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    * Instant Games : Quiz type * Facebook Apps development 1.) App that I need similar to : OMG app. Link : [login to view URL] and find OMG apps in list of apps. Check the complete app and its working, features and its complete process. Requirements : 1. Multiple Languages and RTL " auto Pull the language by profile " 2. Google analytics by event

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    * Instant Games : Quiz type * Facebook Apps development 1.) App that I need similar to : OMG app. Link : [login to view URL] and find OMG apps in list of apps. Check the complete app and its working, features and its complete process. Requirements : 1. Multiple Languages and RTL " auto Pull the language by profile " 2. Google analytics by event

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    I am looking for people willing to take picture/video/screen capture of themselves playing my mobile game. The purpose is to use these photos on my social media page to boost "social proof" - letting players know that other people also play the game! [登录来查看链接] My mobile game is called "Vrom"

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    ...accordingly. There is only text, flags or paths to pictures in the csv. These are read in the db etc. and displayed in the relevant box. For example Box A always has the same picture so that never needs to change. Box B has only text, box C has text, D has text or / and pictures, E only text and small menu buttons to display the box or not (see picture1

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    ...custom artwork I need for both posters and book covers. There are 6 more books that will need cover work done, will be more then happy to retain if I like the work. Should get a lot of exposure with this. What I need is a picture of a barn, with four children and baby dragons on three of the children, two on the fourth. Will upload the photo I want

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    We need the user to see his face with the glasses that he likes from a list that we offer in a responsive landing page, the user can access this application through the browser of his desktop PC or the browser of his smart cell phone. Our company has stores in 4 countries of Latin America, so this application will be visited from 4 different Countries

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    Trophy icon Drawing dog head 1 天 left

    We need our dogs head extracted and converted into a drawing to fit our kennels logo. So basically we need the picture converted into a drawing, either of the pictures would do , whichever fits best. Currently we use a stock photo. We want it in between the stock photo and a real style drawing as you can see in the other upload. We uploaded the tho

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    i need it to send all the data to my email then make them pay with paypal and return to website form has signature and upload picture files i would like it to be friendly to mobile phone also [登录来查看链接]

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    erpnext- picture attachment 23 小时 left

    we have around 50k items, we already upload the picture to the public folder. Need to attach with the item. if any one knows how to do it, please bid. erpnext v11

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    Facebook Instant Game "Quiz" 4 小时 left

    * Instant Games : Quiz type * Facebook Apps development 1.) App that I need similar to : OMG app. Link : [login to view URL] and find OMG apps in list of apps. Check the complete app and its working, features and its complete process. Requirements : 1. Multiple Languages and RTL " auto Pull the language by profile " 2. Google analytics by event

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    * Instant Games : Quiz type * Facebook Apps development 1.) App that I need similar to : OMG app. Link : [login to view URL] and find OMG apps in list of apps. Check the complete app and its working, features and its complete process. Requirements : 1. Multiple Languages and RTL " auto Pull the language by profile " 2. Google analytics by event

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    Interactive Dashboard 已经结束 left

    This project aims to build an interactive dashboard where the user uploads a CSV/XLS file. The file is guaranteed to to have a single Y for each X, there is no need to validate this. The columns of the file will be displayed on the web screen, and the user will select some columns to be his Xs and one column to be his Y. Obviously, X and Y cannot

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    NEED A PAINTING 已经结束 left


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    Hello, I have a website in which I have a picture upload form. I recently added another picture upload form to my website and now I get a syntax error ( php parse error ) when I visit site in browser it gets stuck on on one of the pages and doesn't move onto the last page of my website. I need someone to fix this, thanks.

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    I need one functional page on my wordpress website Here is the explanation about the page I want. [登录来查看链接] Basically , user can select or upload picture and add text to send MMS message. The background Image is fixed one and the image list information comes with json format. here is the image json format

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    small android app 已经结束 left

    I already have an iOS app, and now need an android app for the same project. It is small and only has 5 menubuttons: 1. Home with menubuttons 2. newsfeed from webapp 3. document directory 4. Calendar 5. Profile settings (change picture, name, email) There are 2 types of push msgs (Firebase), apis already written: 1. whenever an calendar event approaches

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    Remove text from picture 已经结束 left

    I need someone who photoshop one picture.

