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    farmer can find the price in each district wise using real time data. That means carrot goes Rs40 in this district Rs50 for this district likewise. Each district display all product that farmers sell. There is a two calculation that farmer can access, first one is compost calculator and other one is plant spacing calculator. In compost calculator farmer can add their cultivation area length width, lawn type, and depth according to that calculate volume of the compost and cost. In plant spacing calculator according to the length, width border calculate space of the plant and how many plant goes with that area. Wholesaler and retailer can register and login to the system and they can order products and search product according to their area.

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    To whom it may concern, I'm looking for someone experienced who can develop a basic calculator using verilog on vivado with specific requirements in a short period of time. If you think this fits your skills, let me know and lets discuss things further!

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    Student Grade calculator 6 天 left

    This program requires use of static methods to accomplish each of the following for one or more students (use a while or do...while loop) 1. read a user's first and last name (you must call this method twice. First for the first name, then a second time for the last name) 2. read three integer scores (must call the method three times, once for each of the scores) 3. calculate the total (value returning method) 4. calculate average (value returning method) 5. determine the letter grade based on the following criteria - Average 90-100 grade is A, 80-89.99 grade is B, 70-79.99 grade is C, all others F (use a nested if in a value returning method) 6. output formatted results using printf method. Output must include the full name, the three scores, total, average (to 2 decimal places), ...

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    Front-end Developer needed 6 天 left

    Need a front developer to make the project based on Discourse()- only front-end. For the back-end we have other developer already. No teams, no agencies, no shirtty-coders, individuals only Required ...for routing(REST), models/services are for the logic. templates are for html, don't mess javascript and css with html-should be in separate files icluded, bootstrap for css, use background jobs for the long running processes like sending emails, images should be optimised for web, etc. Front-end: Bulid the template into the app: main layout, plane pages, email. - Partially done. Front-end: Fee Calculator. Front-end: Checkout ticket Front-end: build in Intercom plugin for support Front-end: build in Statistics from google analytics front-end: fix the errors after QA.

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    PHP/Wordpress Developer. We are looking for a PHP developer who can build a very simple application inside WordPress using the WP SQL tables? We have a website on WordPress- , we need to add a "philanthropy calculator" to it. This is 4-5 screens of data that is entered by a user, based on which a table is calculated/generated (we have the formulae) and the results are emailed to the user. All the data of the user has to be stored into a MySQL table which can be viewed and downloaded (in csv or xls format- whichever is easier) by admins.

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    Hello, I need a price calculator for width, height and maybe other parameters to be automatically calculated if user will select width and height of window blinds. As an example please see this link bellow: I need this kind of module to have for PrestaShop. Regards, Denis

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    SQL DATABASE -- 5 4 天 left

    Create database for an application of your choice, for example and e-commerce solution, an insurance quotation calculator, etc. Deliverables: 1- Script file (.sql file) which should contain all the commands to create the tables, sequences, triggers, procedures and functions when it is executed. 2- Script to run samples of your functions, procedures, and triggers, etc. Contents of your Database: (to be included in the script file): - Tables with data: Minimum 4 and Maximum 10. - Sequences: You need to create at least one sequence and use it. - Triggers: For behind-the-scenes table entry/updating, you need to create at least 2 triggers - Procedures: You need to define at least two procedures so carrying out common operations on database. - Functions: You need to def...

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    Mortgage calculator 4 天 left

    Hello, I'm looking to design a mortgage calculator through excel

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    We want to create a new design on the website and user frendly for the customer. We also want to make a separate price calculator that calculates the price of our products.

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    I need to export two CSV's from different platforms and have them equally formatted when I upload the data into one excel spreadsheet. Then, I need a calculator to calculate the Personal Billing NUmber of our Recruiters and Sales People. One spreadsheet will have data containing Records Ownership: There are deals splits dedicating percentages for Account Owner, Account Manager, Scheduler and Recruiter. Second CSV export has the deal's breakdown and when they were paid. The calculator needs to calculate the Personal Billing Number for each employee based on the Values in the spreadsheet if they match the ownership criteria per record.

