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    We need to customize existing dev kit board. Altium project files and BOM are ready to provide before the start. It involves STM microcontroller, DDR memory, USB hub, Ethernet, wireless, audio circuits and so on. We are looking for selecting several additional components for customized application. You should remove some circuits from the dev kit, add POE, speaker and motor etc. Do not bid if u ...

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    I need an Expert who is very good on Microcontroller Drug System I'm gonna send details on chat

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    Please check attached file. It has all details and requirements. Please message for any questions.

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    To develop a program of virtual robotic arm in python using OpenGL on real time video frame and control of real robotic arm using that virtual model using microcontroller. Hence, to develop Augmented based robotic arm control interface. Please refer to attached synopsis for full details.

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    i am using pic16(L)F1518 microcontroller that should turn on about 48 LED each one at it's pricise date, actually all 48 date are define as constent in the programme so if i want to change one of them i should reprogramme every thing. what i want is an application that let you selecte the specific date you want to modifie and make the change on the microcontroller using a wired communication ...

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    Resistance Meter 2 天 left

    Looking for a microcontrol based "OHM METER" (Auto range) which can precisely measure resistance from 0.01ohm to 120Mega Ohms. Resistance Value to be displayed on a 16*2 LCD dotmatrix display. Maximum possible digits after decimel are to be shown while measuring Mega ohm values. A relay is to be switched ON/OFF by a switch. On OFF mode, The relay should be connected to the "Resistan...

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    gaming keypad ([登录来查看链接]) + mouse([登录来查看链接]) (Picture attached) I want all the keys on left and right side to be re-mappable (1. Where we dont need to remap all the keys everytime before we play.) ( 2. Analog stick should work to move the character around like this video from 1:40-1:50 [登录来查看链接] ) Wired USB connection I'll provide you the schematic. Step #1 – Design the PCB Layout S...

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    I have done the simulation and design of my single phase power supply. What i need now is coding for my micro-controller to perform the following function as stated in the attach doc file. Coding Requirements: • Microcontroller connect to Inverter Driver (generate PWM signal) • PID control loop • Get information from (voltage/current) sensors • Keypad and LCD connect to Micr...

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    Any experience working with esp32 and BLE communication? Looking for some help with a microcontroller project that is pretty cool.

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    Hello Freelancer, I am looking for a competent partner in upgrading an existing PIC18 Control unit. In this project your task is to find the correct Microcontroller-Pins for the new and changed parts and to check if something is missing or incorrect. After that, the hardware functionality should be given, that's all. Have a look at the attached "project Description" for more Inf...

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    Hello I am willing to do a project for agricultural purposes. It includes sim800l, Arduino uno (later going to replace it by circuit board for cost optimization), motor, flow meter and some more devices.. Simple requirements are PCB Design. Cost optimization through PCB and for production want to replace Arduino. Arduino Programming or Micro-controller Programming with if-else statements.

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    Hello , we have a network equipment's supplied with 16x2 LCD module and ready made PCB card with 89C52RC microelectronic to control the output of this LCD , the default output is "Booting" and we need to change it to something else , Normally we do this very easy via OS and few gcc or clang commands as in the attached file , but we need to change it directly from the controller , in...

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    We are developing an IOT based smart home system with WiFi and RF capabilities. It will have an ARM cortex M series microcontroller connected serially with another wifi chipset. The device will be integrated to AWS IoT Core platform over MQTT protocol. This project requires the embedded code for the system Coding will involve switching/dimming the ss relay, rf commands, energy data reading and A...

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    I am an engineering student with a concept but do not know how to implement the solution. We propose the use of an Arduino microcontroller based solution as follows: • Arduino will receive fuel level information from the Capacitance sensor and the angle of inclination information from the 3- axis accelerometer. • A correction factor formula will be applied and calculation performed and r...

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    Hi Farrukh, I am Umer. Just wondering if you can help me to program a microcontroller with 4 analog and digital inputs and 4 digital outputs. ADC to be used on Inputs and Outputs turns ON when ADC input values reaches set level. Preferably PIC8 or PIC16 to used with MikroC. I can discuss further if you are interested.

