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    项目: - 一个牙医软件模块; - 部分功能基于开源控件实现; - 开发环境为C#, MSSQL Server, MS Access (MDB); - 1.1 版本已经完成并在使用; - 现按照用户要求有所改动; - 改动分为2个阶段,1.2版本和2.0版本; - 1.2版本预计一个月内完成; - 2.0版本预计二个月; 要求: - 熟识C#,.NET, MSSQL,MS ACCESS; - 使用第三方控件经验; - 懂看简单英文需求; 项目本身是加拿大外包的,我人在东莞,可以到我这里开会,也可以到深圳开会,让你了解该程序和其需求以便报价。 有兴趣的,请QQ 1073158942 联系,或电 15820998667 (何生)

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    TITLE IMPLEMENTING AN ORDER...class's list type, so that the item type can be changed easily. HINTS Commands will consist of a letter sometimes followed by an integer. These can be easily read in with the extractor operator ">>". Consider whether functions associated with the class should be member functions, friend functions, or nonmember functions.

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    7 个竞标 Canada, specializing in data-related projects. We have been in business since 2000. We need report changes to be applied to an Access report to add some row totals, columns, and a pop up form to allow users to review and change some data before the report is executed. Please see the PDF report requirements and .mdb file in the attached zip file

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    I have an (outdated) Vendo Beverage vending machine that is powered elektromechanically. It needs a new controller that implements the MDB protocol, which makes new coin mechs available and cashless payment. The device is a Vendo V-216

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    MacKenzie & MacKenzie Consulting Inc. is a small development company in Canada, specializing in data-related projects. We have been in business since 2000. This small project is the first of several projects for a developer with excellent MS Access and SQL Server skills. In this project, you will take the current MS Access report "Report is Now

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    hi guys i want tool can extractor emails from linkdin who have or can code this kind of tool just tell me i want this tool can grab any email from linkdin

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    Need to make a ussd sending and reciving from a table app through Gsm modem. when ever the data hits sql or mdb table the app should process the ussd and save the reply back in database

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    Justdial & Google Maps Data Extractor Needed. either in VB .NET or C# .NET Please find attached screenshot.

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    We have an IoT project to provide remote monitoring & management of vending machines. We are looking for an engineer who will forward the requests from the...vending machines. We are looking for an engineer who will forward the requests from the IoT platform to the machine using the card below. [登录来查看链接]

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    Just Dial Data Extractor 已经结束 left

    I Need a software which extracts data from Just Dial On Entering The City Name and Keyword, Software extract all the details from Just Dial and save in MS Excel File. Software should have a facility to Enter Multiple City at a time by Selecting a excel file which contains the list of cities. Output Result should be saved in different Files, One File

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    justdial data extractor 已经结束 left

    need justdial data in excel format

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    Create Google Docs Add on 已经结束 left

    Create Google Docs Add on. The add on will capture text from the google doc. Strip the HTML and pass it through a keyword extractor. The keywords will be used to match data on the custom API already made. The JS is already prepared, just need to put it in a Google Doc Add on. Need to know App Script.

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    with many requests I can't extract openload video links, 90% of error 500 requests, I attach the problem logs

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    ...for mobipaid. The device or RPi board needs to have a MDB port, as wel as a GSM port so it can send and receive the API commands from the API paygate system namely mobipaid. Most vending machines has MDB protocol. And so you can either connect a MDB bill validator, or MDB coin mechanism, or MDB card reader for payment solutions. I dont want any of

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    I have attached a text and mdb file here with the project. With the following controls 1) Listview 2) Timer Do the following Every 2 seconds check the content of the [登录来查看链接] file, check If each of its data does not exist in the table - log (Check Uniqueness using the EnrNo + DateTime in the text file)- If the data is uniqe copy the record into the

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    for Ahmed G. project 已经结束 left

    Mr Ahmet G. PCB projects. New electronic card communicate with mdb protocol and raspberry pi device

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    I need an old FoxPro database (dbf) converted to MS Access (mdb). Will provide dbf and mdb to coder awarded with project.

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    I want Facebook,Justdial,Google Maps & IndiaMart Data Extractor desktop seperate applications c# or or wpf application with unlimited license key generator source code.. Allready developed and having good previous experience in same platform is more helpfull The project is for Only serious and skilled professional having excellent produtvity

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    Hello, I am looking for a data researcher/extractor - from websites into excels. What I am looking for: - Strong English abilities - Good copy and paste experience in Excel - Can communicate easily Job details: - Project is ongoing for the next 12 months - Work a minimum of 5 hours a day, 5 days a week - Pay will be broken down weekly

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    i am going to show you a best email extractor software from which you can easily extarct email from website's,Keywords etc... you can extract email by searching their Name keyword etc...

