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    Build the back end and functionality of a basic mortgage payment calculator web app. The UI will be given. The formula will be given. PHP Code Igniter There will also be 4 other calculator web apps (back end) to be done as well. Mortgage refinance, renewal, affordability, insurance and land transfer tax.

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    Create a Visual Studio solution to automate some scenarios in Windows 10 Calculator. Use SpecFlow plugin and Microsoft UI Automation API to create test cases: a) Launch calc, navigate to programmer mode, enter a value and verify HEX, DEC, OCT, and BIN values are correct. Then close calc. b) Launch calc, navigate to scientific mode, perform some calculations and verify the results. Then close calc....

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    i need android calculator that can solve all math problem like the Casio scientific calculator

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    I have a csv feed (and an sql) for a power calculator for car remapping figures. I need a drop down made for the vehicle information to show the results of a stage one tune built so i can use as a widget in Elementor for wordpress to add to my website see screenshots for examples of the csv file and what i need it to do see example webpage: [登录来查看链接] I want it as a portrait dropdown not landscap...

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    Hi, I would like the Utility Information for every city, state, and zip code in the United States. Utilities comprise of water, gas, electricity, cable, internet, and trash providers. I am looking for: State, City, Zip Code, Utility Providers by Utility, Average Price / month on the bill, the utility website, and monthly users for each utility company in each zip code. Please cite your work where ...

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    !!!!! Once there is at least one acceptable entry I will change this to a guaranteed contest !!!!! I am looking a 'female teacher in a wheelchair' Adobe Character Animator puppet with the following features: - expression tracking - can turn their head ¾ left and right - has physical hair - move the eyebrows - open and close / move the eyes - can talk according to my speech (lip ...

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    I need a strick UI developer, for my menu bar. I want the burger menu bar, Right now I get a bar with square button, check this here [登录来查看链接] I need it to be three vertical lines, when I open it, a close icon should come. It should be fixed on the header. Plz UI developers only

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    What's needed: A customer web portal What it does: It allows customers to login and generate a custom quote based on a calculator. Customer Features: Save quote, edit, accept quote, submit purchase orders, Owner features: Adjust product parameters, Add/remove available items/ View quote list and customer activity. Change price levels as needed We currently have a basic Wix ...

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    I need a budget/income calculator web application for personal use. I want it to have a personalized design that is cute and appealing. It doesn't need to be very special and the technology stack is up for the developer to choose. Basically, I just want the application to have the following features: - Display current total money or budget - Calculate total gross income, net income, and spe...

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    I need someone to create app icon and splash screen for bmi calculator app

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    Design a maintenance calculator in CSS

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    Hello! I’m the Owner / CEO of a well established company that supplies sports related data and picks to our members on a daily basis. Our website is located at [登录来查看链接] . Even though our website is setup, we are missing one vital thing. It’s a type of calculator that analyzes a data set (in which we can update daily) and returns the top 8-9 best projected scorers. This is somethi...

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    Hi, I would like the Utility Information for every city, state, and zip code in the United States. Utilities comprise of water, gas, electricity, cable, internet, and trash providers. I am looking for: State, City, Zip Code, Utility Providers by Utility, Average Price / month on the bill, the utility website, and monthly users for each utility company in each zip code. Please cite your work where ...

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    As per the attached spreadsheet, we're wanting to complete data automation/look-ups of the cell comments in the "Run calculator" tab with that from the "Distance and time charts" tab

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    website multi calculator ,multi simulator ( chek me reference website ))) CREATION OF FULL WEBSITE CREATION OF CREDIT SIMULATOR check me reference website Mortgage comparator: [登录来查看链接] Making your mortgage loan simulation is quick and easy. You just need to fill in a few fields to know, depending on the case, your future monthly mortgage payments, your amortization table, your borrowing capacity...

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    We are having an onsite event with the theme of Pee Chee. We would like a a replica of the original Pee Chee folder with the following changed. Faces to match those attached Actions will be changed from sports to actions of the services our company offers. Our goal is to have the same look and feel, font and vintage design as the pee chee them but match the faces of our staff. Roger working on i...

