The System MUST be compatible with both IE5+ ( Win32 and Mac OS X ) and Netscape. We have software already that is IE5 compatible, but we need a tried and tested soloution

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    In order to understand my need, please look at Inxight's Star Tree Studio, IHMC's CMAP tool, and the PersonalBrain by Brain Technologies. All are available as free/demo downloads. I would like a program that has the "spherical" mobility/interaction, and the multi/extra-generational cockpit interface of Inxight, the ability to link objects with a linking

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    Wireless 已经结束 left create something very interested in java and it should be wireless and it should be fully secured as well it can be anything but should be interesting it can be netowrking wireless in java program and wanted the code to be fully docuemented as well. and explained to me as well. I have an assignment in Java Programming language, I have to create anything

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    VPN 已经结束 left

    Using Java i have to create a secure very secure loging for users users should be able to log into a vpn the vpn should be highly secured and i should be able to output an interface which will allow to share somthing on the interface it can be anything but the sharing should be secured as well and this should be created on both aspects on a network(for

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    SE Keyword Tracking 已经结束 left

    ...Keyword Tracking Software This is a very simple project for the right programmer that knows what they are doing. This browser-based application will provide webmasters with a tool to track the conversion effectiveness and profitability of search engine keywords that their visitors use to enter their websites. The software will be hosted in a Microsoft

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    implemet a java program 已经结束 left does work perfectly under java creator..all im askin is to implement n update the program with a few more features on it. i have time till end of i want it in my hand by end of monday. ## Deliverables I want a lil change on our menu..the mesu as describing below: File Edit Site Page Tool Help NewProject/Cut Publish Create View

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    I need a generator to help guitarists. Will function similar to [login to view URL] I said Java but I'm open to suggestions. It will not be a clone but this should give a general idea of the formulas, input and output. It will be a couple of weeks before I can have the specs finalized but I'd like to get started now.

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    ...ready without ne complitaion n run time does work perfectly under java creator..all im askin is to implement n update the program with a few more features on it. ## Deliverables I want a lil change on our menu..the mesu as describing below: File Edit Site Page Tool Help NewProject/Cut Publish Create View WMhelp Open Project/CopyDeleteSiteImportEditor

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    Open Browser Window 已经结束 left

    ...subfolder. the window should have the following disabled: menu bar, tool bar, status bar, address bar, and resizing. The window should open to equal the user's screen settings (fullscreen). If posible I would like the exit button in the upper right corner disabled, but still allowing the java "closewindow" script to work. I have inclosed a picture of what

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    Acomputer based group decision making tool in JAVA that will allow a number of Experts to login and evaluate alternatives of a decision problem based on a number of criteria. It should allow a Facilitator who takes the role of an administrator to create Experts, assign Experts to project, delete Experts, or Projects etc. The system must be done by

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    You are to develop a simple Java program that implements the requirements described in the problem specification. There are two components to this assignment, a compulsory and an optional component. Below are descriptions of each component: the program has to be done by 16th may 2003 friday donot need high quality of GUI as it is a small courswork for

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    I need a tool like a pop-up generator that creates a java plane inside a a sticky note people can click on. It would be partially transparent. Some sites use them I see so not sure on copyright so have to be careful. Like a pop-up but inside webpage's main window.

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    First, please look at the following code: [![][1] What I need is a way to open a new browser window with the above specified parameters (e.g. no scroll bars, no status bar, no tool bar, etc.) for the specified web page in a manner that meets the following requirements: (1) The new window for the web page will be opened by clicking on a banner ad displayed

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    ...Currently, I use MySql as the database but the Reporting Tool should be able to connect to the major DBMS's. I require a standalone querying and reporting application that will have following features 1. Easy to use, visually appealing and fast 2. Windows based (preferably written in C/C++ or Java) 3. Will have a query-builder (graphical query builder

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    1 竞标 in my phone so that when my phone rings, the background pictures would cycle between these three pictures whenever someone calls in. That means I would have to have a tool to convert these three pictures into a downloadable packet (via GPRS) which my phone would then be able to understand that is what I want to do with it. After a certain number

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    $784 - $3921
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    Complete Product Wanted 已经结束 left products in the following categories: * Encryption * Software Development * Web Development * Data Analysis * Visual Basic OCX/Programming Tool * C++ Programming Tool * Website Services Please bid with a complete description of your product and price of the COMPLETE rights to this product. In your description, please

