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    ...This is a ranking voted by users. Later, I felt that this is a really good project, and it has gained popularity abroad, but it hasn't really become popular yet. It was decided that everyone would make it full-time. The game has not yet been launched, and will be launched on May 5. Our first crowdfunding, we got nearly one million dollars in fundraising within 5 days. However, the ship design and model at that time could not reach the quality approval of the team. After the game is launched in the future, the sale of ships will be one of our main income channels, so long-term cooperation is needed to provide a stable and high-quality original painting and modeling team for a long time. The cost of the specific original painting and modeling is not lower than the market price...

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    Build chinese content sharing platform for users to write and share posts for certain ads revenue sharing. Examples:

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    3 个竞标 and get a few people to see several people evaluate the situation , evaluation of high automatic sorting front pages dynamic display large image rotation and other related site Notice winning information, you need responsive technology that uses HTML5 CCS3 BOOTSTRAP database technology can be applied on a PC, IPAD, mobile phones and other terminals. Currently uploaded photos are only examples and LOGO. 展示绘画作品、上传下载、作品评价、作品及作者信息、会员注册等,作品分素描、油画、水粉、书法等,通过每件作品都可以放大单独显示,并得到几人看几个人评价情况,评价高的自动排序在前,网页大图轮换动态显示网站公告等相关获奖作品信息,需要响应式技术,利用HTML5CCS3BOOTSTRAP数据库等技术,可在PC、IPAD、手机等终端上应用。目前上传的只是示例照片和LOGO。

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    PHP Programmer Needed 已经结束 left

    目前我们有个PHP项目(已有国外accelerator选中),主要是帮助欧洲中小企业更好地找中国大陆的产品或者供应商。 希望找一位负责任的PHP工程师,developer Laravel to mantain web application already done (90%) based on support tickets model. Requested skill: HTML, CSS e Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and jQuery, Blade, Eloquent and basic knowlege of LAMP to work in deploy mode. 目前我们考虑的是技术入股(都可以商量),有兴趣的话,其他方面都可以详聊。 (只要有心做好这个项目,在职人员、自由职业者等都可以。懂英语的优先)

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    3D建模 已经结束 left

    3dsmax build 2 residential unit interior model + interior design Urgent 2 days per 1 unit ( total 2 units) Residential size: around 400 square feet

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    3D建模 , A simulation 已经结束 left

    User can move back and forth following a predefined route and click on the objects on the route to see the 3D model and text description. It's like a very simple FPS game. 用户以第一人称视角在固定线路上移动,途中可以点击定义好的物品对象,阅读文字说明和3D模型。就像一个非常简单的第一人称视角的游戏。

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    This project is to develop the prototype 3d model of a transformer-like plastic robot toy product. We have done the concept design and need experienced designer to help on completing the final assembling 3d model for prototype production (using 3d printing). The final 3d model needs to be ready for real production use. 诚邀有玩具工程设计相关经验的设计师参与完成一部变形金刚机器人塑料玩具的手板三维模型制作项目。本项目概念设计已经完成,现准备制作手板,需要解决关节机构、零件分件、卡扣卡位等日后生产所需技术问题。整个玩具大约设计有100个左右的零件。本次制作的模型将用于3d打印制作手板。

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    Requirement 3d model file(at least .stl ) into console and display this model by opengl and other lib and scale model by mouse operation, switch camera position (between front,back,left,right,top, one buttons one view ) the model nicely, lighting simulation is need as well the solid model ,make it hollow. (offset the mesh faces to one side, give it a thickness ) you have the ability to change pointcloud to mesh, plz notice us. f. windows platform . c++ is best for us. Criteria a. realize all the requirements i mentioned. b. submit the relevant source code c. finish in two or three weeks. me know you are solo or not btw ;) 一.软件要求 1.使用opengl等显示3D模型(最起码支持stl格式) 2.能够使用鼠标对模型进行旋转缩放等编辑,同时摄像机位置可以切换fr

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    It's an enclosure for a small (82x92x15 mm) electronic should be a fiew windows for electric connectors and indicators and a grill for ventillation. I will need both STL and CAD files.

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    Need to develop a plot to help communicate your model of what predicts strikes in the NY Mets 2021 Statcast data set. Develop a plot to help communicate your model of what predicts strikes in the NY Mets 2021 Statcast data set. Visualizing regression results can be difficult---some options you can try include: a series of pie or bar charts expressing conditional probabilities, a coefficient or "ladder" plot (there are R packages that will get you started, such as `arm`), using `geom_smooth()` with a method that works for logistic regression... Give it a try! Make a PDF (importing a PNG into Word may be easiest, or from RMarkdown if you are using RStudio) that includes your image and a short caption to help interpret your figure. Follow the "glamour of graphic...

