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    I am searching a Vietnamese boy buy 2 Java Software, Software is divided into IMessage data detection (batch detection of mobile phone number is activated IMessage) and mass software into the text after the two modules But it is tragic,….the software can not be normal operation, the data detection module error, sending module does not report errors, bu...module error, sending module does not report errors, but can not be sent... Then he ignored me, it was very sad,,, I want please help me to modify these 2 procedures, so that they normally run….. Or, if the 2 Software all joke … Then please you make it..again addition:I want to add a apple to send account timing switch function…. Please contact me, thank you, I wish you a happy life...

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    Build a Website 已经结束 left

    ...of free surfing content in Taiwan, to inspire a better surf culture and lifestyle in Taiwan, and to invest in projects that educate and implement solutions to Taiwan's environmental issues. We require a skilled and motivated individual to develop our website. If you’re a surfer, that’s awesome. If you’re not, that is great too. However, a love for the environment and a positive outlook on life are mandatory! We are working to a fairly tight schedule (sub-6 months for the full development), and so the applicant should be able to deliver within those timelines. We are initially offering an equity stake in the business, with the potential for the addition of a full-time salaried position. Responsibilities - Create website layout/user interface ...

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    0 自由职业者 正在查看 0 全部 观看 项目描述: I need 100 short poster job texts. 3-5 words one text,like these: "DREAM JOB AHEAD, IT’S TIME FOR A NEW JOB, WE ARE HIRING, GLOBE JOB SEARCH, YOUR ARE THE ONE, I LOVE MY JOB, FIND GOOD JOB, NEW JOB NEW LIFE,"

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    1. 尽量简单, 不要有太多复杂的图案。 2. 我们的产品是海绵枕头,海绵坐垫, 要销售到国外, 设计必须要符合国外审美。 3. 品牌名称是life+, 加号放在右上角。 4.我们的枕头坐垫的设计师完全符合人体构造学的, 质量过硬, 环保无害, 符合国外客户的健康理念。

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    我们是一家start up career coaching 公司,现在需要升级现有网站。 现在用的是square space的host,以后希望把网页做的更加专业和美观,所以可能需要更换host。 具体的模板也没有决定,现在需要有网页设计经验的人员来参与模板,host的选择讨论。并且设计新的网页。

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    I would like to find a freelance Unity developer based in Melbourne. I have a small simple indie game designed and need the assistance of a Unity programmer/developer to help bring my game to life. On-going freelance work for the right person. Only contact me if you are based in Melbourne. Thanks.

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    ...Barker. Something that is Bold, edgy, black, open to color, fun, sassy. I have ideas of wanting a small inspired manga strip logo, I'm open to other ideas. Sell me something good, bonus points for anyone who can bring forth rough drafts or ideas to really make this come to life Pinterest board: To give more insight into what I'm creating here are some of my t shirt ideas: All these Dragon Balls and I still wish you'd leave me alone - Your game is as dry as a slice of life Anime -Guys in Anime just hit different -Read Em' and Weeb -The Future is Femme Fandom - Destroying gatekeepers one fandom at a time - Don't Skip the Credits - Main Character Energy - Captain Planet said it best~ - Don't drag me for being this fine and liking Anime - P...

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    ...objectives or goals Establishes visual tone, character, and messages that will effectively communicate with the target audience and fulfil the project objectives. Special requirements: You have about 2+ years of work experience and a book brimming with brave ideas, some that saw the light of day, and maybe some that didn’t. Able to write SEO optimized content using keywords. You’re a keen student of life, open, curious, always willing to learn. And mostly, polish your craft. Strong grasp of social media space online media jargon and technology. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines in a fast-paced creative environment. Naturally well organised and unfazed when working towards deadlines. Flexible shift Work From Home Full time/ Part-time PPW: 0.25 In ord...

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    Hi, I would like researched articles on Film, with interesting topics like this one: @nightingalecopywriting/5-famous-films-youve-been-quoting-wrong-your-entire-life-80a60d70332a Let me know what your skills are. In your bid, you must quote the last line from the above article so I know you are a human and not just a robot.

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    i am looking for a writer 6 天 left

    over the last ten years i have been putting together the story off my life so far i have over 800 pages, but i feel it really needs someone to re-write/pull it all together etc,

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    Have a client that needs help editing 13 pages of content for executive coaching services. Also need help writing bio. Freelancer must have experience writing for executive coaching / psychology field. Please send work samples of work in coaching / psych along with estimate.

