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    i neeb vhdl project 已经结束 left

    i need vhdl project for fpga bord i need skeleton and can move

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    Need help developing a face detection system with the DE2-115 board and OV7670. I already developed the code for the face detection but in MatLab.

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    ...zaprojektowanych tabele na osobę; tabele powinny być powiązane kluczami obcymi (relacjami); 4 widoki (views) na osobę (powinny zwracać najczęściej wykorzystywane przez oprogramowanie klienta); Dodatkowe 4 punkty można uzyskać za użycie atrybutów, których wartość zmienia się w czasie (przynajmniej jeden atrybut, np. cena towaru, usługi, adres, ewentualnie

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    i want to realize the transfer function on fpga so any one with knowledge of vhdl and quartus tool can bid Thank you

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    vhdl project 已经结束 left

    I need you to implement a vcdl design project

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    Napisz oprogramowanie 已经结束 left

    Inne lub nie jestem pewny Inne lub nie jestem pewny Zlecę przeniesienie systemu redmine z jednego serwera na drugi + zlecę aktualizację redmine do najnowszej wersji. Zlecenie na ten weekend.

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    ...in der Digital- / Analotechnik - Kenntnisse von Simulations- und Prüfumgebungen - Kenntnisse mit technischer Dokumentation/Nachweisführung. Technisch: - OrCAD, PSpice, FPGA/VHDL, C++ - DO-254, MIL-STD-1553...

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    Tic Tac Toe in VHDL 已经结束 left

    I am looking someone who can fix the errors of the game tic tac toe in VHDL for DE2-115 and prepare report.

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    Napisz oprogramowanie 已经结束 left

    Windows .NET 2 x rdlc reports

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    I need you to develop some VHDL designs for me. I would like this software to be developed in VHDL hardware descriptive language. With a  VHDL design and simulation

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    this is my brief description of my project and please only serious people who would like to work and help me make a bid MY FPGA board is DEO nano SOC CYCLONE 5 1. reading an anolog signal (adc is available on board )ltc2308 is the adc which is available on fpga a board 2. realization of PID controller on FPGA 3. realization of process module on fpga (simple equation as to be realized here i.e P...

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    firstly i am posting this second time because the guy called https://www.freelancer.com/u/ahmedmohamed85?ref_project_id=17168255 (Ahmedmohamed85) has showed is arrogance and negligence after accepting my project and asked me to create a milestone and cancelled it and made me to wait for 3 days without answering please guys kindly dont get fooled with such experienced guys and ruin your money and t...

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    i will explain in brief when we discuss

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    VHDL coding 已经结束 left

    HDL coding from block diagram and pseudo algorithm

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    Develop a musical bell that will play a selected and programmed song in the FPGA.

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    Hi, I have opencv python programs want to implement them on the ZYNQ SoC. To be in precise want to implement custom object detection(using opencv, tensorflow)...implement them on the ZYNQ SoC. To be in precise want to implement custom object detection(using opencv, tensorflow) on to ZYNQ board. And also converting the python program to VHDL/Verilog.

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    VHDL expert needed 已经结束 left

    Expert in VHDL needed to work on a code

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    Code Conversion 已经结束 left

    Small project to write in VHDL

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    Implement an algorithm in vhdl done in Matlab using System Generator

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    Napisz oprogramowanie 已经结束 left

    Linux Python Long time relationship with my machine learning and artificial Intelligence enabling for small and medium companies business.

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    ...5ms / 20ns = 125000 dcycle_mid = (dcycle_max – dcycle_min) / 2 = 75000 Για την περιστροφή του servo θα χρησιμοποιήσουμε τα δύο κουμπιά π&omic...

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    1. Create a top level VHDL file for the project. VHDL code should be well formatted and commented. 2. Add two instantiations of a sync counter to the top level that are customized for the horizontal and vertical sync signals 3. Adapt the tesbench from homework 2 to simulate the top level file. Simulations should be annotated to depict events important

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    Necesito hacer un programa en VHDL de un reloj (formato 24hs), con cronometro y con alarma. Cuando cambio a cada uno. no se debe perder la cuenta de la hora, cronometro o la alarma seteada. El reloj, la alarma y el cronometro se debe poder cargar/modificar manualmente. Detención y reinicio del cronometro. Cuando la hora del alarma coincida con el clock

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    Tworzymy zespół pracujący nad alternatywnym systemem zarządzania budynkami. Mamy innowacyjne pomysły i tworzymy całość zupełnie od podstaw. Elektronika, oprogramowanie niskopoziomowe, protokół komunikacyjny, aplikacja serwerowa - te wszystkie elementy stworzyliśmy na nowo aby zarządzanie budynkiem stało się łatwe i tanie we wdrożeniu. Zapraszamy do

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    Need to Develop a VHDL program.

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    Project for Manoj J. 已经结束 left

    Need to Develop one VHDL Program. more details will be provided on chat.