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    I need a custom calculator (I attached an image ) and I also link the website here: The thing Is, i need that calculator to be responsive and Integrated in Wordpress page.

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    15 个竞标 simpler to sort out the properties and make a good choice, at the end of it. Mortgage Calculators: Buying and selling a property involves a lot of financial transactions. It might not be very friendly to calculate the loans or mortgage – There are full chances of errors, wrong calculations, giving you a very unclear picture of finances. There are several applications which has an in-built calculator, which allows the users to calculate the loan repayments, interests, mortgage, among other things, thus, eliminating chances of errors or miscalculations. An ‘Atlas’ at your finger tip: You are relocating to a completely new city or state or may be country; and so you want to know every single detail about the region – right from the demographics, politi...

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    This will be a calculator for new hires, so they can see the difference between their current pay and what they can earn. I'm attaching an example in google forms so you can get a basic idea of what I'm trying to achieve, ask any questions and I'll be updating the info here as well as the project progresses. the goal is to be able to see a calculated total for the input they give vs total that we will offer. The way I want this to work is: If the prospective employee works for a certain taxi company and they pay him per mile at certain rate, I want him to be able to disclose the miles he drove for a previous week and the rate per mile he was paid, then right next to it I want to show the amount he could get if he was working for us, but lets say if he made less than...

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    I have a calculator html with js script (that works well on Drupal 7) in the html body but it does not work on Drupal 9 because of event rules. . I would like to remove items like onclick, onkeypress, onkeyup and others because they are no longer allowed in the HTML body area in Drupal 8/9. Are you able to call on the button and input via their IDs instead, and then implement the listener and other pieces on the JS side? The three IDs I made are: 1id="estate-calculator__input" 2id="estate-calculator__button" 3id="estate-calculator__results"

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    Create a modern web application with the given excel calculator.

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    I have uploaded the file in which all the details available .

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    i want to make a website which has these functions 1) home page 2) slider calculator to calculate return of investment 3) user registration and login with logout 4) affiliate centre ( they should be available to view their referal for up to 3 levels and there is a commision calculation for them there) 5) when they register their payment page will be a cryptocurrency payment provider ( or any crpto payment gatewy) so you need to make those integrations. 6) Show their investments inside the members area and a counter which increases a certain percentage everyday. Add on a withdrawal button which will ask them for amount and wallet adress. 7) After registration they will get an email from company to verify it. 8) Full admin control capability has to be my on my side.

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    I need someone to make me a professional real estate website on WordPress with IDX MLS integration. The things I need on my website are: a listings section (where my listings are and I need a sold logo to be able to be added if sold), a blog section, a contact form, mortgage calculator, basic SEO, and Instagram feed

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    Test a Windows app. My app is utility calculator. You need to test it and give me feedback.

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    We need a plugin to calculate the price of Amazon products by inserting product links in a search form. Then the price should be calculated in Iranian Rial (IRR) through the formula and if the customer wishes, the product should be received from Amazon with a picture and description and import...destination shipping address. Sample process: Search form -> Show product and price in Tomans -> Order registration -> Insert product in WooCommerce -> Continue shopping by customer according to WooCommerce Finally, it can be extended to ebay, souq and other store sites. It is possible to translate the Amazon product into Persian and also to calculate the daily price of the dollar. The calculator should be such that the main variables can be changed by the admin. Reffrence...

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    Stair business calculator 已经结束 left

    I need a few cells programmed to do some math for me

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    restaurant website 21 小时 left

    Build responsive WordPress site or PHP for nutrition calculator site like McDonald's site Note: should be RTL

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    Hello, Here is a short video explaining the software that needs to be created. It is a simple software. An income calculator. Thank you

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    It's Almost Finished but needs some FIXES. CODE is Provided! See Image for the old and new apps. Uses/Must Use: Java 17 / JavaFX 17 IntelliJ (No IDE's that add their own special way of doing things) Project Tasks: Just a couple things to fix, clean up and one menu item to add. I will give code. (It is my code. The Freelancer does not retain any rights to the code.) I am an amateur coder. I want Clean code and good practices. ***** Please add "DDD" to your offer ***** so I know you read the details. Too many bots and people that don't read on here.. Compensation: It's a very simple project. $50 is probably too high.

