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    ...from the main page selecting [登录来查看链接] i would much prefer to just go to a page which is static ie action0.html which then has links to action1.html action2.html in a navigation at top and bottom. the current code for [登录来查看链接] is set out is like this. the script could get the prefix of the page from the table 'categories' field '...

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    Hi. I am designing a website for a courier company based in Australia that has two sites within itself. A Flash site (which is the site you first arrive at) and a static html/PHP site (for slow connection speeds). The Flash site can be viewed [here][1]. The non-Flash site can be viewed [here][2]. The Courier companies daggy current site (soon

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    Need Static HTML Website 已经结束 left

    We need an 15-20 pages static html website. contact us soon.

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    74 个竞标 get some of the conversation, but there is heavy static and the conversation to just way to low to hear anything. They equal about an hour for all of them. I need someone to boost the sound on these files so I can make out what is being said. I also need the background noise and static to be taken out. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and

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    Need someone to take a presently static website and transition it to a Mambo install including the developement of a custom template and banner. Most graphics and information are already included in the static site. Potential vendor MUST have experience in Mambo installations and template development. Since Mambo is relatively new to me I will need

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    Static Pages 已经结束 left

    ...into static files. Steps: - Copy source code of each dynamic page (about 30 to 50 weekly) into Dreamweaver or other HTML program (FrontPage not accepted) - Insert proper title tag and filename based on what on the page is about - Hyperlink these pages on an achieve template page I will supply - Upload all new static pages and achieve page...

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    This *banner* will be displayed on the main page of our website. It should be a 780x 80 JPG or GIF (not animated). You will be able to view the website after bidding on the project. The banner should include custom illustration or high quality photographs (can be modified, non-commonly used stock photos). The statement should say "Evolution"

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    we need to code 2 similar sites wi...have added more specific comments and attached lost file with structure graphics ## Platform this will be hosted on a generic web hosting facility we nee that in HTML, with minimum of java or javascript no frames, no flash no ASP... something similar to <[登录来查看链接]:4>

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    Basically I need to insert a database variable (Generated Customer Serial Number) into a static PDF document that pops up after a web Form is submitted. Currently this Customer Serial number (#trim(serial)#) gets emailed to the user filling out the web form. I have attached the file ([登录来查看链接]) which delivers the PDF to the browser and Emails a

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    Hello, The project is completing a mostly static site. You will need to add text to the website from current website and add a few features such as user registration and polls. Furthermore,? we need you to enter a popunder (dhtml popunder) in the website. Can you finish the job by saturday this week? There are aonly a few pages. I am

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    Coders, I am updating my content site awesome chef recipes to include a blog as well as a script to pull blog posts on to a static php page. In order to do this I will need a custom wordpress theme to be created with graphics and all functionality of wordpress 1.5.2 (I think that is most recent). It is important to undertand I want to hire

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    static footer 已经结束 left

    only for sparklin. Same as discussed.

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    This script: http://morgankeef...[登录来查看链接] currently builds this page: [登录来查看链接] based on the data in mysql db. I want to add 12 more categories (click Edit) and then have the script build 5 separate pages like the current page, 3 categories per page. Should be pretty easy for a PHP pro.

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    I need a simple website (Pure HTML) webpages for my company. I have a domain Name registered called [登录来查看链接] I want to Display my embroidery designs on this web site. The website should have the following: 1. Home Page: The home page should be very attractive and colorful. I will provide my embroidery design photos that you can use

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    Flash Homepage Intro required for Corporate Site with a sub-page Static design. Budget is $60

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    $235 - $784
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    need simple banners and flash to be done, must have a day turnaround on assignments... will remain open for multiple banners... price is per banner... VERY IMPORTANT = assignments will related to the URBAN MARKET IN US - this normally means people of color, african-americans, hispanic, and mixed race persons... then comes asians, caucasions and others... if you do not have pics or ideas about ho...

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    Hi I want to convert my site [登录来查看链接] to a static site. At the moment it is using the MAMBO CMS but I want to convert all pages to plain HTML. After the conversion all pages should be in the form [登录来查看链接] . I also want you to use Server Side Includes for the top,left,right and bottom navigation bars. The design and

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    FOR SPARKLIN ONLY - This project is for Sparklin. I need 2 banner ads, one animated and one static. There is no need for other service providers to bid. I have used Sparklin in the past and don't want to use anybody else for this project. Thanks.