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    the programm have code on java (all codes is on the site ) ( i will give the site when you contact with me) the tasks is : get and load road data get and geo-reference traffic data to segments get and geo-reference parking locations build and run propagation algorithm digitise and fit new origin points build and run routing algorithms from new origin

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    game 已经结束 left

    ...multi-player Java game based on the client-server network model and the case-study presented in the lectures. · A 'chat-server' application will not be accepted for this assignment. · The program must not be a version of TicTacToe. The following basic components are each an essential requirement:- · The client-server model must be implemented using Java<...

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    General Description We need a tool that can run from a browser (an ActiveX control or a Java applet) that will be embedded in a web page. The tool will allow users to select a file or set of files (all JPG images) from their local hard drive. They can provide some information about each file, like a caption (description) of the photo and they can also

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    SPY++ FOR JAVA 已经结束 left

    We need a tool built similar to the Microsoft Visual Studio Spy++ where the Spy displays object’s attributes as the user points to the objects with the mouse pointer. The only difference is that this spy will retrieve the attributes of Java client (non-browser java) objects as follows: 1. Java class names 2. File name(s) for the Java client classes

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    Ylighting, a leading online seller of contemporary lighting, would like a java based tool similar to the following which would allow our customers to define the room and furniture that requires lighting consultation from our designers. [login to view URL] Here is the output of the service. http://www

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    reverse engineering tool 已经结束 left

    An project for an undergraduate. A java application to reverse engineer Java source code to draw class diagrams such inheritance and sub classes and so on and sequence diagrams. The user would select a .java file and would then be able to see class and sequence diagrams on a simple interface. The quality of the drawings does not have to be fantastic

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    Web Bot - Retrieves Info 已经结束 left choose a state. I am also looking to gather the information in a comma delimited file (HTML or text is fine). This tool should be a command line program, as long as I can run it from Windows (from a DOS prompt is fine). Use Java or C# preferably. There will probably be support requested via RAC in the future if the site changes. ## Deliverables

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    We require offline Java or Vb based site management tool. The basics are a site which has the database of the items on the site Basically four or five categories The databse structure will be given to the successful bidder Now what ever changes done online needs to be synchronised to the server database in MySQl A front end can be worked oout which

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    VNC Modifications Needed 已经结束 left ignored. Thank you. Right now RealVNC supports Java viewer and an exe. I am only interested in the java viewer. What i would REALLY like is a java exe program that is a viewer and can be launched from a web site as a seperate program. In otherwords, login and click a link to use the viewer - the java viewer is then loaded and run on your computer as

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    ...will include pages like: Why Virtual Tours Sell? (Just text) Samples (QTVR and JAVA sample tours) Inquiry Form (Mailform HTML) What makes us the best? (More text) Whose using virtual tours now to sell? Request an onsite presentation! This is site needs to be a selling tool - not a showcase of the latest Flash technology! We're looking for someone with

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    ...President. We need a Sales tracking Tool which will track all the prospects, Sales calls, Customers, sales, payments (both development cost and residuals (annual hosting charges)) by customers, commissions due and paid to the sales executives, various statistics/reports etc. This Tool needs to be a web based tool where every associate can log on and

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    ...i have been using a line diff tool to find the differences between them. I am programmer, i have been programming C++ for the past several years. Now i am thinking to move into the JAVA world. So this is my first foray into this world. We can implement the solution in two ways: 1. just develop a barebones linediff tool and then do some enchancements

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    e-commerce tool 已经结束 left

    ...production of a generic e-commerce application (tool) to produce an e-commerce site upon demand. this will enable an individual to configure an e-com site to suit the needs of the individual business. it should include tools to develop web pages using xml, applets to handle the client side processing and java to handle the server side and to handle stock

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    2 竞标 would work on both PalmOS 3.x and PalmOS5 ARM devices. Only the engine and dev tool is needed. I will post a separate bid request for artwork/leveldesign/music/etc. The dev tool (level editor) should be made to work in Windows and, optionally, MacOSX and linux (java maybe?). PalmOS5 compatability is not essential. Also, music is not important. 160x160

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    This is a pop up generating tool designed for affiliate marketers. It will allow them to easily create pop ups and launch them from their own redirect page. This way, they can place ads for other people's products but still have an opportunity to present their opt-in invitation or other advertisements. They will be able to have more control over

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    Deadlocks in Java?? 已经结束 left

    ...following 2 problems: The programs should be written in Java. We were advised to write the programs in Linux, and use the vi editor, but since they can't check on which editor we used, it doesn't really matter. Javadoc should be used to comment the code in HTML form. To test if you can compile a java file, we must use [login to view URL] . I will add this as an attachmen...

