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    I need someone to help me with asp classic code, i'm stuck when i am trying to edit multiple fields at once, it crashes and i cannnot figure out why. I'm usinig access 2007 database and iis 10.

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    ...the website in order to transfer the amount from the website to the bank account. This application will help both sides to have an ease way to deal with the cash and not to stuck at the petrol station for any reason....

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    Text Extraction From Image 5 天 left

    Hi Freelancer, I want to extract text fro...OpenCV, tesseract, pytesseract, scipy, etc. Please don't give me tensorflow models or solutions of those kinds. I have already written code to solve coloured captcha but got stuck with cross lines. Proposals first line should be 'kU Captcha`. Otherwise, I will not see your bid. This is to avoid auto bidders.

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    ... the character count is increased. This works. Would like the following modifications: PART 1 + Make the appropriate changes to the code so you can (1) click the icons to add content to the textarea and the character count increases (this currently works), then (2) type in the textarea to add content and have the character count increase (this doesn't

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    I need some graphic design for a tee shirt

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    [登录来查看链接] Website database connection down within seconds of restarting server or the mysql service. I've included the database logs on queries that our stuck. When I run these same queries in phpadmin they complete within a fraction of a second. NEED HELP ASAP!!

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    ...longer than 5 seconds each. Creative inspiration can be taken from here: [登录来查看链接] 4X animations for [登录来查看链接] Text: a) "Stuck for a gift? Name A Star. Brighten Their Life" b) "Unique and Special. Name a real star in the night sky" c) "The unique gift for the person person, name a star today" d) "A

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    I'm searching for someone that can made for me an simple excel sheet/tool that count the total emails in the inbox and count the mails that are sending per day. And save that in an simple list to made an graph with 2 lines per day. 1 line for the total mail inbox 1 line for the send mails a day. Regards,

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    A software application that I developed in C#/.Net runs in background as a console or windows service and retrieves all information from print job given for any documents to be printed. Its getting all information like NameOfDocument, NoOfPages printed, etc. but its not getting 'No of copies' for each document given print job with multiple copies.

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    1. User Registration: a. This module will allow admin to create users and define roles of users. Roles of user will be either access to trip count module or web or both. 2. Site definition: a. Admin will be allowed to add/delete/modify/disable site. 3. User Roles: a. Admin will define roles and can assign these roles to user id. Roles can define user

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    i built a website with django and hosting with [登录来查看链接] but i'm having trouble installing python and the rest of my enviornment variables. kinda stuck could use some help

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    Hello Lancers, I am looking for someone who can help me writing 10 unique articles in one day. The articles should be unique and grammar free, i will be checking them for copyscape and plagiarism so i need them very well researched. I am looking for your quotes as well please indicate your samples as well, i can ask you to write on a specific topic before awarding the project. The individuals sh...

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    Just upload a simple countdown with architectural design at the background. use wordpress. I will pay for only 1hr at $2.00

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    ...neglected. I only need someone who can start now and be able to communicate with me for 1 hour. must have knowledge with c# REST API web request. i have a desktop program that stuck waiting for the API response before it works again. i need the solution to let my program still works smoothly while waiting for the response. tell me why that happens in your

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    C# Selenium, JAVA, .NET 8 小时 left

    -Started learning C# and tried making my own [登录来查看链接] stuck and now i need someone who can explain everything i did wrong/[登录来查看链接] for the program I'm trying to make Is needed knowledge of JAVA too. -You need to have Skype or Discord so we can communicate faster and easier. -Also looking for a long term partnership. I'M NOT RESPONDING TO THE

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    Squarespace Website 2 小时 left of what I want already. Ideally I want to do on Squarespace so if it needs to be updated it can be done easily. I tried going on Squarespace to make the site, but I got stuck and felt it could not be customized to the extent that I wanted, so I am looking for someone who is experienced with Squarespace who can do it for me. I require a second language

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    ...RESEARCH PAPER PLAN FROM JUST $20. Any Subject. Any Time. 3. Professionals ad 1) Stuck on a work assignment? Get an expert to plan it for you from just £15. 24/7 Stuck on a work assignment? Get an expert to plan it for you from just $20. 24/7 ad 2) Need help with a presentation? Get an expert

