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    I need to find a great writer. The abilities he/she must possess are: 1. Proficient in SEO related knowledge 2. Have many yea...Must speak English and Russian (or only Russian), and can write Russian articles 4. Research on topics/themes 5. Need to be familiar with every product of our company. Need to know the functions and features of each product, and under what circumstances the product will be used. You need to clearly know how each product is used, and you can write out the operating steps. What I can provide: 1. Order at least 5 articles per month 2. 20-25$ per article of 1200-1500 words 3. Provide article structure, keywords, and articles on similar topics for your reference If you meet the above conditions, please actively communicate with me, I am very willing to cooperate...

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    ...只是为了应付审核,app上架之后,直 接通过webview打开我们给定的url地址给用户就行了。 We must first do an app shell for review and approval, and the content of the review is not limited, as long as it can pass! After the success, we will dock our API to read the homepage content display! We require LOGO, product name, introduction map, developer account, and Aurora account to use our. We have our own main website platform. In order to promote our main website platform, we need to make a lot of vest apps for a long time, and then guide users to our main website game. Therefore, the function of the app you make is only for the reviewers. Just to deal with the review, after the app is put on the shelf, directly open the given url address to the user through the webview.

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    We have completed the graphic design and graphic materials, to speed up the project that want additional resource to help us to code for HTML 5 pages. - Adaptive HTML for mobile devices - Multi- environment support(Iphone 6 - 8, Iphone X and android phones) - Expected 2.5 weeks to complete entire page development, 0.5 weeks for testing and fixing - Basic test from developer before releasing every build to us. Final acceptance test will done by us - NDA is needed before start sharing project infomation 目前我们正在开发一个餐厅订单后台处理的平台,需要另外一名freelance来加速HTML5的开发进程。 - 目前我们已经完成了页面额设计和PS素材的制作,开发人员可以直接使用。 - 自适应网页制作,尤其是针对不同的移动设备(Iphone 6 - 8, Iphone X and android phones) - 希望在两周半的时候完成页面的开发(希望每两两天提交代码,以便早点检查和反馈),大概3-5天做验收测试和问题修复 - 希望开发人员会做基本的自测,确保发给我们验收的内容有一定的质量。当然我们也很希望开发者可用提出一些专业的建议和意见 - 需要和我们签订保密协议,在项目开始...

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store. 需求制作一套网站下单订货系统, 需要对接多个供应商api接口 需要产品简要信息价格导出 支持物流跟踪 支持表格订单导入 支付对接

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    編寫軟件 已经结束 left

    woocommerce connection with ezship API Transfer order information to ezship woocommerce 与ezship API连接 传送订单资料到ezship ezship api:

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    Do some Excel Work 已经结束 left

    Do some Execl Work, Date Processing, Date Enty

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    客户名單,出單,Call List,Sales Report & Booking Order

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    具体加微信商量 The creature should be designed so that it can be instantiated as an object. You should be able to create instances of the creature with varying sizes through a single float argument passed into the constructor. The location of the object should vary each time the constructor is called. In addition to the constructor, make sure that the class implements all of the methods of the AnimatedObject Interface (and i have the required codes)

    $234 - $1946
    $234 - $1946
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    Hi, We are a young fashion company targeting for young girls. Here are some backgrounds about us: our head quarter is based on Philadelphia. We have production in California and a warehouse in Guangzhou. Currently we have 4-5 employees responsible for packing and shipping. We are growing really fast: since last September, our growing rate is about 5000%. Our order volume is about 3,500/month. We are looking for helps about building a new warehouse in China, and buy items we like in Taobao, sourcing in open market in China and help us to ship. If you interest, please send an email back to us, we are looking forward for your reply. 您好, 我们是一家年轻的时尚公司,产品包括服饰,配饰,主要面向年轻的女生。下面是我们的基本信息: 我们的总部设在美国费城,我们在加利福尼亚州有生产点。我们在广州也有一个仓库。现在我们有4到5个员工帮助我们封箱和运输。目前我司成长的非常快,从去年九月开始,增长率大约为百分之五千。我们希望...

