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    SEO from google 已经结束 left

    cty chung toi lan trang web giai tri online , hien chung toi dang tim kiem 1 so trang web SEO de thuc day trang web cua minh . cong viec cu the va tien luong se duoc trao doi qua email hoac dien thoai

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    PHP google map points 已经结束 left

    I need a PHP site programmed that will create a google map and plot the points from this XML feed. I will call your file like this: [登录来查看链接] 00:00:00&stopdate=2015-08-21 23:59:59 You will take the three defined GET variables in the URL string and call this XML file: [登录来查看链接]:00:00&stopdate=2015-08-21%2001:00:00 [登录来查看链接]:00:00&stopdate=2015-08-21%2001:00:00 This w...

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    Rental Booking System 已经结束 left

    - The applicant must have strong knowledge and experience in PHP, XML, html, css and web programming. - Prior experience with a similar type project advantageous. - Excellent communication skills, high availability and responsiveness. I am looking for the right applicant to build a rental booking system. I currently work with two different suppliers. Each supplier offers an XML feed into the...

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    The website address is in the "Instructions" document. You have to bypass the 'unsafe' browser pop-ups. The SSL certificate is not installed on this subdomain. 1) I need the "Challenge User" feature added within the "Earn Points" tab in the navigation bar. 2) The link is to go at the bottom of the "Post a question" and "Post a question &...

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    Link building (off-page optimization for my website

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    I have a google chrome ext i have built, it works fine, its a facebook auto-poster, it posts a msg to a group with an image attached, when a certain key is clicked. This is written in JS, with the help of jQuery, it manipulates facebook's DOM to achieve the desired result. The issue is uploading an image with the post, this is hard to do, since i cannot set the value of a type="fil...

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    My application for Google Adsense has been denied. I'm looking for someone who can setup my Diet website within the AdSense guidelines so that I can begin running advertisements. The website is a Diet-Plan/Weight-Loss Blog (WordPress) that promotes diet articles for free to visitors (diet plans, workout plans, health studies, recipes, etc) and generates revenue solely through advertisi...

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    Build an Online Store 已经结束 left

    Ecommerce Parcels website using DHL XML Services (UK IMPORT & EXPORT) New website from scratch - Modern Look 1. Quick quote page - putting dimension, UK postcode and delivery country and state 2. Get Price and service available returns using DHL XML Services - 3. users enters Senders and receiver detail and commodity details 4. Verify all details 5. Payment | Check out & regist...

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    I have one (1) subpage [登录来查看链接] that i want to boost to top1 Google (poland) with 2-3 phrases with very easy/easy competition. No adwords, just SEO. You should: 1. Write perfect meta/article with keywords for page 2. Boost my page to TOP 1 (only whitehat!) 3. Its not adult/porn/gambling, so you should promise no ban from google.

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    Hi, I'm a web developer using vb. I need someone to help on writing functions to authenticate with a couple of APIs. I was able to get some of the steps done, but I keep getting failed attempts. I'm looking for someone who's able to authenticate through the oAuth for these websites to make calls for the other API functions. On Facebook: I wasn't able to searc...

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    I'm in development of a app which display's traffic cameras in my country. The cameras is listed up in a XML file: [登录来查看链接] I have the info parsed out and it's currently in use by the TableView, which list up all cameras. So your job is to take this parsed info and place it on the Map. When user click on a annotation, the app should change view to a detailView which shows the tr...

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    Build on phase 2 of project, to export XML etc: 1. Create the envelope and directory structure as per specification; 2. Creating the XML ZA Submission; 3. Modularised DTD for ZA Module 1; 4. [登录来查看链接]: 5. [登录来查看链接]: 6. [登录来查看链接]: All as per attached specification. Basic folder creation software exists but may need minor modifications. All desktop driven at this stage

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    Excel to csv or xml automaticcaly macro button

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    hi friend how r you i need one Website which is run on google drive same like this site [登录来查看链接] video upload function with complete site and plz do not bid more then 200$ thanks

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    Excel to csv or xml automaticcaly macro button

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    We have a page of Analytics on our page and it is really slow with Google Api. We need you to make it run faster, we need somebody to come with a solution that will make our Google API Chart faster. If you can't start working right now, please do not BID !

