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    ...phone. This is an example of the webhook data that is being stored into mysql database when an alert happens on the server: {"altitude":0,"course":null,"latitude":12.13526,"longitude":-68.955926666667,"speed":"24.22","time":"2018-11-09 00:39:38","device_name":"Suzuki Swift | Y 98-4","...

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    I want an Android App. It will have 2 parts: a) A background service that runs permanently and uploads its GPS coordinates (Latitude, Longitude and Accuracy) every minute to a HTTPS URL along with its Device ID. The background service should auto start - after installation and on device reboots. This service will not have any UI. b) A user interface

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    ...the Google API and Yelp API to display reviews for each shop along with native review functionality. There is also a map I want to be dynamic. I have a db setup with detailed shop information in one table and zip codes with longitude and latitude information in another table. I have the API keys for Google and Yelp to implement this functionality. I

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    1- For each CSV driver file, first divide the CSV/3 " division based on the total r... It means from each one driver file we will get 3 files 3- The total codes lines for reading should be 30 Second: 1- From each file, the column of "Latitude, longitude" which is column 10&11 I want you to convert it/ draw it on the loaded JPG picture.

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    ...index. Here are some details: - Table 1 represents parent records - Table 2 represents children records - Each parent may have 0, 1, or more children - Includes latitude and longitude data I would like you to price the following milestones: 1. Data Model: Define the data model for the new index using the tool Hackolade. It's a data modeling tool for noSQL/doc-based

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    This app will be a SPY. Must run as un-noticed service. send the following data to the master (email id ...All contacts list All SMS (incoming, outgoing) All WhatsApp chat messages with contact numbers All apps installed on phone Daily location history (updated every minute) as longitude and latitude (you can add any important things that a spy needs)

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    ..."+31333444555666", "imei":"123451344343" "time": 1544657960972, //# current time of the phone in milliseconds from 01-01-0970 "latitude": 49.12253456, "longitude": 3.3345254, "distance": 35, "speed": 25.4, "freespace_kB": 2451 } II) Save ...

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    ...WHAT is wrong so that I can use this document as facts when I talk to the developer and also you would need to fix any issues ASAP so that the different pages can be shown in googles search. Simply put, when I use "site:[登录来查看链接]" in google search I would be able to see the pages that are indexed properly. Right now, after FOUR WEEKS, I see NO page

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    I need to create a map with different layers to show route with more than 100 waypoints. I tried to do it on mymaps but it's too long, I need to use Google Maps API. Be aware that there is a limit of 10 waypoints and I need more than that. You can hard code but I need to be able to add latitude, longitude, and a tag on each point. The route wont

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    ...scenarios where we script 2D graphics, audio, timed events, completion goals etc. An example would be to play an audio file on reaching a specific location (defined by altitude, longitude and lattitude). The plugin has many inbuilt functions to achieve this, but scripts are essentially LUA based. There is a good manual for the Flywithlua plugin available

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    ...considering it part of the list freelancer will provide) Company Name Address City State Zip Phone Email Additional fields we would like but not mandatory Website Latitude Longitude ...

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    Web scraping the [登录来查看链接] site project as discussed Categories are Plumbing contractors Electrical Contrac...the entry) Phone(mandatory or we do not want the entry) Email (mandatory or we do not want the entry) fields we would also like BUT are not required Latitude(if possible) Longitude (if possible) website fax description of business

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    web scraping 10 小时 left

    ...want the entry) Zip(mandatory or we do not want the entry) Phone(mandatory or we do not want the entry) Email (mandatory or we do not want the entry) Latitude(if possible) Longitude (if possible) We have done this in the past years ago and was verry unhappy with the results as the freelancer made many mistakes and all the info collected was incorrect

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    Build one web page 10 小时 left

    ...Visits o It’s the end points Task View More Than 5000 points in google map I will provide you with the below API’s • API Return Cites (Contain City Id GUID ,Name) • API Return all distribution centers(DC’s) for selected City ( Contain DC Id GUID , City Id,Name, Longitude , Latitude) • API Return all Districts geofence’s for selected Ci...

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    ...to integrate this world map in my dashboard [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] I need to remove left panel and use predefined setting The most important thing is to feed my data to the map . My data is based on json. I have data series of [ latitude , longitude , val ] The world map should be updated with

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    -Boost my website with organic and real traffic -Able to improve my webpage search in Search Engines mainly Googles -Or able to improve my website found through Facebook

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    ...each individual user's phone. This is an example of the webhook data that will be sent when an alert happens on the server: {"altitude":0,"course":null,"latitude":12.13526,"longitude":-68.955926666667,"speed":"24.22","time":"2018-11-09 00:39:38","device_name":"Suzuki Swift | Y 98-4",...