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    电商网站已经建好,运行一年,现需要后台添加一些功能,必须熟悉MAGENTO 和M2E 具体要实现功能包括 网页页面简单修改 后台ORDER 导出 移服务器 一些插件的安装和调试 熟悉MAGENTO和M2E都可以联系我,网站需要长期的技术支持,有可能会保持长期持续合作

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    $1946 - $5839
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    你好,目前我有接单能力,需要建立我的企业官网,实现类似freelancer的部分功能,让我的团队成员可以在网站平台上展示给客户和进行后台操作、收付款; Machine translation: Hello, currently I have order capacity needed to build my businesses website and realize some features similar to the Freelancer, let my team members can show clients on the Web platform and back-office operations, collection and payment;

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    参考网站: & 具体要求: 我已经拥有 FocalPrice 网站的 API token 及 API 档案。 目前需要把API系统结合我的购物网站 ()。 我的购物网站是采用 Zen Cart 建架的。 重点:在使用API 系统调用FocalPrice产品时,在Zen Cart后台可以设定卖价。 例如在FocalPrice的售价是USD10,我在购物网站后台设定110%,则售价就会自动变成USD11。 有能力设计者,请直接电邮给我,并说明您的标价。 谢谢。 LS KU 请发邮件到:liaoyuanci后面是@加上hotmail点com

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    I have 10 years working experience in design. Familiar with the product development process and the process of mechanical product structure, and the selection of materials processing technology, and the surface treatment can master. Know very well about cars, milling, grinding, CNC, machining center, EDM, wire cutting machine and other processing procedures and processing technology. I did the work is the main transmission design, structure design, mechanical design, sheet metal design, product design. Familiar with the national drawing standard projection rules, three view and tagging, view and way of expression, tolerance and fit, safety.

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    ...amount will be added $5. after submit, the value becomes 0. but if the order is cancelled, the value in coupon account should be restored. what's the issues: 1. when choose paypal for payment, the value of coupon account is not counted in. It looks fine when choose the other payment methods. 2. After submit the purchase, the order is appeared in my order list. But the price there is not correct. Main problem is that the value of coupon account is not counted in. 3. 2 prices of display need to be adjusted. It is for display only. 4. After submit the purchase, the value of coupon account should become 0. However if the order is cancelled. The value should be restored in coupon account because the purchase/order is not completed. 5. Make...

    $234 - $1946
    $234 - $1946
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    ...amount will be added $5. after submit, the value becomes 0. but if the order is cancelled, the value in coupon account should be restored. what's the issues: 1. when choose paypal for payment, the value of coupon account is not counted in. It looks fine when choose the other payment methods. 2. After submit the purchase, the order is appeared in my order list. But the price there is not correct. Main problem is that the value of coupon account is not counted in. 3. 2 prices of display need to be adjusted. It is for display only. 4. After submit the purchase, the value of coupon account should become 0. However if the order is cancelled. The value should be restored in coupon account because the purchase/order is not completed. 5. Make...

    $234 - $1946
    $234 - $1946
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    ...to post on forums,blog,websites,Social media promote our website and services in American,Canadian or other countries websites. Contact me through $0.4 per post, and it also depends on your will pay you according to your also look for long time cooperation. Details: - You must be fluency in English, and post the articles to local English Forums(or blog,websites,SNS) in order to introduce our website or products. The articles should contain our website address or URL Link. - The websites you are going to post should be in high rank with Google,Yahoo,Bing. - You should post the articles under category of accounting servicesserviced officeincorporation services or related. - You cannot post the same article under one channel or forum. - The websites should be accounting

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    I need a graphic designer to design my Tamil new year greeting poster in order to publish in my company web page

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    ... You’re a keen student of life, open, curious, always willing to learn. And mostly, polish your craft. Strong grasp of social media space online media jargon and technology. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines in a fast-paced creative environment. Naturally well organised and unfazed when working towards deadlines. Flexible shift Work From Home Full time/ Part-time PPW: 0.25 In order to join our team as a creative writer, you must pass an assessment that will require you to write approx 200/300 words on a certain topic. Those who are interested may apply for this job....