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    Company logo 6 天 left

    I'm looking for a professional logo for my business language coaching/teaching organisation.

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    iOS developer 6 天 left

    ...implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency. ● Manages projects with timely deadlines. ● Write clear, concise and well-documented code. ● Communicates frequently with management; detailing progress on the development effort ● Key competencies and qualifications ● BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject ● Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle ● Proven working experience in software development ● Working experience in iOS development ● Have published one or more iOS apps in the app store ● Deep familiarity with Objective-C and Swift ● Experience working with iOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics and Core Text ● Experience with third-party libraries and APIs ● Experience working with remo...

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    Looking for someone to make Pre-set appointments with individuals for life insurance/final expense. Leads are for the state of Ohio. I want someone that speaks clearly,good english, and with little or no accent. This is a must!!!! Where the outsource lives makes no difference to me. Would prefer someone who has done this before many times. This person/company would have the marketing/call center already in place. What I am looking for is for a person/company that is currently making calls and setting pre-set appointments for life insurance/final expense for a life insurance agent/company already. Person will be responsible for making quality appointments with very interested prospects. These pre-set appointments are to be exclusive. Meaning these leads are only given...

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    Trophy icon E-BOOK + FLIER CREATION, ETC 2 天 left


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    Trophy icon Logo for coaching company 2 天 left

    My client has a coaching company. She wants a minimalist logo, simple and classy, with a wing, lines or a wave. The wing or shaft should go from black in shades of gray to very light. The symbol is intended to express that the patient is getting better and better after the coaching, from dark to light. Please not too many steps. Since my client has a long name, it needs to be broken down, one below the other, so that it looks good. The name can only be in black and should look light. The text should be very classic. Don't use ornaments. Surname: VERONICA LAMPERT COACHING Anyone using a template from the Internet or vector graphics programs will be rejected. The whole thing has to look light and elegant.

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    Wipe It Down Cleaning are looking for a new team member to join our team! We are looking for motivated, and hard working people. We are a new and growing company, with lots of room for raises/promot...speaking skills in English - You are required to have a good internet connection and head set - Any missing hours idle will not be tolerated. - Full Training will be provided to help you do well To apply for this position, please provide the following: 1. Previous work experience and resume attached 2. Desired salary 3. Please record a 30 second voice recording of you telling a short story of your life 4. Why you want to work with us 5. Your future goals and dreams If you are accepted, you will be booked for a phone interview. If you pass the interview, we will welcome you aboard to...

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    IT solutions and services that create strong business value and help customers maximize the value of their IT budget. We focus on customer needs and provide unified IT solutions that meet the full life cycle of our customers" needs. Supply and documentation of ready-made software, operating systems software, business & other applications software, computer games software for all platforms. Supply of All IT & non-IT ready made products. Sales, also includes customized to order Products.

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    Hello, I am a self-published author who needs a book trailer. I will need someone to help develop a storyboard for the book trailer and who has good quality equipment to film on location in the park likely and edit it. I am currently in Las Vegas and looking for a local freelancer. I am a counselor, yoga instructor, life coach, and now author. My book is about overcoming fatherlessness and trauma. It tastefully merges issues of women’s rights, race, religion, family dynamics, and perseverance. It is an inspirational story about a woman who refuses to give up on making peace with her past and finding her life’s purpose. The reader will take away an urge to reconcile their past, and absorb pain as a part of their entire being and not separate. Drawing from the pract...

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    received a legacy from USA and also a life insurance payment. I need to know what tax I need to pay on this

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    ...collect what seems good. Or, if you want, I can supply a free license to grab your own video capture (but this can be a lot of work). Feel free to zoom, speedup or add visual effects to the video. Technical details : - Resolution : 1920x1080 - Between 30 and 45 sec. I would like to see some marketing text during the video: If possible, include those. - Complete Ecosystem Simulation - Birth, Life and Death - Full Water Cycle (optional, maybe not?) - More than 70 types of animals, plants and decorations. For the soundtrack, I found some example of what can be used, but it is not awesome. I would like to receive some recommendation. In addition to the video, I need 4 hi-res images (taken from the video mostly), with the marketing text tag. I will use them as marketing assets...

