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    1,204 joomla forms data display 搜到的工作,价格货币为 HKD simplify the customer data entry form to have the customers mobile number and customer name only. When the customers number is entered, if the number exists in the database, it will query the name and auto fill that box. Alternatively just a name can be entered in the customer information. There is a 'Require customer data' checkbox in order types

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    I need an order form that will integrate into wordpress. It must be 2 forms, with a transition between the two that does not reload the webpage. First page is for order information, second page for payment with paypal credit cards etc. Confirmed and paid for orders will mailto company's address Fairly simple project it just has to work well

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    Supplement labels onto tubs and then displayed onto a display photo provided

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    I have a responsive magento design. The mobile category tree works fine on most pages, apart from view cart and checkout. When you click the icon the drop down will not appear.

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    software enterable forms 已经结束 left

    We would like to design a few enterable forms for iPads that would automatically send a pdf version of the form as an attachment to an email account.

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    I am looking for someone to compare 2 Application Forms and find out the differences. The application forms are lengthy and the fields are hidden/displayed based on various options selected. You need to run through all options and find the missing fields which we can fix. This is just a virtual assistant job. You must be keen to details and be

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    I have a windows forms application in c#. I want on form_load to open an excel file inside a panel inside my form, In this excel file there are some columns that i will enter some values and there are some calculations based on input, for example: [Row, Column] [1, B] = I enter 6 [2, B] = I enter 4 [3, B] = The result will show here (10)

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    Contact forms 已经结束 left

    Need to replace two forms on Wordpress website. One for contact us One for inquiry data sheet

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    Trophy icon Banners for Google Smart Display 已经结束 left

    Hi! I need a few different banners for a Google Smart Display campaign. Banners are intended for marketing use, so it has to convince people to click on it. Theming is a maffia game. ([登录来查看链接]) The images have to be high-res as suggested by Google (1200 X 627) with a limit of 1 MB. Some OLD examples (but low-res, so not usable

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    Fill any information given into any form and copy information from websites and filling spreadsheets

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    I need to finish a responsive website from a template. Video on top of page and bottom does not automatically play like it does on computers or large screens. Needs to adjust size and we dont want to click to play it. Needs to play automatically. Also, need to apply the CSS rules from the temaplte on the new donate here page.

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    I have 3 PHP contact forms that need to get ReCaptcha validation. Please check the image first before responding. Thanks

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    I am l...various queries and api calls to Joomla. Should be very easy for someone with knowledge of Joomla accessing an external database and working with the data. All queries are in functions which need changed to suit Joomla, working example of querying the external database using the Sourcerer extension in a Joomla article is available.

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    I want to have a images of cities changing on the background of a homepage when the field for city is entered

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    rotate image c# windows forms based on Line segment detection

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    Need to debug and fix why ads (display overlay ads on the app with audio) aren't showing in the application. I will show you the breakpoint to apply, need to have Github account, and I'll give access to our code repository.

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    I need display my listing result page over my search result page using lightbox, actually both are separated. you will not use just an iframe.

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    Please see attached PDF as it explains it a lot clearer but basically I want to paste a heap of text into a textbox, be able to strip away unneeded characters and words and display the result as a sign in the largest possible text for the screen Don't bid until you've read the entire PDF as you will have to answer some questions with your bid to be

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    file guardianship forms 已经结束 left

    Personal - I need someone to help me file guardianship papers.

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    Scraping the content of the link Getting the div class 'product-hero__content' content and transform it into fields: * class 'product-description__title heading--6 -multiline' to text field product_name (PK) * class 'price color-black--1 price--was' to float field product_price * class 'price color-black--1 bold price--discount' to float field product...

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    bootstrap custom forms 已经结束 left

    I have made a form with a specific css media querey for each screen size. You need to copy this template to 16 other forms. There are different name classes for each of the 16 forms. Of course header, scripts and so forth need to be preserved.

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    Please see attached image of how i want the page to look. The top image is the way it works correctly just now using a paypal form, the 2nd image is how id like it to be, the issue for me is the <div> spacing when i try to add another paypal form and i cannot get it to look the way i want .... Will be a simple quick project for the correct person. DO NOT TRY TO ADJUST YOUR BID AFTER DISCU...

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    51 个竞标 a test scenario set up between the Cloudways API and Gravity Forms, using the Gravity forms post to 3rd party plugin ([登录来查看链接]). Anyone with a solid API background should be able to complete the task. Image attached of the Gravity forms post to 3rd party plugin interface, and the info the cloudways

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    Hi Here is tutorial how to display xml using html. [登录来查看链接] Here is the solution. [登录来查看链接] due unknown reason solution does not work under chrome. You should troubleshout

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    We are looking for someone who is RELIABLE and has GOOD COMMUNICATION to finish of a project which another freelancer has not completed properly. The task is on ...someone who is RELIABLE and has GOOD COMMUNICATION to finish of a project which another freelancer has not completed properly. The task is on wordpress website, using gravity forms plugin.

