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    Trophy icon iTunes Cover Art 5 日 left

    I need some cover art for my song that I'm putting on iTunes. We are Americans, but all of our songs are Chinese rap songs. Our first song went viral, so now its time for number 2. Watch first video here. [登录来查看链接] Our second song title is "Add oil". It is a Chinese saying that is meant to encourage people, or is

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    We need a custom billing version made by QT that should be made as similar as possible with the one here [登录来查看链接] Server version is what you'll need, client will be used to test on another pc later. WARNING : Do not install the client version yet, advised to use vmware for

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    Hi all, I need this created in the next 5-6 hours. This graphic will take up most of a page of US letter size paper. Dimensions need to be about 9x4.5 inches, portrait orientation. It's a simple pricing graphic, meant to illustrate value. Here's the content: "Mitech Marketing Value Proposition Basic+ Comprehensive Marketing-

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    ...We have a project developed on Laravel framework that is about 90% completed and we need to alter just a part of the work flow model and creation of APIs of the project. The project is heavily dependent on the use of Google map and the model of the project is meant to work like Uber workflow model. The developer must have knowledge of Bootstrap to amend

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    ...packaged and shared. The $ estimate is only to make this available for review. Please provide your cost estimate with your proposal. The number included on this post is NOT meant to be the final cost. Please include your proposed cost with your proposal. We look forward to reviewing your proposal and estimated cost. Please see the attached file for

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    I know there are probably thousands of materials out there but I do need a tutorial of Basic Web Development as an Introductory part of my Content Management System Course. The topics I intend covered should include 1) Introduction to Web Development Concepts 2) The Client Server Model 3) A run through HTML 4) Building site themes with CSS 5) Dynamic

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    I'm in need of help! If you are a good writer and know how to write report cards, please contact me. I am meant to write 17 report card comments, at are about 200-250 words each. There is particular format, which needs to be followed. I can provide the documents, which will inform you of what is required. I have also developed a word document, which

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    This is a perfect project meant for Magento experts on Freelancer (2 Days Projects Only) The current Magento is 1.7 version. Issues to fix: 1) One of the search drop-down menus is not working. 2) In the back-office, the blog is not showing the post. Option one: Add a fresh WordPress instead Option two: Or fix the blog. We accept the only candidates

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    ...deliver: - voice-over in Englisch - script in English - folder with project details Special details: Because the video is meant for the Dutch market, we provide the Dutch translations and revisions ourselves. That is why we need to have the projectfiles. What do we expect? response time 1 hour if things are not clear that you ask questions keep us

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    The project is for development of a fun casual wrestling game, which is different from other wrestling games. It is different, as the game is not too competitive and meant to be a fun one-sided wrestling game, involving big strong ladies. The game has a limited number of characters. Complete development from start to finish is required. Some prior experience

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    this poetry book will comprise about 101 pages in total inclusive of the cover itself. it is meant for ones that don't have time for reading. however, it will not compromise the interest of active readers. in this project, freelancer is required to submit proposal with concrete evident that their idea is based on study(ies). the ultimate goal of producing

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    To whom this may concern, I am currently working on starting an online group that is meant to serve Boston's Latino young community. The name of the group is Boston Young Latino Professionals (BYLP). Our mission statement is: To unite and strengthen Boston's Latino youth and foster a community that succeeds together. Through this group, we are aiming

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    ...output to screen (or cron email if set) until the script successfully completes. I would like to have the processing output dumped to screen or email in "real time". What is meant here is that it is doing the output as it is doing it. I had one person suggest Ajax output, then another suggest sockets, and that sockets would be less server load, which

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    Established b2b company with local, COLO, cloud and virtualized services needs help on a special AWS project. We need a multi-step utility/development project to utilize a few AWS services as part of a collective “project”. What We Currently Do: -We have hundreds of data partners. They provide us API endpoint access to download updated values/data

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    I have a management company that has grown from 30 employees to 140. The original spreadsheet meant for a small company is totally outdated and I need a vibrant functional, adaptable spreadsheet that it is easy to use and everyone can understand

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    1 Customize content as per theme 2. Build a responsive wordpress website. 3. Optimize for search engine and various mobile / web browsers. 4. Website is meant for job seeker and employers. Experience of making job boards are prefered.

