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    5,000 natural language 份搜到的工作,货币单位为 HKD

    您好,Language Solutions。我留意到了你的简历,想让您参与我的项目。我们可以讨论一下项目的细节。

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    ...hospitality is preferred. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Availability to work from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM China Standard Time. A stable internet connection is required to work remotely from any location worldwide. Compensation: A competitive daily rate of $10 USD with weekly payouts. Application Process: To ensure authenticity and language proficiency, a 5-minute video interview via WeChat will be conducted with all applicants. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply with their resume and a cover letter outlining their suitability for the role. 我们正在寻找一名远程在线客服代表,加入我们位于日本的备受推崇的精品民宿。这个机会非常适合精通中文的外国人,他们渴望在为我们的客人提供优质服务的同时,沉浸在多元文化的工作环境中。 主要职责: 通过电子邮件、电话和在线平台及时、专业地回应客户咨询。 协助处理预订和住宿查询,提供有关可用性、价格和设施的信息。 管理...

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    ...platform in mind, I am open to recommendations from the freelancer. As for the budget, I am looking for a solution that falls within the range of less than $3,000. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing SIEM and SOAR platforms - Proficiency in log management and analysis - Knowledge of cyber security threats and response mechanisms - develop the platform using amy programming language If you have the necessary skills and experience, please provide your recommendations and a proposal for the development of the SIEM and SOAR platform....

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    ...民宿平台新增订单整理以及汇报 3.接客人的电话(我方会提供日本IP电话) 4.电商平台的客服对应 工作时间以及薪资: 工作按天计算,每天15美元,费用每月初按上月工作天数进行结算。 Japanese Guesthouse Platform and E-commerce Customer Service Job Requirements: 1:Work 8 hours a day, with working hours from 14:00 to 20:00 Beijing time. 2:Chinese is required during work (can speak and write), and we will use Chinese for project communication. Fluent in English and Japanese (Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 2 or above). Project communication will be 3:Looking for individuals interested in long-term collaboration. Job Responsibilities: 1:Respond to inquiries from guests on the guesthouse platform within 5 minutes after receiving the question.: 2:Organize and report new orders on the guesthouse platform. 3:Answer phone calls from customers (we will provide a...

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    We are a high-tech company located in Shanghai, China, and we would like to recruit American automotive chip purchasing managers and sales managers in the United States. This person must be an American with more than 10 years of working experience in the US chip industry, and have held positions such as sales, procurement or automotive chip research and development. Our company no...and sales managers in the United States. This person must be an American with more than 10 years of working experience in the US chip industry, and have held positions such as sales, procurement or automotive chip research and development. Our company now has a commercial representative office in Virginia, USA, and is currently opening a chip technology company in Austin, Texas. Our working language i...

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    Halo, kami adalah kelompok translator yang saat ini sedang mencari komik/novel/film untuk ditranslate. Language: Chinese-Indonesia Chinese-English Chinese-Korea English-Indonesia English-Korea Ctc wechat: mayadina1106 Hello, we are Translator Group. Now we are looking for comic books/novel/movie to translate. Language: Chinese-Indonesia Chinese-English Chinese-Korea English-Indonesia English-Korea Ctc wechat: mayadina1106 各位好,我们是翻译团队。我们现在招需要翻译的漫画/小说/影视剧。 语言: 中-印尼 中-英 中-韩 英-印尼 英-韩 联系方式:mayadina1106 PS: 价格可谈

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    Here I have several trading ideas that need to be written into pine script and do the strategy test. Hence, I want someone can fully understand the pine script language and be able to communicate with me about my strategy by Chinese or English at least. 我目前手上有一些交易策略需要用Trading view 自带的pine script 录入进行回测。希望有熟悉Trading view 的朋友帮忙。 2 weeks

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    Development language is not required, the budget is 10,000 RMB, the price can be discussed Main function: The software uses the QQipad protocol to automatically exit the QQ discussion group (also called multi-person chat) Need to be green software without installation and direct operation, to minimize the background operation QQ exists in the discussion group will automatically retreat, must be seconds back Details: If the QQ of the login protocol is bound to the security device, you need to pop up the phone verification or QQ security center verification to ensure that you can log in and use normally. After the login is successful, the current status is displayed next to it, and then you can start and stop the button. After starting the run, the list of historical messages below...

