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    ...美元范围的解决方案。 理想的技能和经验: - 具有开发SIEM和SOAR平台的经验 - 熟练的日志管理和分析能力 - 了解网络安全威胁和响应机制 - 使用amy编程语言开发平台 如果您有必要的技能和经验,请提供您对SIEM和SOAR平台开发的建议和提案。 --- I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a SIEM and SOAR platform for my cyber security needs. The platform should have the following features: - Log management and analysis capabilities - Efficient threat detection and response mechanisms - Automation and orchestration functionalities While I do not have a specific platform in mind, I am open to recommendations from the freelancer. As for the budget, I am looking for a solution that falls within the range of less than $3,000. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing SIEM and SOAR platforms - Proficiency in log management and analysis - Knowledg...

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    Seeking a SharePoint expert to elevate our platform and tailor it precisely to our business needs, ensuring seamless document management, intelligent workflow automation, and eye-catching customization and branding. With an active user base of 50 employees, our project demands more than just surface-level tweaks. We're aiming for profound integration and development, pushing the boundaries of what our SharePoint environment can achieve. **Key Requirements:** - Deep dive into our SharePoint setup to overhaul document management, enabling efficient storage, retrieval, and collaboration on documents. - Design and implement automated workflows that streamline our processes, reducing manual tasks and enhancing productivity. - Create a unique, branded SharePoint environment that ref...

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    I'm searching for an experienced developer to produce an automation tool to link ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Canva. This will be to create pdfs Key tasks include: - The tool should be able to generate chatbot responses through ChatGPT. - An additional function would be to create images when integrated with Midjourney. Desired skills & experience: - Proficient in API integration. - Familiarity with platforms like ChatGPT, Midjourney and Canva. - Skill in creating automated processes with specified outputs. The right professional will turn these detailed requirements into a functioning, user-friendly tool, enhancing my business operations.

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    I'm seeking a developer proficient in PHP to create an API that interfaces with Google Drive to perform a variety of operations. This project requires a robust understanding of Google Drive's API and exceptional PHP coding skills. **Required Operations:** - Uploading files with support for multiple file formats. - Cre...compatibility with multiple file formats, eliminating the restriction to specific types. - The API must be secure, efficiently coded, and optimized for fast response times. This project is ideal for a freelancer who has previously worked on cloud storage solutions and has a deep understanding of both PHP and Google Drive functionalities. Your work will directly impact the ease of file management and automation within our systems, contributing to more str...

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    加急 保密协议

    ...through effective and efficient trading tactics. **Some Key Requirements (not fully detailled):** - Strong programming skills, particularly in languages such as Python, Java, C#, especially in writing efficient, clean, and maintainable code. - Integration with all major CEXs and DEXs (specifically Binance, etc.) - AI-driven trade decision-making - Minimal manual intervention needed; high level of automation - Development and integration of profitable trading strategies - Financial Analysis: Ability to implement trading strategies that require comprehensive financial analysis and adaptability to the highly volatile crypto market. Experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable the bot to make intelligent trading decisions based on market analysis and trend pr...

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    I'm in need of a skilled ROS developer to join my project team. Your primary responsibilities will include: - Creating ROS nodes, - Implementing sensor integration, and - Developing robot control algorithms. While it's essential for this role to be proficient in Python, it would also be advantageous to have a solid understanding of Robotics Process Automation to efficiently contribute from the get-go. Having a proven track record in similar projects is highly desired. Successfully shortlisted candidates will demonstrate their expertise through previous project portfolios. Looking forward to working with a passionate, dedicated, and quick-learning ROS developer!

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    ...freelancer to assist me with optimizing my MS Excel usage for an annual sales reporting task. This project aims to enhance my current sales report system by focusing on data analysis and report automation specifically tailored around sales revenue figures. Having an up-to-date, automated yearly report will enable me to make informed business decisions based on annual sales performance. **Key Requirements:** - **Data Analysis:** Ability to sift through sales revenue data to identify trends, anomalies, or areas for improvement. This includes summarizing yearly performance in a concise manner. - **Automation of Reports:** Set up a system that automatically generates a comprehensive yearly sales report. This should include a scheduled task that compiles data throughout the ye...

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    The right consultant for this project will devise an efficient system to tackle two primary tasks: generating a text message alert when a designated machine halts operation and integrating an automatic adjustment of machine settings according to humidity and temperature measurements. Key duties include: Text Alert Creation: • Configure a syste...adjustments of machine settings in response to readings of temperature and humidity. • This feature should ensure the machine maintains optimum performance despite changes in environmental conditions. Ideal skills and experience: • In-depth understanding of machine interfacing and remote alert systems. • Expertise in integrating machine control with environmental factors. • A strong background in automation system...