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    Seven Chakras 6 天 left

    Dear Artist! I would like to inquire about a possible project. I would like to make 7 3D and images, for which I would ask for their help. I'll send you a picture of what it would be like. I want to model this image 7x with minimal changes. Which would be important for me to bring the picture to life! I want the two spheres to float! Don't have a female breast on the character. Have a cyber goggle on your head that is lit! I'm sending you a picture of everything I want! Picture 1. Red chakra: - I want to send the opened lotus flower in gray - The glass sphere floating in both hands of the meditating character should be red and have a glowing effect - The red spheres should float - The cyber glasses of the meditating character should glow red Picture ...

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    Hi! I am looking for a pixel artist to create 2-3 scenarios (separate images) based on my girlfriends day life and her favorite characters. These scenes are to have slight animations, so built as gifs or something that I can present/use online (I’m a full stack web developer and I’m making something as a surprise). I will help wireframe the room/scene layouts for you and tell you what props/toys/characters I would like appearing (but only 1 humanoid figure in all) - so you have less to think about and focus on the art. Here are examples of art styles I like: STYLE A: STYLE B: (Let me know which STYLE you can do) Here are

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    Interior designing or decorating is all about the art of working on a room, or a space, or entire house with the intention to attain desired, look and feel one wants from it. Basically, it is the science of understanding one’s psychology and beautifying the place so that it looks more appealing aesthetically, enhancing the quality of life & culture. Without a doubt, a beautifully designed interior boosts mental peace and stability.

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    Anime Blog Writing 6 天 left

    We are looking for an enthusiastic Animanga fan who can write Anime Quote blogs whi...non-plagiarized and have a unique appeal to them. The topics for the blogs are as follows: 1. Top 50 Naruto quotes 2. Top 10 Naruto quotes about pain 3. Top 10 Pain(Nagato) Naruto quotes 4. Top 50 Sad Anime quotes 5. Top 50 Funny Anime quotes 6. Top 50 Anime Quotes about love 7. Top 50 Inspirational Anime Quotes 8. 100 Best Anime Quotes 9. Top 50 One Piece Quotes 10. Top 30 Anime Quotes about life We expect you to write the articles in the given time frame. Also, the writer needs to be fluent in English and well versed with Anime. You can take our following article as a reference for the article format. Looking forward to working with the best!

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    We need a 24vdc in to 7vdc out - buck converter @ approximately 1.5amp to power an Arduino Mega / DUE. The onboard regulator gets hot if driven above 8vdc, so I want to have a dedicated 7vdc PSU that doesn't get hot like a traditional linear LM7812 does. I've used AL8805's in the past and even LM2596's, so am open to ideas as long as they're not end of life components which will be hard to source later. Just need a schematic and formulas for 24vdc in - 7vdc out. Milestones will be paid: 1. 50% on supply of the circuit details 2. 50% on completion of testing the circuit (will need 3 days to get parts and build it)

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    R coaching 6 天 left

    I need someone to coach me about R functions tonight.

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    I am looking for someone to help me determine the average costs of creating a life-size silicone doll and its molds, as well as help me determine the type of foam inside before pouring silicone. If it is possible to determine a general budget at factory price. I would also like to know the process of creating large fiberglass molds as well as help me determine their creation costs. For this, a sample video of an existing factory will be shown to start the investigation. It would also be valuable if this study is extended to TPE dolls, what type of molds they need, machinery and costs for them. The detail of the investigation will be valued providing documentation

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    i would like to make a presnation regarding the work life balance in our medical equipments comnapy called ProMedEx. whaich will coniatn some example to be implmneted in order to make the invironmnet balance. some pople work during the weekend other work in holidaiy etc.

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    Interior designing or decorating is all about the art of working on a room, or a space, or entire house with the intention to attain desired, look and feel one wants from it. Basically, it is the science of understanding one’s psychology and beautifying the place so that it looks more appealing aesthetically, enhancing the quality of life & culture. Without a doubt, a beautifully designed interior boosts mental peace and stability.

