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    Note: I did just post this as a project to extract the code. I've realised that's not possible because it's tied to the user's login in wordpress. So if you bid on that project before I deleted it, this is the updated project! --- I have a body fat calculator with database which was coded many years ago and added to my Wordpress site. It's come to light recently that it&...

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    Pell grant calculator in AEM..requirements will be shared

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    I am looking for someone that has a very unique style with multiple color themes . Guidelines are that it has to be a minimalist design , timeless , and very intuitive and preferably bold colors, just a simple calculator not a scientific calculator and it should be fully functioning with pure Javascript.

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    Amazon allows users to create books. They have this calculator tool to determine book dimensions. [登录来查看链接] The user provides the paper type, page count and a few other parameters and the tool returns the various dimension for a book cover (spine size, hinge, margin etc.) We need you to figure out the formulas they are using to generate hardcover dimensions and build it into a javascript funct...

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    We have a lot of financial calculators content to be written. Like retirement calculator, Time value money, etc 1. They layout and structure will be provided 2. Should not be a copied content 3. The content should be grammatically correct 4. Should be SEO friendly Language: Need this article in English

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    Coding requirements: Must be finished in 6 days by Tuesday 28/09/2021 Create a freight cost calculator for a Woocommerce shop website, connecting to Startrack and Australia Post utilising connectin via Australia Post Shipping and Tracking API. No Label creation required. Formula and further specifics provided on acceptance. Specifics: 1. Retrieve quantities and dimensions of product items in cart ...

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    The calculator is to estimate the Initial Margin requirement of a portfolio based on the parameters supplied by website visitors validated against a daily uploaded IM% file. A portfolio can consist of one or more positions of the same or multiple symbols. Users can add new positions at a time and up to 10 positions to a portfolio built-up. Upon completion of the form and clicking on Calculate IM,...

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone to build me a probability calculator that will help me assess the odds of a specific stock reaching a certain price by a certain date, based on a handful of inputs. I'm currently in the financial newsletter publishing business and this "tool" (the probability calculator) will help my newsletter readers and myself with our stock picking decisions. Y...

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    Example of website i need made: [登录来查看链接] many payment methods don't need to be automatic made it will be a lot more simple made. calculator should be coded in Java, and rest could be coded with Html/Css as i know.

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    Hello! We're looking for a HubSpot Developer to help create a new landing page in an existing HubSpot CMS website; and to help with some amendments to existing pages. The website has just been launched, and we're looking for someone to help create the new page, and to help with some finishing touches across the rest of the site - a keen eye for design and execution is essential! 1) Th...

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    I would like an arbitrage betting software, which goes on 4-5 sports betting exchanges (bookmakers) and compares odds of all listed matches. If it finds arbitrage opportunities (sure profit/sure bets) it should display to me. Surebet calculator should also be included where I will input the amount of money I want to bet and the calculator will tell me to bet X amount on exchange 1 and Y amount on ...

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    I need code which calls a REST API with a signed JSON payload. Specifically, it sends a crypto currency smart trade to the online [登录来查看链接] service. Ultimately I want to integrate this code into Google Sheets. Therefore, the code will need to work with Javascript. Do not apply for this job if: 1 - Do not read and understand this job fully 2 - You just copy/paste/modify a standard response 3 - ...

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    Problem definition Bitcoins (see[登录来查看链接]) are the most popular crypto-currency in common use. At their heart, bitcoins use the hardness of cryptographic hashing (for a reference see[登录来查看链接])to ensure a limited “supply” of coins. In particular, the key component in a bit-coin is an input that, when “hashed” produces an output smaller than a target value. In practice, the...

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    I need modification work on my logistic website site below are the requirements...! 1) auto price from shipping settings 2) And add receiver phone number field 3) And remove extra fields for only province district and city only 4) Change label to new provided design. 5) Generate QR code 6) Make a new page for QR Status. 7) add search on shipment settings area 8) add search on calculator...! I have...

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    Collect data from online input graphically with shifting bars and carry online calculations.

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    I have a typescript file that works as a calculator / problem solver. I want to get the typescript file working in Google Apps Script so I can pull in the calculator inputs from the sheet and export the results to the sheet too.

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    Create a Print Shop Online Order Website -Customized item & calculator -Item Design -Payment Gateway -Other Sample Website: [登录来查看链接]

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    Modified logistics website 1 天 left

    I need modification work on my logistic website site below are the requirements...! 1) auto price from shipping settings 2) And add receiver phone number field 3) And remove extra fields for only province district and city only 4) Change label to new provided design. 5) Generate QR code 6) Make a new page for QR Status. 7) add search on shipment settings area 8) add search on calculator...! I h...

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    So i would like built a program built for betting on jockey challenges in Australia. So in horse racing the rider of the horse is know as a jockey, and in Australia different betting websites offer Jockey Challenges. Each horse race the winning jockey get 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd. After the last race of the meeting the jockey with the Most points wins. So i would like...

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    programming calculator using tkinter librarie

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    We need a simple calculator for fences. Our site is [登录来查看链接] The price need to calculated from Woocommerce product prices. et: Simple Clean Responsive design!

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    Want to build a website for a Packaging Solution Company in WordPress Platform. A basic website with a feature of calculator. Pls refer the links ([登录来查看链接])

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    Need to make minor changes in custom calculator. My budget is $15-20, bit only if you can help.

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    Need to make minor changes in custom calculator. My budget is $15, bit only if you can help.

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    I am looking for an experienced (minimum 5 Years) php developer to develop a plugin for WordPress for valuation calculator which takes input from a csv file and gives output based on user selection from front end.

