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    ...and the peers make a request to the server with the roomID in the url. RoomID will be put in the same room and they start streaming video and audio. But it's too insecure and I need to generate a diffie hellman key pair on each peer (both desktop and mobile) and exchange the public keys. But I could not figure out how DH key exchange works. And where the keys are stored in mobile and how I can access them from the mobile phone so that I can encrypt the audio with the phones public key and then on the phone i can decrypt it using the key. (需要做的是为我在webrtc服务器上直播视频和音频的现有项目增加DH密钥交换算法的功能。 我原来的项目代码是录音web端和手机端的音频,并将它们进行比较延迟,作为两个端是否是在同一环境的双因素身份验证。我要改进的是使用webrtc直播音频来比较它们,把录音这一步替换掉。 我已经做好了的是部署webrtc信号服务器和可以直播视频和音频的url链接。现在连接的运作方式是,我用一个roomID创建一个房间,然后用户群用url里的roomID向服务器发出请求。RoomID会被放在同一...

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    你好,我有个工作需要用到google sheet , microsoft excel ,主要是统计和计算,需要的技巧是对formula 熟悉,有兴趣可回复

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    你好,我有个工作需要用到google sheet , microsoft excel ,主要是统计和计算,需要的技巧是对formula 熟悉,有兴趣可回复

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    你好,我有个工作需要用到google sheet , microsoft excel ,主要是统计和计算,需要的技巧是对formula 熟悉,有兴趣可回复

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    你好,我有个工作需要用到google sheet , microsoft excel ,主要是统计和计算,需要的技巧是对formula 熟悉,有兴趣可回复

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    ... In addition to providing security related to the centralized financial ecosystem, it also provides the best of both worlds advantages, providing all the cost-effectiveness, easy access, transparency and rapidity of defi income agriculture Moon farm optimizes the yield agriculture interest (apyi APR) and provides users with the ability to choose the farm they want to use. Otherwise, the system will automatically use the yield optimization engine to determine the best farming strategy. Our vision: Become a leading platform for yield optimization of cedefi; Bridge the gap between cefi and defi; Eliminate the access threshold of planting industry and improve the user experience; Provide better utilization of funds; Create powerful optimizations to provide the best interests f...

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    A calendar applet with multiple features, including time booking, team collaboration, shared calendars, online subscriptions, and more. Requirements: 1. Must have a deep understanding of the booking 2. Must be familiar with the common calendar application 3. Must have a deep understanding of teamwork and access control 4. Must be familiar with WeChat / applet / public number 一 个具有多种功能的日历小程序,包括时间预订,团队协作,共享日历,在线订阅等。 要求: 1. 必须对预订有深刻理解 2. 必须熟悉常见日历应用 3. 必须对团队协作,权限控制有深刻理解 4. 必须熟悉微信/小程序/公众号

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    1.在access选项卡下增加购买栏,后台可以输入金额,前台用户访问页面时支付相应金额以后可以访问内容; 2.用户可以自己购买用户组,用户支付一定的金额,可以在一段时间内成为某一个用户组成员 3.支付方式包含支付宝和微信支付(扫码、链接等都需要支持) 4.详细说明请查看附加文件

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    我需要ERP软件供应商如Microsoft Dynamics,SAP Business One,Netsuite,Acumatica,Epicor和Infor在中国的所有合作伙伴的excel报告。 我需要excel报告包含以下信息: - 公司名 - 地址 - 网址 - 与其合作的供应商(每个竞争对手的单独列)。 一些公司可能与多个供应商合作 - 每个供应商的合作层级或级别。 - 姓名,电子邮件地址和Linkedin公司首席执行官/创始人/董事总经理从每个合作伙伴。 我只是一个名字。

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    我需要ERP软件供应商如Microsoft Dynamics,SAP Business One,Netsuite,Acumatica,Epicor和Infor在中国的所有合作伙伴的excel报告。 我需要excel报告包含以下信息: - 公司名 - 地址 - 网址 - 与其合作的供应商(每个竞争对手的单独列)。 一些公司可能与多个供应商合作 - 每个供应商的合作层级或级别。 - 姓名,电子邮件地址和Linkedin公司首席执行官/创始人/董事总经理从每个合作伙伴。 我只是一个名字。

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    你好: 我要開發一套門禁系統與監控系統,人員不須到現場協助客戶看屋。 請參考以下網站 開發類似這套系統。 與開發 的網站做應用 請問您可以開發嗎? I want to develop a set of access control systems and monitoring systems, personnel do not have to go to the scene to help customers see the house.