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    Social Media Help 6 天 left

    My name is Bede Draper. I am a life coach and I need to hire a person well versed in social media to engage is various social media activities each day. All the social media activities required will be taught to you through video instruction as well as that you will have readymade templates to use. Position is for 2 hours per day Mon Tues @ $5.00 per hour to start with moving to 5 days if we are happy with each other Potential candidates must: * Be available to work full time (9:00 am – 11am AEST) (Australian time) minimum. * Have previous social media experience – Understands how to use Facebook. * Have excellent English communication skill. * Can follow simple instructions. * Have a wired, fast, stable and reliable internet connection. * Have a good working pc/lapt...

    $39 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    28 个竞标 3. Target Customers for regular rolling for finance in the company.(Stable running factory) 4. Future/Present development in the Essential oil, Oleoresin or Spice oil industry. 5. International regulations in this specific industry. 6. Present Demand and Current market situation before and after COVID. 7. And rest of the consultation as per topic how we proceed for this project. Business Coaching includes:- 1. How to deal with business clients? 2. Factory Operation at initial stages 3. Business tricks used in the SCF extraction business. 4. Precautions to manage if your product extraction goes wrong? 5. Safety roles in C02 extraction and maintenance. 6. How to maintain Customer relations? 5. Product Price management for different regions. 7. How to maintain the qu...

    $1304 - $3913
    $1304 - $3913
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    We have a story of impacting millions to improve their health. We are looking for someone who can bring that story to life, to help a potential investor understand and appreciate our company and our vision. We’ve done this several times before - we have raised capital. We are looking to do an even better job this time. The timeline would be 2 - 3 weeks to elevate and transform our existing investor deck. Visit: for more info our company

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    Just because we’re adults, that doesn’t mean we have to make life all about work. Learn how play can benefit your relationships, job, and mood. Elderly woman on playground swing, mouth agape in delight as husband gleefully guides swing from behind The importance of adult play In our hectic, modern lives, many of us focus so heavily on work and family commitments that we never seem to have time for pure fun. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we stopped playing. When we carve out some leisure time, we’re more likely to zone out in front of the TV or computer than engage in fun, rejuvenating play like we did as children. But play is not just essential for kids; it can be an important source of relaxation and stimulation for adults as well. Playing with your ...

    $747 (Avg Bid)
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    5 个竞标 along with a colour scheme, but I am really happy for you to let your creativity run wild! So know that you are welcome to try anything, swap colours and mess with the logo if you think it will work better. I do not need a variety of different logo file outputs as I can adjust colours and create different versions, I just need someone that is a brilliant designer to bring my vague idea to life! Information about the business: The Crafty Adventure runs playful and active programs in the outdoors that evolve with the participants as they grow. Raising a teenager has always been challenging, especially today with all the gizmo’s, socials, interwebs and screens that dominate our lives. They say it takes a village to raise a child… but most of us have lost our vil...

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    I am looking for an immigration consultant who will be able to assist me in the process of having the Leah, the Kenyan mother of my 20-month-old child Thanasi (Australian citizen) immigrate to Australia. I am engaged to another woman but am still on good terms with Leah and would like to have Thanasi in my life. That would not be possible if Leah were not to be here with him. Can you help Leah get to Australia?

    $125 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    BRIEF: We are looking for a keen and enthusiastic front-end developer who can help bring-to-life a Landing page and User Interface for our App with a strong and modern visual look. The contest is for an EXAMPLE design. As a Winner, you will be invited to work with us to develop the project using your designs as a building block. We can then discuss price for completing the entire project based on the scope of work involved once you have more information about the project. INFO: The Apps name is EXCALIBUR (Like the Sword / King Arthur Legend) The App is a simple NFT Trading bot written in Python that offers basic functions like automated bidding, bidding on multiple listings, bidding across multiple collections. The landing page must be simple, preferrably Bootstrap, and adver...

    $2616 (Avg Bid)
    加精 加保
    12 项参赛作品

    ...bring to life dynamic Tree characters for Children's book and world charitable initiative. I have the outline and a small mood board for each. I am looking for 12 + characters , 12 Backgrounds, 12 Costumes (Seasonal), 6 Accoutrements, 6 facial expressions. Example of 1 character: (F) Lipstick Palm - Paloma Party Girl, Fashionista, Fun Loving Flitty and energetic. She does not take the world too seriously. Always fit and healthy and looks good effortlessly, when others don’t. Positive and upbeat, always sees the silver lining in life. ‘Life’s too short,’ is her answer to everything and guides her decisions. Seems to be lucky. Always popular with others. Loves Astrology and art, anything magical or spiritual. The Sprite. The Angel. Lesson: L...

