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    The project use JavaFx with Java 8. It comes with hibernate + jpa + persistence + H2. I identified that most of memory usage in our application comes from H2 database. The project dont need a full database, only need a cache system to handle few objects. You need to remove H2 and add a cache system.

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    I need someone to write a outlook like email editor that can create a new email, and can read an eml format mail to reply and forward an email in [登录来查看链接] format. The Email Editor Support 1 creating a new email, 2 reply and forward an email with pervious email content. The Editor support HTML Message just like outlook does. 1. Copy, cut and paste 2. Change selected words a. font type, font s...

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    Have a small piece of software I've written with javaFX / Netbeans IDE / FXML Pretty much grabs some stock info off the internet and generates a report. Also have implemented a login system through the app to [登录来查看链接] I'm no graphics guy only a programmer so I will need a sleek modern UI implemented because it is very plain. As well as the implementation of License4J (or any way havin...

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    application with javaFx 已经结束 left

    devlopper application with java

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    The project use JavaFx with Java 8. Your job is to identify all main issues and provide a report with the solutions.

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    Small Java application 已经结束 left

    I need a small Java application for creating and viewing appointments. This needs to be created with JavaFx for the front end, using Java 8. I will provide the database connection, where the data schema is already in place.

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    Java GUI Project 已经结束 left

    It is a simpleJava GUI framework (JavaFX) Project

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    Hello freelancers, The goal is very simple. I will give you all the files(including some external libraries) of a ready to use JavaFX project and I want you to convert it on executable file ready for Windows installation. Pay attention to the fact that the UI is written on Greek language so with Indian people we may have some problems depending on the encoding of letters of the UI.

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    I need help to install Eclipse with the following plug ins: JavaFX, Java AWT, WindowBuilder on a mac. I will set up a webes session and I need someone to walk me through the steps to get these programs running successfully.

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    i am creating javafx desktop 3d and 2d model app. i have some questions need answers. example : add elements to my subscene from another class while button click from another class. briefly explain later

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    Create a NetBeans JavaFX project that works with a sequential file containing the id, name, street address, city, hours worked and hourly rate of a group of workers. The user should be able to • navigate (first, next, previous, and last buttons) through the records of each worker (one at a time) • add a worker to the sequential file • change the information of an existing worker &bu...

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    I require emoji and incoming sound functionality built into a desktop java chat program. The server/client connection is already built. The current GUI is using swings and I’d like it to be converted into JavaFx using sdk11. Here are my requirements: 1. Convert current GUI from swing to JavaFX using sdk11. A very basic GUI design is acceptable. 2. When an image button is pressed, display...

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    Scrabble point generator 已经结束 left

    You will complete a JavaFX application named “Scrabble points Generator” The application will allow the user to TYPE in a word and it will calculate how many points that word is using the scrabble point system. Please refer to the photo below for the Scrabble Point System. - The application will also decrease the letter counter when the user has entered a word. For example, there are 9...

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    The task is to implement in Java to display gurobi results for 2-layer graphs. It is about 2-layer graphs K(m,n) where m and n are the amount of vertices on the layers. In these graphs we can draw gaps whenever two edges cross so that these graphs become more readable (see appended picture). In this picture if we look at the crossing from the edges g and h we can see that we assigned the gap here ...

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    I have a javafx desktop application that I need a mac and a linux build for.

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    I need to resolve a bug in JavaFx application. PC connected to weighing scale is not sending readings to Screen bug. Need to be fixed Technology: JavaFx, Java, Java Rest Api

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    Small JavaFX work 已经结束 left

    A simple Small JavaFX work task needs to be done within next 24 Hours

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    Training for JavaFX 已经结束 left

    Looking for someone who can provide training for JavaFX

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    Training for JavaFX 已经结束 left

    Need someone who could provide training for JavaFX from scratch. Interested people do approach me.

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    JavaFX Training 已经结束 left

    I am looking for tutoring for JavaFX. Interested people please approach me.

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    Project for JavaFX 已经结束 left

    I am looking for tutoring for JavaFX. Interested people please approach me.

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    Project for JavaFX 已经结束 left

    I am looking for tutoring for JavaFX. Interested people please approach me.

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    We need to support, in our Java application, we want to display vertical videos (1080x1920). Horizontal video work well (1920x1080). So, we are looking for a Java source code which allows us to solve this problem.

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    Below given is the description given to us for our project where build 1 has been developed by us and you need to complete other 2. You should be able to develop UI in JAVAFX. Build 2 submission date is date is 26th of this month. After further discussion with our customer, we got the following tentative requirements from the user as a global plan for the Battle Ship game we will develop for the...

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    Copy a small JavaFX program: 5 Classes 5 Controllers 5 FXML files I will provide the link to the GitHub of the program that I need copied. It needs to be copied and the code needs to be adjusted to make it my own original version.

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    Software Architecture 已经结束 left

    Design and implement (in Java) a basic graphical user interface (GUI) program for recording information about a family tree. You can assume that a family member has some immediate relatives: i.e., a mother and father (maybe unknown), zero or one spouses, zero or more children and zero or more grandchildren. A family member also has a first name, a surname at birth, a surname after marriage, gender...

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    Quiz Game In Java 已经结束 left

    hey, i m looking for a Quiz Game In Java. It is a GUI using JavaFX not Swing. Dark mode or colorful modern UI design, with different mode: study, pratice, review, settings, help drop down menu for choosing the category study mode should have the explanation (text, hyperlink , photo or video if possible) when the answer is good and have a passing score exam mode :timer and passing score apply flag...