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    我現在有一個以visual foxpro 編寫的軟件,它會自動從網上下載資料並儲存在電腦中,透過軟件的介面顯示所需資料。現在的項目想將下載並儲存在電腦的DATA擷取到EXCEL/ACCESS,從而不用透過FOXPRO 編寫的程式也可以利用EXCEL/ACCESS 作查詢。由於軟件的介面是中文,所以必需懂得中文才可以完成這個項目。

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    Microsoft Access 编程师 懂英文 工资可以按小时计算,也可以总价

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    我们目前有一个基于Windos Access 的一个内部应用软件, 我们希望能将其用WINDEV 来重新开发 以便于我们之后的应用。指定使用WINDEV 开发软件。在我们公司坐班工作,直到项目完成。

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    我需要一个网页能够做中国象棋打谱,并储存Microsoft SQL Server, 做直播

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    1. App download to allow user to access the internet thru our company servers.. 2. GEO Location of device for clients when they enter the office building to know where they are. 3. Building lay out, with using scan QR codes to let clients know where they are at precisely 4. USING wifi, A-GPS and GPS to access location INSIDE the building and on different floors 5. Allow downloading of pamphlets and documents helps references for services provided in the entire 10 story building along with each specific floors 7. Will need ongoing support for at least 1 year, 8. Within the app, the layout for the client changes and makes changes based on the wifi positioning. 9. Smart app controller, allowing the app to control simple internet connected items (lights, switches) will ...

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    Requires a database that helps users in our company to organise different packaging specifications for each of our products. Since different customers require different packaging format of the same products, we need to be able to pick from existing packaging format or create new format for each customer. Requires the following functions. 1) Product overview (list all the items, and related different packaging specifications) 2) Functions that allow users to alter and add new packaging format for each item. 3) Functions that allow users to pick different products (and its respective forma) and output the selection to Excel or PDF 4) An import and export function that allows us to import all the existing packaging data into the database.

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    项目: - 一个牙医软件模块; - 部分功能基于开源控件实现; - 开发环境为C#, MSSQL Server, MS Access (MDB); - 1.1 版本已经完成并在使用; - 现按照用户要求有所改动; - 改动分为2个阶段,1.2版本和2.0版本; - 1.2版本预计一个月内完成; - 2.0版本预计二个月; 要求: - 熟识C#,.NET, MSSQL,MS ACCESS; - 使用第三方控件经验; - 懂看简单英文需求; 项目本身是加拿大外包的,我人在东莞,可以到我这里开会,也可以到深圳开会,让你了解该程序和其需求以便报价。 有兴趣的,请QQ 1073158942 联系,或电 15820998667 (何生)

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    1. 设计及建立公司内部网站(登录访问),主要信息包括各部门主要架构、流程及手册,同时包括最新公司动态,行业信息等。信息披露分层,二层不超过10页,三层以上不超过30页。简单的网页间连接。同时包括一个内部Forum (论坛)可以让员工共享相关行业及知识信息。 2. 在同一网站上建立一个内部应用系统加数据库,主要流程涵盖客户记录及贷款状态录入及更新。数据库不超过10个表, 每个表大概10-20个字段,主数据每月新数据不超过500条记录,总数据量大概每年新增50000条。 数据库机构初步包括:客户表、介绍人表、佣金表、新交易表、交易历史记录表等。 应用系统主要功能是录入、查询及产生报表。 安全考虑上可以根据访问人员的ID呈现可以访问的界面及相关报表。 3. 希望网站建设可以使用较简单的HTML5、Access数据库设计,以方便未来的自行维护。 4. 全部网页为英文。

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    1.要識中文,善於溝通 2. Access 基本運作 (關聯圖,報表,表單等等) -要將所有資料整理及關聯,方便我們尋找客人的資料 -要按我們需要及要求製作表單和報表 -需要各負責人交代有關運作及其用途

