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    需要寻找一位能够完全一样实现出kifi网页插件的人才。网址[登录来查看链接] 注册登录后网页会自动跳出安装插件,可以先安装后使用一下。我们的要求是和它做的一模一样。 我们这边来提供API。 人民币支付

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    你可以看看这个视频,这是我们将动感操控系统与操作系统结合后的效果, [登录来查看链接] 我们做出这个系统后,由于需要修改安卓底层代码,所以无法让用户下载使用。 现在我们需要一个Chrome高手,将这个功能与安卓系统下的Chrome浏览器整合在一起,这样用户就可以下载本系统,且在使用浏览器的时候使用动感操控系统了。 我们可以提供我们原先做在操作系统中的代码模块,供参考。 基本原理,调用智能手机内部的陀罗,感知手机的转动状态,手机转动一定角度,鼠标指针就向相应的方向移动一定的距离。当手指点击屏幕上的虚拟按钮的时候,相当于点击鼠标按键。 当然,还要同时保持系统原有的触摸屏操

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    ...shiny / chrome look like this: [登录来查看链接] or like this: [登录来查看链接] or like this: [登录来查看链接]

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    Need a chrome extension 6 天 left

    need a chrome extension for search max budget is 5 k

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    I need to find one that can be kept secret, and can help me find and fix 3 bugs before Friday use Mozreview at least once

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    Build Chrome Extension 5 天 left

    Chrome extension will scrape data from a website and place it into a database on MongoDB

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    We are searching for someone who is really experienced withing the OpenVPN, C# and Swift area. We have an OpenVPN desktop client for both Windows and MacOS where there have been various problems. These problems only occur on some computers others our desktop application is working just perfectly, so it's sometimes very hard to replicate in our own environment. We need someone to figure ou...

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    Chrome Extension tool to help users easy upload and dowload data

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    A series of Google Forms, Google Sheets which allow for creation of quotes, creation of works orders, creation of purchase orders and logs that track each item.

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    Hello, I need (a first version of) AddOn for FireFox, which automatically replaces all Amazon links on a website with links with a freely definable Partner-ID. For this purpose, the AddOn should find all Amazon-Links on a website (with or without affiliate tracking ID) and rebuild it, so that the defined tracking-ID or affiliate-tag contained in the

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    I work for a fine dining establishment of NJ and would like to liven up the menu using detailed descriptions of our plates as well as making them enticingly mouth watering just by reading the description.

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    HTML website 90% done. Needs tweaking. Needs to run perfectly on all platforms. Need to properly set up gallery area.

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    build extension that run in the background, when the php server script trigger by GET/POST method its send the data (json/html) to the extension. the extension get the data - send back to server the current url and show the response data as popup on the current web page the user is on.

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    ...articles about baby, pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. We want to provide professional value information to moms and solve their problems. We need complete 4-6 high-quality fine articles per month. Must have 2500-3000 words. They should pass Copyscape. Must be 100% unique, no rewrites. Must be able to perform some research as the topics of each piece

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    I need a chrome extension that gathers information like name, email, telephone number from people that sets ads in certain pages. For example, [登录来查看链接], These are pages where the people sell used things or offer services. All this info must save into an excel file.

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    Chrome Extension Tool for users to use Linkedin easily to connect and use it Needed high skilled javascript

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    I would like someone to help me build a chrome and firefox extension

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    I'm looking for someone who can program a Firefox extension and a Google extension. This extension should create a button in the add-on bar with a picture. Click on the button should open a menu of freely selectable websites. The add-on should also allow the selection of a language.

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    Chrome Extension tool for instagram Follow or unfollow easily from the app Needed this skills: Chrome extension, laravel, react, angular, json. Like or unlike people easily

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    Chrome Extension Software to help you for Linkedin like: Profiles Visiting & Reporting with Export to CSV file (Google Sheets / MS Excel) Build targeted mailing list Invite 1st connections to join a LinkedIn Group Endorse your contacts to get endorsments in return

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    FIrefox and chrome Extension for a particular Alert box confirmation.. with out disturbing the active login session page.. The active login session should not be redirected to any other pages..

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    I am looking for a full stack developer who can take over development of a Chrome extension that is partially built. The front end is built with Javascript (JS react with redux). The backend is in Ruby on Rails with Redis and Sidkiq. We are 80% complete, but need a developer to finish development.

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    I need to create an option on the google drive menu to create mp4 file from the jpg images contained in the selected directory. The folder structure is: client |_year |_month |_day I should be able to create mp4 for each day, month and year just by clicking with the right mouse key and selecting the option to create mp4, with this I could have a one-day timelapse of photos taken by the ap...

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    I am in the process of building a chrome extension. The front end with [登录来查看链接] is completely finished, so you will just be building all of the hidden/complex functionality. I need a talented developer with first hand experience of building complex chrome extensions, as this one will involve some difficult aspects, such as: 1. A background (hidden)

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    I need Google Chrome Browser Extension with custom-made menu tree.