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    ! Apply only of you can deliver today ! I want to creat a simple web based plugin page for the profit calculator as attached here. I do not want a website or full application, this is just a simple calculator to be crat d in web format , such that it can be embedded later in any other site.

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    A user friendly unit converter application which makes conversions easy (distance, temperature, currencies etc). Both a simple calculator and a scientific calculator should be included, allowing any complex calculation to be completed quickly. All the requirements are provided in the document. Please check and respond if you have any questions.

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    It is bill calculator and validation massage before bill is made ..

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    I need a programmer 2021 已经结束 left

    Create database back-end functionality for an application, for example and e-commerce solution, an insurance quotation calculator, etc. 1. Deliverables Script file (.sql file) which should contains all the commands to create the above tables, sequences, indexes, triggers, procedures and functions when it is executed. Note: Create a script to run samples of your functions, procedures and triggers, etc. 2. Contents of your Database: (to be included in the script file) - Tables (data, lookup, audit/log tables) – Minimum – 5 and Maximum 10. You can think and build these tables according to web application project (COMP229) or as an independent database project. 3 marks - Sequences - You need to create at least one sequence and ...

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    Layout calculator program 已经结束 left

    Hi, looking for a program that would calculate printing layouts. The user should be able to input multiple versions of an item, the size of the item, and the quantity required. They would enter in the size of the sheet that the items would be printed on, and the program would calculate the best way to group up the version on the sheet to maximize the most sheet usage. The program should let the user know how many of each version would go on the sheet, and the number of sheets total required to meet the requested quantities. For example, if the user were to put in the following information, the program should let them know how to group up the versions on the sheet (user would indicate the size of the blank sheet, i.e. 120" x 60") best to maximize sheet usage and reduce total wa...

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    I need a simple shipping calculator for excel.

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    We Are Looking For "Solar Calculator" To quickly estimate your solar potential and savings by address. Estimates are based on your roof, electricity bill, and actual offers in your area. Website : Our website created in wordpress using elementor pro and hello theme

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    Income calculator checker 已经结束 left

    Would like to create an income calculator. It will be [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    ...respect. I don't have time to answer question so I detailed a maximum the description project so you have all answer on this PDF. I want to create a dynamic Wordpress form with dynamic results and dynamic steps depending on previous answer(s). Wizard Step-by-Step Form Regardless of the choice of plugin, you have to find a "wizard". I had identified this plugin: , but no "wizard" at first glance. Maybe you can find a better one ? Maybe Gravity or WPForm but check if it's "Wizard step-by-step". Or we will need to create one from scratch. The number of products to display on the STEP 4 at the result is not defined and will vary. If more than 4 products, we need a carousel. The design will be quite similar with no major change in the process. ...

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    Calculator in Vue.js -- 2 已经结束 left

    A calculator is a simple web page built with Vue. It takes some inputs from the user, validates them, does basic calculations on it an displays a results div. See here for an example: More information as to how to build the calculators can be found here:

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    Don't apply if you have not done this.. not for web developers If you have used APIs to calculate total cost of a car in USA including sales tax, county fees, registration/ title cost etc, I will like to hire you for 40 hours project. USA based is the key.. If you did for other countries, please don't apply.

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    Curtain Price Calculator 已经结束 left

    Hi, I need a plugin calculator that can be used for made to measure curtains, so the price is calculated according to the options selected etc. width/length/ single or pair curtain / curtains heading.

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    Discord bot 已经结束 left

    I'm looking for a wallet system and calculator discord bot

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    MS Excel loan calculator 已经结束 left

    We want to get a loan calculater

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    Write Java Code 已经结束 left

    I have Calculator Design Ready in JAVA. I need someone who can write logic for the calculator

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    Build a website -- 2 已经结束 left

    onlie website that about gold and silver price calculator

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    Build a website 已经结束 left

    Im looking for someone to help me create a website for my company. it is a real estate and mortgages company. there needs to be a mortgages calculator in the website as well.