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    1. 需要3000句英-日例句。 格式: (交付档案时请用Microsoft Excel檔) jog When I was young, I used to jog in the morning. 私は、若かった時、よく朝ジョギングしました。 2. 会提供单词列表. 3. 所有的句子(包括英文与日文)不能有文法错误且要母语人士用法。 4. 所有的句子必须是原创的,并且不侵害到任何知识产权。 5. 雇主拥有独家版权,不可转售或交付给第三者。 6. 需先签合同。

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    ... 利润最大化通过开发和制作百度,搜狗,360显示广告,规划和部署PPC活动。 -赢得优质的、显著的PPC项目进展。 -通过PPC或付费点击追踪、更新跟踪和更新流量模式。 -负责PPC报告,包括每周和每月项目报告,分析该项目的表现,评估投资回报率对关键指标和优化支出的最大价值。 -培训营销人员,监督各项目进展,以确保团队的优质表现。 -参与或主持高级管理层及营销团队的会议。 -发掘、聘用、指导和激励线上营销人员在技术及应用层面发挥最大潜能。 技能与经验要求: -良好的教育背景。 -渴望成功。 -拥有5年以上的任职PPC经理/百度网盟专家的经历。 -有参与SEM竞标技术、自动化功能的经验。 -善写广告文案,懂得就项目进行专业层面的比较。 -能够管理、指导大批富有经验的团队成员工作。 -有从众多数据中获取信息、做出清晰判断与明智角色的经验,善用Excel与Access. -优秀的客户处理能力和书面、口头沟通技巧。 -杰出的项目管理能力,能同时管理多个项目,并确保项目按时运作。 -能够适应瞬息万变的线上营销趋势。 -能够萌生新创意、执行新想法。 -能够从头至尾地带领、管理并参与任一项目。 -富有职业道德及旺盛的精力。

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    Access 2013 Web App 在线的顾客管理系统。用户登录后在主页看每日摘要: 1.近一个月内新加入的顾客 2.正在处理中的顾客列表 3.总顾客数量 点击添加新顾客按钮可以弹出窗口添加新顾客 点击顾客名可以弹出顾客详细信息,并可以打印该详细信息

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    网站的导航条有5个栏目:首页、产品、解决方案、成功案例、关于我们 每个栏目下的分类规划如下: 首页:布局精简 产品:Microsoft、Citrix、Symantec、Sophos、Vmware、HP、Dell(可以自主添加条目) 解决方案:虚拟化、云计算、IT安全(可以自主添加条目) 成功案例:待定(可以自主添加条目) 关于我们:公司背景、宗旨方向、招贤纳士、团队风采、联系我们 附加说明: 1.当鼠标停留在某个栏目上面时,会自动列出该栏目下的分类信息 2.对于每个栏目下的页面,希望参考以下布局格式,在左侧框架点击某个条目后,右侧框架显示出相应的条目详细内容。 3.在网站的首页边侧放置一个固定悬浮框,用来放置公司的二维码图与联系信息

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me create a Learning Management System (LMS) using WordPress. The LMS will have the following features: - Course management: I need the ability to create and manage multiple courses on the platform. - User management: The LMS should allow me to create and manage user accounts, track their progress, and provide access to different courses based on their roles. - Assessment and grading: I want to be able to create quizzes and assessments for each course and have the system automatically grade them. I do not have a preferred WordPress LMS plugin, so I am open to suggestions. However, it is important that the chosen plugin has the ability to handle more than 10 courses. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in developing LM...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with a data entry project. The task involves entering details such as invoice details and client records into Microsoft Excel. The ideal candidate should have experience in data entry and be proficient in using Microsoft Excel. This is a moderate complexity task that requires attention to detail and accuracy.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to convert my MyBB forum into an HTML version. ...the anonymity links must be there. - I could use HTTrack to do it but currently I don't have the time or use a online site ripper but I am sure I can find a freelancer that knows how to configure it so it can be downloaded by the forum admins and moderators so that any of us can the threads that meanwhile might come reported. - We will provide a temporary account with admin rights in order to access the whole forum - The HTML version is to be sent to a account Design: - I am open to suggestions for the design of the HTML version If this job goes well this is a task to be replicated from time to time The price the freelancer asks has to be in line with the already tools available on th...