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    need simple banners and flash to be done, must have a day turnaround on assignments... will remain open for multiple banners... price is per banner

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    1 个竞标 The website is for a company which designs and creates websites itself. The company name is: van Duuren Amsterdam webdesign & development It will be a static (no database), three-page site created completely in valid xhtml+css. Please note that the requested deliverable at this stage is NOT xhtml+css, but only design in photoshop. If you will

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    Flicker Free Static 已经结束 left

    We need an solution to make an Static Textlabel flickerfree. Actual we set the Background to the Windowbackground. The Windowbackground is an gradient image/bitmap. We repaint this with: pDlg->[登录来查看链接](tmp); pDlg->[登录来查看链接](&rect); pDlg->ScreenToClient(rect); pDlg->InvalidateRect(&rect,1); But this will do bad flicker on the control

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    ...[登录来查看链接] I am a reseller of web hosting services, and currently using their templates stored on their server, and it's not that good :) Nothing hard here. Just a static site that looks good, with a few forms which are provided by the web hosting company I am reselling for. About 8 pages + a few logo/graphics. You can use a template as long

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    ...doing. I need a program that, when run, will take the resulting content from a dynamic source and insert that content into a static html page. I will use a cron job to run this program periodically to update the static html pages. Example, take the results from this dynamic menu: [登录来查看链接] and write the content

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    Static Website 已经结束 left

    I need a website designing and created for an Individual. It involves no programming apart from simple HTML. Looks, Layouts, Interface, etc are most important for this project. Use of Flash or any other animation is choice of the Coder. Details are mentioned in the attached file with these Bid Request Details. Please read the attached files thoroughly

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    Hello Coders, Brian here, I am looking for a web designer that has worked with css (no frames) and can build a wordpress blog site as well as several static pages that have the same look and feel. My site is going to be based on the tour de france and other cyclying events and the domain is : [登录来查看链接] I am not looking for

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    There is a small static website [[登录来查看链接]][1] which consists of perhaps 20 pages. We would like this converting to Mambo 4.5.2, using Sections and Categories. The look of the site should be retained in the template provided, and the exisiting content items will be required to be setup in the database. A linux account with PHP Mambo

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    Requirements in Nutshell: 1. Design of landing page for advertisements in PPC, traffic exchanges, etc 2. Design of content page 3. Add content to content page. All pages will be static HTML pages. Total number pages the contents to be added is approximately 20 (may be less). All contents are ready except for two pages ??" expected to complete

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    ...optimization for the complete list of current browsers has to be at least preserved. The website is: <[登录来查看链接]> The Website consists of about 20 static pages. The site has to be converted preserving functionality and layout. Mambo's features have to be used to improve at least the functionality of the following sections:

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    Looking for a person/company who can Make a 1 Page Web Design that can do it ASAP (TODAY / Tommorow?) Preferably also a person I can contact through aim / msn. This Will be for a Card Gaming Store. 90% of it will be for Magic the Gathering. (I will be using this site until we have finished up the bids / site for the online custom store)

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    Looking for a person/company who can Make a 1 Page Web Design that can do it ASAP (TODAY / Tommorow?) + + + Preferably also a person I can contact through aim / msn. So I may check on updates. This Will be for a Card Gaming Store. 90% of it will be for Magic the Gathering. (I will be using this site until we have finished up the bids / site

    $235 - $784
    $235 - $784
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    Dynamic-to-Static 已经结束 left

    We are a mall publisher with a web site of about 100 pages; about 60 opf these pages are dynamic and have cgi in the url, which makes it difficult fo rthem convert them to a form that will be more easily picked up by the search engines but will continue to enable us to make additions to our site through our administrative non-html panel. ...

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    ...written in plain HTML and has about 300 static pages. Design of entire site needs to be changed. What I need done: ----------------- I will provide a template for new design. Most probably one of the below templates: [登录来查看链接] or [登录来查看链接] Qualified programmer

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    Hi, I have a phpBB installation, I have been tring to install a mod re-write mod for a while but cannot seem to do it. the mod is for static url's. payment ONLY on successful installation of this mod. do not bid over $15. carl

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    ...have tried sharing the data objects through a TCP Remoting service, but I found that to be far too slow for my purposes. I believe that if this can be implemented using a static Component object it will meet my needs. I also have an inkling that something called “Shared Memory Remoting?? is applicable, but I can’t find enough documentation to pursue

