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    I am starting a talk show on social media and need a logo for my Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other sites. The name of the show is "Single Moms of Phoenix". The show takes place at my dining room table on Sundays. I have attached a picture of the cast members.

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    Build different bots in Python to synchronize different systems together which all use Restful APIs. The idea is to build Python classes for the main system to simplify the integration of future external applications.

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    Trophy icon Logo for Talk Show 7 天 left

    We have a talk show that is called "Bee Informed". It is a show about honey bees and how to keep bees, as well as helping save the environment. We want a logo that looks simple, but catchy and plays off of the "Bee" idea.

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    Need someone to video an hour long talk at a conference from 6:30-7:30pm this Thursday 11/15. Boston Marriot Copley Place, 110 Huntington Ave, Boston.

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    $2 - You need to make a video of yourself for less than 40 seconds, i will provide the script.

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    make a digital downloads store - please contact me so we can talk about the project

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    ...including Facebook Messenger to start with and possibly later including Instagram and LinkedIn. Expert level skills a must for Facebook Messenger strategies and execution. Chat Bots are going to be very important later. So be prepared. 2. Clear vision and commitment to long term client and potential profits that can be made from working on this project

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    Hello there I need iDEX bots who can help me to buy & sell crypto automatically. It should be capable to buy from top and then again put that amount of token for sell on next to higher selling order (minimum 5% profit) IF someone els place order its should put higher order like 0.0000000001 and same for selling order. I need only for one token not

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    The project entails developing an AI based interactive solution through Google Talk which runs of Google Cloud Platform.

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    ...GURU" at the top of your proposal, otherwise we will reject the proposal. **************************************** I have a project which will be used as backend system that talk to other CMSs, such as Opencart, Megento, etc. There are 4~5 API methods for the business logic at this stage. I’ve wrapped up the high level requirements as below with my

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    ...GURU" at the top of your proposal otherwise we will reject the proposal. **************************************** I have a project which will be used as backend system that talk to other CMSs, such as Opencart, Megento, etc. There are 4~5 API methods for the business logic at this stage. I’ve wrapped up the high level requirements as below with my

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    I want to build full CPA system please any one have the ability talk to me

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    Arbitraging Bots 已经结束 left

    I'm looking for 1-3 developers to build 2 bots and a smart contract. 1. Automated Trading Bot 2. Manual Arbitraging Bot 3. ERC20 Smart Contract This is a serious project. If you have the experience please reach out to me.

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    I have my own VPS to place the working bots. All I need is the development of the bot where the bot can access to an channel or group and auto invite them into another channel.

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    Transcribe 60 min Audio in English (to English). Conversation between 2 (or 3) different speakers. Progress Time stamp every 2 minute. Place into basic word document. Straight forward project for anyone with quality English skills.

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    Talk, Listen, Share” I need you to write a blog on this topic. Thanks Word limit : Around 3k

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    Talk to agent 已经结束 left

    I wan to create a website where user can to talk to agent(s) to solve their query. User can select agent (from number of registered agents), we will charge user for talking to agent on per minute basis. Via which API we can do this (at cheapest)? Do quote your time to develop this site and cost.

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    -The antileech bot checks after every drop if the user engaged with the latest 5-10 posts. -If leeched it warns the user and at max warns the user gets banned from dropping. -There is also a whitelist function where you can add people that can post without engaging back. -A log on telegram where you can see all the details of each drop -comands for admins to warn users, remove warns, delete posts...

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    ...change to the application "NEXTCLOUD TALK", this app when the calls arrive send a single notification, I want that when the calls arrive the application will start ringing until the call is not hung up or rejected (as happens in the android version) This is the github source code: [登录来查看链接] As a requirement to work on the

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    Hello, this application receives calls, video calls and messages, but when calls and video calls arrive, the application does not ring but only a notification arrives, can the notification ring when a call arrives until the call is hung up? thank you so much

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    I have already implemented the code for acoustic echo cancellation with double talk detection in Matlab but I am getting some errors and not able to sort it out. Can you please help me in this regard. Possibly the input signal what I have considered ([登录来查看链接] talk signal) may also be wrong. I shall send the code and also the pdfs. Please help me as

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    HI, who can create a pencil toon character like the one I've attached, but perfectly :) I need that in Photoshop CS5. Every single item needs to be saved in a layer - left eyebrow - right eyebrow. and so on....... You can download the required information here with sample PSD-Files: [登录来查看链接] Thank you Uli [Removed by Admin]

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    Live quiz game with Bots 已经结束 left

    I wanted to make live quiz game where a host goes live on screen asks a question user has given 10 seconds to answer. User can use different lives purchased as in app if total 10 answered correctly user wins a real cash which is divided to all winners

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    make photo talk 已经结束 left

    i need that a photo move mouth and talk with my audio.