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    Hai, I want you to builds a ecommerce website where customer can order item such cooking gas, plumber service, etc anytime, anywhere. It can handle both real-time and schedule delivery services. I want a multi-users system build for android, IOS and Windows intergrade with online banking payment, credit card, e-wallet. I must be the total ownership of these source code. Softcopy of design layout, source code must be own and send to me where I have totally admin rights. System to utilize real time map tracking system such as waze for both customers, admin and sellers, Beside, the user, admin and report function my design in SQL base. Host expected to be in South East Asia,. For example Host in Singapore. Please quote. Thank you Regards

    $1450 - $4349
    $1450 - $4349
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    ...that are available for pre-order. I would like to add an interactive calendar to the checkout of my website that allows customers to select a delivery date for their order, and, streamline shopping for Perth customers vs Australia wide customers since experience different shipping options and product availability. $150 AUD Website: DETAILS: Calendar For Perth Shoppers: - Allows customers to pick their delivery date - Restricts customers from picking dates I have set the delivery availability to 0 - Allows me to set a limit on the number of deliveries for each/any given day - Allows me to set the limit of deliveries to ZERO on any selected day, at any time - Once the order is complete, the selected date will show up on both the customer’s order ...

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    You will need to call warranty/repairs company on behalf of my clients in order to process a warranty claim. Fixed payment per each replacement received. This is a full time job offer for 40hr / week if candidate is suitable for the job. Payment and more details about the job can be discussed in PM. Specifically looking for females with good English speaking knowledge.

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    ...INCLUDED: 2 DURATION ESTIMATE: 10 WORKING DAYS According to our conversation and your requirements, this script to use on HA candle and 1-minute chart, and focus on the top 20 crypto coin market excluding BTC & ETH. Below are the things to be done in this project: 1) Customize/modify and add features to your existing source script (source: ) 2) A base order should be passed as input and quantities should be passed calculated. 3) Add TP1/TP2/SL/etc that is seen in Godtrix's Quant DCA Trading Strategy. 4) Plotting displays on chart for the TP1/TP2/SL of the trades 5) Fix repaint so that your signal is accurate in real-time without triggering false alert/signal. 6) Avoid Noise. Adding avoid recent high and avoid price pump. I also include for you my

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    Workplace Lifeline is an organization that will be a lifeline for young budding professionals who will need objective, private feedback regarding any non-proprietary assistance with day to day career moves. Workplace Lifeline will review emails if and when a professional needs to hit the pause button for another set of eyes. St...career moves. Workplace Lifeline will review emails if and when a professional needs to hit the pause button for another set of eyes. Strategic planning ideas, essentially a lifeline for navigating pre-meeting planning. We also have a place for questions regarding equity challenges, career advancement and career development. The impact of moving the chess piece before actually making the move in order to determine possible impact. Bios for the site w...

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    ...accountant/commercial consultant. Your duties will include but not limited to Examining bank statements and reconciling them with general ledger entries Examining expenses submitted by employees Keeping an eye on incoming payments from accounts receivable and outgoing payments from accounts payable Creating company financial reports with the above information included Analysing data collected in order to determine the state of the company’s financial health Analysing data to understand where the company is generating and losing revenue Examining the proficiency of the software programs used to organise data Generating financial reports that display the company’s profits, equity and cash flow Experience working with ZERO software Quarterly BAS preparation and lodge...

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    ...Worksheets("Detention").ListObjects("Table5").Sort.SortFields. _ Clear ("Detention").ListObjects("Table5").Sort.SortFields. _ Add2 Key:=Range("Table5[_studentform]"), SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:= _ xlAscending, DataOption:=xlSortNormal ("Detention").ListObjects("Table5").Sort.SortFields. _ Add2 Key:=Range("Table5[_StatusCaption]"), SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order _ :=xlDescending, DataOption:=xlSortNormal ("Detention").ListObjects("Table5").Sort.SortFields. _ Add2 Key:=Range("Table5[_fullname]"), SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:= _ xlAscending, DataOption:=xlSortNormal With ("Detention").ListObjects("Table5").Sort .Header = xlYes .MatchCas...