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    I need tuttorial about all in ST-LINK v2 and STM32 processors... Description pinout of ST-LINK Schematic to connect ST=LINK's signals to phisicaly STM32 processors Programming and debugging into KEIL MDK 4.x IAR EWB 6.x and Coocox

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    we need convert EDIFACT file format generated by Amazon vendor central to XML for next processing in Magento and also in reverse what i need is about amazon vendor central, not marketplac.

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    $11 - $45 / hr
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    Hi, We maintain a self learning portal where we publish clear, crisp and to the point tutorials on latest technologies. We are looking resources who can help us in building tutorials on the following Microsoft and other technologies: NOTE: If you have expertise on the below subject additionally you know how to write content for self learning purpose then only bid for one or more subjects. ...

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    Safe Link Cliker 已经结束 left

    Need to develop a software who simulate unique safe clicks without to get detected. Please Bid Only If you had experience with something related to my requirements (adsense clicker or macros developing)

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    Fix google map issue 已经结束 left

    Refer to the attach file. There is a login for you to investigate the case.

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    We are a Business analytics for Software and SaaS providers. We want to enlarge our current customers base. As long as you bring value to our company we will pay you back in consideration.

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    My website need SEO, it's a new website with the domain *.[登录来查看链接], I want to improve at least one keyword into Google search results top 10

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    Looking for someone to help me complete a basic business analytics task. Needs to be completed ASAP Needs to have an understanding of excel and to use various analytical techniques such as measure summaries, graphical and tabular techniques for different types of data (eg categorical and numerical, one variable or more than one variable)

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    out xml from zap 已经结束 left

    hi i have great module to xml for scan site the module work fine but..... this module not build on module opencart every time need install and config manuel i need some one make from this module to opencart thanks

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    we Need our site to get on top of google. We need seo provider to market out website.

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    i require a template to be customised by rearranging removing and adding sections to every page of the template i will attach details of the sitemap and navigation along with the template including screenshots with instructions for the layout and colour scheme . the second part is that i would like this template to be integrated in to a cms such as wordpress or any other cms which is user friendl...

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    Improve seo on site seo on page and off page this including back links

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    6 个竞标 web scrapper tool 已经结束 left

    tool will get data by scrapping from page and generate an defined xml ..

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    Need 1 Websites to generate Google adsense earning US$ 100 per day per site for us. I am looking for professional and reliable Google Adsense optimized sites The Website should require MINIMAL OR NO MAINTENANCE AT ALL and each site should earn AT LEAST $100-$150 every day throughout the month for a minimum of FIVE years. You shall be responsible for: KEY WORD RESEARCH AND OPTIMIZED CONTENT ...

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    I need a project that does the following: 1. Takes in a search term from the user 2. Searches bing for the search term( I would like as many results as possible) 3. Returns all urls of the results. 4. Goes to each url and checks all outbound urls to see if the links are still working (just checking on the return http status) 5. returns links that are not working, along with the url the link ...

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    Adwords API script 已经结束 left

    I'm looking for a script that will query Google translate API and Google Adwords API and produce a file saved in XML. The APIs I would like to use are: 1. [登录来查看链接] 2. [登录来查看链接] Requirements: • Should be able to run it on my local computer • Should be able to receive simple XML formats as inputs • Should be able to handle big queries (can reach to 40,000-50,000, KWs ) ...