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    ...,你可以轻松地移动鼠标,并加强边缘防止变形和损坏,以确保长时间使用。 环境材料和优质的售后。采用符合ROHS证书的环保材料制成,使用环保,无毒且安全。这款腕托鼠标垫享有90天退换货和365天的保修 产品描述 颜色:黑色 产品信息: 名称:硅胶护腕鼠标垫 品牌:LVNENG 材料:丝绸布面+硅胶护腕+PU底 材质:环保、无毒、安全 规格尺寸:270*240*0.35~2.3cm 护腕高度:2.3cm 包装:吸塑 重量:249g 颜色:黑色 特点:舒适、抗疲劳、稳定 适合:办公、学习、娱乐 我们的优势:: LVNENG硅胶护腕鼠标垫为您的手腕提供人体工程学支持,拥有特殊的设计和优质的材料。The cushion creates a Comfort Zone that contours to your wrist's natural curves and movements and helps reduce hand and wrist stress. 独特、舒适的凝胶填充手腕。 丝绸处理的布面。 橡胶防滑抛光底部。 设计具有最佳的形状和足够大的尺寸 采用符合ROHS证书的环保材料制成,确保安全。 我们的服务:: 在LVNENG,我们相信我们的产品。这款腕托鼠标垫享有90天退换货和365天的保修

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    ...station,encoder等等的。。 我们希望您能: (1)通过邮件发给我以上所述电路板的相关的广告,数据,用途(Datasheets)或者相关的链接。 (2)发给我上述运行电路板相关的一些软件 (3)发一些上述相关软件的广告,名称,用途(Datasheets)或者一些提供参考相关的链接。 (4)寄给我 电脑的PCI card 和一些小型的print head connector card, 或者是连接这些电路板的其他线路和电路板。 我会在Freelancer付咨询和服务费给你或者你的代理人,但是对于上述的相关的cards, 我们会直接从相关公司购买。 如下图可供参考,我们希望能在2018 买到更多上述的电路板以及和您长期合作。 请问你能解答这个问题吗?为什么在2017年使用的是PCI 1.0? 非常感谢您宝贵的时间 English language translation in attached file.

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    I want to quality back link from china, thailand and Indonesia location in there local language not in english language. Our Keyword will be Like This. 2018世界杯 2018世界杯16强 2018世界杯8强 2018世界杯4强 2018世界杯冠军 2018年世界杯 世界杯2018 2018世界杯预选赛 世预赛 世界杯2018 注册送彩金 开户彩金 投注返水 首存红利 真人娱乐场 真人百家乐 真人娱乐 竞彩足球 足球竞彩网 足球分析 足球赛事 中国足球 足球赛果预测 足球预测分析 足球预测网站

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    1. App 里面的文字翻译,从简体中文翻译成繁体中文,提供英文参考 2. 要求是台湾本地人,对本地文化熟悉,热爱新鲜事物,爱玩App 3. 文字表达能力强,理解简体中文没问题 4. 工作满意可长期合作,本公司开发大量app,长期需要翻译app ,及软文翻译

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    寻一名精通葡萄牙语的中国人做韩语校对; 1. 精通韩语,英语的中国人 2.熟悉App 程序语言的翻译规则 3. 500字以内 我们做的是一款相机App, 已经找韩语翻译了,但是翻译是参照英文翻译的,我们担心有的翻译者理解有偏差,翻译内容不准确,希望你能参考中英文 来校对印尼语,保证翻译内容的地道和准确性,翻译内容参看截图,选中你后会给你密码进我们的系统做,满意的话可保持长期合作,一个月至少又一次这样的任务