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    Trophy icon Simple! Just put text on an image! 已经结束 left

    I need an image created that will be a facebook ad. It needs to be 1,200 x 628 pixels (facebook guidelines). The text needs to read as follows and can be arranged any way. It really needs to POP out from the picture!! Dive Into Summer Online Classes! Ages 7-16 The text you put on the image MUST conform to Facebook standards. You need to upload

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    I need a module developer for update of 2 modules one is student examination result and the other is student Invoice. we need to update with pdf picture where pdf Upload and student and parent can View

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    ...the beginning of our product launch. However, our goal is to substantially expand our current content to engage consumers through social media & grow our followers. We also need to encourage our viewers to share content and get them talking about our brand and products so that we can organically grow our followers. Our pages are pretty new & we want

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    Hi Guys, I am an IT project manager and I need a web portal in PHP and a mobile app in React Native for the cosmetics industry. The idea is that my customers (e.g. cosmetic studios) can register on a my web portal to enter and maintain their company data. This data (like company name, address, contact info etc) will be shown on the app (API), so that

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    Me and another programmer built a two-sided-platform website. The website is for models who can register and create a profile to upload pictures and videos on the one hand and customers, who can register with membership packages and recurring payments to the different profiles to watch pictures and videos. You can check it out here: [登录来查看链接]

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    I need a sign pop up box in order to enter my website. I feel like this will be a good way to filter out people visiting my website and get people who are actually interested in. Also a good way to get customers email addresses. I upload a picture of another site that has this illustrated

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    Need help with pilot project. If project sucessful and customer like I will need to have parttime developer. Program a wifi camera TTGO esp32 to take photo. upload picture trough wifi to Homepage. If we work good together I offer more projects and money.

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    flowers world 已经结束 left

    ...user takes a picture by camera or upload it from the gallery to know more information about this flower, and the app should take the pic as an input in tflite file to classify it, and it should return a result. Depend on the result the app should open a new interface contains the detailed information about the classified flower. what i need is to open

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    I need a java class with SWT GUI. GUI class should extend Shell. The layout should be grid layout with resize capability. Shell should include a composite control that will be painted with a HD picture with original size initially. The required functionality is this: User moves the mouse over a picture drawn on a composite. With mouse wheel user zooms

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    web app upload files 已经结束 left

    Need a mini site (3 pages) to load files to my server. user enter code, i send list document, he select files and it to server page should be available on web and mobile, on web user upload local files, on mobile he can select files locally or make picture. for upload you can choice multiple files you deliver the server upload file and front. i expect

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    Mobile App 已经结束 left of the store + logo + telephone number + contact name + address + e-mail - Specific App users must be able to accept or refuse new work schedules. If they refuse, they need to motivate that. - App users must be able to send text messages to the planning administrator - The planning administrator must be able to send text messages to the App user(s)

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    Trophy icon Create design 已经结束 left

    I need a design done that I would like to put on a t-shirt. I attached three different pictures of Jesus breaking bread at a table. I have decided which one I wanted. So which ever looks best. I would like the photo in black and white. Then I would like writing that says "Break bread Not hearts" on the shirt. I will upload a example pictures of where

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    We need a build of a website in Wordpress, based on my other website. The base website is [登录来查看链接] and the newly build website is called The design must include the following functions: - The colorscheme is red. Logos etc are provided. - Template build, paid or existing template can be used and altered after approval. - Company

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    I have an Android application that takes pictures of shops and products and upload instantly. Usually average size for uploaded picture is around 3mb.. this takes a lot of time to load . I need someone to fix the app so that the pictures uploaded are of smaller size.. not above 700kb.

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    Build an app 已经结束 left

    I need an app (for IOS and Android) for an optical center. The app need the follow: 1. Login with facebook or email, to marketing other products. 2. Take a picture of the face and upload 3. Can choose between a stock of glasses and see how he/she look.

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    Trophy icon Design PDF Magazine 11 天 left

    ...than 100 words and I need one page for each section: - Cover: White, with the numbers 07/12 written in the upper right corner. - Page 1 - El Sacerdote it will include one picture of him, one paragraph with a short biography (50 words) and one paragraph with comments (50 words). - Page 2 - Las Charlas it will include one picture of him, one paragraph

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    ...stored in their bookmarks folder. So what would i need help with: - It would be an iOS app. - For users: Reading articles and being abble to bookmark specific parts of the article. -The user can acces the bookmark on their home page ( this is the first icon and the last phone screen on the picture uploaded ) - Share the article with friends or posting

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    I hav...basically wraps the existing website. I have 2 quick fixes need to be done. 1. Application uses camera to take picture and upload to the server. The camera invoked in some mobile handsets while for some devices camera is not invoked. 2. I want to integrate the notifications in the application. I Need guidance and assistance to do the same.

