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    This contest is for 1 label design for a premium flavoured e-liquid, we have brand name, and would like a distinct logo and label designed. Please be as creative as possible! Please No black backgrounds Labels are 3" x 3" with a 1/8" bleed. Illustrator or Photoshop files are required. please make the font editable as we will need to update the names

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    Good Morning/Evening, We are here asking for your help in designing a new product packaging sticker for our retail items. I would like to start off by stating that the end image size needs to be 20cm (756 pixels wide) x 15cm (567 pixels high). There are two files attached to this project. One is the 'logo' which needs to be used where marked in the

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    Dear designer Project 1: Design a logo Lion Tail is an online retail seller. We sell within many different categories such as Lighting, DIY, electronics, toys, sports and more. We need a logo that is playful, modern, forward thinking logo and we like design with negative space, geometric shape, grinding with the golden ratio (Fibonacci Spiral). We

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    59 竞标 intending to launch a prototype of in the market soon, and hopefully take it into mass production in 2 years time. The product is simply a healthy snack pack, aimed at health fanatics and athletes who need pre-workout meals for energy or simply a guiltless midnight snack. The products will be divided by 4 themes initially, aimed at 4 different target

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    Design a product label for bags with superfood. (Label size 1/4 of A4 page (10cm x 14cm) Start with 1 product packaging for Maca Powder. Main target: Attractive packaging for European consumers who looking for healthy natural energetic food supplements. The winner will get constant orders from me for all our products (20+), ...

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    No online store. Customers order in-store, the order is then added to the orders list by person, which is sent to the supplier via an epos link. Ordered product arrives with business’ daily delivery. The business requires an Online store that links to the supplier’s database of, approximately 12-14k products. Customers will be able to visit the webstore

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    Trophy icon Maxalite Logo and stationary design 已经结束 left

    Hello. I have a new trading company called Maxalite. I am wanting a logo and stationary design made for this please. I dont want to have to tied to any one market or industry as it is a company brand that will have a lot of other brand names underneath that will be associated with different products. One stipulation is that it needs to be simple

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    Branding and logo design 已经结束 left

    ...are a new company in the cosmetics and health care industry. We need help for branding and logo design. We will look to continued collaboration with the selected person/ team to develop packaging and image each time we will launch a new product. We are starting with: 1- acid hyaluronic for face 2- silk serum for hair 3- collagen powder find atta...

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    ...are People, Planet and Profit Our product promote soil health and fertility, improve fertiliser use efficiency, reduce toxic residue, and Non Pesticide Plant Protection technology. We support farmers to produce their crops efficiently, economically, without sacrificing their health, and living environment for better sustainability. Now we are

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    ...a flat design only with a front label cover for our protein powder. The packaging is stand up pouch with a label sticker Design: Im looking for a design that is iconic, abstract, minimalistic, bold and most importantly very RAD!! Creative design is essential No plants, leaves or people ect as part of the logo please I am looking for...

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    Design retail and Amazon attractive packaging for a small electric appliance in women's health and beauty category. As well 9 Amazon ready pictures + Mockup. Need packaging print ready source file done over the weekend and the rest can be done later. Please see picture attached of the product and packaging dimensions (will be pink colour only)...

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    Name: Duramax What do we do? Duramax is a producer, as well a brand of non-prescription pharmaceuticals and health supplements. It is focused on the treatment of erectile dysfunction, potency and sexual problems. Our vision: We have the vision of a world, where people can cure or help themselves with their potency problems without any drugs

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    ...playful and fun twist on health food products which are beneficial for gut health. We are launching our next product --- Happy Gut Protein and need the help of a very talented and experienced designer to help design our new product packaging and mockups. We need someone who is very responsive and fluent in English. All design informati...

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    I need label design for a range of frozen dumplings in stand up pouches. The design must be attractive, gourmet looking - use your designer flair & imagination! - The label size should fit easily on a stand up pouch that is 17cm wide x 23cm tall. - The pouch is frosty / semi-transparent, with ingredients printed on reverse side. - The label

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    I need label design for a range of frozen dumplings in stand up pouches. - The label size should fit easily on a stand up pouch that is 17cm tall x 23cm wide. - The pouch is frosty / semi-transparent, with ingredients printed on reverse side. - The label is to go on the front of bag - There are 4 flavours, so each flavour should be easily identifiable

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    We need a packaging design for our product, a health related food and supplement (cricket powder). The theme of the packaging should represent itself as such. We have provided our logo to be implemented. The package itself should be either brown or white and it is a stand up/gusset bag. Please also include an example nutritional information at the

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    Trophy icon Vitalist Logo 已经结束 left

    ...form a heart. Or some sort of heart reference. Ideall Or ALOE LEAF in the design! or an aloe leaf used in a cardiograph. Ideal logo can stand alone without the font and word, adn the font and word can stand alone without a logo. Please see attached images for guidance... VITALIST in a bold white/ black/ green or metallic gold font with

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    ...OFFER... PLEASE QUOTE FOR THE DIFFERENT PARTS OF THIS PROJECT. We are creating a product group "food supplements". At present we are looking for a collaboration with a company who can provide the next service: * Logo design + * Write content site * Product packaging design * Instruction doc per product (design<...