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    Project for Miaomiao G. 已经结束 left

    Implement a program on VHDL

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    Aplikacja taxi 已经结束 left

    Chętnie zlecimy napisanie aplikacji taxi. Interesują nas pewne terminy wykonania. Oprogramowanie powinno składać się z: - strona www (panel zgłoszeń i administracja systemem) - aplikacja kierowcy (android) - aplikacja klienta (android, ios, windows) Oprogramowanie musi posiadać: - monitoring , GPS i przydzielanie zleceń najbliższej taxówki. - Kolejka

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    hardware Design 已经结束 left

    vhdl code for wireless adhoc network and its implementation in FPGA,

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    Motor Control 已经结束 left

    Convert C code to VHDL for BDLC, see attached datasheet. C code is available from TI website (or I can provide). Need to convert code, which is based on document into VHDL. Deliverables: VHDL code + working testbench + block diagram Need to be knowledgeable in Motor Control, C/C++ and VHDL.

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    help with VHDL Question 已经结束 left

    Help with a few questions on VHDL

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    I want someone to write in vhdl an 8-bit harvard architecture CPU

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    BId only if u can do only the second...dropping it and seeing it through a stereoscope lensIn perspective projection and the use of two center projection (off-axis projection) 2,Implement hardware system using vhdl language and xilinx 9.2i software And executed on spartan -3e linen The graphic is displayed on an external screen only the second Part

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    Write a VHDL code to use two ultrasonic sensors as detectors, placed one at entrance and other at exit of a parking space. When the ultrasonic detects a car, use a counter to count the cars entering and decrement when a car exits. There is an RGB led place at each gate (entry &exit) which is used to indicate opening and closing of gates. Entry gate

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    working with a grideye infrared sensor and looking to send the data through a wifi Cypress connection. We have some experience with this already but i am looking ...this so that we can work back and forth to get this up and running. I would like to send the data to a be read out with a Visual C sharp interface. Experience with FPGA and VHDL is a bonus

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    I require source code for the design and simulation verification of a calculator (Not + - / * operations) with slightly more experienced VHDL'ers can be selected for this quick project

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    I require a VHDL deisgn code, to construct a simple calculator for two input numbers, testbench and simulation for verification of functionality before using the board.

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    Design a 3-phase 500Hz FPGA based generator driving a quad-channel DAC (only 3 channels needed) such as the LTC 2624. The overall idea is that; following <RESET> a table of values representing a sine wave shall be stored internally and scan sequentially by the three output stages in a manner that each output is 120 degrees off-phase with each other as shown in the attached image. No othe...

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    Napisz oprogramowanie 已经结束 left

    Windows Inne lub nie jestem pewny Aplikacja monitorująca i filtrująca ruch w sieci lokalnej.

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    I need some help with VHDL/FPGAs. I am stuck with some part and would like to fix it asap.

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    ...CV Rodzaj pracy: zdalna, elastyczne godziny pracy, dyspozycyjność 9:00-17:00 pon- pt kontakt (skype). Sposób pracy : zlecenia stałe rozliczane godzinowo przez oprogramowanie Jira. NIE INTERESUJE NAS WSPÓŁPRACA Z AGENCJAMI. Mile widziany freelancer na własnej działalności z regiony małopolska (Kraków) lub Podkarpacie ale nie jest to wymagane

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    I have a Spartan 6 lx9 dev board. I would to connect the board to my computer and perform standard arithmetic calculations and will require help setting up the calculator.

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    fpga soft radio 已经结束 left

    Hi, This project is for a team of VHDL expert and Java expert. I have a dev. FPGA board embedded the chip AD9764. This is the DAC. It embeds the chip ADS5522 too. This is the ADC. I already have a not-completed project written in vhdl including modules parts of this project. I need you to simulate and fix the data transmission part between the client

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    I'm currently a 4th year degree student undergoing a project to build a Multiplexed DDS using iCE40UP5K breakout board. Apart from the Multiplexed DDS core itself, an i2s module for a DAC chip, Encoder modules for control of waveform parameters and an LCD module are present. Functional verification is done and behavior in simulation is as expected. What is needed is proper post-synthesis ...

    $911 - $4557
    加精 加急 加封
    $911 - $4557
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    Help in VHDL and Python 已经结束 left

    I need some urgent help with VHDL and python for a task which is very important for me!

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    Hi, This project is for a team of VHDL expert and Java expert. I have a dev. FPGA board embedded the chip AD9764. This is the DAC. I already have a complete project written in vhdl including other modules apart of this project. I need you to simulate and fix the data transmission part between the client application to the DAC AD9764, which is

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    Vhdl project 已经结束 left

    need vhdl to run in board equipment with festive lights........................................................................................................................................................embedded systems project

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    Strona postawiona na IIS, bazuje na NopCommerce. Trzeba ustalić co to robi, zmienić content, uruchomić https, zaktualizować oprogramowanie, rozważyć możliwość przeniesienia do Azure i ewentualnie przenieść.

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    Hi can u help me edit my vhdl code

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    Hi can u help me edit my vhdl code

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