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    想找人当面在悉尼辅导python软件的学习,熟悉maching learning和python软件各种代码和算法。中国人优先。

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    你好,目前我有接单能力,需要建立我的企业官网,实现类似freelancer的部分功能,让我的团队成员可以在网站平台上展示给客户和进行后台操作、收付款; Machine translation: Hello, currently I have order capacity needed to build my businesses website and realize some features similar to the Freelancer, let my team members can show clients on the Web platform and back-office operations, collection and payment;

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    I have 10 years working experience in design. Familiar with the product development process and the process of mechanical product structure, and the selection of materials processing technology, and the surface treatment can master. Know very well about cars, milling, grinding, CNC, machining center, EDM, wire cutting machine and other processing procedures and processing technology. I did the work is the main transmission design, structure design, mechanical design, sheet metal design, product design. Familiar with the national drawing standard projection rules, three view and tagging, view and way of expression, tolerance and fit, safety.

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    1 个竞标 post should be in high rank with Google,Yahoo,Bing. - You should post the articles under category of accounting servicesserviced officeincorporation services or related. - You cannot post the same article under one channel or forum. - The websites should be accounting servicesserviced officeincorporation servicesrelated. - The post should not be deleted within 7 days,and forbidden to use machine. - You should know how to follow the website rules and regulations. 英文外国网站SEO推广销售 任务对个人要求: 本网站需要在国外的网站上(论坛,网站,博客,SNS等)发帖推广我们的网站或产品 网址请留言。 合格的每一帖2.5元,若发的帖质量高,数量多者可长期合作。 具体要求如下: - 发帖者要熟练掌握英文,在国外英文论坛网站发英文帖,介绍/推荐我们的网站及服务,帖的内容必需含网址链接。 - 发帖所在的英文网站必须有一定流量,其Alexa排名必须在前10万位,具体可查 - 发帖所在的英文论坛频道及财务外包、服务办公室、公司注册类。 - 每一普通网站可发贴数一般为3帖,但Alexa排名在前1万位的网站可每站发5帖,前1000位的网站可每站发10帖,前1

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    具体型号是 写一篇关于这款咖啡机的文章 字数不要太多 800-1000即可 要求 文笔流畅 语言生动 有诱惑力

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    具体型号是 写一篇关于这款咖啡机的文章 字数不要太多 800-1000即可 要求 文笔流畅 语言生动 有诱惑力

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    具体型号是 写一篇关于这款咖啡机的文章 字数不要太多 800-1000即可 要求 文笔流畅 语言生动 有诱惑力

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    具体型号是 写一篇关于这款咖啡机的文章 字数不要太多 800-1000即可 要求 文笔流畅 语言生动 有诱惑力

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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'E-learning with WordPress'

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    Reinforcement Learning Multi-UAV Trajectory Control for Target Tracking-MATLAB Implementation by MATLAB only.

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    I would like to have simple a custom RL agent using SAC from Stable-baselines. Tasks are as follow: 1. Design a custom environment (I will help with the details) 2. Train the agent and save the policy 3. Load the saved policy and test the agent to get the actions 4. You should use the Stable-baselines callback to save the best model The project is considered "completed" if and only if all 4 tasks have been completed.

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    i am looking for who are specialist on machine learning and deep learning thank you

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    I'm finding the OCR expert who can implement the handwritten image OCR project with high accuracy and will discuss in detail via chat. C++ Programming, Computer Vision, Machine Learning (ML), OCR, Python

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    Product and service 6 天 left

    Our organization is e learning platform .our audience is class 6 to 12th student . We want customer for our services . We pay you on customer basis.

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    Top Experience in Python programming. Top Expertise on web data scraping and pdf/images data web scraping. Top Expertise on bypassing captchas. We pay 400 - 500 dlls x scraper. More depending on complexity. Top Confidentiality Python Linux Web Scraping / PDF scraping Software Architecture Machine Learning (ML)

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    I need you to come up with the best machine learning algorithm or process for the following scenarios and write the technical design documentation and implementation plan for the two scenarios: - Adaptive questionnaire difficulty for e-learning based on student's performance on previous questions - Evaluating architecture diagrams or flow charts against the accepted diagrams submitted by question authors. This is not a regular image comparison. We need to evaluate each component of the architecture diagram. Adaptive Questionnaire: The process of adjusting the difficulty of the question is based on machine learning analysis of how the student performed in previous questions. If the student is answering a question for the first time within a sub-to...

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    Arabic dialect language transl...and typist needed, we're launching newly produced educational standard quality teaching books and novels which has been transcribed. we're hiring Arabic dialect or language translator to translate every written English grammatical word from English to Arabic. These books and novels are to be, exported to several Arabic language speaking cities and countries to be used for teaching, tutoring and learning and also to be used for reading and educating in colleges, universities, etc. Since these books have been transcribed the translator is to translate and also proofread. Before production, exportation and distribution of the books before reselling, sales and marketing. Translator is to also type manually using Ms word and package the finished...