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    ...Marketing Automation Specialist Are you a tech-savvy and detail-oriented individual with a passion for marketing automation? We're seeking a skilled Marketing Automation Specialist. In this role, you will be responsible for managing the transition of leads from our security scheduling system to Mautic and creating strategic automation flows based on the attached flowchart. Key Responsibilities: 1. Lead Transition: • Efficiently transfer leads from our security scheduling system into the Mautic marketing automation platform. 2. Database Management: • Maintain a clean and organized database within Mautic, ensuring accurate and up-to-date lead information. 3. Automation Flowchart Implementation: • Utilize the attached fl...

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    ...workflows, improve data accuracy, and ultimately enhance the customer experience. Here's what I'm envisioning: **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient with Boomi and Salesforce. - Experience in real-time data synchronization. - Skilled in automating complex workflows. - Capable of designing and generating customized reports. **Project Goals:** - **Streamlining Workflows:** Utilize automation to ensure smoother, faster processes across sales, customer service, and marketing departments. - **Improving Data Accuracy:** Implement real-time data sync between Boomi and Salesforce to minimize errors and redundancies. - **Enhancing Customer Experience:** Use the integration to provide quicker, more personalized responses to customer inquiries and needs. ...

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    ...microcontrollers, ensuring a compact, yet powerful, application. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Circuit Python - Solid understanding of microcontrollers (specific models will be discussed) - Experience with data logging, controlling physical components, and integrating sensors - Ability to write clean, maintainable code - Previous projects involving sensor data collection and automation - Creative problem-solving skills and the ability to work with minimal supervision **Freelancer Application Requirements:** - I'm looking for detailed project proposals. It's essential that you understand the requirements and can articulate how you plan to achieve them. - Highlight relevant experiences and past work that showcase your ability to handle this project. ...

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    ...Integration: Set up for DNS and caching. Design and SEO Updates: Implement frontend design changes and Google SEO best practices. Automations: Automate email responses and other workflows. Skills Required: Experience in WordPress backend and frontend optimizations. Proven track record with AWS hosting and Cloudflare. Strong SEO knowledge and implementation skills. Familiarity with WordPress automation and email marketing tools. Offering: Clear project guidelines and responsive communication. Commitment to prompt payment for milestones and completion. Application Instructions: Submit your proposal with evidence of similar projects, especially those involving AWS, Cloudflare, and significant WordPress optimizations. Include a portfolio highlighting your ability to improve perfor...

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    ...Integration: Set up for DNS and caching. Design and SEO Updates: Implement frontend design changes and Google SEO best practices. Automations: Automate email responses and other workflows. Skills Required: Experience in WordPress backend and frontend optimizations. Proven track record with AWS hosting and Cloudflare. Strong SEO knowledge and implementation skills. Familiarity with WordPress automation and email marketing tools. Offering: Clear project guidelines and responsive communication. Commitment to prompt payment for milestones and completion. Application Instructions: Submit your proposal with evidence of similar projects, especially those involving AWS, Cloudflare, and significant WordPress optimizations. Include a portfolio highlighting your ability to improve perfor...

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    AI Call Center Automation MVP 6 天 left

    We are in the early stages of creating an AI-powered call center service tailored for businesses in Egypt, such as restaurants and car dealerships. Our goal is to leverage GPT-4 integrated with AI text-to-speech and speech-to-text models to provide seamless, efficient, and cost-effective customer service solutions. We are seeking an experienced developer to help us create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that demonstrates the feasibility and potential of this service. Requirements: - Expertise in AI and Machine Learning: Proficiency in working with GPT-4 or similar models, with a focus on natural language processing and understanding. Experience with speech-to-text and text-to-speech technologies is essential. - Software Development Skills: Strong background in software development, with e...

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    LetsEncrypt-nGinx Setup Guide 6 天 left

    ...configuring nGinx to use LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for multiple domains, including wildcard domains. This segment should also cover the setup for DNS validation with AWS Route53. - **Automation:** Instructions for setting up a hands-off certificate renewal process, ensuring SSL certificates remain valid without manual intervention. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Linux, particularly Ubuntu 22.04. - Experience with nGinx, including setup and configuration as a proxy server. - Knowledge of LetsEncrypt for SSL certificate management. - Familiarity with AWS Route53, IAM/Security, etc... for DNS automation. - Ability to write clear, concise, and comprehensive documentation. The format of the final documentation is flexible, and I am open to suggestions...