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    寻一名精通韩语的中国人做韩语校对; 1. 精通韩语,英语的中国人 2.熟悉App 程序语言的翻译规则 3. 500字以内。可参看截图 我们做的是一款相机App, 已经找韩语翻译了,但是翻译是参照英文翻译的,我们担心有的翻译者理解有偏差,翻译内容不准确,希望你能参考中英文 来校对韩语,保证翻译内容的地道和准确性,翻译内容参看截图,选中你后会给你密码进我们的系统做,满意的话可保持长期合作,一个月至少又一次这样的任务

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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'Poster design for a speech of Natural Farming'

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    开发语言:Java 预计完成时间:1周内 Language requirement: Chinese 游戏简介: 两人对战在线游戏,传统的剪刀石头布游戏规则,用滑动方式选择出牌,五局三胜制。 详细需求: 1. 应用于安卓手机平台 2. 熟悉leancloud推送 3. 需要与我方后台工程师对接数据,最好可以互相约定时间一起工作 4. 希望能与我们进一步沟通,我们会附上详细需求文档和图片 验收标准: 1. 需要提供demo展示 2. 完成需求文档基本需求 3. 提交源代码和开发文档 4. 双方需要签订保密协议,开发成果由发包方所有 团队要求: 1. 希望有类似的游戏开发经验团队或个人承接项目

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    To start a natural healthcare website

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    主要职责: - 判断我们的智能软件识别的语音与实际语音是否相符 - 若不相符,对文字进行修改并按指南进行编辑使其与实际语音一致 - 及时有效与项目管理员沟通 - 保质保量的完成工作 - 每条录音大约3-6秒,工作人员需要严格按照工作手册上的要求对文档进行修改。 要求: - 中文流利,标准大陆普通话。 - 仔细阅读所有文档 - 时间意识明确,能够按时按点完成工作。 - 沟通能力出色,能够及时准确地与项目管理人员进行沟通。 - 较强学习能力,理解能力,及应变能力。 - 自律性好,能够在无人监督的情况下高质量的完成工作。 申请步骤: - 使用火狐(Firefox)浏览器登录注册 - 填写个人信息 - 在Language一栏中,勾选Mandarin Chinese-China - 在Work一栏中,勾选全部选项 - 提交注册 - 使用注册账户登录Appenonline - 选择Qualifications - 完成Chinese-Mandarin (PRC) Spelling Test - 在您通过测试后,我们会邮件联系您进行进一步测试

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    Use Auto Post Pro or similar plugins to set up the automatic news posts from about 30 different website feeds. Chinese language website. Auto Post Pro plugin already installed.

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    Massage Business Design Requirement 1. Page need to be simple and pretty, can be configured and deploy for multiple business 2. Support Language: English 3. Mailing list functions to send out coupons and promotions. We are using POMMO, it is good for our site where number of emails are limited. 4. The user table need to integrate with the mailing list software, such as POMMO. 5. Some functionalities a. customer registration, email validation b. customer to invite other customers, and get referral discount. (Invite another customer, both get a coupon) c. online appointment, appointment will be send to manager's email for approval, manager can approve from the email link d. therapist management function, can easily add/delete employee, and arrange em...

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    website enhancement project, needs to have excellent network knowledge and databases

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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'Natural Backliks Building'

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    Search the website after the company name (chinese language, 2000 companies). Example: 攀枝花市田远酒业有限公司 青岛雪岛酒业有限公司 青岛天禾茶业有限公司 青岛天马蒸馏酒有限公司 青岛麦特酒业有限公司 青岛啤酒商贸有限公司 青岛九连山饮料厂 青岛哈哈蓝莓酒水有限公司 青岛皓日酒业有限公司

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    You must to find the website, email (if they have) for 50,800 companies from China. Example of companies: 攀枝花市田远酒业有限公司 青岛雪岛酒业有限公司 青岛天禾茶业有限公司 青岛天马蒸馏酒有限公司 青岛麦特酒业有限公司 青岛啤酒商贸有限公司 青岛九连山饮料厂 青岛哈哈蓝莓酒水有限公司 青岛皓日酒业有限公司

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    ...information. Responsive: The message and communication between mobile and website, buyers and sellers should be real time. Communication methods: message, call, voicemail, email. Style of user interface: simple, fancy with good using experience. information: the posted information on this website include text, photos, video, voice Multiple-language version: mainly Chinese, English Advertising system: similar to the advertise on youtube that the advertise will be displayed during the playing of videos. Anti-spam and poor information system: The information posted into this website will be filtered out to get rid of poor and fraud information. Review system: the seller and buyer will make a r...

