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    RHEL 5 - Connected to Domain via AD but doesnt accept SSH

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    We need your help to design a princess wonderful. The person who designs this character for us will be hired for a series of projects to create banners. Please ask any number of questions before you can work on this. We will also buy additional characters if we like and engage the designer. STRICTLY AVOID COPYING LICENSED CHARACTERS.

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    Hey guys, my Automation doesnt work. I have wrote a welcome email and it doesn't send it to the subscribers. Need Help

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    Hey guys, if I want to start an Automation (after subscription with double opt in) the user don't get the welcome email. I've tried everything but it's not working.

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    Hi, i have a website [login to view URL] its the same like [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] the problem is that instead of loading the profile picture of users, we get a blank pic in attached you can see an example, instead of that blank area, it should load the profile picture of user, someone should know the problem properly about the facebook API changes regards sameem

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    Hi, i have a website [login to view URL] its the same like [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] the problem is that instead of loading the profile picture of users, we get a blank pic in attached you can see an example, instead of that blank area, it should load the profile picture of user, someone should know the problem properly about the facebook API changes regards sameem

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    1. Need to fix that i will see conversion in Google Analytics 2. This page was copy from original and there is some connection with original database. I get adresses into admin which are not from this site. Need to fix that

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    Basically i have a deadline for a application for monday evening to complete an application, i was supposed...coding. Im looking for you to build a very basic page where i can create an account, log in as a user and create a profile, the filtering system of finding other people doesnt have to work but i ideally id like to get as much done as possible.

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    I need some graphic design. A design that i can on t-shirts for my bussines. Its an environment themed bussiness.

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    I have augmented reality app.... I have project at unity3d and I use vuforia... I have unity [login to view URL] 32bit .... and I upload app to itunes unity3d and I use vuforia... I have unity [login to view URL] 32bit .... and I upload app to itunes like 100xtimes... and now they told me that this app doesnt work on ios 11.2 iphone 7 ... I need do something to work it

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    Plupload doesnt work 已经结束 left

    I have...have an insternet site with different types of users. The image upload for all except one type works perfect. For the one type I used plupload for some reason the plupload doesnt work since january the error message is you dont have html5 or flashplayer. The project is about to fix the plupload error or build in a new script for image upload.

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    Hi guys, we have an online store based on Wordpress WooCommerce. Our payment methods paying by credit card and by SOFORT doesn't work. We do not know what happened, that we got this issue since these payment methods worked before smoothly. Our one page check out area have some issues. The boxes which need to be filled out with name, last name

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    we have setup a new fusion PBX installation but SIP Registration does not seem to work i need help from an expert who can review this setup and make sure everything is setup correctly.

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    need someone who can fix it directly and not in next days..

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    Magento 1.9 Search doesnt work correct.

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    I need to fix a compatibility of my theme ( not updated ) and woocommerce

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    Contactform doesnt work 2 已经结束 left

    Hi, I have a website and 2 contactforms don't work. I need someone to fix this error.

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    Contactform doesnt work 已经结束 left

    Hi, I have a website but the contactforms (2) don't work. I need someone to make it work.

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    Hello, Our developer is having a lot of trouble and we are in need of an expert high level developer with a lot of experience. The error is : that the Magento API is not getting the values from custom_attributes when we try to add a product with the API : .'/[login to view URL]' HERE IS THE CODE EXAMPLE: /// attributes // $custom_attributes = array( array( '...

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    My Avada Theme Fusion Slider doesnt load. But if I use a proxy, it works after a while. I need to fix this.

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    I have a problem with ssh service When I try START THE SERVICE have this error Failed to start SSH server : "Starting sshd: /etc/ssh/sshd_config line 151: Directive 'PermitTunnel' is not allowed within a Match block [FAILED]" If I comment this line in this file, when you try open SSH Session by Putty the Session is closed when you put your credentials. I need re...

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    I need my tab doesnt show up on my fb phone currently only works on my desktop version.

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    we make a application on fusetools mobil voice over and talkback doesnt work

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    im 14 and I need a fairy halloween costume and I take halloween very seriously I have a idea in mind of a rose fairy that is the dress wing necklace and shoes and of course the tiara....thank you :]

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    I need a logo designed of 3 letters DDJ being my initials. And maybe something that embelishes that. I am guitarist launching a new solo record. So something with high impact that looks amazing would be awesome.