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    Trophy icon Oja Organics new packaging design 已经结束 left a new design for my company products. We sell organic oils and castor oils packs. I would like the design to be more legible as to what the product is, not as big a focus on the company name (Oja) The product is sold in natural health food stores. The bottles are dark brown glass. -fabric is natural organic cotton (beige) packaging sho...

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    Information for the business: We sell Kefir (milk based probiotic drink) Industry: Food and Beverage Target audience: Informed Consumers Details about the product: [login to view URL] Ideas for the visual style: I have a lot of ideas, can share during further correspondence Preferred colors: Blueberry, Mango, Strawberry, and Rose

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    Trophy icon Pimp my food packaging design 已经结束 left

    Hello, welcome to my contest. Please read carefully: This design contest is about helping me pimp my current design. Please see attachment for the open files. I am looking for a talented designer who can make my current design simpler, more minimalistic and modern. DO NOT MAKE SOMETHING ENTIRELY NEW (no fancy smiley face ilustrations, no photos of

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    ...produced by us in Austria. For the packaging material (paper box) we need a corresponding design. (Corporate Indentity) PAPER BOX INFORMATION: Corporate Indentity (Website) Logo Product name Summaries Infobox content (smoking is dangerous) Website address Backside with Warnings & Health advice AI-Format is available for Download --...

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    Hello, my name is Sonu and I am looking at getting a packaging design done for a health supplement product. I have the logo design ready, and I will share with you the following: 1. Logo Design 2. packaging samples I like 3. Dimensions of it. if you need anything else let me know. Thank you.

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    Hello, we need to design a packaging for a product called 'bath step'. It's used in bathroom to make it safer for getting in/out of bathtub. Sample design is attached, you can use this file for size and wording guidance. We don't have requirement for any specific colour but it should convey safety, good health, ...

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    Label Design 已经结束 left

    ...label design for our exclusive high end range. The range is called "Shogan & Zen" Uji Matcha. We require two - three variants on of the label for the grade ranges, essentially this is the same label with a slight wording alteration. The product labels are for small 20-30g tins. The label dimensions are 70 x 34 mm. This is our top end product...

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    ...domestically (Australia) and internationally for over 15 years. We are expanding our product range to vegan protein powders with each variety targeted at a specific health purpose. For this new and exciting venture, we require a highly skilled graphic designer to create our new packaging design. We require designs for 4 varieties. Details of t...

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    Find me a Buyer 已经结束 left

    ...manufacturing primarily, conducting the activities professionally on its field, carrying out overseas and domestic operations on manufacturing machines of sugar cube production and packaging since 1996. Recently, our trade relation with MAKRO SUPERMARKET CHAIN (a leading company in Turkey) has been at the top through mutual trust and preserving this continuity

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    Trophy icon HOH-Create Print and Packaging Designs 已经结束 left

    Hello, We are looking for a modern/creative packaging print design for our new brand 'Handful of Health'. We are into packaging of dried fruits, nuts, dates, spices, seeds and ready to eat foods. We are just looking for one design which will be used through out the product lines, so keep in mind all the products while design...

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    Trophy icon Design packaging 已经结束 left

    Need a new Packaging box designed for a food supplement. Contest winner will get $50 Its a food supplement for Men. please use your design creativity and experience to come up with something good. no images are necessary just a nice good logo and easy to read text. Good luck and thanks for looking! Specific box Measurements included in attachment;

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    Design a Logo 已经结束 left

    ...need a logo and product label design. We are a new company looking to be up and running with in the next few months. Our company focuses on distribution of spices and spice mixtures to promote health and well being. This is our first time in setting up a business and as such will need someone who has skills in designing logos, product labels and other

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    I need some graphic design. Task is to design a facility for managing the storage, and preparing the distribution, of goods to retail outlets. The facility is to be built on an empty premise with a land area of 10,000 sq. m2 (around 108 000 sq. ft.). Requirements: The scope of work will involve designing the layout of the warehouse (some of the areas