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    I want to to be able to calculate the value of all the Axie's. To do this i want to be able to enter all my wallet addresses, and I need system to work out what the floor price is for all the axie. The floor price is the price that you could buy the same Axie with the same min qualities on the Axie market place. See , i do not need all the graphics for each axie, but i want it in a list format. I would also want this data stored on a simple table in a database/ excel so i could go back in time and reference the value over time. You need to be able to:- 1)retrieve info of what axie are in each wallet 2) need to be able to list the wallets i want information on in bulk 3) use the Axie API and query the data 4) write the results in a table as well as display them on screen. Please d...

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    $1560 - $5849
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    C++ calculator 已经结束 left

    Hi Khaled F., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I am looking for a professional web designe...accommodate these ideas I have to improve my site. I have an existing site that is hosted, it is an e-commerce marketplace. I need some updates with format including different sections for countries with corresponding currencies (just US and Canada) as well as search for local and national for each country. Another big thing would be a community forum for members of the site. I also need a shipping calculator tool for checkout. I could use a coupon tool as well (needs to be applicable per seller/listing). Possibly some other design changes and whatnot but those would be the main things needed! Please give me a quote if you are able to take on the job! No strict due date but am on a budget so let me know what you could do within about a $...

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    I require someone to create the inputs and formula for my shopify store. I sell wallpaper at $88 per sqm but I want to be able to sell it in inches, feet, metres and centremetres. I require someone to create the inputs, and formula so they all end up at the same price per inch/cm/metre and foot.

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    ...need to add more to this as we go): - We need a sleek website with an home page that features a video on the background (for the moment it's OK a stock video free to use as long as it's consistent with the company products) - Hostinger Wordpress space and domain are already available - Responsive - SEO in all pages and all tags (we'll provide the wording, you will have to code that) - A calculator on the home page that takes as an input the number of people in the household and returns the number of bottles consumed each year and some other fixed calculations. Along with this, there will be a cartoon-like image of plastic bottles piled up to show how much plastic is saved. - Examples pf products sold can be found here: https://tinyurl

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    ...submenu and button-linked forms. Footer Home page Pages should include: Why Klaviyo, Customers, BigCommerce, Integrations, forms and personalisation, profiles, segmentation, data science, reporting, benchmarking, onboarding, customer success, Blog, covid strategies, partner program, who we are, newsroom, careers, contact us, legal terms and policies. Pricing - ideally like their page just no calculator. (might commission a bespoke section here for a later project.) I'm happy to use any suggested plugins, addon, or themes as you think required to make the site look at similar as possible. I'm also happy to include customisation if required. It would be ideal if you'd be willing to take on future work as well if required. We are looking to use HubSpot so if the f...

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    Hey, I'm Rohan Sharma yesterday I made a...request for a website developer who can build this exact website. This website provides services in four different categories and I want a website developer who can build me this same website with all the features which this website content. Yesterday I post a request for building this website and whatever proposal I have got no one has talked about the fitness calculator feature which this website has So is there any website developer who can build me this exact website with all the features and exact design and provide me all the tools which this website is providing? It's my request to all the websites developer to please go through this website and I want the tools which are there on this website, on my website

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    develop a software that implements the Enigma encryption machine used by the German military in World War II. software should be able to encrypt/decrypt text using the Enigma cipher, including the spindle, rotors, reflector, notches, and a preset rotor setting of the Enigma machine, and have appropriate testing, version control and documen...rotor setting each time. You should submit a report (around 1500 words) in PDF format, that includes the following: 1. Introduction to your solution written for a user. 2. Instructions for using your software. 3. A table of unit tests. 4. A link to your repository - make sure you link to a tag or commit that is dated before the deadline 5. A description of the data structure you have used, and calculator of the efficiency of the algorithm. 6. So...

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    Make a simple java calculator using stack adt and binary trees.

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