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    Need to translate below Chinese simplify language content to English: 1. 楠迪国际投资控股集团是英国亿世界国际控股集团,龙领企业集团有限公司,印度尼西亚楠迪国际地产集团,在分析国际经济发展趋势,综合国际经济发展形势和国际经济发展现状,强强联手,合力打造的超规模跨国企业王国。 集团秉承:"求同存异,公平公正,健康发展,共铸辉煌"的合作方略,"为世界经济的复苏和发展作贡献"的企业发展宗旨,将企业集团打造成为世界经济的复苏和发展作贡献的平台,服务世界,造福人类! 在全球经济一体化进程中,集团旗下产业发展迅速,主营业务领域:矿业,石油业,航空业,地产业,科技业,交通运输业,百货业,酒店业等等 今天我们奉行"进取,求实,严谨,团结"的方针,不断开拓创新,以技术为核心,视质量为生命,奉用户为上帝,竭诚为您提供性价比最高的品牌及无微不至的服务. 2. 楠迪国际集团主席兼集团首席执行员 ALLEN HARTONO是主席兼集团首席执行员 他是一位成功的企业家,业务编佈在英国,中国,印度尼西亚,马来西亚,泰国,柬埔寨等多个国家, 集团主席思想解放,观念超前,擅长利用现代科学理论和方法,对国际企业进行组织架构,体制,机制创新,在企业实际基础上建立现代企业制度,实现资产重组,提高企业的运行效率和经营效益,使企业走上可永久持续发展的良性轨道.被誉为现代企业制度的"先行官"。 他也是一位精明和经验丰富的投资家,,熟悉商业市场,,科学投资决策,,规划实体战略,整合人脉资源,在他的专业和行政精英团队的领导下,"达至目标,共享成果"将发挥至淋漓尽致. 楠迪国际集团副主席 ...

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    Development language : php Reference website : Specific requirements: 1 , web design and production: First , the product details page , commodity list page , order submission pages, etc. , to the overall style of the atmosphere on the grade. 2, the functional modules: Reception function: product management systems, search systems, shopping cart functionality , payment systems , order management systems ...... Background function: membership management system ; news, information , advertising systems ; Page Views Statistics ; Links ; station information retrieval system ...... 3 , website maintenance : Service providers need to provide ongoing maintenance support and training site back-office functions 4, can make a separate payment systems can also count the

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    ame levelmin levelmax type getlevel area npc prize description 铁匠 6 10 生产 5 各大主城 长老、铁匠 制造武器 完美世界中的生活技能之一,可以生产各类武器。 药师 6 10 生产 5 各大主城 长老、药师 制造药品 完美世界中的生活技能之一,可以生产药品和各种攻击优化符。 裁缝 6 10 生产 5 各大主城 长老、裁缝 制造防具 完美世界中的生活技能之一,可以生产各部位的防具。 巧匠 6 10 生产 5 各大主城 长老、巧匠 制造饰品 完美世界中的生活技能之一,可以生产各种戒指、腰饰、项链。 青衣冢 31 40 地城冒险 30 英雄冢密道 祖龙城幻境神之石 修真历练 怨灵建造的密室,每个完美世界的修真者都要到此进行历练。此地凶险异常,最好结伴前往。 黄昏圣殿 61 100 副本冒险 60 龙战之野以西 祖龙城幻境神之石 获取装备 5000年前盛极一时的黄昏王朝再现完美大陆,无尽宝藏的传言迅速散播开来……此地凶险异常,最好结伴前往。 神月谷 86 100 副本冒险 85 踏箭峰以西 祖龙城幻境神之石 获取装备 您可以通过踏箭山庄的NPC“神之子·四名”,一窥“神寂之地”的全貌。此地凶险异常,最好结伴前往。 霜履城 76 85 副本冒险 75 刺骨之地西部 祖龙城幻境神之石 快速升级 百年前,一场罕见的大雪袭击了整个完美北路,昔日威震一域的霜