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    I'm developing a Groovy script to automate certain types of Jira Service Desk tickets that are submitted but I'm stuck with broken codebase. Freelancers who have experience with developing/debugging in Groovy, Atlassian products and Slack integrations shouldn't have too difficult of a time with this project. I will not be providing access to the Jira

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    ...rendering background. The objective is to fix the issue of the user (of the IOS wallet client) not being able to view their ERC20 transaction from .pending to completed (its stuck at pending). The task involves creating this check through using GraphQL endpoints. Balances & transaction state must be updated realtime using Blockscouts (https://github

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    urgent troubleshooting exchange 2010 unable send to external, stuck at draft.

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    C# Selenium, reCaptcha. 已经结束 left

    Started learning C# and tried making my own [登录来查看链接] stuck and now i need someone who can explain everything i did wrong/right.

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    8 个竞标 and women over 60 and single mothers that want to pay some one a monthly subscription to come and handle all of there consumer electronics support and setup. I am really stuck on the branding right now. I want to market to the older generations and single mothers without being too obvious or coming off as condescending. I want to be a service for

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    project in java 已经结束 left

    I am looking for help at project which in java +cucumber +Page Object Model. I am aware of the framework. However, get stuck many a times.

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    I have stuck on some minor things on my OOP project and I need your help

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    I am creating a project plan, I am currently stuck on how to create a Gantt Chart, Budgeting with MS Excel, I have created all the work packages and the activities, relationship between tasks, duration. I need urgent help . Please bid if you can work with me for 2 hrs. $10 hrly rate.

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    I need a writer 已经结束 left

    I am writing my proposal (chapter...It is mostly complete, the foundation is complete and the ideas are there if that makes sense. My committee has already approved it. I need approval by the school but I am stuck. if you do good work I will work with you on chapters 4 and 5 and be happy to pay. I will write the foundation and you can make easy money.

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    Step 1: I have 2 e-commerce sites using 2 different platforms- WooCommerce and BigCommerce. They each have their own separate inventory but also share some products. I need these 2 sites to talk to one another. When certain products are purchased on either site, I need for it to update the inventory on both platforms. Further, I need order details sent to the other site for certain products. Step...

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    I am looking for someone to manage our SEO, I have multiple keywords that are stuck ranking at around 20th position on Google and need help getting them to the top.

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    109 个竞标 calling and need to close it once get response(like i did it in forget password.) (currently when any API is calling user doesnt know whats happening it's look like app stuck for 1-2 seconds, so better to display progress dialog) 7) Design changes - Submit/Login Buttons background color should be same as like app theme color and Button text color

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    I have a macro that scrapes a website in Chrome - and while it still runs, the macro previously would k...runs, the macro previously would keep clicking a button on the site until more data was displayed. This is no longer working, and it is not finishing cleanly, it seems to be stuck in some loop when it should have finished. Small job, budget A$12

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    Trophy icon Intro Song for Podcast 已经结束 left

    I'm starting a podcast and just need a short, 10-15 second jingle or song to use as an intro to the podcast. The podcast is called "Movies I Sa...have are: 1. Something that sounds inspired by the 1980s. 2. Something that sounds kind of "video game-y," if that makes sense at all. Bonus points if it's catchy and gets stuck in my listeners' heads. =)

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    I have a 60% done project but now we need Individual Auth. I followed a step by step tutorial to do the switch but, I am stuck with some errors. I am sure someone with higher experience will be able to solve it faster. I will provide you with links and the project. it is small project. thank you.

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    Before you bid: 1. This project needs to be responsive on multiple devices; scrolling behavior implementation is not trivial. The previous engineer got stuck and dropped the project. The current state can be seen at: [登录来查看链接] Source code of the same can be provided, but I assume that a re-engineering from scratch will be required. 2

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    Design project 已经结束 left

    Looking for a Welcome Sign for our Engagement Party, 200 Stickers to be stuck on skewers and 200 small tags. Party is early February.