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    I need help to write research report for Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) deep learning models

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    Hello we are looking for a react developer expert with over 3 years of experience. you should have experience with bitbucket and github. React.js. and redux. the right candidate will start working during our timezone and over time will be able to work in an overlapping shift of our timezone. we are in UTC...and or communicate monday to friday to provide updates. must be fluent in english and have a good WINDOWS PC with internet download speed above 8 MB prefer 15 MB or higher. you will be working on an AWS server using RDP and connected to all things AWS. This is a project that has been in production for many years and is being converted to a serverless architecture. If you are interested in learning the newest technology and working on great team apply with us for an i...

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    I need help to write research report for CNN Deep Learning algorithm

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    Start up company seeking web designer & developer to finish the back end of a cutting edge dating site. The landing page is complete, the website was built using PHP, now were in search of someone to finish, We're seeking someone with experience in doing robo profiles for dating site and finish other aspects th...friend request 8 ) users can chat with other users, 9) match algorithms for most compatible by location, age we do not want someone temporary, but rather an individual who is committed to working together with us, who can bring his own creative and imaginative input. serious inquiries only. You'll be working directly one on one with the company's co founder, English speaking only; interested in learning more please contact us with samples of previous ...

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    I need a small app that can be installed and connect to a sql express db. The app will run a predefined query and email the results as an embedded table in an email to a user. The query needs to accept several variables. The app should have its down db to store: a) recurring reports table: queries to be r...would expect the data being emailed is between 0-20 rows per user per day. There are approx 10 users which will be setup to receive reports. Deliverables will include all code in visual studio which can be reviewed and compiled. We will also need an installer. This should run as a system service in windows server. 50% milestone on proof of concept (remote session showing it working on your machine or sending of code to be compiled) and 50% upon successful testing of app...

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    Do not waste your bid if you have no experience in electro mechanical equipment. New freelancers welcome. Skills required (Mandatory): 1. Mechanical Engineering Design 2. Systems Engineering Design 3. AutoCAD or alternative for shop drawings 4. Electrical Engineering Design 5. BOQ - Bill of Quantity without pricing Attributes required (Mandatory): 1. Open minded and risk taker 2. Hardworking and determined to succeed 3. Good hearted, transparent and ethical 4. Innovator and visionary We are looking for a good turn around time. Mechanical engineers are welcome to submit a bid, however, we are looking to work with one individual/organization, so outsourcing the electrical part is fine with us as long as it is reliable and trustworthy. Once success has been proven, you have pr...

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    Lilly Pop Clean 6 天 left

    HI! I am looking for a writer who can help me with my project. I need the hired freelancer to make a lovely script that will be used for fundraising projects. I w...playing in the background which customers can listen to whilst doing their washing and drying. I envisage the launderettes to be a place of encouragement, that will help to bring people out of Covid 19 obscurity, that provides opportunity for customers to make friendships and share their stories and experiences in a safe space, perhaps over light beverages that customers can pay for from a vending machine. The aim is to create a space that is welcoming that feels like going from home to home, a place that aims to serve the community, that brings people together and where I can make a positive difference in my ...

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    need someone who knows reinforcement learning well

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    I have a token deployed to the Binance Smart Chain which sends token rewards to its holders from a distributor. I am looking to replac...threshold of coins. This requires a snapshot of token holdings to be created before distributing the rewards, as to distribute them proportionally to the token balance of each eligible holder. Ideally, I would like this to be created with Python using , but I am also accepting JavaScript with web3.js. No frontend UI is required. The dapp must be able to be deployed on a local Windows 10 machine. I have a detailed step-by-step process of which functions should be called / created to achieve this functionality, which I can share this with the person to take on the job. Time is very crucial to this project, and I am willing faster delivery. Thank y...

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    I need a honeycode app built on aws for a preventive maintaince check list. These will be for machines in a medical enviornment. 1. These are annual, semi annual and hourly checks. They need to be searchable by machine number and searchable by date along with the requirement to schedule maint on regular intervals. 2. Machines will have NFC chips and QR codes that need to be scanned to do maintainance. 3. It's a simple check list with values on some of the items. When QR or NFC is scanned, it should propogate serial number, machine ID number. 4. Technicians need to be able to login and have to sign. 5. Photos need to be able to taken for certain PM items. 6. If a PM item is not in range, it should flag it. Its a pretty straight forward PM app. Please bid ...

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    machine de pliage du cartonne du fillet

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    Reinforcement Learning Multi-UAV Trajectory Control for Target Tracking-MATLAB Implementation by MATLAB only.

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    machine learning specialist 6 天 left

    only who are on the field , thank you

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    Esp32 pos mdb upgrade 6 天 left

    We have an existing pos solution, where payment is done via an app and a qr code. Now we need mdb protocol integration. So the job is as follows. 1. Come up with the hardware changes/ upgrades needed in order for our esp32 board to communicate with a mdb vending machine. 2. Recieve the price from the mdb machine, when a btn is pushed. 3. Be able to emulate a payment to the machine. Above is the requirements. Please don't bid on this project unless you got previous experience with mdb protocol and esp32, really im tired of people wasting my time. Payment will be only over freelancer.

