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    I want the static html, jquery, css form same as select tags in wordpress post admin.

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    I already created a page as a template. I also have the content. I just need the other pages coded the same way. It's for a clients location pages. I have 4 pages that need the code in.

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    This is an ongoing project and we will keep adding milestones. We are converting our existing site to new html outer shell and have to transfer all php pages. this is only for the FIRST page. Also if they can hide the url as it shows full path right now.

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    OK, what I need is a one page website for a 24 hour fitness center that is responsive and works on multiple platforms, such as computer, tablet and mobile devices. Should be HTML / HTML5 and not a CMS platform. Thanks

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    Deseamos contratar los servicios de un freelance para desarrollar un componente en Joomla. Para ello se le suministrará las pantallas del diseño visual a resultar, el theme de la instalación Joomla donde se instalará el componente y un esquema de alcance funcional. El componente tomara datos de una hoja Google Sheets que mediante tres pestañas mues...

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    PHP, HTML, Website Design, Graphic Design, CSS on my sites

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    Static website for our Travel blog. Kind of 3-4 pages website. Please provide the break up cost for details for development and hosting.

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    ...12, 11, 10, 9, Html, CSS Purpose: use for dynamic tracking Product serial info like: Tracking product expire date, Manufacturing date,.... Workflow: When import serial number or produce product it will generate Odoo short url contain 3 or 4 last character like Odoo link tracking link => click in the link it will load website static product info +

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    Html report 已经结束 left

    HTML report page from database table based date and text filters

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    Build me a android app 已经结束 left

    I need a static android app with preloaded data of text & documents mostly legal documents and the app must enable google ads. only Android app is required This app (link) is a similar app to the expected one.

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    Hello guys need someone who can copy a single page properly and make it look the same and make some edit's ctrl+s doesnt get bg images and fonts.

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    - Required in 12 hours. - Must use HTML5, CSS and Python - No database required so use Python text file for that. - All the necessary materials will be provided like images. - Look at uploaded document for website specification.

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    its a simple website developed using html,css and javascript it is static , I need it to be faster and optimized with compression. [登录来查看链接]

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    mining_driller 已经结束 left

    Joomla - existing site with Yoothemes and ZOO. Looking for a Joomla person to assist with changes and updates to themes and tricker aspects of using and maintaining Joomla

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    I have an html table as follows: <table id='Table' class="Table" style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%;" border="1"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="width: 50%;">Title1</td> <td style="width: 50%;">Content1</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="width: 50%;">Title2</td&...

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    Hello, I need someone who can write code for 3D animation slider in HTML using SVG or canvas. You need to make 3D graphics and add animation to it. I will provide you reference so that you can understand easily. Thanks

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    I am looking for core HTML + CSS expert who can do PSD + Responsive HTML quickly for my matrimonial portal. Person who has designed matrimonial portal will be preferred.

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    We have a server on our network that needs to have a local static IP Address on the same IP Range and Subnet as the rest of the LAN. We have a APP that's needs to communicate with the server on our network so we need a static IP which we have been assigned by BT. The internet router needs to have port 8080 open in its firewall and forwarding port 8080

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    Update Website 已经结束 left

    Need some update on our website [登录来查看链接] ====== a) change the default "blog" article font to icon ====== l) Apply these changes 1:1 to a mirrored site ====== m) Document all changes for tracking of changes and followup when updating modules and joomla ====== n) Mention JOOMLA when passing a quote to be considered Thanks for your bid

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    ...files only Simple html pages called page1.html and page2.html need to be developed...Starting and closing of only important divs have to be commented. Only static html pages to be developed. Basically Page 1 consists of an inner table in the outer table....Top padding of the inner table is 10x and left padding approx 30px. Page 1 has deep navy...

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    I have a Wordpress based website using the Avada Theme. Presently the home page uses Revolution Slider to host a single, static slide which contains a customized image, some text, and a button. I want to replace the portion that is presently served by the Revolution Slider with a more standard image-text-button solution whilst preserving the look and

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    I would like a basic simple website built with just HTML, CS3 and a bit of JavaScript (any message sent on the site to be forwarded to an email address and a sliding information on the landing page). Sample website will be provided for ideas but not to copy it exactly. The them of the site will be based on the logo colours.

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    Convert 20 pages to html 已经结束 left

    I need a new website. I already have a design, I need you to convert the 20 pages into HTML

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    php html job portal 已经结束 left

    i need a very basic job portal done with html and php ,(should be completed by 11pm Melbourne Australia time)

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    I have a simple little form, and I'd like to make a few buttons that add items into the field, but I don't know to do that. Code it for me?