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    I want to program a payment calculator for my website

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    I have one website on which we provide 3 services for the partners and customers, for that we need to integrate a calculator for the services obtained by the partner or customer.

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    Need help fixing up a C calculator. I wrote it as an exercise, but it simply crashes when given unexpected input. I am a beginner in C coding, but this should be something any experienced C developer could fix. The project you receive includes the source code and a few compiled binaries. The root EXE contains the application as far as I have come,. The project has been attached - zip source cod...

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    I need a logistics booking app for android and ios with features such as: booking, percel weight calculator, distance calculator..etc

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    We are a computer support service organization. I have a cost calculator Excel spreadsheet (sample attached) that I would like to use to drive a web portal for order entry. We are hoping you can develop a prototype for such a hosted system. The Excel spreadsheet is simple in that it contains three sections totaling about 100 line items: 1. User Data Input, 2. Services Requested, and 3. C...

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    to develop a scientific calculator using c programming n make use of loops arrays n pointers

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    BMI calculator 1 天 left

    Write an iso app to calculate the BMI of the user. The app should allow the users to type their name in a text field. The app should allow the users two sliders to enter their height an weight. The app should have a button. Once the user taps the button, the BMI should displayed in a box. The message box should contain the user’s name and their BMI. The equation to compute BMI is : BMI = ( W...

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    I am looking to create an online tool for costing materials and labour. The attached example is very simple and is just for proof of concept. I am open to any ideas of how to make this work (Websites / apps / spreadsheets etc). Please submit what you think would work best for my scenario. • It must be quick to implement • Low cost for me to setup, maintain & modify • Unlimited n...

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    I'm looking for a programmer that can build me an online SAS pricing calculator based on two google sheets I built that companies can use to price their jobs. Our solution would need to integrate into Quickbooks Online and create invoices based on the pricing our calculator provides. Each customer would need to be able to customize their own online calculators with the specs for each of the...

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    Need ongoing updates/modification and expansion of function for our mortgage qualification calculator. There is a bit of learning curve here I will provide all of the background information. Immediately, there is some error preventing the calculator from delivering a result. So let's start with troubleshooting this issue then discuss the updates.

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    IP Calculator 2 小时 left

    I am looking for the coder who can make the custom IP Calculator script to get the IPv4 CIDR and Subnets.

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    I'm in the Roofing and General contractor business. We have over 100 employees and need to keep track of low profiting jobs. We want to be able to predict potential profit before committing to a job. By using Excel spreadsheet, we could plug in some numbers and get an idea what the profit would be. I will be able to go into more detail on how we come up with the numbers etc.

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    i need completely new app design..UI/UX with animations with every action made, this will be furniture app store. *it must be all New user there isn't any reference to look at* Must be Heavily Animated with extreme care to details with any action made in app. it need to be based on high quality Art.. check example for quality .. anything less is not accepted. --- it need to ha...

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    We are looking for a Shopify Expert who can help us develop a custom feature for our Shopify website. The feature is product price calculator similar to -> [登录来查看链接] Please DM for further details.

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    Assignent work 已经结束 left

    I need a simple calculator built with compound interest and I need it to be done on visual studios with all code being able to tun

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    i will ignore if you dont read my requirement properly 1) I am looking for a pure content site like medium and quora ( building around 100 + content a month ) 2) I need a CMS for the content writer to upload and update the SEO tagging on the site manually 3) I want to do customer profiling with cookies, like how youtube, quora, and medium recommending the right article or content for your user 4...

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    A large-scale (10MW) ground-mounted solar farm will be established in North-East NSW, on land previously used to farm sugar canes. You have been tasked with the design of the foundations of the photovoltaic mounting system, depicted in Fig. 1 below. − If your student number finishes with 0, 1, 3, 5, 7 you have been tasked with the design of the type A piles. − If your student number fi...

