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    ...Explorer, The development of monetization, Coin Web Wallet, Blockchain development services Development of software Cryptocurrency Exchange, Token Development development services. Development of administrator coins Development of Bitcoin MLM software Extraction and production of crypto currency The program will run on the entire platform: Windows 32,

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    fix all issue in my opencart site listed under google pagespeed and gtmatrix and help me optimize image coming from 3rd party source and also help me through some simple code (responsive codes of slider) message me for more details

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    Even up mlm system 已经结束 left

    I would like to have a simple even up mlm system.

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    The founders of The Harmony Community - An Eco-sustainable Residential Development ...Founding members - who are experienced online and media communicators and designers. Preference will be given to those with experience with multi-level platforms like forced Matrix,. Strong SEO knowledge, forms, membership galleries and or community blog styled web.

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    MLM website 已经结束 left

    I need a new MLM [登录来查看链接] contain only binary income. Contact me[removed by admin]

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    EzyGold Software Project 已经结束 left

    EzyGold Software.. template based MLM affiliate system PHP, MySQL. Software already downloaded. Install 4 top menu (sub-folder) dropdown pages from PSD layout already created. Convert each psd to HTML and install layout into software. Please PM for website and sample PSD single page. Thank you

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    Need help ...1- statistic preliminary analysis (such as plot analysis, correlation matrix analysis) 2- unit root tests if you look at the attachment you will see my expectation content of this chapter. interview is applied before signing the project. skills required: Eviews software economic economatrics writing skills English language

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    34 竞标 and specified cloud drive Output a photo from dual camera, registered to the depth map bitmap, on local phone storage and specified cloud drive Output camera intrinsics matrix returned for dual camera on local phone storage and specified cloud drive Note, it should ideally be made clear in what reference frame the intrinsics apply Derive point

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    ...3-model-b-2 Small Case (can be used as sample and extended to fit my size) [登录来查看链接]:2528028 [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] Will need step files and stl for test printing. Money will

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    Trophy icon Advertisment for a conference handbook 已经结束 left

    ...logo created by now, so feel fee to do anything you want. TOP HEADER: Real-Time ThreatIntelligence - RTTI Our suggestions: Use a nice background for IT Security, like MAtrix, or a globe with data or anything in that direction. Text which needs to show up: ---------- Get Real-Time Threat Intelligence Data ---------- Junkware Corrupted

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    Matrix file stations 已经结束 left

    Make Station Through vlookup in excel.

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    Using a matrix of numbers 1 to 73 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7...73) in a shape of a Star, there are patterns arising. all numbers from 1 to 73 equal 2701. I want a software that I can input values such as 1998 and 703 and the software will display this on the star it self and count how many arrangements are there for this configuration. This should be done both

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    MLM System Expert only 已经结束 left

    I need MLM System for our business. I will find good experience developer on MLM System. Check attached file.

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    Hello i have a condsat python code ...simple dataset. It is important to prove it like a “base-case” 1. Pick a simple binary dataset with a known problem 2. Apply condsat on it to build a decision tree using the matrix of condsat (1 or 0) 3. Shows the result of using condsat as decision tree for this dataset Only bid if you understand the problem

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    Project for Elad S. -- 8 已经结束 left

    Hi Elad, as per previous message, this is the second video this week (project 8) on the QuickQuote Matrix. I'll send you the brief and video download link shortly. Thanks, Alison

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    1 竞标 production, we create a dot matrix display from incandescent light bulbs. As part of the project, we need to be able to simulate the display on the computer screen, as part of the control software. I need a Python programmer with some tkinter experience to develop a tkinter canvas based display for a dot matrix display: Display only, no control

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    About image Kernels: An image kernel is a small matrix used to apply effects like the ones you might find in Photoshop or Gimp, such as blurring, sharpening, outlining or embossing. We are using Image Kernel based on Ramanujam sumns (series of summation) and a different matrix is used for edge detection. Then we have to apply this edge detection

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    ...Goals & Objectives - Work flow & Processes - Compliance to Legislation - KPIs for monitoring - Communication Lines / Organisational Chart / RACI Charts, Accountability matrix - Organisation & Resources (Training, HR, Finance, PPE) - Contractor & Supplier Management (Qualification, Evaluation, Selection & Monitoring) - Risk Management (Risk Assessment

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    I am a one woman band, a yoga therapist and MLM entrepreneur, wanting to transfer content and add new content (partly from a website, partly from PDF) to a new site. I have a new domain name, but want the old one to redirect to the new site too. I started (below is the temporary link), but I don't have the time, and frankly, it looks bitty and incoherent:

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    Task [登录来查看链接] can use your existing MLM project to modify Admin 2. I must see the unilelevel setup 3. I must sethe rank setup for direct commission 4. Payment by cash or donation 5. purchases bonus Front end 1. unilevel bonus must /365 days and increment daily 2. must show affiliate marketing ID 3. must show total earnings etc 4. withdrawal request

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    I am looking for an experienced recruiter to help recruit for my MLM business. I have 2 business opportunities at one time to create multiple streams of income! The recruiter must have basic understanding about how MLM works. For more information please contact me. Pay is $75 For every person you recruit that enrolls as a affiliate and purchases the

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    MLM website 已经结束 left

    I want a multilevel marketing website based on php and JS

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    It's an mlm projects it should be like [登录来查看链接] pvt ltd but different price listings

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    I have two excel matrix. 1 imported from PDF , huge amount of data in one column only. 2nd is the matrix csv i have to finalize in order to have all the information into the same column. Huge data entry work, but simple, no need to know any technical skills, only patience and have a great sense of order and data organization.