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    LONG-TERM position! Bonuses and raises will be included for excellent work. $50 will be sent into Escrow and paid over time as projects are done accordingly. After each project, $10 will be released. Contract will be renewed if you exceed our expectations! You will be responsible for writing a 1700 word (8 minute equivalent) script every 24-48 hours. If you are interested in applying, please show us examples of your previous work. We want someone who is knowledgeable in the NBA space! We ONLY want the best! Look forward to hearing all your proposals and working together!

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    ************ONLY BID IF YOU...or team who can Build me a website and Apps which are similar to foodpanda and Uber eats. Users should be able to log in online and find local food outlets. Outlets have the option to allow online orders or just a page with the company details. Users should be able to order online and the order is then printed on a Sunmii device so integration is crucial for this. There should also be an epos which allows the businesses to take in store orders. this is all to be linked so clients can order online direct to the business. order through the website which has several business on it and view the details for each business. a rough example of this will be provided and will need to be copied and improved. please only bid if you can co...

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    Fix issue with xamarin app 6 天 left

    App crashes when quiz is launched, grades also not showing correct percentages in gradebook section. Also make sure messages are received and are received in order with the last message showing first. Assignments, grades and messages must rest for new term.

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    Deadline 40 days We wish to have a better understanding of Magnus effect aerodynamics, through determination of the 6 primary aerodynamic coefficients, under steady state conditions at yaw angles from 0° to 90° for Reynolds numbers from 105 ...from 0° to 90° for Reynolds numbers from 105 to 107 and for spin ratios from 0 to 6. A limited dynamic simulation is needed to highlight any risks and areas needing further investigation. The study should also identify future simulations and tests which are needed to validate the requested numerical analysis. And the study should highlight risk areas where dynamic flow needs to be studied in order to understand and avoid instabilities and perturbations. Please refer to the attachment for further details of deliverable...

    $2204 - $8817
    加封 保密协议
    $2204 - $8817
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    Our share needs a couple of freelancers to work on a Typing project

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    iOS developer 6 天 left

    ...opportunity for an ambitious and energetic developer to continue expanding Folio globally. As part of the team, you'll be responsible for using your creativity, excellent problem solving and technical skills to deliver the Folio application for iOS to every person on the planet. You’ll instrument, measure, optimize and build high-quality architectures and code feature areas such as Document processing, Face processing, Wallet management and more. As an iOS engineer, you will work closely with designers, user researchers, data scientists, product managers, and the engineers that support the developer platform and infrastructure. You will use your passion and in-depth knowledge of all things to craft the client components and features that will shape the future o...

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    We are looking for a freelancer to convert an existing Shopify store into a Marketplace by using multivendor-marketplace app and associated features app It will allow sellers of ethnic products in Canada and the USA to sell to shoppers who can order online or look for the nearest store to pick up Important features: Seller account, customer account, geolocation, Pick up, Shipping and online payment..

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    We are seeking a contractor to provide a script and configuration files which will install docker instances of NGINX, Modsecurity and Authelia in a reverse proxy configuration. These are the docker instances to be installed: proxy configuration. These are the docker instances to be installed: We wish to receive two example configurations for the reverse proxy pointing to internal web resources as well as clear instructions on how to test the system after install. In order to avoid bid spam, proposals that fail to respond to the following question will not be considered: What functionality does Authelia provide?

    $311 - $584
    $311 - $584
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    ...users as possible to our job provider. Apart from obvious Skills needed, we also need experience with: mondodb, elasticsearch & plesk We are built in Laravel and we have a system (laravel nova) that centralizes all our tools (like the job pages, the job offers, the imports of the XML Feeds and a system that we have built that basically exports XML Feeds which we give to our partner network in order to buy traffic from them, and resell it to our job provider). The Tasks: 1) We are looking for someone to optimize our job titles & job descriptions by creating functions that everytime that the XML feeds are getting refreshed, the functions will basically need to change the Text of the Title by taking into account the description that is inside the XML and the Title. Titl...