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    I need assistance to transfer data from a SQL database to an Oracle database, and to do so on a schedule. I have access to both the SQL and Oracle databases. The size of the data that needs to be transferred is less than 1GB, and I require some simple mapping/transformations to be applied during the transfer. Your expertise is required to complete this project.

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    Hi am participating to a tender and need to prove some windows license registered on portal so I need wsomeone with max licences posßible as windows office 365 server ect to endorse my company name some how on the Microsoft portal or to start as my softwares analist worker so I can present in the tender

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    I am looking for someone who can assist me with setting up remote access in ConnectWise (screenconnect). Specific Task: - Setting up remote access Specific Requirements for Remote Access Setup: - Specific device access Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with ConnectWise (screenconnect) - Knowledge of setting up remote access in ConnectWise - Familiarity with configuring user permissions and troubleshooting connectivity issues If you have the necessary skills and experience, please provide details of your previous work in ConnectWise or similar remote access tools.

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    More details: Innata Foundation We are a Non Profit Organization to help patients with help patients with underlying genetic conditions. This could cover a large expect rum of syndromes or diseases from Diabetes, or Cancer to rare Genetic conditions. We built a basic Mobile app on Github HTML, Java script code, and tried to build the DB on Firebase but we didn't have any expertise on our volunteers team. How many collections and documents will be included in your database? Access to our Firebase DB and Github Do you have a specific structure or schema in mind for your database? Yes, I have a specific structure in mind. ( we did a DB schema on a power point or word file. What specific features or functionality do you want your Firebase DB to have? Re...

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    Hi Mark H., I once again would like to hire you to complete some papers for me. its 3 papers and I can give you the access you need. lets chat ASAP

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    i need an app browser 6 天 left

    I am looking for a skilled app developer who can create a browser app for Android. The main function of the app would be to access specific websites. Requirements: - The app should be compatible with Android devices. - I have specific design and feature requirements that need to be incorporated into the app. - I am open to suggestions and input, but I do have some ideas that I would like to discuss with the developer. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing Android apps. - Knowledge of browser app development. - Ability to incorporate specific design and feature requirements into the app. - Strong communication skills to discuss and provide input on the project. i need an android app browser . which has functions like bookmarks , seperate session on same browser ...

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    ...(max 15-minute) where you discuss your project, decisions made, or any challenges you encountered. 2) We'd love a full video or a bunch of short videos per step how you build your project from empty directory. The videos should include your explanation about why, where, what you are about to do. After completing the project: 1. Push your code to a private repository on GitHub. 2. Grant read access to us. 3. Include a README with instructions for running your code or viewing your demo. 4. Share the required videos mentioned above. We're interested in more than just the finished product. We want to understand: • Does this person understand Laravel? Vue? Bootstrap? Git? • Does this person use Unit Testing appropriately? • Does this person write clean, ma...

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    PowerBi dashboard should be restricted to my website. Similar how a public version would work but restricted only to my website and without the need for users to authorize with Microsoft PowerBi.

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    Title: Outlook and Microsoft Teams Support Description: I am looking for a freelancer who can provide assistance with Outlook and Microsoft Teams. The project involves resolving specific issues related to email synchronization, as well as providing guidance on how to solve these issues. Requirements: - Intermediate knowledge of Outlook and Microsoft Teams - Experience with troubleshooting email synchronization problems - Familiarity with calendar management and file sharing in Outlook and Teams - Ability to provide clear and concise guidance on issue resolution - Strong communication skills to effectively guide and assist the client Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Outlook and Microsoft Teams - Expertise in troubleshooting email synchronization issues ...

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    Cisco Packet tracer 6 天 left

    This includes generating a threat report to identify vulnerabilities, implementing redundancy via Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) for service continuity, and designing a secure WLAN architecture for guest access. Practical configuration in Cisco Packet Tracer is essential, alongside theoretical assessments. The final stages involve setting up a WLAN proxy server with Application Service Redirection (ASR) and testing the setup using specific interrogation tools to ensure optimal security across the network.