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    Looking for translator to work full time as a translator in Nanjing. Your language to translate between will be korean and chinese. Please see job description below: 本土4A广告公司 企业介绍: 公司成立于2005年5月,隶属于现代汽车集团,是韩国最大的广告公司之一。作为一家全 球化的广告公司至今已在海外设立了9家分支机构并于2008年进军中国,分别于北京和上 海成立分公司,公司主要服务于现代汽车和起亚汽车。 职责内容:  负责媒介中心各类翻译工作,其中包括各类书面文档、报告等中韩互译工作、各类会议的 同声翻译工作,并能够控制翻译质量和进度。  职位要求:  1.具有丰富的现场口译经验,针对口译事先做充分准备,能从容应对现场出现的各类状 况,具有一定的商务职业素质,礼仪规范。  2.有出色的语言功底,笔译能力强,能够准确理解文档,将理解的含义规范、流畅、凝练 地用目标语言表达出来,能够适应不同的语言风格要求。  3.工作认真细致,思维敏捷,责任心强,具团队精神。  4.广告公司翻译工作,韩资企业翻译工作经历者优先。  5.2年以上工作经验,倾向有韩语翻译经验的朝鲜族。

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    ...大款与滚珠版可供选择,满足不同场合的需求 10,企业爱心精神体现之力作 倾情回馈社会 爱心“香”传 3维动画 Dressing Perfume The topic of the fresh: We want to express our fashion brand and luxurious by sharing the desigh trend of perfume around the world. Scene1: In a garden, flowers are blossom, dewdrops are slowlly rolling on the leave, the sun is shining on soft sensitive grass and trees(Simililar). Scene2: Extracting the essence of the above natural items by unique effects, all the extracting items are getting together to be the perfume, it looks like a human body. Scene3: Liking a lady dressing her headwear, her clothes, her scarves, the perfume body dressing her container as well, including the bottle cap, patten and design, dimante, etc... Scene4: Show the completed perfume, just like a beautif...

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    I have an excel list of food that are use in our kitchen Translate it in english If you are not familiar with kitchen chinese and kitchen english PLEASE PASS I'm fluent in both language, I don't do it by myself because lack of time, not of skillz, No mistakes will be allowed in that translation Total : 1725 汉字 to translate this is a sample of the chinese you will have to translate please provide some example 松仁 小土豆 鲜香菇 洋鲍芯 平菇 帕玛臣芝士 火龙果 猪排 紫叶生菜 鸭肫 芦笋 草莓 鸡胸 斜切面 西瓜 白洋葱 苹果 琼脂 鱼 卡派纳去皮番茄 柚子 紫菊菊 味好美蛇蒿叶 牛肉馅 奥妙培根 奥比水瓜榴 丽歌鸡蛋面 牛柳 卡派纳橄榄油 大土豆 鱼片 老火腿 黑鱼 大米 红灯调和油 黑水榄 绿叶生菜 口蘑 金像面 贝克拉黑巧克力 马苏里拉芝士 茴香球 油 带骨肉眼肉 西红柿 韩国砂糖

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    I need a proficient Gujarati speaker who is also adept at data entry. This task involves posting content on a website, specifically lyrics. The timeframe for completion is flexible. The ideal candidate should have: - Strong command over the Gujarati language - Experience in data entry tasks - Interest in music and lyrics would be a plus - Excellent attention to detail and accuracy The key deliverables for this project are: - Accurate transposition of lyrics into the website - Ensuring all Gujarati language nuances are respected - Regular updates on the task progress and completion

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    I am seeking a native German speaker to act as a virtual sales agent. The project involves - Promoting and selling a variety of services to a German-speaking audience - Operating on a virtual platform - Translation or localization of content may be necessary The ideal candidate will have a strong sales background, be fluent in German, and have room for flexibility in terms ...virtual platform - Translation or localization of content may be necessary The ideal candidate will have a strong sales background, be fluent in German, and have room for flexibility in terms of services sold. Fields of work could include (but are not limited to) insurance, real estate or retail products. Proficiency in English would also be beneficial, but primarily, a strong command of German language is ...