    $3161 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Ali Z. My Friend Simon is using your wonderful Artistry for his SWAT flies so I want to talk to you about my project. Though for the moment I just want to keep it confidential. I would like to hire you to create some Magic Tree NFT's . I will be writing a children's book called Tree Magic, The Art of communicating with trees and I want to bring these Tree characters to life. Will you be able to discuss my project with me? I would be thrilled to work with you. Best, Lala

    $1946 (Avg Bid)
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    I am a lawyer with 2 main areas of practice - serious personal injury and general outside counsel/business litigation. I need an editor to help me finish a short "scene" in the life of the "Ideal Client" who checks both boxes. It's approximately 700 words. It's the story I will tell on my website. It's the story I will be telling over and over again in various settings to connect with potential clients who have similar obstacles, concerns, fears, etc. The background is as follows: Background – JP helps run a small family owned construction company with his dad and older brother. The business is struggling as of late. JP’s dad has lost a step or two and JP knows he needs to have some difficult conversations with his dad and brother. Firs...

    $117 - $195 / hr
    加精 加封
    $117 - $195 / hr
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    ...don't. Also, we are active in The Netherlands as well. We assist hardworking people who didn't get paid by their clients. We don't bla bla bla - we just sue the debtor and go for any legal remedy to get the client paid. Our office in Amsterdam can be shown on the website - see attachment. 2. instant purchase of indebted real estate We are helping people who own a house but due to some life turbulences need cash very urgently. Standard selling procedure is time-consuming and expensive. We can finalize the sell very fast - even 24 hours for an honest selling price. The website's graphic should be in line with Dutch houses, Dutch cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam) Maybe we could place a simple cartoon movie/ animation or something like that explaining t...

    $210 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    One or two page Weebly website promoting my Zoom based life coaching. Need payment processing, link to blog spot. No physical products. No shipping of goods.

    $140 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I want an website for online classes where I can sell my course for IITJEE,neet and CBSE and other Competitive exams, their students can pdf notes , Study material,video lecture and from their I can do live MB

    $335 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking to have a Logo design made for an online Animal Classifieds website. The business is called “Tail Sales” with a slogan “Life is better with pets” This site will be This site will be a go to site to buy, sell pets, pet products and pet services. I would prefer if there was no Australian ties to the logo and wish it to be general in appearance. I would prefer 2 designs one with slogan and one without. ********** I want the design to be displayed on a plain white back ground and will not consider designs on walls, shop fronts or billboards as I find the end product looks very different when placed onto a business card or website. Entries that are the above will be rejected no mater how good they look********** I would like the ...

    $553 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for a fresh new logo design for our tax education non-profit. Our current logo (attached) was originally designed a few years ago, but is unfortunately not unique and is bein...and is being used by another company. We like the abstract and modern look of this logo but would like a unique logo that relates to our company mission. We do like the current color pallet of blues and greens and would like the new logo's color pallet to be similar. The non-profit is called the Center For Advancement of Tax Equity (CFATE for short) and our mission is: "To improve the quality of life and economic conditions for individuals from underserved communities, namely through the use of tax education and outreach services." More information about our non-profit can b...

    $584 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for someone to create a PowerPoint deck to promote my company and services. It needs to be corporate and sit within the professional business language coaching/teaching sector.

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    Hi Sule J., I would like your help as a Life Coach to navigate the dating scene and establish an LDR with Nigerian woman.

    $78 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    This page explains the Game Of Life: Can you optimize the game of life parallelly using C and MPI with very high speedups for $100?

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    Social media manager 5 天 left

    We need a seasoned professional to manage our 14 social media channels across both Portuguese and English speakers in two industries: hospitals and healthcare & professional training and coaching. Previous work experience in these two sectors is mandatory, please abstain to respond if you cannot show that you have previously worked in any of these two sectors before (minimum) or in both (desirable). We are looking for professionals experienced in LinkedIn and Facebook (our two main platforms) as well as Twitter and Instagram for both B2B (mandatory) and B2C (desirable) marketing communications. A native Portuguese speaking candidate with high fluency in English is a desirable requirement, although the reverse is also an option, ie, a native English speaker fluent in :

    $86 / hr (Avg Bid)
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