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    Hallo I have two seperate WPF projects that are similar but need to be combined. The Programms were written on Visual studio WPF. Attached you can see both programms. Each is acting as an configuration software for Microcontroller. There are two different microcontrollers. So what i need is if user plugs microcontroller in (visible upper left side "Devices"). The Programm should show ...

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    I want two separate projects with Pulse Induction and VLF (Multifrequency) system. Of both projects; - All technical documents - PCB Schematic and PCB Design Files - Complete list of used electronic components - Open source code of the microcontroller used (Preferably Atmel processor and Arduino) - All files and documents of the studies

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    Hello John Arturo M., i am an engineer experienced with C# but not at all in Microcontroller programming. For this reasson i am looking for a competent partner in upgrading an existing PIC18 Audio Preamplifier Control unit. Your first project is to assign the correct Microcontroller-Pins for the new and changed parts and to check if something is missing or incorrect. After that, the hardware fu...

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    I would like to create a complete controller for a parrot egg incubator. This is what I would like the controller to do. 1. Controll fan speed (in a similar fashion as a light dimmer) 2. Control temperature via PID controll and be able to autotune. 3. Use a remote temperature sensor (thermistor or exposed thermocouple with 1.2m leads) 4. Be able to keep temperature within a tenth of a degree. 5....

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    Electrical and Electronics Design Engineer. PCB Designer... Experience in as follows. • Hardware and PCB design in " Altium only" • Microcontroller, Arduino, Raspberry • Different kind of sensor boards, reference design • Breakout boards, shields • IoT Device • Complete Data sheets, With 3d or CAD The applicant will require some knowledge: C programmin...

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    IoT project for pool industry. Need to be flexible and work remote.

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    I am looking for an engineer having expertise in MKL05Z32VLF4 microcontroller. We need to add new functionalities to the firmware to make the product act like an alarm monitoring center. further details we will discuss on chat.

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    PCB design modifications 已经结束 left

    Hello, I need a PCB designer who's able to modify a current pcb on CADSTAR (Design Editor Version 13.0) : - switch from 2.7" pervasive display e-ink to 3.7" good-display e-ink - switch from NXP NTAG to NXP NTAG I2C Plus - keep only main chips: NXP Cortex M0 LPC11U37 Microcontroller, NXP NTAG I2C Plus NXP UHF UCODE 3.7” e-paper - remove arduino shield, usb, capacitive buttons...

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    PCB Designing 已经结束 left

    Microcontroller based PCB Designing for attendance machine with some basic interface.

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    Enhancing a user manual and datasheet for an electronic product (hardware board) featuring IoT wireless modem and microcontroller. There are many diagrams for the hardware board with its electrical signals and pin description. The diagrams need to be drawn using more professional look and feel such as colorful legend. The user manual is here: [登录来查看链接] and I am looking to enhance diagrams in it ...

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    Arduino Microcontroller 已经结束 left

    A Measurement of the Temperatur that shows different colors via RGBs

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    .Make sure you provide samples similar to this project before Contacting you can you Develop a car parking management system to collect information about the number of the available parking lots in a parking zone as well as to provide detailed information about the locations of the available parking lots within a parking zone. This information will be uploaded to the cloud and access from mobile ...

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    Please check attached document it has all details and requirements. The microcontroller used is the MC68HC11F1FN.

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    ECG simulator prototype 已经结束 left

    I have code of arduino to simulate 15 arrythmias related to heart....i want someone to do it in proteus using same code to avr atmega 328P microcontroller.

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    [登录来查看链接] looking for a similar or replicated way created for arduino. the project will be opensource after because the utility patent expired putting it into public domain. will be starting project next month March

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    Our project is based on MKL05Z32VLF4 microcontroller. There are 4 analog inputs and 2 relay outputs. There is no RTOS. We need to add new functionalities to the firmware to make the product act like an alarm monitoring center. I can share a little bit more via messaging. Detailed specification under NDA.

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    Arduino microcontroller

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    Porting 16KB program from a Motorola MC6HCO5 to a Microchip PIC24FJ128GC010 or similar. This instrument measures the output of a pressure sensor and two temperature sensors and drives a seven segment LCD array and BLE serial output. Expect 25 year old code would be converted to and edited in Linux.