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    I have a learning center and need a new logo and business card idea (Budget: $15 - $25 USD, Jobs: Business Cards, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop)

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    ...mind to help people achieve greater wellbeing. To be the most accessible and most innovative company in the use of dreams and the unconscious of augmenting the life of every conscious person. These includes: 1. The use of scientific innovation and wearable technology to track, record and interpret the dreams of anyone who sleeps, whether they are remembered or not. 2. The development of machine learning to interpret dreams and emotional content through user input or tracked input. 3. To teach, educate and destigmatize the use of dreams for the augmentation of decision making, connection and life satisfaction as this has been the case since the dawn of time and only recently has been stigmatized due to the criticism of modern psychology. We see this change evident and alr...

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    We will need to design and implement a machine learning algorithm that can reduce the overhead of a network.

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    ...SERVICES The leadership at Vendo changed hands in June 2021. New leadership is radically changing the culture of the company to empowerment and engagement with a heavy focus on exploration and serving our clients. We do not build products we love. We build products that will make and keep our merchants happy. We need a way to communicate this to the outside world. At Vendo, we have a culture of learning through others. The leaders all understand the fundamentals of marketing but are not marketing "Pros". Our objective is to work with a team/individual or teams that we can learn from and guide us through the process of completing our new corp website and support us in the visioning of our new marketing strategy. Peter Drucker states business has two functions: 1. Innov...

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    Hi All, I need to connect to remote sybase database from laravel. Need instructions how to configure Sybase on Windows machine + sample code and instruction how to do it from laravel side

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    I have a learning center and need a new logo and business card idea

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    Robot development for cryptocurrency trading using the exchanges API (Binance, FTX, Huobi, Bitfinex, etc). The robot must run in the cloud, so knowing how to upload it to the virtual machine is also important. In addition, the robot must send notifications via Telegram.

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    I will provide JSON files with the extracted features (I will extract these from the pcap files). The features will be from malware and non-malware traffic, so the idea is to detect and classify the malware and non-malware samples. The feature selection should be done two ways: Manual and automated and we should be able to clearly identify the features that are being used and which features work well, and which features do not work well. As there are multiple datasets, we should be able to identify the features that work well across all the datasets. There are different versions of the malware, so we need to clearly identify which features work well across all these malware versions. The manual feature selection should allow me to select which features I want to use for the classificatio...

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    Company name: IT Info Matrix () Company type: software industry, computer learning, online IT related classes, online education Preferred logo style: 1) minimalistic 2) showing company name 3) Having alphabets 'IT' in the logo. Request you to submit the design in different color shades. Preferred color shades: Red shades, Blue-Turquoise shades, Yellow-Orange shades. But you may submit your own ideas. LINKS FOR REFERENCES ONLY - DO NOT SUBMIT/COPY THE SAME LOGOS: you may visit other online learning platforms/IT companies for design ideas

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    Write 2 Essays 6 天 left

    On the topic 1.E-learning V/s classroom learning Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency the future of money?

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    We would like to do transfer data from iPhone to windows machine. We require configuring the socket of USB data transfer through USBMUXD. Anyone with experience of us ing the USBMUXD library to help data transfer between iOS and Windows 10 should provide the quote. Key ask is to create an iOS App that will help transfer data from/to windows 10 machine. UI for the mobile is simple and login is through a provided REST API.

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    Trophy icon Kitchen Design 4 天 left

    Hi, give me an idea for a little kitchen with home appliances. I need: fridge, **cooker/stove, extractor hood, oven, microwave, washing machine, sink, counter. kitchen plan with sizes is Files Attached. All dimnetion are centimeters. The original layout was retained in general (). You can design linear kitchen or L. the sink can go near the window **cooker/stove (2 fire cooker only):

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    WEB CRAWLER 6 天 left engine. API Server with multiple end points and multiple clients. Custom database API Tools: API Creator, API Integrator or connector, and API management. Integrated Social media. Content creator or aggregator or curator including English composition Email marketing/Auto-Responding Payment gateway Stripe. Environment: Optimum and maximum automation and Artificial Intelligence or machine learning or self...

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    It is a deep learning model that takes videos as input and divides them into frames and then passes it to the model having two autoencoders generating scores and then from those scores generating abnormal frames The budget is negotiable and the max time limit 8-10 days

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    This project is a POC and for: a. match up pictures stored on computer with item catalog file. The code needs to be written in Pytho...example, lets say I'm on the grid on line "Good McIntosh Apple Sale" and click show "Closed Match" and the computer gives me back more 5 kinds of apples only one is Macintosh i can now select the correct apple and press "Better Match" and the system would learn. I would be able to add images and change the csv file and the system would keep learning I'm new to this but assume there is already ready modals for Fruits and vegetables and we don't need learning to start from scratch Include the word "Blue Magic" in your response and describe the technologies you would be using for t...

    $5843 - $11687
    $5843 - $11687
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    I'm looking for a developer (python or C/C++) with AI and Machine Learning for Threat Detection expertise, network intrusion detection in unlabeled data. I'm interested in freelancers with innovative ideas to solve problems .

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    develop a model in deep learning and machine learning using python with detailed steps and explanation.

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    精选machine learning社区文章