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    I need Google Chrome Browser Extension with custom-made menu tree.

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    I would like to a 36-page newsletter to be fine-tuned. Not every page need a tuned-up. Just about 1/3 of the pages are not handled well and need the photos and text to be adjusted nicely. The indesign file can be downloaded from the link: [登录来查看链接]

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    I am have chrome extension start in chrome disabled i am need modify for start enabled is 10 minutes work for a javascript coder, the extension is already coded i am only need is change for extension start enabled and not need click for enable.

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    i am attaching the image file where you can find all the details , please check the attachment... and the plugin need to be used for firefox ....

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    Firefox extention 已经结束 left

    Το extention θα στέλνει σαν μήνυμα(email) σε προκαθορισμένο email το περιεχόμενο ενός "DIV" μιας σ&...

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    $71 - $266
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    Hi Team, Some images of a website got lost and we need someone to do the following: 1. Navigate through the Category pages and identify ones with lost image (click on it) 2. Research online for the image, you can also try to match the description, sometimes you may open it test 3. Save to local computer (bear in mind that you need to identify on the page which images are lost (you clearly see it.....

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    I need Google Chrome Extension that keeps a history of visited web pages (without the use of history API). History should be kept in IndexedDB (timestamp, website address, webpage URL). By pressing of extension button, the extension should show a list of visited sites for the selected period. When pressing the line with web site, the extension should

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    Holco Fine Meat Suppliers 已经结束 left

    Require high resolution artwork in vector , pdf and jpg Dimensions : 75mm x 75mm Logo to be placed above HOLCO

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    ...interested in a chrome engine web browser in android and Iphone, ipad that point to a web page. On the web pages there are 2 option google search and login to our web server. We need following features enabled at the start of the app. 1. play sound. 2. microphone 3. Camera 4. cut and copy We must see a sample that you can do the work. Looking for native

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    Looking to make around 8 articles with about 600-1000 words per article. The subject matter will be about photography. Want to capture Long tail keywords. I have examples that I can send as a reference to what I'm looking for.

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    I need a lancer who can create a working google chrome extension that can read website data and display specific results on top of the site.

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    8 个竞标 Please check: [登录来查看链接] I try to adjust my product prices based on the eBay search results (price) for each product listing. I need chrome extenxion to perform the following functions.    First of all I need to get eBay search results for all of my products using the web craping.     The average price

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    I need a chrome extension that gathers information from people that sets ads in certain pages. These are pages where the people sell used things or offer services. Please check this sites. [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接] I needs to go through the ads and get the info from them, name, email, telephone number... I need to be able to specify the category

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    Total 10 wordpress menu but 8 of them is not working on google chrome .. but working fine when open in new tab. Also working fine on firefox and edge. Need to do right now and budget max 10$.

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    I need a chrome extension developed of my own that I can list in the Google Chrome store with the functionality of scanning a facebook page and inviting anyone who liked a post to like the page. There would need to be a variable or user selected delay between posts of 1 to 10 seconds. It is important that the extension can scan all posts on the FB

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    Terms are negotiable Task: Create a script that will Copy baseball statistics from [登录来查看链接] into an already finished excel list. Stats will reference players from the list in Excel. Thanks in advance

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    I would like to hire someone to build me a chrome extension that is able to autofill popup form and auto submit it for me.

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    Hi, I need a client side script that saves html data into a local storage object that I can save locally. The script will do the following tasks - 1. Click on a link 2. Save all html (if possible, all images as well) into local storage object 3. Run on a loop and download file. For example, on [登录来查看链接] (logged in). We go to see all employees, we click next page, save that page, click next pa...

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    I am looking for someone to develop a script / chrome extension that will allow me to download every video from a selected Kuai profile. [登录来查看链接] this is an example of a Kuai profile. I need to be given the function of one click to download EVERY video uploaded by the creator, placing the videos into a zip file

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    Need a Chrome extension or console script to extract live and history websocket recieved data to txt or excel.

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    We have a hardware device running on Debian 9, and need someone who can interact with our German support to finalise the project in our client's premises.

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    Get headless chrome (with chromedriver, selenium, python) to automatically continue through iframe redirect urls. Current Chrome headless stops at a page if there is an iframe. This may be normal behavior. I want an option to where it takes the first iframe src on a page (if it exists), and continues onto that url.

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    Chrome Extension 已经结束 left

    [登录来查看链接] is it possible to create like same or fix it with little changes?

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    Build a Chrome Extension 已经结束 left

    I need a chrome extension coded that can help extract data from a website. We will provide an input of search terms, and the chrome extension should search the term and then extract the data from the search results. The data is not in the html, it is in a web app - making this a bit more challenging.

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    chrome extension 已经结束 left

    Hi, chrome extension developers. I am looking for an experienced extension developer who can make a download manager newly and help me to publish it on chrome webstore. I wanna similar extension like below, but don't copy any content from it. [登录来查看链接]

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