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    I am looking for a great graphic designer that can do the images and help with branding our products as we require. We are an Amazon and eCommerce seller for 8 years and we require a new graphic designer for our listings. We are looking for the following 1) Images for Amazon - We will take the photos and then you edit correct and spiff up the

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    iflexio's mission is to raise awareness of the health risks associated with increasing levels of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Our company provides advisory services and offers end-to-end integrated solution to effectively reduce the human exposure to electromagnetic fields, which are encountered in our day to day life. This project involves

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    Trophy icon UnStink Spray - Create Packaging Designs 已经结束 left

    YOUR TASK: 1) Make a mock up of a spray-bottle with your design. 2) Make a mock up of a cardboard box with your design. 3) Primary colors are black and silver. 4) Our target audience are modern people who choose expensive looking goods. So, We sell a natural spay made from a Silver and Cuprum combined by secret technology. Its name is "Silver

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    Packaging Designs 已经结束 left

    ...would like to get quotation for design of our device boxes and manuals. The work include the design for the following devices: Activity tracker 2 Scales Glucometer Blood pressure Each device will have its own packaging and manual. Some packaging for bundles have to be done too as the following: - Sport packaging: a bundle which i...

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    ...established in 1924 by Jack Peel, who kept bees as a hobby. He would sell the product in distinctive green and gold two-pound tins, which he would post to customers. Since then, Peels has grown to become a household name in South Africa, and can be found in large retail stores, health shops, pharmacies and the Peel’s shop in Howick, South Africa. Approximately

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    31 作品 design the packaging for a new box set of essential oil blends. The set will contain 10 bottles of essential oil. There will be two boxes each containing 5 bottles. I want the boxes designed in such a way that they can stand alone but also come together as one. The project is in two parts. We need to have the boxes designed and the labels for the

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    ...and this is evident from the word ‘Yatu’ which stands for ‘Ours’ in a local dialect, Nyanja. The company pride themselves on the affordability of their products. The company have three different packaging for their tea at present: a box for 25 teabags; another for the 50 teabags; and a sachet for their 25g of loose tea. This is t...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo 已经结束 left

    ...going to be used in our packaging products/brochure or website.. The theme for this brand is about living life the fullest..Any designs related to inspiration/ motivation/ encouragement are [login to view URL] is more to freedom of healthy life choices. This brand will not only focus on 1 product..We plan to have other foods and health products under ENERLIPID

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    I need help designing a package for my "stand-up resealable pouches". I would like someone who has some knowledge on packaging for consumer goods. I have been working with someone so far (and she has done a great overall job with creativity and design) but I would like a new set of eyes who is good with alignment and balance. Also I want a clean, bold

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo for A skin care product 已经结束 left

    We only one genuine design from your creativity Its a branding for natural health care product like soap shampoo facial cream and etc, the logo u design going to be in the label and packaging of ths product..we prefer red and black but any colors can be considered or a single color also can be okay. Brand name is as follows: brand -

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    Trophy icon Create Fun Label for Flavored Matcha Tea! 已经结束 left

    ...labels, all 4 should be almost identical except for a few differences. The product is matcha green tea that has natural flavoring: blueberry, raspberry, vanilla and an unflavored premium variety. The overall feel of the packaging should be minimalist, yet modern and colorful. I would prefer a basic logo for the package, as in a logo that can be easy to

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo 已经结束 left

    Hi everyone I would like you two know that this product is really going to change and help a lot of peoples lives. Its totally natural and none toxic to the human body. It looks just like clear water but it has a very slight metalic taste. Its a natural antibiotic that is known to kill over 250 different types of viruses while pharmaceutical antibiotics

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    Trophy icon Logo & Packaging for superfood product 已经结束 left

    ...helps advance your health, skins and longevity faster. Our target audience is predominately female, 30-65 years-old. We need you to design product packaging and simple basic logo. Packaging - Must be minimal design/hipster design and gender neutral. Even though our consumers are mainly female, males still consume the product. Please ...

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    ...small Australian startup in the health and fitness niche. We are looking for a graphic designer to work with us, not only on an upcoming product launch, but to develop a relationship with and to continue to work together in the future. We look forward to their creative input, in the context of a commercial product. For this particular job we will require

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    We are a company that specialises in the manufacture of vitamins and health food products. We are currently looking for a template design for our new range of supplements that will help solidify our brand identity. We would like you to create 4 varieties of labels: 180mm x 65mm – to go on 250cc bottles 150mm x 50mm – to go on 150cc bottles 110mm

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