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    Review model and check harmans one factor bias

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    13 个竞标 model based on W3C Verifiable Credentials Each pass has an expiry date (exp) and not before date (nbf) Issuer uses DID:WEB identifiers to resolve the public key used to verify the pass digital signature. CBOR Web Token (CWT) is the cryptographic structure used to represent claims in the pass, which uses Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) and CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (COSE). CWT is derived from JSON Web Token (JWTs), but is more compact. ECDSA with P-256 for the digital signature algorithm Base32 encoding of CWT into QR code in Alphanumeric mode, using a prefix of NZCP:/ and a version number. Some manipulation of the Base32 may be required when decoding. The specification has full examples of the QR code and a worked example for how to decode it in t...

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    We have a cycling app that performs several functions. And we want to include a pedaling recorder. But we are having a lot of difficulty in building the model in React Native capable of not being terminated by the cell's Operating System (Android and iOS). Mainly for the reason of memory usage. The job is to create the code in React Native that does not increase memory consumption and has the following characteristics: - Store GPS points locally (can be in Realme) - Store the timestamp of each point - Display the polyline on the map - Allow PAUSE, RESUME AND STOP - Calculate CURRENT speed, AVERAGE SPEED and TOTAL DISTANCE TRAVELED. The code needs to be simple to plug into our current code. Note: You don't have to worry too much about screen design. Everything is alre...

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    Its a customer project to delivery a IT cloud based data platform and operate model around it

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    Requirements: Web server APIs: 1. Trigger training - Fetch data from the third party resource - Prepare the dataset - Split the data set in training and testing sets 80/2...Prepare the dataset - Split the data set in training and testing sets 80/20 - Test 3-5 different ML algorithms for % of accuracy - Select the highest accuracy algorithm. - Store the model. 
 2. Get predictions - If the model is less than 1 month old, use the existing ML model to predict the today's price on the given parameters - If the model is more than 1 month old, train the model and respond to API call with a false (model is not ready). 3. Get the latest % accuracy on the...

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    ...action in Yemen, after the failure of the Yemeni state. Include sections for background; impacts to the intelligence community; impacts to US national security, impacts to the US national security process; and not less than 10 detailed talking points for SEN Wyden to be prepared to used during his confirmation hearing. The talking points should include a main point, with supporting - and sourced - examples, evidence or details. Also attach a one-page annex, Prepared Opening Statement, for SEN Wyden to read at his confirmation, specifically on your topic. Provide only enough background or historical information related to the event, as is necessary; this is not a history paper. ...

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    ...breadth of secondary research • Level of understanding of the chosen topic • Design of simulation models • Analysis of the results & the demonstration • Conclusions Reflection You will have to submit individual reflection on the research carried out by your group. It should include your comments on both literature and the design. You should also comment critically on the results of simulation model. This summary should not be more than 500 words. Suggested Topics • 1. Co-channel Interference Cancellation. • 2. LiFi Short Range Communications • 3. Massive MIMO technology • 4. Millimeter Wave Communications • 5. Mobility-Aware D2D Communications • 6. Fusion-Based Indoor Positioning • 7. Moving Target Defense &bu...

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    I have a 3d model and I want to create a 3d video for it

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    Trophy icon Logo (Foodz) 4 天 left

    We searching for logo designers, who could create a logo for our new company Foodz (Final Name). We going to sell meals like What we want you to come up with is a logo which relates to food meal service. We do not have any examples or sites yet, so we open to any idea.

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    Product photography -- 2 6 天 left

    We need someone based in the UK to take professional photos of our painting by numbers craft kit. Further details below. We will also need someone to edit the photos ready for use on our website, including some basic photoshop work, so let me know if you can also do this. A photo of the front...will also need someone to edit the photos ready for use on our website, including some basic photoshop work, so let me know if you can also do this. A photo of the front, back and side of the box Individual photos of each type of component in the box e.g. the brushes, paints, frame, hanger, canvas A photo of someone pretending to paint the canvas, and one without the person. Have attached some examples of what the kits look like. Further guidance will be provided once we've sent you ...

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    Сгенерировать результат для "PASSWORD_CLAIM_SIGNATURE" из примера кода в (см "// EXAMPLES"). Создать отдельный генератор для Python3, в котором на вход подаем PoolId, username, SECRET BLOCK, date, SRP_B, SALT в необходимом формате и порядке. На выходе строка для PASSWORD_CLAIM_SIGNATURE.