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    Car transport calculator 已经结束 left

    Can anyone make a similar calculator as on this site. The idea is almost one to one to set a tariff per kilometer. I give a sample site. The idea is for a person to be able to choose the make and model of the car, to choose a start and end destination related to a google map, I guess, and to get a final price. [登录来查看链接] This is the site example

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    I’m looking for a developer who can make me a financial calculator application which is web based. We would use it to input numbers and then use calculations for output. Once outputted I would need it to also show it in a report and use intelligence to provide an executive summary on baselines. This would be for loan qualification and such banking industry and finance experience would be an ...

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    Build an android ios app 已经结束 left

    - login for the customer - Mobile phone number - Password - Full address - D17 number or bank account - Login for the driver - Mobile phone number - Password - Full address - vehicle - D17 number or bank account - Location detector for both - Open chat between costumer and needed driver - In query or free online - Customer review, likes, comments - Pric...

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    CREATION OF FULL WEBSITE CREATION OF CREDIT SIMULATOR check me reference website Mortgage comparator: [登录来查看链接] Making your mortgage loan simulation is quick and easy. You just need to fill in a few fields to know, depending on the case, your future monthly mortgage payments, your amortization table, your borrowing capacity. website french language CHEK ////////////////////////////////////////...

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    Project for Shashikant K. 已经结束 left

    I want to make program for our manufacturing unit , store,and calculator for our fabricated products.

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    crash game calculator 已经结束 left

    i need a program thats can know what the next round could be in crash game

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    Build me a website -- 2 已经结束 left

    Hi there, I have a small business selling furniture items from a local shop In melbourne. I need someone to help with with the following; Build a complete modern and catchy website with ease of use/ modify contents Must have shipping fee calculation on both each product page( for customers to check pre purchase postage cost) as well as in the check in. I may provide examples. Postage calculator mu...

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    Engineering Calculator 已经结束 left

    i want code in swift language .what are the function will be available later i will tell you in details.

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    Slider prices calculator 已经结束 left

    Bonjour, je cherche a intégrer nouislider [登录来查看链接] a woocomerce de mon site, je veux comme sur ce site: [登录来查看链接] le prix est calculer automatique par rapport a la progression de la barre de 1 a 70

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    Calculator app with realtime chatting

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    Need to develop Chaldean system and Pythagorean system

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    I require a developer to take over a project that is currently in progress. Due to capacity constraints, the previous developer cannot continue with the project. The previous developer will do a handover and will be available for a month or 2 to assist with the handover process. This will include completed designs and code handover. The developer would require CodeIgniter framework in php skills. ...

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    Experienced Web Developer I'm looking for an experienced web developer, that can do some web-related things for me. In short terms, you will be coding a small simple form Wizzard website, that uses mathematics formulas to calculate the result. While you input into the form, a live preview is shown as a page format, where you can download it as a PDF. The website will use Facebook API, as ...

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    I need to do a wordpress plugin about loan calculator with a bif feature in [登录来查看链接] I can also buy and then we do changes. I neeed some few chenges as pre-amortizing period and to cancel down payment. Let me know. Thanks

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    website build 已经结束 left

    Hi, this is our current website [登录来查看链接] it was built by a freelancer and we have been using it for the past two years. very amazing service but unfortunatley i have recently lost contact with him. im currently looking to upgrade the website. I need a complete new website design with fresh modern look. it must have the following: -All four pages will remain the same names. -customer login added...

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    We have developed a comprehensive Excel based calculator, made up by multiple sheets, and want to convert that to a web based calculator for potential clients to calculate their own project. Potentially to convert to an app as well, running the Excel calculator in the background.

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    Solar Panel Calculator 已经结束 left

    Hi , Myself Swapnil Duphare and I am working as a Digital Marketer in Private IT company. I want a Website Designer/Developer, who can Make a Solar Panel Calculator. For more Details, exactly which type of website need to make, they can Message me here at any time.

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