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    ...match the UI of the old site. ● If the project includes a user dashboard, ensure that it matches the UI of the old site using CSS and JavaScript. ● Ensure that the new site looks and functions like old site on all common screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile). Access and Collaboration: ------------------------------------------ ● You will receive access to the WordPress admin through our project management portal. ● All tasks must be completed using the WordPress admin, child theme files editing, and standard theme customization. ● Access to FTP, Database and other WordPress files are not required and will not be provided for this project. Standards and Team Collaboration: --------------------------------------------------------- ● It is crucial that you adhere to...

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    ...the description fully before applying.... I am looking for a Flutter developer to create an Email & SMS Marketing Tool specifically for Web platform. Following needs to be the features supported: 1. Drag n Drop email Template builder that exports email designs in HTML 2. Upload or Select the Audience to send email / SMS 3. Schedule the campaign 4. Show Campaign Analytics 5. Standard Login and Access management (Supervisors & Email Marketer Roles only) For the Back-end processes like Email scheduling, Email Sending, Analytics etc, APIs will be provided and we would be consuming those APIs. SO no need to create mailservers/schedulers etc in flutter. Rather everything that's needed will be consumed from backend using mautic APIs. The ideal candidate for this projec...

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    I am an administrator for a startup company that subscribs to a Microsoft 365 license. There was a difficulty in the setup process. We cannot access hardware support options under the Microsoft 365 admin center page. The pictures are below. What should I do? I have contacted Microsoft support many times, to no avail, and have not even been able to get a useful reason。I hope someone can solve this problem for me

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    Hey , i hope you are going well. I'm experienced content writer logo Designer copywriter translator and Article writer. I will solve your project within your given time. My project solving charges are reasonable. Please reply me as soon as possible. Waiting for your kind you very much and congratulations on your work

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    Application will help customer to search for loans, insurance and stocks. App will be hybrid and will have role based access and seperate dashboards for Customer, Employee role based view, Partner view and Admin view. It's Admin/specific employee or team shall have features such as employee management, lead management, F&A management, Product management, Partner management, Push notification, application performance monitoring and marketing Payment terms - Full payment on bug free delivery, no advance payment please. Looking for delivery asap

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    I have an existing WordPress website that is currently down and I'm not sure if I have a backup. I would like help restoring it with specific elements that are important to me. I know that the website is down and I'm not sure if I have a backup, but I would like to restore the specific theme, plugins, and pages that I need. I was receiving a "Your PHP Installation Appears to Be Missing the down and I'm not sure if I have a backup, but I would like to restore the specific theme, plugins, and pages that I need. I was receiving a "Your PHP Installation Appears to Be Missing the MySQL Extension Which Is Required by WordPress." error. I tried to follow step 2 of this tutorial and now i'm getting a 500 error. I have cPanel access

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me upload my token ICO Node.js script on my shared hosting with cPanel. Hosting Provider: Namecheap Access Credentials and Permissions: I have the necessary access credentials and permissions. Node.js Compatibility: The script is compatible with a version of Node.js 14.18 Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Node.js and cPanel - Experience with uploading scripts on shared hosting environments - Knowledge of ICO token scripts and their deployment processes - Familiarity with the specific version of Node.js required for the script

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    I am seeking a talented designer and developer who can help me create a user-friendly, sophisticated web app. The primary goal of this web app is to provide user registration and login, ensuring users can securely access the app and all of its features as well as interacting with a dynamic back end: 1. Assessment - Chatting on a specific topic Allows the user to chat in real-time on a topic of his own choice Similar interface to ChatGPT 2. Assessment results - Chatting on a specific topic Text (no visual) representation of results such as misspelled words or other data returned by the API 3. Assessment - Essay writing Allows the user to write an essay to submit for assessment Includes character / word counter Various validations possible, such as the minimum essay length (in charact...

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    Remote access 6 天 left

    Hi, I'm looking for assistance in setting up secure remote access for up to 5 users. The remote access solution I'm looking for is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) so that I can enable remote working in a secure environment. All five users will need to access shared files and resources in a secure manner, and also have the ability to collaborate effectively in order to get their work done. I'm looking for a remote access provider who can provide reliable, cost-effective solutions with minimal setup time, and easy to use interfaces. If you have experience with setting up secure VPNs, please get in touch and let's discuss this project further. Thanks!

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