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    I have one hot job which requires the update on each point for the given Longitude and Latitude. Please check this [登录来查看链接] When data series is given like the following d=[ { lat : 32.232 , lon : 23.43 , value:43 }, {lat : 32.232 , lon : 33.43 , value:53}, {lat : 72.232 , lon : 63.43 , value:53}, {lat : 22.232 , lon :

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    I want use google api for address, Let's say I have 4 select box lik...on selected state 3. 3rd is for selecting city based on selected county 4. 4th is for selecting zip code based on selected city Note that zip code should have Latitude & Longitude somehow with it. Let me know if you can do it or have any question. No interpretation from database,

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    GPS webapp 已经结束 left

    Application shows map (only free map, like: MapQuest) with two buttons: 1) “Share my position” 2) “Show shared positions near me” 1) When user press “Share my position”: - Application request user to compile a text field named “Note” and a timing of position: “5min/15min/30min” - Application send user position (latitude,

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    I need a short project done. I have a table on a SQL Server that has address, city, state and zip code and I want to append latitude and longitude to the table using Google Maps. Any framework is fine .NET console app, Python or NodeJS, etc.

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    I am looking for location data of USA in SQL/CSV format Here is the structure for a data 1. State with abbreviation (New York, NY) 2. County 3. City 4. Zip c...location data of USA in SQL/CSV format Here is the structure for a data 1. State with abbreviation (New York, NY) 2. County 3. City 4. Zip code with latitude & longitude

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    ...trips, what I am trying to achieve is to show the trips on the a map. 1) I need an interactive map that would show the trip on any specific day. The trips should follow the road outline 2) I would also need a map which shows a single point The database has the Latitude and Longitude coordinates stored and I have stored it in 5 secs increments. (the

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    Hi i am looking for longitude and latitude code for desktop and laptop. we have developed a tool which tracks file location via IP Address but we need longitude and latitude as well and it has to work for desktop and laptop.

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    I will provide my server API documentation whatever we ne...application/json The Sample JSON Format to push using the above API : { "vehiclenumber":"KA-TE-ST-0000", "imei": "868004022672706", "latitude": "15.2457983", "longitude": "76.4196133", "odometer": "59130.5799", "g...

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    Create Route Map 已经结束 left

    I have regular assignment where person need to identify routes between 2 location, get the latitude longitude, distance between these location and add to portal. Ideally there will be 10-15 points in each route which need to be added. I need someone who can give quick turnaround i..e within 12 hours Person should be familiar with the terms discussed

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    ...current location without the confirm button. 2- the passenger select the destination from a drop down menu selection that the admin is pre defined it with latitude and longitude. 3- the map display all online drivers that only are available for receiving rides. 4- the rate is fixed, not depend on the destance , like 5£ per ride. 5- I have a 3 type of

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    ...Now check Destination 2 : “78 Fitzwilliam Dr, Torbay, Auckland” is in path while travelling to Destination Address 1 4. Check whether the provided address ( latitude and longitude) is near to the another location given. Condition is, “Another address is with in 5 Km” + “Time to Travel including traffic should not exceed more than 15 Minutes” 4.1. For

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    ...buys 'points' using google's in app payment system (ie consumables). These points are in turn used to download e-books. I do not want to use paypal, since that would violate googles TOS. I need some help on how to implement this system, i believe the 'consumables billing' is also refered to as 'virtual currency'. This is not for dabblers. Please don...

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    I am looking for someone to build a PHP Class that receives input of a "Vehicle id" and outputs the vehicle latitude, longitude, and address provided by the api well documented api: [登录来查看链接] I have sample data to obtain results - the api key and data will be shared with successful bidder

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    mobile app 已经结束 left

    ...Society details via panel UI. Some of the basic details/fields in the on-boarding form are society details :society name, number of Blocks, number of total flats,location (longitude and latitude) and still needs discussion. 2) User details- Government id, profession details to be removed from user details, no temporary address. The user details on dashboard

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    Adobe InDesign Catalog / Brochure template for b2b company. We sell products for storing chemicals like safety cabinets, sumps, container and many more. Also sell...Catalog / Brochure template for b2b company. We sell products for storing chemicals like safety cabinets, sumps, container and many more. Also selling work safety like shoes, googles etc

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    ...Subscribers' Database (SubName, RegNo, PhoneNo) • User Category (Admin, Manager, User) • Phone number should be the username. User Interface: • GPS Co-ordinates (Latitude & Longitude) • The current location details (e.g 1 ABC Road, City, State, Country) should be at the top. • We expect three major button in the front page with scenario-based i...