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    ...problem is that this is done with java. I understand search engines don't recognise java so, I wish you have a coder to put the RSS feed on the bottom of the page as a normal static html. The website that has the java on it is: <[登录来查看链接]> Just scroll to the bottom to see for yourself. Additionally

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    7 个竞标, static pages. This will be completely content only, no ecommerce. Will need the structure of the site to be search engine friendly, Looking for some type of basic logo. As an example of the look we are going for, please see: [登录来查看链接] We would like a spot for Google adsense on the top of the page, and

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    Description: I need a script which will parse a flat file or files (csv) through a web page template, generating static HTML pages and named directories as dictated by the flat file. I suppose this would be the difference between an array and an associative one. If necessary, the flat file data can be broken into pieces and the directories created manually

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    I need a Static HTML Website Built. The Web Site will consist of the following Pages: Home, About Us, Our Services and News. Each Page must have a standard navigation bar. The coder will be required to invent all the graphics on the pages excepting the logo. A company logo and colours will supplied in addition to the actual content for the pages mentioned

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    For security reason in order to connect to my server, I have to connect from the same IP number (the firewall is set to allow only one IP, any IP I want). The problem is that my ISP has dynamic IP and so my connection changes and so I have to change the IP of firewall everyday I need to connect. I would need someone that give me a solution for this so my connection comes from a fixed IP. (may...

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    I have a client that has a MIVA shopping cart but has a static website feeding into it. There are at least 50 pages that need to be converted to a dynamic site (ASP or PHP with database) that would work with a MIVA shopping cart. Obviously there would need to be an "administrative" section to login to in order to manage the products of the site either

    $3922 - $39217
    $3922 - $39217
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    Static Informational Web Site with a Flash Intro (approximately 9 to 10 pages) We are a Web Development firm that has been in business for 11 years. This could lead to a ongoing position with our firm. Search Engine Optimization knowledge is required. Please submit you portfolio and capabilities for review. International programmers are encouraged to

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    Here's the situtation. I have 5 static ip's on my dsl business connection. I have a switch connected to it, and connected to this switch are 2 routers. Both of which are assigned static ip's. This works fine. But here's the problem. One of the machines, a linux server is connected to the network through ethernet wire that ends up being connected to

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    10 个竞标 and what sells. Use the colors of the site/banner in the splash page, But bright border/ and or center, as we know that sells better. Half page splash page. To be used to build interest and give more program information than the website does in that space. Could be 2/3 page if needed. I will give you numbers and basic pitch, you use the graphics

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    All pages are static, but also has database, in which my client can edit, add and delete info through admin area, but also it generates corresponding static pages, which are shows to site visitor. Longer and more complex than all others. He needs to be able to create main category, sub category and input articles in those areas. Need to be able to

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    Small static website. 已经结束 left

    Small website 5 pages. I need graphics and layout. The pages will consist of [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接], and contactus.html. I just need a minimal set. This is just the first of many. <b>Please read the attached file.</b> ## Deliverables Rent A Coder requirements notice: As originally posted, this bid request does not have complete details. Should a dispute arise ...

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    ...of the web site: [登录来查看链接], including a new company logo and banners. Current content is ok, but graphics and layout are poor. It needs to look professional. HTML code must be clean and easy to extend with new products and other content. Company logo in a couple of resolutions. Please include portfolio in biddings, of both logo and web

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    We need 2 banners for our shop. Same kind of banner. Only one of the banners must be animated. I have the text, you can make a animated banner (flash?). It must be fast loading; working with a shop means that the most customers are impatient. So have you done this before? Then we are interested. Show us what you can do. If you are really good, we have in the futher more projects.

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    ...[登录来查看链接] Except for a few minor changes such as the scrolling flash slides on main page, dots on the mouseovers for artists, and the name of the site, the template will be exactly the same. My client will have a few new pages such as policy, and other static pages in to nav menu. My client wants the exact same design (notice, with no images, but

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    FreePascal is a GPL pascal compiler that can be found at This project is to add a feature to FreePascal. This feature enables the use of GCC compiled C++ object files in FreePascal source code. It's use should be as simple as adding the C++ .h file to the uses clause. This in turn would make it possible to instantiate the C++ classes in your pascal source code. This versio...

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    ...applied to this static site. * [[登录来查看链接]][1] Please make note of the following: ---------------------------------- 1. on the home page the menu is on top, whereas on the rest of the pages its on the left 2. you need to show me how to work with forms 3. What about the static elements of the first page 4. picture

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