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    We are currently looking for an individual with experience as an instructor/tutor to lead a 3-day (21 hours) training on the topic of Advanced Arduino Programming remotely online for 1 participant. The training is set to cover both basic and advanced topics such as: - Programming the Arduino - How to Not Blow up GPIO Pins and Other Safety Precautions - Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) - Underst...

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    I need to use the stm32 microcontroller in order to sample the input AC voltage/current with higher accuracy.

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    PCB Layer stack project 已经结束 left

    We need to build a modular PCB setup with a backplane like bus. We will supply the schematics and block diagram, we need the layout done. The pcbs shall be integrated into one panel for cheaper assembly Milestones: Schematic design. PCB layout ready and reviewed. PCB prototype assembled. Passed electrical and functional testing Mounting in ASV-E and ASV-S The design will consist of several inte...

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    We have a project that functions and allows a PC to read information from a Nuvoton Microcontroller connected to a Storage Device. All the code is written, however at the moment communication is limited to using the UART port on the MCU, which is slow and inconvenient. We want to change from UART to VCOMM, The VCOMM class should work on both Windows and Linux machines (there is sample code from Nu...

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    I need someone experienced on microcontrollers to fix a bug on comunication protocol, i need expert to have it done very quickly.

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    I would like help to quickly get started developing on esp32 microcontroller development boards. I would like to: - develop in C (recommend an IDE) - help me setup and use a debugger - build an app that makes queries via one uart to a digital sensor and store the result, while listening on another uart that will query for the stored result asynchronously - send text messages via bluetooth to a c...

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    1 - Perform communication between ADE7758 integrated circuit and arduino mega using the arduino IDE as a compiler. 2 - Create a code for three-phase power line records and also examples of how to calibrate them. 3 - This project should provide the complete code and also the schematic for connecting the ADE7758 to the Arduino Mega. 4 - Send the results of the recorders to a serial monitor or lcd as...

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    I need an app that schedules events and controls a raspberry pi 3 which in turn controls multiple microcontrollers (Node MCU’s or Arduino) though a LoRa (RF) module. The functionality should work online and offline. i.e., this is not a standalone IoT project and will need the functionality to work when there is an internet connection and when internet is not available. I have to see example...

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    i want to create a small business regarding smarthouse, therefore i was hoping if anyone could help me with the coding for the flowcharts.

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    I want a code written in Keil mdk v5, that filters Mifare Ultralight and Ultralight C from other types of piccs, reads the 7 byte UID using STM32F103C8 microcontroller and MFRC522 RFID reader connected with SPI interface.

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    Coding for STM32H7 已经结束 left

    I need a person experienced with coding for STM32H7 microcontroller, possibly for long term cooperation. You need to have code examples to do with ADC and Ethernet, and Nucleo-H743 board for testing.

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    I need a schematic review and component optimization for a circuitry I designed. The board features a PoE+ connection, Ethernet Phy, battery charger, battery gauge and protection, microcontroller, Buck converter, and LDO. It is powered by a 2s4p battery pack (Li-Ion) or PoE+. The battery pack is charged over PoE+. A block diagram can be found attached. The board has a high component count: >...

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    SENSOR INSTRUMENT PROJECT We have a prototype board (HH) which has one STM32L microcontroller and one STM32F microcontroller; several control buttons; a Bluetooth Module and a colour LCD display. Our original engineer wrote Firmware for this board which works. This Firmware is loaded onto the board using the STM32 ST-LINK Utility Program and USB hardware adapter to a JTAG connector. A simple measu...

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    i want a freelancer for developing the servo control card using pic microcontroller in mikroc compiler

    $5491 (Avg Bid)
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    Need an API to read data from Adafruit air/particle sensors through a Espressif ESP2 Wroom microcontroller

    $3621 (Avg Bid)
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    I want a code written in Keil mdk v5, that filters Mifare Ultralight and Ultralight C from other types of piccs, reads the 7 byte UID using STM32F103C8 microcontroller and MFRC522 RFID reader connected with SPI interface.

    $740 (Avg Bid)
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