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    I'm in need of a meticulous proofreader for my non-fiction book. It's a Chicago-style publication. Within 50,000-100000 words Key Responsibilities: - Proofreading for grammar and punctuation in a non-fiction manuscript - Ensuring adherence to the Chicago style guide Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in proofreading non-fiction works - Proficiency in Chicago style guide - S...non-fiction book. It's a Chicago-style publication. Within 50,000-100000 words Key Responsibilities: - Proofreading for grammar and punctuation in a non-fiction manuscript - Ensuring adherence to the Chicago style guide Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in proofreading non-fiction works - Proficiency in Chicago style guide - Strong attention to detail and commitment to quality - Excellent Engli...

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    I am looking for a skilled professional who can design an emulator for Windows platform. This emulator should primarily support the programming language Python, and should be able to cater to users who wish to use Python for completing assignments. Key requirements: - Platform: Windows - Main functionality: Assignment completion tool - Supported programming language: Python Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in software development, particularly in designing emulators - Proficiency in Python programming language - Experience working with Windows platform - Previous experience in developing educational tools or software is a plus

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    ...need of a talented writer who can craft a persuasive article on a tech topic. The piece should be designed to engage and convince the general public. Key Requirements: - The article should be persuasive, aiming to change or reinforce a reader's opinion on a technology-related issue or product. - The writing style should be accessible to a general audience, avoiding jargon or overly technical language. Ideal Skills: - Strong writing skills, with an ability to persuade and engage readers. - A good understanding of technology and its current trends - this will be essential for the piece to be convincing. - A flair for writing persuasively, with the ability to present arguments in a compelling and accessible way. This project is an excellent opportunity for a skilled write...

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    Seeking a proficient ghostwriter skilled in crafting contemporary romance narratives to write several chapters for my book proposal. As an adult-focused project, the tone should be suitable for mature readers. Key Responsibilities: - Develop engaging, relatable, and captivating...As an adult-focused project, the tone should be suitable for mature readers. Key Responsibilities: - Develop engaging, relatable, and captivating romance narratives. - Write several chapters of the book proposal. Ideal Candidate: - Experience writing contemporary romance. - Ability to write for an adult audience. - Strong grasp in creating compelling characters and plots. - Excellent English language and writing skills. Your passion for contemporary romance will be a huge asset in bringing this projec...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to develop a company profile for my business, with a primary focus on . The profile should be in PDF format and written in English. "Rqeem Valuation & Consulting is a certified entity by TAQEEM for prov...concise, tailored to attract potential customers and establish a positive image of the company. - Essential sections to be included are: - Company history and background - Products and services overview - Mission and vision statements Ideal freelancer should have: - Proven experience in creating engaging company profiles that have a strong marketing focus. - Excellent command of the English language to ensure the profile is written in a clear and professional manner. All provide you with a short brief of the company how we do valuat...

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    ...experience. Features desired include: - Search functionality to enable effortless hotel discovery - Booking management to track and manage users' bookings - Incorporation of customer reviews to enhance customer confidence and choices - Integration of online payment solutions for smooth financial transactions - A Room availability calendar for easy checking of room availability - Multi-language support to cater to a global audience - A chat bot for 24/7 customer support - Google map API for straightforward hotel location - AI trip planner for personal and tailored travel planning - A refer and earn model to increase user base - A section for top offers and deals to stimulate user engagement - A voucher system for promotional campaigns and special offers. The ide...