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    ...converted into groovy as it will be used as a Jenkins shared library. I have provided the files. You may need to initialise a new gradle project if it is not working out of the box 6 scripts that need converting: fetchCMDB + fetchCMDBTest fetchSecrets + fetchSecretsTest updateEnvDashboard + updateEnvDashboardTest The framework required: There are examples found in that link that may be useful. PLEASE AVOID ANYTHING RELATED TO SPOCK FRAMEWORK Test environment setup: Dynamodb table: Create a Dynamodb table called “env_dashboard”: And populate with these columns: envName component component_type appVersion status jenkinsUrlBuild DateTimeDeployment Create a secret in secrets manager called testSecret Add keys

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    Accounting Project 6 天 left

    ...much revenue should be recognised in the financial statements for the year ended 31 May 2020 Docks has a number of film studios and office buildings. The office buildings are in prestigious areas whereas the film studios are located "out of town" locations. At present, both types of buildings are valued using the "revaluation model". The management of Royal Docks wish to apply the "revaluation model" to the office buildings and the "cost model" to the film studios in the ended 31 May 2020. During the year, Royal Docks set up a theme park. In this case, only, the land and buildings on the park are leased on a single lease from a third party. The lease term is for 30 years, which is the remaining useful economic life of t...

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    Looking for two separate logos that can look similar. One saying “Lexington’s BEST After School” and one saying “Lexington’s BEST Summer Camp”. Would like for the colors to be blue and green in the logos. I provided some examples below.

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    Looking to create a modern and fresh Local Filmmaker Social Network and Self Distribution VOD Platform. References: - More Similar to This but with a much nicer and fresh UI With the ability to have Live Streaming (For 'Pro' users) Go live ...content is added to that category Notification System (User has followed/unfollowed, purchased content, mentioned you in a comment) Tagging and #Tagging in comments, uploaded content users can tag @username's to add them to a collab list on that particular movie Website to be PWA (Mobile Apps will be developed at a later stage, so API will need to be also be developed) Please provide me with examples of previous work that includes working with On Demand Video and Live Streaming

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    Are you a highly motivated, imaginative and creative graphic designer? eye for aesthetics and details. Therefore, by possessing these attributes the designer should be able to produce final graphic designs and layouts that are of high quality, unique, visually appealing and on-brand. In addition, a workflow process that involves 1 Concept, 3 Revision Rounds, Transfer of Copyright, Logo, Social Media Design is quite desirable. To apply please: 1. Provide some examples of your work 2. Let us know what you charge for a specific level of quality. 3. State whether you do custom design, templet designs or both. If you have read and understood this job post, please begin your response by stating the years of experience you have and express your passion for graphic design . T...

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    Epic skeleton rig -- 2 6 天 left

    Im looking for 3d modeler to rig my unreal engine character and do simulation for clothes and hair Sk mannequin skeleton

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    Report about a business idea includes Introduction, the Business Model Canvas, and The Value Proposition Canvas, and conclusion. Further details in the given files

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    Trophy icon Build a logo 2 天 left

    I’m looking for a logo design for a law firm. The name of the law firm is Radicle Law LLP. Logo should say “Radicle Law” Radicle means the first root that comes out of a seed. See image here: firm is Radicle Law LLP. Logo should say “Radicle Law” Radicle means the first root that comes out of a seed. See image here: So I’m looking for something with the themes: seed, growth, trees, plants, taking root, beginnings. Color: green. The logo will be used for LinkedIn, Instagram, website, letterhead, and Twitter. Logo examples I like: For legal reasons, do not copy the logos or I will not be able to use it.

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    I need help to write and execute code in python transformers to bert or other model on 2 or 3 data set and comper results

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    3d model product photos for website

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    Develop a marketing plan 6 天 left

    -The brand is: Boss -the objective is : launching line extension or brand extension for young working ladies in Saudi Arabia. -Please follow instruction in assignment question. -The attached Excel file (Canvas model) should be filled based on our marketing plan and please refer to the PDF file. - you should fill the options in the excel after doing research and it should be related to each other and logical. -For perceptual map don’t use price and quality use something professional. -prices should be in Saudi Riyal. -Sample is attached.(the sample is not complete)

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    ...Revision Rounds, Transfer of Copyright, Logo, Social Media Design. Are you a web designer? We are an up and coming sales and marketing company that specializes in offering web-design services such as UX, visual design, and e-commerce website development to high-end customers and we are looking for a skilled and professional designer to help us build the services. To apply please: 1. Provide a few examples of your work. 2. Let us know what you charge for a given level of quality. Also, so we know that you’ve read and understood this job post, please start off your response with how many years you’ve been doing this for., Please give us an estimated cost based on that and let us know if you need any more information to provide a quote, we're speaking to a ra...

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    the project is about writiing related work for adopting model of web serices security,

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    I have many examples in the field of operational research Like Reliability and weibul modeling, stochastic process like Poisson and Markov Chain as well as Linear programming. I need to convert these examples into matlab codes. Will send sample file upon request.