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    I have multiple google local business pages and I'd like to promote them so they will show up in the first local results. Also I would like this businesses listed on more directories. Would like to get an estimate of price and description of what you going to do to help. Thanks

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    Same task as last time - organise rows into Person/Company There are 3.7 times more entries than last time, I have priced the task accordingly. Last time there were some incorrect entries (Person in Company sheet and Company in Person sheet). IF UNSURE, PLEASE HIGHLIGHT SO THAT I CAN SEE.

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    I'd like to create a guide to google adwords for dummies experience in managing campaigns is a must

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    Fix and add more features to backend Admin. I want a minimum 5 designs(2 small side bar)+ (3 Custom Medium sizes for for Courier Rate Calculator. Provide Web Site to distribute Calculator. Example Admin: [登录来查看链接] User: Admin Password: 123456 Admin is basically done with a few additional requirements. Example Form: [登录来查看链接] o...

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    xml to JSON conversion 已经结束 left

    This is a very small and simple [登录来查看链接] who know java well can finish it in 20 mins. I need this work by today 1-2 hrs. He should have knowledge of JSON objects, xml object, POJO objects.

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    We need some fix on a website built on ruby on rails. we are a company in the tourism business. we need to install a few plugins (google analytics and others) and also do some seo campaign.

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    google scripts 已经结束 left

    need create several short scripts to be able to process data from one table to another, be able to confirm the suggested term (booking) and send confirmation emails.

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    The Republic of Malta is a strategically located island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that provides business and trade services, including shipping, transportation and business consultancy services that are meritorious of professionalism in today's challenging globalized international market that notwithstanding our small degree of regulation that governs and regulates health and saf...

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    google play api - Repost 已经结束 left

    We need google api in php to fetch the apps data from Google Play Developer Account. We had done a research on it and this kind of API's are available where you will pass your Google Play Developer Account Email and Password and it will login there and fetch the apps data from it but we need someone how is already familiar with google apis as we have couple of apis requirements and want to st...

    $23253 - $23253
    $23253 - $23253
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    We need back link report for [登录来查看链接] . We accept only experienced freelancer bids also include sample report with your bid

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    Ich suche ich jemanden der sich auf Google Adwords spezialisiert hat. Ich habe eine neue Verkaufsseite gestartet und brauche jetzt die Verkäufe dazu. Ich brauche jemanden der mir das ganze erstellt und EVENTUELL das Konto immer optimiert (kommt auf den Preis an)

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    We wish to develop an applications where we can use the the .xml or .txt format. to develop our application to raise a ticket and pop it up when call comes to the phones.

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    Posted a similar job yesterday, but as I have already written code as thought it would be cheaper for someone to help me understand what's wrong and fix it. The program searches a grid and run several circular searches for places and store the information about those places. I'm using the library "windy1/google-places-api-java" from GitHub to interact with Google (I'm usin...

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    Web development 已经结束 left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it. Matchmaking website. Home page, contact page, and a survey page. Should be easy to use in mobile format and have a clean, hip look. Analytics capability as well. Initially would not need to accept payment for membership, but maybe down the road. Thanks for looking!

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    SEO my Wordpress Website 已经结束 left

    Have a client that needs Wordpress website SEO optimized. [登录来查看链接] • White-hat SEO only • Increase Search-engine Page Rank • Set-up and connect Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics • Create and Implement SEO optimized content, header tags, meta tags, image alt tags, etc. • Submit client information to local directory listings including Bing and Yahoo &bull...

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    Website is Whole site uses single css style file. You have to apply minimal CSS changes to make the website to pass google check for "mobile-friendly" [登录来查看链接] Better if you can add only @media to original css and implement responsive design with screen size adoptation. Current errors are: (1) Content wider than screen (2) Links too close together.

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    XML Module for Magento 已经结束 left

    Magento 1.9.X I have a web shop that needs to import a XML feed from the supplier every day automatically. The xml file is placed on website of the supplier and should be imported every day. It should delete products that are not in the xml file, it should update products that are already in the webshop, and it should add new products if they are not in the webshop. The Module also needs to cre...

    $3116 (Avg Bid)
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