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    I am having an issue with my magento 2 store on a ultimo theme. If my back end works my front end gets a 505 error. If I fix it and get my front end to work my back end catalog wont load

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    stream to NDI protocol over linux , i need someone to know how to encode or stream via NDI protocol, in linux , it doesnt need to be a server,

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    i twill be more like an internet based mall where multiple shops will be available for users to purchase from,so they will only have to login into the site and all the shops available will be displayed and i would like the way they are displayed to be very sleek and user friendly that even people who are not that familiar with online shopping wont experience any problems,also delivering services w...

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    I have a small Alarm app that works fine on most of the devices but doesnt work on some devices like samsung, MI, LG etc.

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    contact us page doesnt send msgs. sometimes it sends and sometimes not. we need a tool that will monitor a process that will check that contact us sends msgs to our mailbox corrent. if it does not send - it will send notification. and also try to understand why now - it got fixed for couple of hours then it stopr sending.

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    Hi, I have got a project on wordpress Avada - I use open sans however some charakters display IN TIMES NEW ROMAN and on mobile they doesnt display at all...

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    I have a database attached through ODBC to an mssql database and do have a SQL-question that retrieves data. Now I want it to retrieve all post that are in [Reservdelar, bildlista egna - Blad1] but not in [login to view URL] Can you help me? SELECT [login to view URL] AS ID, "0" AS [Active(0/1)], [login to view URL] AS Name, [login to view URL], [login to view URL] AS [Price tax...

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    Wordpress Fix - Add to Basket doesnt work on Safari for products with variations Here is a product which is affected: [login to view URL]

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    I transferred my WordPress sites to a new server and 2 doesn't load. I knwo this is a quick fix just dont have time. I will provide server access

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    ..."soundy background music" to play a different song on every page ( 4 in total ). this used to work before my website got hacked and needed to remove all the malware but now whenever i try to use the url of the mp3 uploaded in my media , the link doesnt work at all even if the mp3 is in the right file. i would like some tips on how to solve this problem

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    I cant send mails through Wordpress with my vserver. I use Plesk and a linux distribution with a lot of wordpress installations.

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    The teamspeak server starts but I cannot reach it anymore after a reboot.

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    Hi, I need to move one prestashop store from one host to another host that doesnt have panel. Prestashop is already installed and everything has to be moved to new hosting. website. [login to view URL] Needs to move to [login to view URL] Dedicated Server. Please only serious and capable responses. No one has time to waste. Thanks Murat

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    read a article and ask two questions, 2 pages. about business ethics

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    I have a chat on my website but it doesnt scroll when someone write a new message need someone to fix that. my website it is based on smarty php [login to view URL]

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    My facebook button on [login to view URL] home page doesnt work

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    Write a love letter explaining how distance doesnt matter, and the amount of love we have for each other. The feelings that rush within us, how i am willing to love you for ever. Style of writing: not too hard, literature/love kind of style. Really breath taking sentences. 2.5 pages, not more. size 12. Deadline in 3 hours not more.

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    Hello, I used to use mediatemplate as server for my doamin Then i switch to google cloud an from then I am always go to spam to whoever i send. I dont use this for sending spam, ever.

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    Hi, My website has some problems with showing backgrounds in different browsers. Can you help me fix this? He is showing 1 background of the 8 sliders. Thanks

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    I had it working earlier on tonight, but currently I am getting the list with files again. Symfony doenst open the application. PHP is installed properly, MySQL works too. It seems to be rights issue. Ubuntu 14.

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    Help fix an email template that doesn't render in outlook and aol correctly. More info upon award

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET. Screen scraping GDS terminal for travel application robotics job

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    I need you to write an academic article. People watching! This assignment is a combination of units one and two: look and listen. Based on the observations you make, infer what those people are about. Do they fit into the typical type, the clichéd plots you see in entertainment? Or are they unique? If you were to guess what their obsessions or followings are, what would you say? Maybe they&...

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    I need you to write some content for a website. Write blog artcles for website

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