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    ...increase the quote after discussion 1. I need an ecommerce application which works on both iOS and Android. 2. It should be custom developed and not a copy of any other application. I understand that there are many ecommerce applications available on codecanyon and other sites like that. So no need to quote and deliver such applications. 3.

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    Hello writers! I am in search of reliable Native Speakers from (USA, UK & Canada). I pay after 15 days and I do not create more for book writing. Please place your bid ONLY if you are from UK, USA & Canada and are Native. Read the description again before you misunderstand what I meant. Ask if you need any clarifications. Please Bid Fast

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    Hey, I am se...[登录来查看链接] It is in only $400 (25k for Indians). My developers are not working on it and project is not growing so selling it. It is worth $1400. And it meant nothing to me for now, so selling it in this price. Anyone who can purchase the code and can customize the code. All rights will be given to you after purchase.

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    English Translator 已经结束 left

    Hello, I am looking for an Portugual/Ukraine experienced Translator / Copywriter. The job is content for GOLF PRODUCTS (Golf Training Aids and Golf Accessory), the text is meant to be used for commercial purposes and therefore needs to be maximized to attract customers to our products. The content is already done, we have already the final version

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    Create a Logo 已经结束 left

    I want a Logo for a site that is meant to sell decorations and gifts. Domain name is [登录来查看链接] Thanks!

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    Hi! This is meant as design for a TShirt. I need an illustration based on the poem The Raven. The attached image is an excellent reference. Also attached my very rough rendition of what I ultimately have in mind. Please note the following points: 1. Thebeak should be open, eye should seem as if it's looking at the viewer. Again, the attached image

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    I require to create ...played automatically as soon as the known (developer loaded) image is scanned by the device camera. This is meant to keep the user experience of the app simple. This is a project which I would like to conduct on a personal level and is not meant to go public on a large scale. I require a freelancer who can help me out with this.

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    Web application 已经结束 left

    This is a simple application meant to print checks on a check printer. The application just sends the information to the existent driver to print. All the printing details are handled by the driver. The application just needs to send the data to the driver. The application will be installed on the intranet web server and should be programed on Javascript

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    ...many times in shop) Make your own combo Forum Concepts Fortnite twitter --- You might not know what all of these is, its fine, if you are interested I will teach you! What I meant by starting small, I want a few of these things added. Here is a list I want to be added for now! --- Every skin in fortnite with information about them (200+ skins) Daily

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    Trophy icon Business Logo 11 日 left

    1/11/18: I'm a finance broker, the business name is "York Financial Services". I'm a one man band. I need a logo to put on some business cards and then eventually onto an email signature and website. I'm thinking about a silhouette of a Castle, with a draw bridge that flows down onto the initials of the business name "YFS" or the full name of the business

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    ...Coaching believes that change comes from the inside out and each of us holds the blueprint for change within us. As a developmental coach, I work with clients who know they are meant to transform - themselves, their organizations and those around them, as challenging and scary as it might be. I create safe and supportive spaces for clients to activate those

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    ...the source code, make to know the corresponding part of the formula in the paper · We will review the source code in mid-November (I'd like to check if comments etc is what I meant) · To prove that it is the same algorithm as the paper, you also deliver detailed information on the development environment (OS, development tool), test data, test results

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    I need a freelancer that have experience with video game programming with Unity and or other platforms to produce a mobile video game app. Freelancers should have experience working with multiplayer games 1v1 (or 1 to 4 players), co op, in 2D/ and or 3D. Freelancer should be comfortable making touch screen games (with simultaneous multi touch feature)

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    SSO kerberso between .NET front end to SAP. Here are the steps i am expecting. 1. SSO ke...Apllication). 3. Call any RFC with login Credential using SO ticket grabbed from AD (without any login user/pass in SAP .NET connector). 3 steps is the one where we need your help. if you get it what i meant you are the person we want to talk to you. Mandeep

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    Trophy icon Children's story - simple caricatures 已经结束 left

    ...where there were letters. He drove across them and his tire tracks were on them. The letters said, “CPRS.” It was a mystery…what did CPRS mean, he thought? He then realized it meant “MONSTER ALERT” in French in the forest! He was on alert for a monster. There was a little house blocking the road on the fence. He suspected a monster lived in this house

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    Job Portal 已经结束 left

    ...should be able to create a searchable online profile and upload the resume. 3. Job seekers should have the option to keep his/her contact details hidden from the employers. In that case, the employer will have the option to contact the job seekers only through email/internal message. 4. Portal will be exclusively meant for job seekers in a particular domain

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    Hi, I would like to build an individual website that is meant for corporate purposes. Thanks

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    Trophy icon Logo for "the power of eight" 已经结束 left

    I need a logo created for a company called "the power of 8" It is meant to symbolize that 8 people can do amazing things, as an example, the people who created pokemon go, was a team of 8 people.