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    Presentation 6 天 left

    I need some research on how to run a validator node in the following Proof of Stake Cryptocurrencies: -Fantom -Polkadot -Cosmos -Tezos -Avalanche In addition I need to create a presentation with the hardware requirements and the minimum amount of tokens to stake in order to run the validator node.

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    ...chain, warehousing, construction, ecommerce, military and social markets. Introduction The need to have our own protocol for enabling international payments using a relatively stable crypto currency supporting it, stems from the fact that the traditional fiat route of transferring the money using SWIFT and such archaic systems has become outdated and too expensive for the current millennium. In order to facilitate these transactions economically, we need to create our own block chain protocol that is robust, decentralized, secure and can scaleup to a global solution for interchange of value. Protocol Design – Ideas: 1. Decentralized Distributed Ledger(DDL) as a Private Block Chain. 2. Ability to create one or more non-stable Algorithmic Coins. Algorithmic Coins are pretty...

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    ...video edited. I have added all the files that I'd like to include.. There are some time-lapse clips that I'd like some upbeat music added to (that is royalty free and can be successfully added to YouTube without any copyright violations/complications/etc) The video clips that I've added to this project are mostly under 1 minute in length.. The videos that I've added below are in the sequential order that I'd like them in the final product (they're numbered 1 - 10) Adding a quick outtro with the url: is a sweet bonus that will send ya right to the top! Obviously the clips that I have added will need some minor clipping/editing (for sound). Please let me know if you have any questions, and may the BEST editor WIN!!!! Links To Video Clips: Hayde...

    $389 (Avg Bid)
    15 项参赛作品

    This is a part of an NFT project which aims to create a character for a mystical universe. The shape and body of the character is required to be a fixed shape on top of which various items shall be added. The design is required to be made in layers in order to be more easy to add/remove the items from the character. More details in the pdf document attached.

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    have an existing application that serves ad analytics to our customers. We're building our ...application that serves ad analytics to our customers. We're building our first fully-fledged external API and I would like to discuss implementation strategies, best practices, and receive general advice. We use BigQuery for our data store. Simply, we'd like to start with two actions. A POST to /orders with a list of orders which is then stored in BigQuery. And a GET to /orders which returns a list of order IDs for that user that have already been stored in BigQuery. Obviously, we'll need authentication and some additional information attached to each of those requests. There will also (likely) be a data cleaning/validation step. We're considering using GCP API ...

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    Oracle POS API Expert Needed 6 天 left

    Hello We need the developer who are having the exp in Oracle POS API. We need the few APIs like. 1. Get Menu 2. Create Order 3. Update Order 4. Payment And some more apis are required.

    $234 - $1946
    $234 - $1946
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    ...bureaucracy that likes to move quickly. We are looking for someone with a broad range of tech skills and we don’t require mastery in any category. We prefer a familiarity in many environments/languages/frameworks and, most importantly, someone that can learn quickly. Below are some of the technologies we currently use. Being proficient in any of them would be a plus but not essential. This list is in order of our current needs. ● React - Typescript, design patterns for medium/large scale React apps ● GraphQL - Integrating a React app with a graphql API ● Website design + HTML/CSS/JS - Design and basic user experience understanding - forms, validation, responsiveness etc. ● WordPress - CMS backend ● Flutter - 3 platform: iOS, android and web ● NodeJS - express web server ●...

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    I am building a web app to buy fresh cold-pressed juices and beverages online and get them delivered to your doorstep. The responsive web app offers o...them delivered to your doorstep. The responsive web app offers one-time delivery and a Daily/Weekly Basket: A customized subscription service where you can choose a variety of juices you want for as many weeks. The users would explore product categories, see the product listing and add items to the cart. They can choose the timings for their delivery, allowing 6hrs hours between the time at which order is placed and the expected delivery time. They can then proceed to checkout and pay using multiple payment options. The web-app will also have an Admin interface, which will allow the admin to track customer transactions and business ...