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    I have a Python script, which is acting as an Addon/Extension for a Desktop application called Burp Suite. I have made the modules, but want to add a few more modules which I am unable to add. Need someone experienced with Python who can complete the script for me. This is a micro project, and the timeline I am expecting is around 3 days.

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    ...increases or decreases. Replenishment Recommendations: Generate inventory replenishment recommendations, incorporating a 3-week production lead time and calculating stock requirements for an additional 6 weeks based on the forecast. User-Friendly Interface: Develop an accessible interface for the tool, enabling easy interaction with forecasting results, trend analyses, and inventory recommendations. Automation and Flexibility: Ensure the system updates forecasts automatically with new sales data and can be easily expanded to include additional products or styles. Key Deliverables: A scalable and flexible sales forecasting and inventory replenishment tool, integrated with Shopify. Comprehensive documentation on using the tool, including a user manual and guidelines for interpretin...

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    ...generation: Select an AI platform capable of text generation, such as OpenAI's GPT, and gain access to its API for external application integration. Develop a custom application that can read the content of incoming emails, send this information to the AI for processing, and retrieve the generated response. Integrate this system with Outlook, which may involve using Microsoft Power Automate for basic automation tasks or developing a more in-depth Outlook add-in for a more integrated solution. Model training and tuning: If necessary, train or fine-tune the AI model on the specific dataset to improve accuracy. Implement a feedback loop to allow the AI to learn from interactions and improve over time. Implementation and monitoring: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the AI c...

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    ...efficient and precise web scraping. - **Selenium:** For automating web browsers to replicate human browsing behavior and task automation. - Ability to interpret complex datasets and convert them into actionable insights. - Experience in generating clear, detailed reports based on analysis results. - Demonstrated success in integrating Python scripts with other software or systems to enhance functionality and efficiency. **Project Objectives:** - **Data Analysis:** Understand and process vast datasets to reveal trends, patterns, and insights. - **Web Scraping:** Accurately extract specific data from various websites to support our analytic endeavors. - **Task Automation:** Develop scripts to automate repetitive tasks, saving time and reducing the margin for error. - **Ac...

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    Background: I am seeking an electric car automation tool to facilitate Car Functions Automation, Ease of Use and cost-effective charging for various car brands globally. I would like to start with three cars: Tesla Objective: Our primary objective is to develop a high-quality, scalable, and easily maintainable application. This application will empower users to use car digital features through an intuitive interface, see various analytics and stats, initiate and stop car charging, schedule charging sessions, and automate charging based on electricity rates throughout the day. Purpose of the Document : The document outlines the High Level requirements of the application to facilitate the scoping and pricing estimates.. More detailed requirements, milestones, delivery times a...

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    Background: I am seeking an electric car automation tool to facilitate Car Functions Automation, Ease of Use and cost-effective charging for various car brands globally. I would like to start with three cars: Tesla Objective: Our primary objective is to develop a high-quality, scalable, and easily maintainable application. This application will empower users to use car digital features through an intuitive interface, see various analytics and stats, initiate and stop car charging, schedule charging sessions, and automate charging based on electricity rates throughout the day. Purpose of the Document : The document outlines the High Level requirements of the application to facilitate the scoping and pricing estimates.. More detailed requirements, milestones, delivery times a...

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    Hourly XML Parser to DB 6 天 left

    I'm seeking a ...Names, Prices, Descriptions, and Stock Levels. - Import parsed data into a MySQL database. - This process needs to be automated to run on an hourly basis without fail. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in PHP with a strong understanding of XML file handling. - Experienced in writing SQL queries and database schema design. - Familiarity with cron job or similar scheduling tools for automation. - Ability to write clean, maintainable, and efficient code. The successful freelancer will not only help streamline our product updating process but also contribute significantly to the overall efficiency and reliability of our e-commerce operations. Your expertise in PHP and data management will ensure that our platform remains competitive and responsive to ...

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    Python Script Repair Expert 6 天 left

    ...mundane tasks, and web scraping, but they have recently run into problems that hinder their functionality. The errors could range from syntax and runtime errors to deeper logical mistakes that affect outcomes. In rectifying these, I'm looking for: - Deep expertise in Python programming. - Experience in identifying and fixing syntax, runtime, and logical errors. - Knowledge in data processing, automation, and web scraping scripts. - Ability to work efficiently and communicate progress regularly. Ideal candidates should highlight in their application: - Relevant past work that showcases their abilities in Python. - Experience specifically with debugging and optimizing Python scripts. - Any detailed proposals or strategies on how they intend to approach the task. The goal he...