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    I need a mechanical engineer who is specialized in designing to design a bicycle model by doing a survey on its frames, sizes, components...etc, and doing the calculations and report based on it.

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    Hello, i want to find a person that can take a finished 3D model in Blender add rigging and kinematics. I want to create two models one for a 3D simulation software called MuJoCo and another one for ROS/Gazebo of the same model. Atlas as a robot model already exist in a previous version for both MuJoCo and ROS, I want to update it to the latest version. Both these seperated models should have one base model with the half ball hands and one with sandia hands (human like hands) attached to it. I want the models to be created as real as possible compared to the real Atlas robot. With amount of movement, and adding sensors and cameras like the real robot have. And as much as possible adding textures etc. Atlas new model (i will provide this one):

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    ...views, an animation shall overlap the original image. i.e. if the user clicks a wheel, the wheel starts turning. (The animation comes from us). The user shall type in an alias gamer name The app shall have a counter for the score In the end, the app shall show all gamers´score The app shall have embedded videos and image galleries. If you have the required skills, please contact us and send us examples that proof your krpano experience. Looking forward to meeting you, Dirk ...

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    The required is to write a Flutter code to be able to print Arabic POS receipt through PDA Android mobile device with built-in thermal printer. the PDA API version is 23 Android 6, Q2S model and I have attached the receipt sample that is needed to be implemented. in addition a picture of the device has been attached. the main task is to establish a connection to the built-in printer through AIDL channel. my requirements: 1- the receipt shall have a logo printed first. 2- bold text centered for the title 3-table for the bill items in Arabic, like: اسم المنتج الكمية السعر الأجمالي Item Desc. Quantity Price Amount 4- this code shall be able to call or print on a built-in PDA POS printer. if possible to use this package esc_pos_printer would be much better as my project already bui...

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    I have a 3d model and I want to create a 3d video for it

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    Need to develop a plot to help communicate your model of what predicts strikes in the NY Mets 2021 Statcast data set.

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    Create a realistic 3D human face model. The final model can use any file format. You can create your own model from scratch, or you can remesh and retuxture a model (unfinished) that I previously worked with. Price can be negotiated, particularly if you are skilled with realistic 3D modelling.

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    3d coffee cart,booth model 6 天 left

    i want a 3d coffee ,booth ,cart design and a video for it as well

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    3D character design 6 天 left

    I need to design front view of 50 characters in 3D. Character design should be realistic. Please share some examples of your previous work. Thanks

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    Hi, I have an excel file with 5 sheets (competitions, clubs, games, players, appearances). Due to the size, the appearances table has to be split into 3 files to upload it. I need the data to be normalised and an Entity Relationship model created. With this data, I then need a database to be made on phpmyadmin to run SQL queries.

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    c# .net project 6 天 left

    ...information to variable(s) (e.g., dictionaries, lists). The server does not have to store the ordering information to the local system, so once you shutdown the server, all information can be disposed. Server should send back appropriate response depending on the client’s command. (Protocol below) The handler code should be separated from the user interface (i.e., in a separate class — similar to the examples on ). The server must be able to talk with multiple clients at the same time Client-side: The client-side should be a Windows Forms application, with an appropriate user interface. The user can select one product, then make the purchase. (quantity as one) When it first opens, a login form should appear with two input fields: hostname/IP and the account number. (...

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    Post Title: Email Marketing I'm setting up a new website up for an e-commerce brand I'm launching. I'm currently looking optimize deliverability to my e-come customers. This may be short or long term. Please give me an estimated cost based on that and let me know if you need any more information to provide a quote, I'm speaking to a range of vendors and I have a sense of an expected budget. Also, are there additional costs such as extra revisions I should be aware of? To apply please: 1. Provide a few examples of your work and resume 2. Let me know what you charge for a given level of quality and how long you’ve been doing this for? let me know that you’ve read and understood this job post. We hope to hear from you soon. Greatly ...

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    I need a java program for string matching Either 1. Simple Plagiarism detection using String matching algorithms. In this proj...matches. The modified KMP search backward and uses a different failure function, that need to be computed. Compare it with Normal KMP vs Modified KMP in term of plagiarism detection and efficiency. OR 2. Task allocation using Bipartite Graph: In this project, you are given two sets : set of employees and tasks. For each task, you are also given the list of employees who can complete the task. Model this scenario as a bipartite graph and allocate work in such a way that the job is completed as soon as possible. You must also utilize your workforce as much as possible. Solve this problem using Network flow. Implement both Ford-Fulkerson and Edmond-Karp a...

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    Looking for someone have Knowledge in cities drawing sketche's and Model rendering complete plan , with reasonable price , want a long term collaborations thank you will share more details.

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