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    Ted Talk paper 已经结束 left

    I need a good writer to help me find some ideas to my paper.

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    Update 2 existing bots 已经结束 left

    Hello! We currently have 2 chatbots built on the Facebook messenger platform. Our lead developer has been hired away and we need a team member to fill his shoes. There is some updating and maintenance that needs to be done as well as the building out of new features and an admin panel. Is this something you would be able to assist with?

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    Hello everyone, I need to implement a function for sending photos in the "Nextcloud Talk" app and I need the phone to ring when a call arrives or video call (currently only a notification arrives), the source code is available on GitHub

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows.

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    Hi all, I need to implement a function for sending photos in the "Nextcloud Talk" app, the source code is available on GitHub

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    Need a good looking secretary to talk to clients through webcam. She should be polite and have a good command over english and should be broad minded.

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    Transcribe 1 hour talk 已经结束 left

    I need someone fluently understands and writes in english to transcribe an hour and half interview. I have 39 other talks to transcribe, so if you do this well. You can have much more work.

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    Transcribe a 1 hour talk 已经结束 left

    I need someone who can understand English and write fluently in English to transribe a hour audio interview. If the person does an incredible job, I have 39 other talks to transcribe.

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    need usa traffic real human no bots much show demo traffic

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    article on bitcoin talk 已经结束 left

    hello, need an article about our 420 ERRL coin on bitcoin talk, to follow whatever format is currently used, also opportunity to then be on advisory board, to make this 420 ERRL Coin a success on ico, great opportunity we believe, here is a short synopsis video clip, more details to be provided.

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    I run a group on Instagram solely for Engagement and we're looking to expand! I'll keep my parameters pretty simple and easy but I some automated bots that do the following - DX LIKE AND COMMENT BOT: 1. Welcomes new members, and tells them the rules of the chat. 2. Needs to verify that each poster has liked and commented the previous 10 posts, before

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    [登录来查看链接] This is the i/o card dikumentatio We need 3 implementations: Increase counter: Changepoints → C++ Native The app writes a file (any filename) to a defined directory with the contents: "NUM=VALUE". NUM would be the number of the register (0 to 3) and VALUE the number of counting steps to be increased. The native application monitors the directory (inotify) and reacts as s...

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    E-book, Article writing, Blog writing

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    I need some help with internet marketing. Building a REAL following and promoting

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    I need to send time data from a DS3231 RTC module via Arduino Mega to a Nextion NX4832T035 display. Depending on quality of work received more commissions may come.

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    talk and print printer 已经结束 left

    that is the printer is work without computer and key board. Anormal printer ,the input is microphone,we talk and that converted into text(voice recognition).the text are displayed in the display attached with [登录来查看链接] that can [登录来查看链接] displayed text should be editable as like mini form of ms word

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    Looking for twitter Followers - Real Followers , no Bots , must be passed by [登录来查看链接] and the real follower percentage must be 90 + ...

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    Chat for mobile and browser is required for programming in the languages ​​of programming Real time - soket io - javasc The same chat and design: www. [登录来查看链接] Required necessary

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    Please READ and apply ONLY if you have enough knowledge to fix this! We are looking for an expert, who has deep knowledge of Centos 7 server with PLESK, Apache, Nginx, PHP, HTML and Wordpress/Woocommerce. Our problem is, that our Woocommerce webshops works fine when a user browses a website with a common browser. But when we use Google search console/fetch as Google, some resources (e.g. pictures,...

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    Trophy icon Flyer for talk show 已经结束 left

    Hello, I need a flyer to promote a talk show starting on 9/18/2018. These are my requirements I need to be included in the flyer : Need to be attractive to millenials The tile of the talk show is " La RADD News" The sublime is " Tout sur la Revolution des Amoureux De Dieu" The fonts needs to be clear and big The date of the show The logo

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    Hola Carlos, mi nombre es David Hoyo y estoy buscando alguien que me programe un bot para cryptomonedas que pueda usar la api de coinigy o en su defecto de varios exchanges. que pueda usarse en un vps y que permita hacer backtest grafico de las estrategias + la codificacion de 3 estrategias. ¿Puedes ayudarme? Saludos

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    Hi , I want new version software all in one trafic bots from site : [登录来查看链接]

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