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    map data extractor 已经结束 left

    hello dear developer, i need map data extractor!!!! please cheek detail after write me message!! full detail i upload here! price 500-700 usd! need .net app

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    I need data extractor developed either in VB .NET or C# .NET I want these options: 1) Justdial - login needed 2) Google Map - login not needed 3) YellowPages - login not needed 4) Indiamart - login needed 5) Trade India - login needed 6) Facebook - login needed 7) Linkedin - login needed 8) Any website URL, extract email/phone

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    need data extractor 已经结束 left

    hello dear developer, i need data extractor!!!! please cheek detail after write me message!! full detail i upload here! price 500-700 usd! need .net app

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    ...such as MDB free (not pro). Open source license is very important since we want to modify the software in future for commercial purpose. Four pages, 1. Login Page (with JWT or OAuth) 2. Main page dashboard with graphics (2d graphs, guages and cards) 3. Page with Table with cell editor which stores each cell edit in separate log table, new data entry mask

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    We have some code for an NER extractor using Tika, I need someone to set it up on AWS. Previous experience with Tika a requirement

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    Trophy icon Email Extractor and harvest information 已经结束 left

    I have a list of URLs of Universities and Colleges that need to be scraped. I need academic names; departments and email address from all academic faculty staff.

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    Temos um sistema em ASP antigo que foi criado por um programador cujo o mesmo tem um banco de dados em MDB Este sistema é simples apenas acessamos ele para colocar nomes de clientes com email cnpj etc Porem queremos exportar todos eles de uma só vez para pararmos de usar este sistema antigo e ter estes dados em uma planilha CSV para jogar no google

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    -ffprobe can be used to get the subtitle stream available on a video file -it can be single subtitle stream or multiple subtitle streams -once the subtitle stream checked, ffmpeg is used to extract the subtitle and convert to the desired format (in my case it should be .vtt) -upload the subtitle files(.vtt) to temp folder then to S3 path

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    Extract cookies sessions and saved tokens

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    Telegram Member Extractor 已经结束 left

    channels-only admin can post messages groups- any body can post messages and chat (like whatsapp) we are having a channel , we need to add members into that channels for building a strong community .For that purpose we are contacting you ,there are many sorts of soft wares available in telegram, so we want to create a application where 1. the usernames or user ids of peoples are being extract...

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    ...revit file (.rvt) which is the output of Autodesk Revit software and extract the data from the file read and pulls out in to an output let for now be can call it as an excel. The preliminary data what wer are looking for the Revit file developer is to extract the below data from the .rvt file. Later once we find it is extracted and going good, will give

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    Email extractor 已经结束 left

    I need an email extractor, built with python or any other language.

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    Hi, In order to develop our new project we need to extract data from a website in order to benchmark and analyse the competitiveness, calculate freight, duty and retail prices. Bellow are the information we need to extract: - Category of products - Detailed as per the website as it may impact on duty rates (Might be translated from dutch to english)

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    A neatly coded MDB 4.2 (Multi-drop Bus) protocol library for Arduino Mega (Atmega 2560 )with following examples codes: 1. MDB Vending Machine Controller Master 2. Cashless Device Slave type 2 3. Cashless Device Slave type 3 4. Program to receive and print MDB serial data/commands.

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    Simple job. Need some code to check if mdb table has some fields, and if so set some to long text

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    I require Student Data Extractor and FaceBook Data Extractor

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    Extract Tabular Data from PDF and convert to data structure using C# .Net. If a 3rd party library is used, then it should be only opensource.

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    Hi Everyone, I have a lot of problems with my actual server. I have Ubuntu with installed ISPconfig + mDB + PHP-FPM. After PS migration to this server I was problems with ngnix rewritig rules. Now I have tons of 404 AJAX errors in frontpage like in addtocart module, etc. In BO I have too errors in console. In old server all working fine :/ Please answer

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    I want to create an application which fetch the list of all the freelancing projects in database with the maximum details. The fetch should run daily midnight to extract the daily projects.

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    ArcGIS tool deveoper 已经结束 left

    ...requirement. Required tool details: Curve extractor from the given data (Road center lines data from OSM ) and details about the curve like type, radius, length and deflection angle of the curve. When we select the road line the tool should identify the curve and pop up the details. Hava a look at the OSM data from the attachments and clear details in

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    I have a task for dedicated freelancer. I would like someone to extract all audio files from the website that carries thousands of mp3 files.

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    ...worker' - Might just need to modify/remove certain lines 2. Activity worker - GetActivityTask() to get the desired input params from the previous state - Make the metadata extractor app to do the operation based on the provided inputs - SendTaskSuccess() - SendTaskFailure() GENERATE PROXY VIDEO - Environment will be pre-set up using the custom AMI as

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    ...progress, but the scope details 99% of functionality required. - - - - - - - Design & Develop Web App using Laravel Required to be hosted locally, and draw some data from a local MDB database file (table references to be provided) Functionality as follows; Part A – Customer Order System Ability to transact customer special orders 1. New Order

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    Integrate Swiggy Order into Desktop Billing Application - MS Access mdb file

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    Help with settings data extraction with "Web content extractor" I am trying to extract data from a website using the windows program "Web content extractor" [登录来查看链接] I go to this page: [登录来查看链接] And the field "bekijk website" i would like to

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    I want Justdial Data extractor software for business promotional purpose please contact us. [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    Hello Everyone I want email extractor which can extract emails from name & address faster I have thousands of emails to extract let me know is it possible? If yes I can pay 15$ READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY AFTER THAT BID Thank You

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    Create a web application written in Golang that will extract person of interest specific profile information. The app will open a browser window on Wikipedia and allow the user to search the person of interest name and shows the Wikipedia profile information. After searching, the user should be able to select extract basic and/or detailed profile information based on the format shown in the prev...

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    python text extractor from html needs an update since we need to crawl multiple urls

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