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    Need a ready-made website for MLM binary. New developers please avoid. Persons already having MLM network software only contact me.

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    HTML5 canvas drawing 已经结束 left

    ...canvas drawing methods. 3. 50 kb lenght + scalable +compatible (thats why html5 canvas drawing methods) 4. letter must turn side to side like in video 5.matrix inside letter "B" too, i have upload matrix what you can use or write your own [登录来查看链接] page must turn side to side like in video [登录来查看链接] you can accomplish this i got more stuff to do (this html page

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    Input: A 2D-matrix A with m rows and n columns. Two parameters k1 and k2, where k1 and k2 are both positive integers. Output: (k1 × k2) co-clusters of the matrix A, where k1 is the number of partitions of the m rows and k2 is the number of partitions of the n columns. Main Variables: A non-negative integer k as the loop counter; A k1 × k2 matrix X with each

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    M.B.S e books 已经结束 left

    I am writing an eBook and i need some help to complete it. the Content need to be edited and completed. the book is about the secret of numbers and the matrix of the future ( spiritual & educational )

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    I want a complete mlm binary web application with payment and sms gateway integration

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    ...adjust the price per position and the length and the width of the forced matrix I want credit card and debit card for deposit method and debit card and wiretransfer for withdrawl method I want the matrix to start at $0.1 per position I want to see positions go into the forced matrix as I purchase positions. I want to be able to purchase upto 7,000 positions

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    Saya membutuhkan website baru Membuat dan mendesainnya Lainnya atau tidak yakin Sya ingin membuat website jasa dan mirip MLM jaringan matahari

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    ARRAYS in C 已经结束 left

    You can find all i...aimed to find the hidden treasure within a treasure map designed as a matrix. For this purpose, the map and key data must be read from the file. Afterwards, the key must be moved on the map depending on the rules. The result of the multiplication of the map matrix and the key matrix will give an idea of the place of the treasure.

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    12 竞标 ( front and rear ) which you will use them to get the final result as in the youtube video. - for removing the distortion you need to use calculation and I have the matrix for the videos I have - Only Bid if you can complete the project until the end. - no payment for half work. you will get paid after confirming the final result. - lowest

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    Urgently need a php developer for my ongoing project .

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    I want you to only type what I have in the report. I lost it and I have no time to type it again

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    I want all features in website as needed by a MLM ecommerce website and MLM ecommerce software. Some features and requirement described in the doc. attached.I want to pay in INR currency.

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    I have a formula that uses three input matrices. Must know how to inverse, transpose and mmult a matrix in excel. Also, want this done quickly...

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    8 竞标 magazine that focuses on exploring a range of social, political, and economic issues from a variety of perspectives. For example, we are looking to publish an issue revolving around the topic of 'Gun Control'. We then solicit authors from varying political/economic perspectives (i.e., liberals, libertarians, conservatives, socialists, anarchists

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    Digital Insurer Drawing 已经结束 left

    ...Learning organization: The drawing should illustrate how organizational governance has developed over the last decades: from a classical hierarchical reporting structure, over a matrix organization, until today's agile network including squads, tribes, guilds. The inspiration was the typical evolution drawing (see attached file "Leaning organizations 2")

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    My Plan is described in the doc file attached.

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    Data Entry Excel 已经结束 left

    ...descriptions. Just their main innovation and focus. Max. 10 words. Besides the 100 biotech companies there are 52 IT companies to be entered into the matrix. Some are in agro, some in tourism. The matrix should be split into Agro and Tourism related companies, see also excel sheet. If an IT company is engaged in both business sectors (agro and tourism)

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    Data Entry Excel 已经结束 left

    ...descriptions. Just their main innovation and focus. Max. 10 words. Besides the 100 biotech companies there are 52 IT companies to be entered into the matrix. Some are in agro, some in tourism. The matrix should be split into Agro and Tourism related companies, see also excel sheet. If an IT company is engaged in both business sectors (agro and tourism)

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    Urgent requirement of an mobile application to fetch data from an matrix of an excel sheet into an application along with advance android features.

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    SEO for one website 已经结束 left

    Hi I am looking for some one to do complete SEO for my one website. Please provide Quotes, activity and results matrix for the same.

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    I have a csv file with the tweets per hour and the weight based on the count of the number of tweets for that hour. To create a document term matrix where the value for each term should take in consideration the weight value as well.

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