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    Reform an exisign website 已经结束 left

    This project is to redesign and rebuild an existing website. The currency website has 30 static pages only. We have new logo for the company and new theme color and main menu design. Therefore, the core of this project is to change the theme and design of an existing website based on the guideline. Moreover, we need the whole website to be translated

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    I need someone to design the HTML version for a web application. The application will have several Registration pages, Reporting section and other sections. I will share the exact requirements in a Excel File that will contain all the feilds required and other details. The design has to be mobile responsive.I can purchase a Admin Template and provide

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    ...script that runs on 1 page - Looks for PART of an ID as the first section of the ID changes every time - Then change the 'style' of the ID from 'none' to 'visible'! Full area that will be targeted: <a id="JGNCNpGzeasyPuzzle" title="Make captcha easy" style="display: none;"><img src="[登录来查看链接]

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    HTML banner development 已经结束 left

    Need to develop the HTML animated banner by using our own existing design

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    We are an euducational content creation entity. We cater to the elementary school students. We need a large series of science simulations based on school level science text books. A successful freelancer should have ability to understand school level scientific concept, build simulation under the guidance of our academic head. For examples of expected work can be seen here: [登录来查看链接] This projec...

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    Need 2 HTML page 已经结束 left

    HI i need 2 html page fully responsive. Please check attached docx file

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    Build a webserver that can host static files from the file system. Then build a heartbeat service that can monitor whether a service is alive or not and turn over control from one webserver to another should a failure occur. You may use python or java to complete this project. You are not allowed to use 3rd party software for webservers; e.g., apache

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    Hire HTML DESIGNER 已经结束 left

    requirement to develop frontend , need an experienced HTML developer who have 2+ yr. of experience.

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    Please check attached image file. ...that. You can create new plugin for that or customize existed wordpress plugin. When you scroll the orange color dot, it is supposed to show event for that date. Now we have 5 static dots and all dots should work like that. Urgent job. The faster you bring the result, the more amount I will pay as bonus. Thank you.

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    ...the current main function source code : package abrirrelatorio; /** * * @author Marcos */ public class Main { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) { try { long t0 = [登录来查看链接](); String strRelatorio = args[0]; // String strSenha = args[1] ; // // String strCaminhoJasper ; //folder

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    i want to create page but i want to show it with auto fullscreen if user open the page automatic full screen

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    Ebay descriptions in HTmL 已经结束 left

    I am looking for someone who is able to pimp up my Ebay Shop with HtmL skin descriptions.

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    Hello, We are currently looking for a freelancer to design and code HTML emails to be sent from Campaign Monitor. We will be doing approx one email per month on an ongoing basis. The design will need to be in conformance with our Branding Guide which is attached. I've also attached a draft for your review.

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    fix my HTML form 已经结束 left

    Help me fix a HTML form on my website for e-signature.

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    Help required to finish search pages Work has been partially completed Help with SQL query and frontend uikit design

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    ...this template and build me a fully working static blog built with GatsbyJs. I feel it’s at max 20-25 Hrs if one knows how to use GatsbyJs to build a static blog with Markdown as the content, include pagination, generate pages for categories, authors, posts by categories, post by authors, include discus for page comments, include google analytics and integration

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    ...want to use cmake to build it. - I want to be able to run unit tests easily using google gtest. - I would like to have a simple template application that uses at least one static library and one dynamic library so it's clear how to add these in the future. - I want to have a README file with simple instructions as how to compile the code, run the tests

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    I am looking for a HTML/Css designer with a knowledge of Yii framework to imlement the design on my site.

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    Necesito un sitio web nuevo. Necesito que diseñen y construyan un sitio web para mi pequeño negocio.

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    Hello Id like to have created a flexible container with two columns; second column has two rows. Id like everything to shrink proportionately to each other (images and text) Id like the containers to not grow in height as the screen is reduced but shrink. Please keep the same margins between the containers as seen in the image.

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    I am looking for a HTML/Css designer who has a bit of PHP knowledge to imlement the design on my site. Thanks

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    ...need to pay to see all content. All contents need to remains inside the website. Users can't download anything. The structure: - Home page with the recent photosets or videos in a grid or vertical layout. - Login page for users, photographers, videomakers and administrator. - Dashboard for users, photographers, videomakers and administrator. (Every dashboard

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    I need a web platform that later will be incorporated to an android frame. Features are: register, authenticate, add profile, add contacts, associate profile and contact to categories, group contacts, navigate contacts according to groups, navigate contacts according to categories. Maybe it can have other features but I need your opinion on this.

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    Need to learn HTML Tags < 3 hours > - 10 $ My price is 10$ , need to close by tomorrow.

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    Hello, I am looking for someone that can buildedit landing pages for me. You must be an expert in html, php, css, javascript, jquery. I will give you examples of landing pages AND even give you files for them. The problem is the landing pages don't always function correctly, so I need you to either build them from scratch OR to edit the code so that

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