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    I am seeking a skilful Photoshop expert to introduce more trees to an image of a mound...skilful Photoshop expert to introduce more trees to an image of a mound adorned with arborvitae along my property line. This task specifically entails: - Adding trees to the existing mound - The species of these additional trees should match the existing ones on the mound - The placement of these trees should be random, creating a natural and visually appealing look. The ideal freelancer should be proficient in Adobe Photoshop with a keen eye for the natural lay of landscapes and aesthetic presentation. Experience in architecture or landscaping designs would also be beneficial. I require absolute precision and attention to detail to ensure the added trees blend seamlessly with the exis...

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    ...experience in implementing in-app purchases in macOS applications. The application is already built and functioning, but I require assistance in adding a subscription-based in-app purchase feature. Key Requirements: - Have access to the Apple Developer Program and experience in submitting in-app purchase features to the Apple Store - Proficient in Swift, as the application is built using this language - Ability to implement subscription-based in-app purchases seamlessly - Experience in the development of macOS applications and complying with Apple Store guidelines Your responsibilities will include: - Implementing the subscription-based in-app purchase into the existing macOS application - Ensuring the in-app purchase feature is fully operational and integrated - Assisting with...

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    I need a skilled PHP developer for a project that requires merging multiple images into a single template. The primary task is to overlay images on top of a template, creating a final...size of the images being overlaid is essential. While I prefer a simple drag and drop tool to adjust these parameters, the output should be precise. - Output Formats: The final image should be available in both JPEG and PNG formats. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in PHP: Since this project will be executed primarily in PHP, a solid understanding of this language is a must. - Image manipulation: Experience in overlaying images onto a template and managing their positioning and sizes is crucial. - Output formatting: Ability to generate images in both JPEG and PN...

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    ...Pay Per Call campaign. Specifically, I want someone who can reach Spanish-speaking individuals and drive them to call our service for debt settlement. Key Requirements: - Experience: I need someone who has a proven track record in Pay Per Call campaigns, preferably in the financial or debt settlement sector. Proficiency in running campaigns with a bilingual focus would be a strong advantage. - Language: Fluency in Spanish is a must. The ability to convey complex financial information effectively in Spanish is critical. - Strategy: The ideal candidate should be able to customize ad content and targeting to resonate with our specific audience, encouraging them to take the desired action of making a phone call. - Tracking: While I prefer Facebook's native call tracking system,...

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    I'm in need of a meticulous proofreader who can enhance the quality of my academic papers and creative works. The documents I need help with range from 500 to 1000 words, and I'm expecting an in-depth review of language and structure. Key Responsibilities: - Proofreading: Correct any grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. - Sentence Structure: Review the flow and coherence of the text. - Style & Formatting: Ensure consistency and coherence in writing style. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong command of English language. - Previous experience in proofreading academic papers and creative writing. - Proficiency in identifying and correcting structural issues in writing. - Attention to detail and ability to consistently meet deadlines. I'm looking for...

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    ...comprehensive tutorial presented at NeurIPS 2023 - Seamless EXPO, the place to learn how to use the entire set of Seamless models. Feel free to play around with the notepad. Tutorial link: Request to install the programme from GitHUB: Seamless is a family of artificial intelligence models that enable more natural and authentic communication across languages. SeamlessM4T is a massive, multilingual, multimodal machine translation model supporting around 100 languages. SeamlessM4T forms the basis of SeamlessExpressive, a model that preserves elements of prosody and voice style across languages, and SeamlessStreaming, a model that supports simultaneous translation and streaming ASR for around 100 languages

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    Yenci organic products 6 天 left

    Mi proyecto va destinado al cuidado de la piel, realizo productos organicos terapeuticos elaborados con productos naturales gentil con el medio ambiente. Elaboramos jabones artesanales, velas y cosmetica natural. Mi deseo es conseguir un logo que represente mis productos. Les adjunto un ejemplo que encontre como guia de lo que me gustaria recibir.

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    I will provide analysis of first 500 entries!

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