    $196 - $235
    $196 - $235
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    This is a pop up generating tool designed for affiliate marketers. It will allow them to easily create pop ups and launch them from their own redirect page. This way, they can place ads for other people's products but still have an opportunity to present their opt-in invitation or other advertisements. They will be able to have more control over the

    $784 - $3921
    $784 - $3921
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    genealogy program in Java 已经结束 left

    ...containing everything with the code required to execute the program. This must compile and run with the Java 1.3.1 SDK. If you do the extra credit, youÕll need Java 1.4 features, but I can handle it. No proprietary extensions allowed, even if a tool makes use of them. The preferred way of submitting this is electronically using WebCT. A sample compilation

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    ...direction of using it as a tool for acquiring knowledge. So people that are searching for information can find and talk to experts in a particular field. In particular, this could be used in developing world countries. At the moment I'm planning on using the JXTA Protocol using some peer-to-peer, I will be programming in JAVA. I just need some good structured

    $118 - $157
    $118 - $157
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    [login to view URL] of this module is to allow my clients to register and login to buy polling/surver(part 2) and contest mangement tool. Features 1. Registration - credit card verfication. [u can propose payment gateway to be used] - email verfication. - forget password. - all information kept in database 2. Client login to see their summary of profile, projects

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    ...Sales & CRM Automation with colloboration for group discussions, appointments, alerts etc. Download [login to view URL] evaluation for example. Another example is sales logix CRM tool 3) Web Server based SEI CMM Level 2-5 workflow automation for Project management and schedules. We also have contractor and freelancers and bidding for outsourcing so include

    $9191 (Avg Bid)
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    11 竞标 the information [login to view URL] site is [login to view URL] Graphic Inventory Database The new Inventory And Database Handler, written in java, is an essential asset to every small - large business, warehouse, and library! Never again will you have to worry about weather you have an item in stock. You can leave that

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    Java Program 已经结束 left

    Java application: Draw a rectangle by dragging the mouse - Write an application that allows the user to press the mouse button down, drag the mouse, and release the mouse button. As the mouse is being dragged, the user should be able to see the current size of the rectangle that is being drawn. As soon as the mouse button is released, the rectangle

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    Hi: I have a Java Script Shopping Cart runing with paypal. Now I'm installing this shopping cart integrating it with a [login to view URL] database output and I find some problems running it. You can see the working shopping cart at [login to view URL] NOTE the "view shopping cart" button is the left "comprar" button :) I

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    automated site evaluator 已经结束 left

    ...single text box and a single push button. the input for this page will be a website URL, which will be inserted in the text box, then when clicking the push button, this web tool will quietly visit the URL specified, execute certain functions to analyze the website interface, such as checking its load time. examples of such implementations are: http://www

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    Java animation 已经结束 left

    I need some java code which should basically produce a teaching tool. It should contain grpahics, text and animation showing the user how routing algorithms work. I will send the programmer the content to put on this program so all you have to do is implement it in Java. I'll need to know which version you used so that I can also run it upon my computer

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    Java Project 已经结束 left

    ...project description is given in STRIPS syntax. I need a Java command line parameter to input a text file that specifies a planning problem in the given STRIPS syntax which I will provide, and correctly parse the problem specification. (I will provide about 4 pages of Java Outline/Skeleton code for the JAVA Parser. If the problem specification has syntax errors

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    Develop a qual tool 已经结束 left

    ...qualification tool that will use auto scripting and spreadsheet attached to generate a result. The tool is to be web based. The tool needs to look clean and show results in a ‘fashionable manner’ The tool will have a field for address, and phone number. This information will be auto scripted into our existing qualification tool. This tool is...

    $2651 (Avg Bid)
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