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    ...visitors LIVE and publish this data for other users to see. While I'm not too sure of the EXACT way to get this done, I feel that it will need to be: 1. Development of some tracking code to paste on all product pages 2. Creation of a simple database to store this information 3. Development of a "widget" that will display this information on other

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    ...Stripe Data integration- Stripe is already integrated into the site and functions correctly. You will only need to pass backend customer data to charts and tables. There are two pages that need to display data from Stripe. 
Dashboard Page YTD (Total) Revenue Current Month Revenue YTD Revenue (Chart is already integrated. Only data needs

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    ...accounts. We need to build them forms GETting and PUSHing data from their accounts to and from the website forms. We need experiences salesfroce integrators and developers (individuals or companies) to build online forms (you can suggest online form builders you wish) integrating with the salesforce accounts. The forms will include design and of course

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    Wufoo Forms expert 已经结束 left

    i need a wufoo forms expert to style a form with custom css need it done within the hour

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    ...only bid if you have a good idea about the project We have several contact forms on one of our sites, all are directed to valid emails. The contact forms show as sent but we never receive any test messages.. There is no issue with the email adresses that the contact forms are directed to, we use them everyday. I have contacted the host, they see no

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    Hi, we are using a form of aweber and integrated it into leadpages and need some custom validation on this form. Please apply only if you have experienced before on aweber and leadpages and have done some custom validation before submitting form. Type "I've used aweber and leadpages with custom validation" at start of your proposal to avoid spam. I’ll share the fu...

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    taking picture of employee on click of button and saving to database thru oracle forms 6i

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    I need someone to fill in forms for me. Each form will take about 5-10 minutes, so we are talking about 250 - 500 minutes work. So, I will pay you for $10 hours at $1/hr = $10 I have a lot more forms to fill, so if you do this project honestly, accurately, and quickly, we will continue through the remainder of my project.

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    ...have the product description, instructions for use, a hole to it can be placed in a display hock, stand on a retail shelf or sit in a point of sale carton. The product is round and smaller than a hockey puck. We need the clamshell package, point of sale 12 pack display carton. We need the supplier to help us with the UPC code on the clamshell, POS carton

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    I need two PHP Pages built one being a custom calculator with a few conditions and one being a form input page for an application which is then sent to email in a fashion the user can read. Also need review of already existing to patch any security holes

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    We have trouble with Gravity Forms Partial Entries AddOn. The Add On utilizes WordPress heartbeat but there is a 500 error in the browser console for the heartbeat post to the WordPress admin-ajax.php. It is either a Theme or Plugin conflict. We need to identify the issue and rectify the same. Looking for a quick resolution.

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    I am in need of a LCD driver board/ micro controller that is capable of running two 9 in by 1.5 in LCD screens. The circuit board must be as small if not smaller that the previously mentioned dimensions, as well as it needs to be capable of connecting to a wifi network wirelessly through an application on a smart phone. Similar technology is found in Momentum cameras, I want to be able to open th...

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    I'm looking to hire an app developer to design an app that can display brochures. This task should be fairly simple. Will require more commitment in the future when the app is built upon.

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    I need someone who really understands windows forms who can easily complete these. I have some specifications for windows forms that I need help to learn from. I would like at least 1 revision and be able to ask some questions because this is for educational purposes. For this purpose I need you to tutor me through chat, but it doesn't need to be a

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    Display pole looks very old and in bad quality, we need it to be designed in a more modern way using the same material as the POS and same texture. POS is made using Stainless steel aluminum. A 3DS project file containing the 3D model of the POS will be provided to add the pole to it for entries. Same PCB will be used, see pictures.

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    I need help to solve Windows Forms C# issues. issues will mentioned in team viewer.

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    ...logancee. I purchased it on themforest [登录来查看链接] in this theme you should be able to display a menu that links by product type and not vendor [登录来查看链接] (look on left side category) But on my site i am only able to do this

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    I have a wordpress website with "Gravity Forms" installed. I would like to add a "Facebook Connect" integration to the form, which means that in order to fulfill the form you need to press a button that connect the form to your facebook profile and automatically populate the fields: full name, email, phone number, birth date, and most important: link

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    All my outgoing emails show display name like abc [at] [登录来查看链接] to the receivers. I want to change this "abc [at] [登录来查看链接]" to "Some text" (I will share what text it is) Note that I dont have source code on server, it is exe file. You will be granted RDP access to the server. Thank you.

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    Before I explain what we want, we wont respond to any pre-typed bids. We want to create a website, very simple and basic site. The user needs to register for the site which is free, they can choose a username and must confirm via email., must BE salted and secure at all times! Once registered and signed in on the site they can then test there gaming codes to make sure they are valid or not v...

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    A small job that involves five paintings and one poster in a small exhibition room. I will need 1 Aerial View from top of the room 1 Front View looking in from the door outside 1 Rear View looking out from the back of room The walls of the room will be painted in Pantone 485 red and both the floor and the ceiling will be painted in Pantone 419 black. There will be two spot lights for ...

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    ...first version is very basic, just displaying tracking, 2 basic reports and display some basic information. we will use google API and google maps to be able to display the location of the vehicles. The app should be delivered with a windows service that will retrieve the data and interact with the databases where the coordinates of the vehicles are.

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