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    ...PROPOSAL. We want a proposal for sponsoring our development and event activities from 2019 to 2023. The target companies we will be presenting are global firms. The proposal I meant to attract big sponsorship from big brands. More information and other stuff will be delivered in the private chat. Please do no overbid, if you can do it in my budget then

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    Book Cover 已经结束 left

    Need a book cover designed. I would like the front cover to have a dark cloud coming down to a brilliant sunset with oranges, reds. The name of the book is “Shadow Of Death” based on the scripture Psalm 23. The back of the book will be left blank but should blend in with the colors on the front cover. This is a memoir and is meant to display that

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    I am looking for a ghostwriter for some articles on the subject of Artificial Intelligence in business. The articles are meant to be published on different websites related to the topics mentioned. The articles can be targetted for readers with different knowledge of the subject. While making an offer, please provide: 1) a short description of the

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    Document Dispatcher 已经结束 left

    ...feel like you are the highly organized type who ENJOYS this type of work. If you are the type of person with a neat, clean, highly organized life then welcome, this job is meant for you!!! :) *** If you LOVE: Details, rules, lists, order, organization, or schedules then keep on reading! About Us We are an established travel company which organizes

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    ...developer made a mistake and is unavailable so i need someone to fix this ASAP. The form is not a form that i can edit text, make bigger, or make bold like your normally can do in pages WP. I have to code this one myself which makes it hard. I want the pages form. At the same time the contract is meant to automatically be sent as a PDF to my email however

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    Trophy icon logo creation + visit card 已经结束 left

    We need to create the visual identity of our company, especially logo and business card. Aretê is a consulting firm that presents solutions in the area of ​​corporate intelligence and management of corporate and governmental affairs, providing governance and support for companies in this new digital and stakeholder era. We offer a SaaS tool with IA

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    Setting up network 已经结束 left

    We are based in Brisbane/Australia and need someone local. We are currently using Microsoft file sharing under Linux system and would like to move to a Cloud-base system. We need help with establishing the new system and transferring all existing documents. We have a website and currently 3 email addresses. We have some file sharing which is not operating

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    Infographic - Value Prop 已经结束 left

    I need to convert this powerpoint document into a strong value proposition infographics of who I am. Please don't use my design as it was only meant to collect the data. I need to this document to be an 8.5" x 11" design.

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    Expo Works 已经结束 left

    Just the logo itself as it meant for food fare color light blue outside with red inside

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    I want to build a car analysis application under android platform. This application is meant to connect to the car using OBD II tool and extract information to be displayed on the application. Lets chat for more information. Thank you.

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    terminal eftpos 已经结束 left

    we need you to make verifone eftpos programmed especially chip because when we copy chip from card including input pin doesn't work in atm because there is algorithm program in chip that code keep changing and generate new code but somehow for a code programmer be able to come up with new method for that code . I try to explain it again. Before we

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    The app is meant to create freelance jobs as well as provide the freelancer’s service to individuals. I believe the idea is already out but i need it done in less than 14 days.

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    I want to build a car analysis application under android platform. This application is meant to connect to the car using OBD II tool and extract information to be displayed on the application. Lets chat for more information. Thank you.

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    Animation Video 已经结束 left

    Hi, i am trying to get a animation video about how i met my girlfriend and how we progressed till date. Its meant to be used as part of my proposal plan to her. The video can be simple, even if its stickman like and its about 3 to 4 mins long hopefully. Hope to get the video done by this thursday

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    i need a logo designer 已经结束 left

    I am a kinesiologist, I would like a design that is clean, pissibly playful, that wont date. I like the image of a feather. It is meant to be a sign that you are in the right place. Blue is a colour I would like in it please. The business is called "Abundant Life Kinesiology".

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    Developer 已经结束 left

    Hello, I had partnered with a bot developer with thousands of proxies (4k+) that i was working with on and insane daily money making method. Personal circumstances meant that he had to withdraw from the partnership i believe.  Im looking for someone with similar experience and abilities if not better. That is a bot developer, aswell as has thousands

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