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    Plesk server overload 6 天 left

    Im having problems with my Plesk server today. Checking to the resources charts, i can see the charge today is high. I attach some screenshots. Please, in order to ensure you have read my description, please add this code (POLP) at the begining of your offer description. Thank you.

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    ...a team of engineers, programmers, developers and marketing experts with the purpose of developing an interactive video game on the blockchain, where the characters (champions) would be a collection of NFTs. Our programmers are already working on the smart contracts and the development of the 3.0 website. However, we require the services of an Artist/Graphic Designer to accomplish our idea in order to be able to continue with our project to the public. We would send you a template and in return we expect to receive a sketch that sets the foundation on which the collection is built upon. The idea is to create a collection of 9999 images with a combination of approximately ±40 unique traits. More details will follow once the offer is accepted. The price range is between ...

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    ...Age, date of birth, gender, City, location email and mobile. I want to be able to send a message to people that download this app/game I want to be able to send a message to them based on their age gender, city of location.. I want to have the app run off my website www.sinacori.com.au... I want to be able to add maps to this app that people need to buy coins to access information and assets in order to play the game better... I will have job opportunities that if they want to get more information they need to pay or donate 1 coin to get it and 1 coin will be 1 dollar USD They can also earn coins for achievements in the game... first Map I want is for drag racing. I want the game to have a leaderboard with high scores to beat.. Then I want to add different assets to the drag cars...

    $2779 (Avg Bid)
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    Your role will require you to look after multiple discord accounts and send a lot of messages in order to try and get whitelist access to NFT projects. This is a full time position. You will largely just send lots of messages per day just making general chat with other people, the number of messages you send is the most important thing, you should try to be as active as possible in the discord servers so that you are selected to be in the whitelist for projects. You will be paid via weekly milestones but the bids you put on this project should be the amount you will be paid per month! Requirements Experience using Discord English Speaking Ability to multitask (you will message on multiple accounts and in multiple servers) Some understanding of Cryptocurrency/NFTs

    $3091 (Avg Bid)
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    IT solutions and services that create strong business value and help customers maximize the value of their IT budget. We focus on customer needs and provide unified IT solutions that meet the full life cycle of our customers" needs. Supply and documentation of ready-made software, operating systems software, business & other applications software, computer games software for all pla...maximize the value of their IT budget. We focus on customer needs and provide unified IT solutions that meet the full life cycle of our customers" needs. Supply and documentation of ready-made software, operating systems software, business & other applications software, computer games software for all platforms. Supply of All IT & non-IT ready made products. Sales, also includes cust...

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    Build Laravel application 6 天 left

    Make laravel application with API from below requirements 1. Build Product Database &...Keep option to create product in channels if not exist (manual), draft copy from existing database and option to pull/save values per field. 9. product images stored by folder, two folders per product. 1. Optimized images that are uploaded in channels. 2. HQ images/video/files etc. that are used for marketing and not connected/upload on channels. 10. keep multiple profile to scrap data to avoid processing time, i.e. with description scrap, some key values only, 11. auto schedule these runs using cron and email report after products updated. this should include, new products, products become Out Of Stock to in stock and vice versa. 12. Using API we should able to update/create products from ...

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    Very simple proof of concept for a VR-app for Oculus Quest. Functionality in VR-app, in prioritized order: - sketching/designing with only simple objects (cubes, pipes) -import of .obj with .mtl (I have limited knowledge, but think the file format is a good choice) -import of a 3D asset library and making those 3D assets available in a menu for modelling inside the VR-app -export of .obj with .mtl I´m a novice in this area => open for suggestions/discussions.

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    MCT0124-22 Write a program that can read and write f...will delete the file under /contact/ and replace it with the template under the same path. HOWEVER it must write the name of the file as , the same as before, in order to preserve existing nav links. The new is going to have a generic template. The info in the contact page will be different according to the addresses listed in the spreadsheet. Each row of the spreadsheet corresponds to a company. Program iterates through whatever data is in the csv regardless of folders, it will make changes to the first folder, in alphabetical order. We do not want to map the spreadsheet rows to individual folders manually. please respond with PANDAS in your message body if you've read this far.

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