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    I need to build a calculator with credit options within a Custom Payment Gateway in Woocommerce. The calculator must calculate the Sub-Total into credit quotes; which are calculated with many equations (not a simple one, I will provide those formulas in excel); so Users can see their subtotal into 4 options of credit (12, 24, 36 or 48 months) with its respectively monthly quote amount. This should...

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    Need a WordPress Plugin for Price estimation (Old Car/ Phone ) based on certain parameters along with pictorial UI. Please don't bid if you are not aware of conditional programming and have not worked before on price estimation calculator in past.

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    I am looking for a developer to provide the html code for an insurance benefit calculator to be placed on my website. We had one previously that due to website system upgrade it was discontinued. The calculator should allow for me to edit the rates as they change periodically. As well, the output calculation needs to be printable

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    I have a website that i just need an api integrating on the product page so that the width snf length and product type add additional cost to the cart. [登录来查看链接] What it does is example: [登录来查看链接][…]&unit_of_measure=cm&style=pair_of_curtains&fullness=normal That isnt the site - I think thats on m2. but its her main competition. The user fill in the fabric calculator The API ...

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    Hello Freelancer, We have an online store where we sell tiles. All products and variants are created. But now we come to a problem: If a customer needs e.g. 20m2 of a tile that is 120x120cm and in the box are 2m2 then I can not sell half boxes. We have bought a plugin, but we can not operate or configure. The plugin is this: [登录来查看链接] And the demo we need is this: [登录来查看链接] However, we do not w...

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    I have a multirow input javascript calculator, that takes input from rows of comma-delimited inputs. There are 12 inputs. There are about 30 output values, but I want to reduce the number. I would like to simplify this into a 1-row input calculator, where the inputs are more akin to a classical calculator. Needs to be formatted to be responsive, so accessible via mobile.

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    1-INTEGRATION SHIPPING RATE WITH LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICES BUNGKUSIT a)Fare Calculator b)Return within boundaries 3 state outside should return not supported 2-INTEGRATION LOCATION PICKER-GOOGLE MAPS a)Customer address b)Customer location latitute / longitute 3-VENDOR/SHOPS LOCATION a)Address b)Location latitute / longitute 4-ADDITIONAL INFO BUNGKUSIT a)Order type:Delivery Now ADMIN MODULE -MANA...

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    I already have a table with item name, no of items, price of individual items. Want to have a voice based calculator for the same. For example. Say I have the following table Item name Total available Unit Price Potato 10 Kg $1 Tomato 2 Kg $0.5 Egg 100 pc $0.1 And I want to know the price of 2 Kg Potato and ...

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    I need some changes to an existing website. Integrating Instagram engagement rate calculations.

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    I want python or other code that can be embedded into [登录来查看链接] web page that will have prepopulated data of 24 variables. The web site visitor can after the site loads overwrite their own user provided two digit values and a grand total of all the 24 will be totaled live. The variable amounts can be changed at anytime and the total will automatically update on the wix page.

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    Online Calculator 已经结束 left

    Hi Abdellah T., As discussed this is the project for the online calculator in Dash Python

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    Pricing Calculator 已经结束 left

    I work for a steel/aluminum company and would like to make the pricing process easier for the employees, and to minimize errors. We sell steel by the pound and aluminum by the ft. When pricing an order, our customers need to know how much they're paying for each individual piece. For example: If a customer wants 20 pieces of steel flat bar, they need to know how much 1 of them are (along wit...

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    Collect data data from a free website and carry online calculations.

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    4 statistic problems calculator with R Commander

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    Hello, I have a website that is done with WordPress, we need to create office calculator that will print the result of calculation as well email the customer a copy. similar to this one: [登录来查看链接] We need clean code, as well we need to be able to install it on differnt sites. also it should be provide with well guide that we can follow to setup it. codes must be done in a way that it wont overwri...

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    WordPress plugin expert needed to build a simple score calculator for students in high school going to university - The CSS should be made within the plugin - The calculation formula is as bellow Calculation formula For government universities if your score is above 1090: (your SAT 1 score/1600) *69 + (your SAT 2 score/1600) *15 + GPA. For private universities if your score is above 1090: (you...

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    Should be on a wordpress website. A calcultor that takes some info (Numbers) from other website. And then users Can Enter area they live in and how Big their House is and the calculator Will give an estimate of the value of there House. So super super simple calculator. Should just be able to have a given number based on the town the user enters (number scanned from other website) and this number...

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    Sha 256 hash calculator 已经结束 left

    I need a calculator in which for example if i input 1000000 of sha 256 string loaded as single file it should encode each sha 256 string in that single file and save the sha 256 hash of that 1000000 strings as seperate text file with line by line if it utilise gpu for faster output it will be better.i need good c programmer .

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    simple calculator 已经结束 left

    to make a simple calculator for using people

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    Calculator Min-Max 已经结束 left

    Hi Arvind V., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I work for TrailBlazer Finance, a boutique lender & advisory service that caters to financial professionals. Our primary market at present consists of mortgage brokers. On our website, we currently have an "online calculator" that allows brokers to value their businesses at a high-level, to add value to brokers on our website while generating leads simultaneously. Please inspect via...

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    I am looking for a ecommerce responsive website for selling apparel. Required features: 1. Customer would require sign up and sign in 2. Customer would require to search the products by product attributes - size, color, and style 3. Cross selling opportunities - recommended products to display when a product is selected 4. Images to change when the attributes are changed For e.g. Pictures of Red s...

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    I need someone or a team who already built and deployed plugin on WP plugins store. Plugin to build : Taxes calculator. Deadline : September 27th.

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