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    Trophy icon Web Page Design 已经结束 left

    ...distribution will change (Attached file [登录来查看链接] explains it). -Bio -Theatre -Publications -Contact The sections are: --BIO is text about the director with a picture of him in it and a link to his CV file. ([登录来查看链接]) --THEATRE is about his work. ([登录来查看链接]) It contains a list of plays

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    36 项参赛作品 content. 1) Ability for user to upload a picture of a wall in their house (eg. above fireplace) at any angle and from any distance - mobile: action should prompt user to open camera and upload new or existing picture - desktop: user uploads existing picture from computer 2) Picture of wall displayed in top frame spanning entire

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    I have a Beard oil bottle and i need a proffesional product picture for my webshop. I can create it on my phone but this is not so nice. Who can help me make a nice pictures. I have upload a sample picture ( from other brand). I only need picture from my bottle.

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    ...(data entry) to the chosen platform. You will also be given other additional tasks that involve WordPress activities, create data lists and other similar types of work. You’ll need to develop yourself as a quick and mistake-free freelancer in order to maintain a healthy relationship with us. There’s an option to advance to campaign management, and it’ll

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    Android mobile app 已经结束 left

    Need to upload picture from my mobile application to an online folder

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    ...Authenticator, etc) o Encrypt user personal data • Upload one or multiple images stored on device and classify each image o Classifying functions and sample prediction models will be provided to freelancer o Allow user to select which images to crop before classifying o User can crop and re-classify later • Take picture with camera and classify the single image

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    We need mobile website development from existing static HTML pages and conversion from [登录来查看链接] to something that can run on our main site and on most smartphones. We have a very simple static website with 4 pages (plus included header, footer, menu and a flash page) On the main page we use [登录来查看链接] which needs Adobe Flash

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    on the upload images The Idea you can see how this design must look like we need similarity but for a different page. Coming soon we dont have picture yet so your free to make something what will go with the rest links under it are products you can us this products to make somting similar as THE IDEA - Durata Audio "Coming soon with a picture of power

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    I need a picture of my dog's faces but animated like clip art. Will be used for online game streaming

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    ...on a couple postcards, needs sent back to me ready to upload to my printer. Need this tonight. I will supply the photos and content on the postcards. I have the pdf and InDesign file of what it needs to look like. The end design will look like the attached postcard just different person picture and contact info and different house pic and different

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    ...VANCOUVER) Membership Directory that I need converted into a spreadsheet that I can upload into my Contacts Database. The fields which it should be organized into are: - Company Name. - Contact Name - Mailing Address - Contact Phone # - Email Address - Website Address There are a total of 1100 Members. Sample picture of the pages are attached. Please

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    Bulk WhatsApp Messages 已经结束 left

    ...keep your account safe and not get blocked with anti-blocking algorithm by whatsapp. Details: 1. I need to automatically send whatsapp videos, images, text and audio. Bidder needs to tell me how many whatsapp can every day or every hour 2. Let me upload the contact list via csv or excel 3. You can detach and detect the phone number from the contacts

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    ...created for Walmart and one for Amazon. Then upload 100 listings each to Amazon and Walmart using the template. The items we sell use a common template for all ads. For example - we sell a part that fits many items, and is sold using different part numbers. We need 100 ads using a common template & picture with different "fits this item" Must have

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    Cosmetic website and shop 已经结束 left

    I need a freelancer to make some changes for me on the website [登录来查看链接] The freelancer must be really good at English, and it is a must that there is good communication, I already have experience with a few freelancers who DO NOT ask questions, but just do what they think they have to do, are you the type, you must not work for me. The same goes

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    Looking for someone to design/develop an interactive globe for my website where users can search for people by clicking on any city in any country. I would need back end ability to upload and update the lists of people who are searchable on the front end. For example, my via my website, an individual would be able to search for a musician by geographic

    $3979 (Avg Bid)
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