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    Project for Sam K. 已经结束 left

    Hi Sam, I need some help in developing an artificial NN for financial analysis. I am creating the ANN in jupyter using keras, and got stuck at creating the correct structure, using the right optimizers and such. I hope you can help

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who can make my book error free and make the flow of the sentence more natural. I would also like to know about your past work if possible. Rates are negotiable. I am looking for a long term partnership. If this project goes well then i have another three books that need similar editing.

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    On UI I have list of cards, each card is expandable. I'm able to show the list of cards with the help api response. Each card has child names which I get it fr...response. Each card has child names which I get it from response. I need to display them on each individual card. It's simple task as I have done half of the work but I'm stuck on something.

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    Sorry, I accidentally deleted the project and the chat was inactivated. Just wanted to thank you for your excellent work. I might contact you again if I get stuck in editing :)

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    This image is of a fairy that my wife had made about 10 years ago, vinyl printed, and stuck to her motorcycle. We are wanting to recreate this image in Illustrator, with the detail sharpened up enough so that it can be printed again. Unfortunately the photos from 10 years ago aren't of the highest quality. If someone has an artistic talent and can

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    Hi! I need to build a simple android app to integrate into a product I am building. It will be run on a Samsung Galaxy S8. It does not need to go onto the App Store, this is for a single phone with full development privileges. I have a schematic of the app attached. I have the code to analyse the image, which can be hosted in the cloud Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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    Good afternoon David I am Phd student, I have to submit a research proposal, about 4000 words, I finished it but I am stuck with paraphrasing. I have another assignment to go. Is it possible to rewrite my work?

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    labyrinth project in c++ 已经结束 left Ravensburger. In the this game for two to four players, it is the goal to collect all your needed treasures the fastest. The game consists of a board, player pieces, treasure cards. The player pieces are used to keep track of the position of the players on the board. The cards are a way to divide the different treasures to hunt among the different

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    In brief, a user select a product and some elements of it. For every product and every element I have 30 continuous transparent png images with same dimensions. I need to stuck the selected one over the other and give a 360 view to the customer.

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    I need some graphic design artrst that can create a picture for my home page. It is to represent adventure, in this picture I'm looking for a landscape with tall grass and mountains in the background, a door stands by its self in the field. It loos as if it's been standing for thousands of years, the wood looks weather's but strong and mysterious, in the foreground we have our chare...

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    18 个竞标 illustrator for a children's adventure series about a quiet and shy little girl who accompanies her father on his weekend business trips around the world and while he is stuck in meetings she is forced to explore the city combining tourist attractions and local spots. The first book takes place in DC where my sisters and I used to live and my father

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    Before you bid: 1. This project needs to be responsive on multiple devices; scrolling behavior implementation is not trivial. The previous engineer got stuck and dropped the project. The current state can be seen at: [登录来查看链接] Source code of the same can be provided, but I assume that a re-engineering from scratch will be required. 2

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    Here's what I need help with: - I have a program, that looks inside of a response, if it finds an ID matching my list, it will print and save the name I have given the ID. It works well actually, where I need help with is if an ID is found twice, it will only print/save it once, when I'd like it saved twice. Ideally I'd like it to save it in the following format: Id1 x1 <found1...

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    There are many examples online. We need a PHP function that counts the syllables in an input word and returns a number value. If multiple words are passed to the function, it should return -1. Example: "Fabulous" returns 3. "Hello" returns 2. "big" returns 1. "Two words" returns -1 We will need a simple PHP page that we can put on our site for tes...

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    ...EXAMPLE IN YOUR RESPONSE of what u have built that matches my request so i know it can be done.** Hi i need some help to finish my Woocommerce website. I have built it but am stuck for the final part. I have a bunch of products listed in the shop but i would like them to appear in groups of their relevant categories / collections. They are currently all

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    ...working on 2 - 4 other sites. These additional sites will be ongoing. For this first site, it has already had the on-page changes made, so I am purely after someone to get stuck into off-page needs to get it ranking for the desired keywords (these have been worked on already). You will start with off-page and stay with off-page. Bidder needs - When

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