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    Family Tree with GUI 已经结束 left

    Design and implement (in Java) a basic graphical user interface (GUI) program for recording information about a family tree. You can assume that a family member has some immediate relatives: i.e., a mother and father (maybe unknown), zero or one spouses, zero or more children and zero or more grandchildren. A family member also has a first name, a surname at birth, a surname after marriage, gen...

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    Need help with exam that will be open book. Exam will be 3 hours long, must be present when exam starts and give answers before it finishes. Class is introduction to Java. Need to be familiar with Java and JavaFX. Exam starts 3:00 pm eastern time.

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    Project for Yelena Y. 已经结束 left

    Convert Swing desktop tool to JavaFX

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    JavaFX app mac build 已经结束 left

    I have a JavaFX application made in netbeans ide that i need a mac build for. I have all files. It is not a complex job.

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    Hello Everyone, I’m an (old) full time worker, father and University student. My professor of programming assigned a project to the class, the project must be completed by 2-3 students and has a value of 1/3 on the final exam. Unfortunately, my (age) and status doesn’t allow me to collaborate with the “standard” students, so I’m without any teammates, also I never di...

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    Project for Vadim S. 已经结束 left

    Hello! I am writing my own project in JavaFX. I am a beginner and I am looking for a trainer to connect with me online to help me out when I get stuck. I need someone really good at JavaFX because that's where most of my problems will be. Would you be interested in helping me out 2-3 hours per week - on your schedule?.

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    Project for Nguyen D. 已经结束 left

    Hi! I am working on my own real-time project in JavaFX and I need a coach to help me out when I get stuck. Would you be interested in one-to-one online meetings with me to help me with my coding?

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    Improve a JavaFX Programm 已经结束 left

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can add the following things to my small JavaFX system: - Connect to MySql database (the code for that I have finished ur needs to be improved) - put in 1 sorting algorithm - put 1 inheritance in the code - put in a function that you can lend something. If you are interested I send the program to you, then you can watch

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    JavaFx Epxert 已经结束 left

    [登录来查看链接] Can you able to develop this same project for me??? Only Experts please

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    Create a custom JavaFx button as the image attached

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    tests for javaFX 已经结束 left

    for our program, we need tests which check the program logic, mainly Component and integration testing (for example testFx or Junit or TestNG...) It should be everything really basic not on a high level about the program itself: it is a very simple fitness manager where you can create workouts and analyze them(with Export/Import function), we manage our data with MySQL this project should be do...

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    Java/JavaFX Freelancers 已经结束 left

    Looking for talented Java/JavaFX developers to work on a large desktop design application for the architecture/building industry. Hourly rates or fixed projects depending on experience & suitability for position. Experience with JUnit, TestFX, Gradle, Bitbucket, IntelliJ, MVC & available hours similar to Australian typical working hours preferred but not essential. Applicants should descr...

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    I want to build a sample project that uses OSGi, JavaFX and JDK 9. I want the app to have the functionality to add features dynamically without updating the whole software. I want all the solutions documented or video recording. Please see the illustration for more details.

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    Build a JavaFx sample app 已经结束 left

    It has to be main window with 2 tabs: 1D and 2D in each tab user can enter 1 length for 1D and 2 lengths in 2D and button 'Load csv', when you press the button additional UI screen loads up: it needs to have a file loading menu and when you load the csv file with numbers it needs to show them on data grid and on graph, data should be of length given in the original screen, graph is 1D gr...

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    Hi, I need an expert in JavaFX. There is a small to be complete in 2-3 days. The work is to be done on GITHUB and you will need to submit a report based in the same. Will share further details with relevant freelancers.

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    Proficiency: C#/Java/Scala developer for Drone platform, work Expectation:- 1) KEYSTORE feature (PRIVATE/PUBLIC KEY, CSR) needs to be instantiated may be based on X.509 standard, which is PASSWORD protected. May be we need to use an existing piece of code as freeware or need to write a library for the same, 2) Adding new features on existing Software in C#, 3) Developing Server Application in Ja...

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    Design Javafx game 已经结束 left

    Interesting program, Few codes and basic structure is given need to implement more codes in the given classes. You must implement the game called "FullHouse" from: • [登录来查看链接] This is a simple 2D puzzle game that uses a discrete 2D grid for the playing board. The game requires the player to move one blue piece around the board (using arrow keys or mouse clicks) to try and visit...

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    simple javafx project to be developed for Mac os. the console application for the same project is already developed only need to put GUI and need to make it working for JavaFX project.

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    I have a need for Instructions for converting a desktop maven javafx project into an android app so that it can be used on a tablet. This should be a quick job for someone that knows how to do it. I will send you the base project and you can convert then tell me how you did it. I need to be able to publish the app onto andoid app store after.

    $2263 (Avg Bid)
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    You need to design a basic game engine using Java, and user interface using JavaFX and test cases along with documentation. Details will be provided later.

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    build a Java FX game 已经结束 left

    Must Know How to use github and Intellij Your first task is to choose a simple one-player, two-dimensional (2D) board game, and then implement the 'engine' of that game in Java. You should write some unit tests to check that your game logic works correctly. You second task is to use JavaFX to add a graphical user interface (GUI) to your game, which displays the 2D board and allows the...

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    i have an application based on Access VBA MS-SQL. I need to migragte and update it with a new platform: JavaFX using SceneBuilder, mySQL and JasperReprots

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    I have this college project which was initially a console project developed by me. now I need to convert this console project to a javafx program. the project is vehicle hire system. with most functionality already developed in console just need to do some minor changes to be implemented in JavaFX

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