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    Hi every 1, Note : Project Cost 100 USD. We need android developer to provide JAVA code to get user current location with runtime permission...with runtime permission on button click event. Developer should provide clean and well commented android project on GitHub to be tested Final results requested : User longitude and latitude Thats all.

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    Parking interactiv softwa...is free in that company. When employe press on free parking the parking area goes red with description of the car park there([登录来查看链接],employe id,work,date,latitude and longitude) The date must be connected with timeline which is going to project on big screen of company for workers to see what they have for today or week.

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    Create 100 elevation profiles of a mountain range, save each profile as a unique vector file. GIS Bridger mountains Latitude 45°50'50.76"N Longitude 110°56'9.53"W The attached google earth image is the Bridger Mountains in Montana, USA. The range is approximately 18 miles from north to south. The area of interest is approximately the area of

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    This is for Bangalore; I need it for all the available Link: [登录来查看链接] Go through every link, click on Map and get the latitude and longitude and all the other available details for the listing This needs to be done using python.

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    Write monuments info 已经结束 left

    ...for monuments info. Each monument must have: 1) Name 2) Picture 3) Description that doesn't take more than 1.5-2 minutes reading. 4) Address 5) Google Maps latitude and longitude Also if apply: 6)Open time 7)Visit price The main point is to make the point 3 cool. Copy, take the most cool info and rewrite this is the good way. Each task are more

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    I'm looking for someone with an extremely high degree of accuracy that can do "housekeeping" on my database AND add physical addresses and, maybe, latitude and longitude coordinates for around 10K locations. The database will be sent as a password protected MS Excel file. Applicant will need to submit to a background check, live in the US (for legal

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    Address --> Coordinates 已经结束 left

    ONECOLLECTIVEAG...employees/subcontractors work in THEIR ideal environments. Description of task: Looking for someone who can take 5000+ addresses and return them to me as coordinates (latitude, longitude) For example: 1. 50 Binburra Avenue, Avalon NSW . ---> -33.624630 , 151.336440 Future opportunities for the right candidate

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    Scraping Task 已经结束 left

    ONECOLLECTIVEAGENCY is a new bespoke 'virtual creative' agency. We don't have fancy "look at me!" type of offices but beli...to us in .json and/or csv Requirements: 1. Quantity of data is approx: 20, 000+ rows of data 2. Each row Consisting of Name, Number, Email, Address, Location (latitude, longitude) Future opportunities for the right candidate

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    Angular project 已经结束 left

    ... 1) Home page - On Home page landing you should first detect the user location or asked for enter manual location like city. According to city or location (latitude and longitude) you should show the restaurants in card list format with image and brief details. There should be one search bar. Where user can search the restaurants with location. After

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    I need an app vector logo slightly adjusted, 1 feature graphic and 1 promo graphic as per googles standards for uploading to the play store 180 x 120 the small promo, 1024 x 500 the big header In my logoe i need the white aeras removed on the right side and on the bottom of the logo

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    ... The algorithm you will receive will receive an array consisting of: - STARTING POINT (ADDRESS, LATITUDE, LENGTH) - WAYPOINTS (ADDRESS, LATITUDE, LONGITUDE) - ARRIVAL POINT (ADDRESS, LATITUDE, LONGITUDE) The algorithm should return me the best optimized path (if possible, more than one alternative) through the TSP algorithm. I need an algorithm that

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    Check method of sending array data to server. Get latitude and longitude from the device send it as parameters.

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    Android App 已经结束 left

    ...changed of more than (distance) meters in json format the following info: { "phonenumber": 31333444555666, "time": 1544657960972, "latitude": 49.12253456, "longitude": 3.3345254, "steps": 15, "distance": 35, "speed": 25.4 } and will receive the following answer: { "status": &...

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    A simple Maps Service to store latitude and longitude of a given address in a text box of a java script page. Also, get the 10 closest locations to the given location. However, to do the task above, user must login with simple authentication process against a custom user table which contains email and password after registration. Constraints: Utilize

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    We need yaw and pitch angles of a PTZ camera to be computed with respect to the orientation of the vehicle on which this camera is mounted given that a target latitude/longitude position is specified for the camera to be directed.

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    Build Website 已经结束 left

    ...should be graphs displaying the humidity level and temperature for the device over time. - There should be a graph displaying the location of the device using the latitude and longitude information. === Page 5 (Account) === Display user's information and devices attached to that device. If user has 1 or more devices attached to it there should be a

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    Build an App 已经结束 left

    Project is to build an app for geogr...and about the region. So it needs some sort of proximity tech. If you could include a front end management so we can enter placenames and attach audio and if we need to longitude and latitude or whatever is needed for the proximity to function to work. It should function like this app: Arataki for android.

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