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    I am developing a YouTube channel named DomoSmart, focusing on the latest technologies and Smart Home solutions, with a special emphasis on the Home Assistant platform. My videos aim not only to educate but also to engage viewers in the world of home automation. To make the most of the first few seconds of each video, I'm seeking a creative individual to design an eye-catching intro that immediately grabs the audience's attention. Learn more about the channel by visiting @DomoSmartTV. **Requirements:** - Create a dynamic and interesting intro video. - The design should be minimalist and clean, highlighting the modern and innovative nature of Smart Home technology. - The intro must align with the channel's educational yet engaging tone. - Duration: About 10 seconds, t...

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    Trophy icon Emerging Brand Logo Creation 6 天 left

    logo pdwise Slogan to incorporate in the logo Unspecified Description of the organization and its target audience We are a CRM software which has email automation, text message automation and helps businesses organise the way they work and manage their leads. Please provide me a variety of unique logos. We are trying to appeal to small to medium sized business owners and show off our techy/smart side of our technology which is a download tech/app off the Apple/Google play store. We want to be youthful, playful but remain balanced and not be tacky. Industry Technology

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    ...week. Each message will be unique, aiming to promote various aspects of my business, hence requiring a flexible and dynamic approach. **Key Requirements:** - **Automation Tool Creation**: Develop a program capable of sending out WhatsApp messages automatically to my entire contact list. - **Frequency Adaptability**: The system should be able to handle messaging 2 to 3 times per week without user intervention for each send-out. - **Content Variation**: Ability to rotate and send different promotional content each time, as the messages will not be repetitive. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in scripting and automation software development. - Experience with WhatsApp API or other messaging APIs. - Creative thinking for dynamic content suggestion would be a p...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can streamline and automate my invoice creation process in QuickBooks Online. Currently, it's a manual task that takes substantial time and effort. Here's what I need: - An integrated solution that directly connect the data I will input into Google Sheet directly to QuickBooks Online either daily or certain intervals during the weke. - A system that will automatically generate invoices based on my business activities. Save and close not sending out. The ideal freelancer for this job would have: - Proven experience with QuickBooks Online and its API. - A solid understanding of invoice workflows. - Strong problem-solving capabilities and an innovative approach. - Evidence of similar integration projects completed successfully. If you po...

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    ...need of a system that facilitates automated trading through Google Sheets. This will involve: - Developing an automation for both placing and executing buy and sell orders. The specific criteria for these transactions will be provided by myself. - Incorporating triggers for the automation, which will be based on certain specified criteria, such as changes in price or volume. - Creating a system that primarily relies on stock price information in order to function optimally. Ideal candidates for this project should have significant experience with both Google Sheets and automated trading system development. They should also be adept at integrating various data inputs into automation triggers, most notably stock price data. Proficiency with financial market indicato...

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    I'm looking for a proficient freelancer to set up and customize Mailwizz for our business operations. Our project requires more than just a basic setup; we need advanced customization to ensure our email marketing campaigns run smoothly and efficiently. THis includes full automated email fro...customizing Mailwizz. - Strong background in email marketing tactics and strategies. - Familiarity with HTML/CSS for developing custom email templates. - Experience in PHP and API integrations for advanced feature development. - Knowledge of best practices for email deliverability and subscriber engagement. you will deliver a fully warmed-up server fully functioning and running with working automation and ready to send out mail campaigns. All necessary configurations and expertise shall ...

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    Need Automation engineer Python/powershell More details: What is the purpose of your Python scripting project? Automation What kind of tasks do you need to automate? Company work automation Which specific tasks in your company do you want to automate? Esx and other work

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    ...involves migrating a substantial dataset from our existing software suite into Excel. These numerous records must be entered accurately and formatted appropriately for efficient use. - Creation of formulas and functions: To replicate the functionality of our software within Excel, you'll be asked to develop suitable formulas and functions. - Automation of data processing: Once data and functions are in place, you'll need to leverage Excel's automation capabilities to streamline the processing of this considerable dataset. The complexity of the software being replicated is moderate. The necessary Excel wizard should have a strong background in working with large datasets, skill in crafting formulas and functions, and proficiency in creating automated proc...

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    Trophy icon GoHighLevel Agency Logo 6 天 left

    I need a GoHighLevel logo (the proposed size is 350px * 180px) for my Software Company. The name is AutoMtc Solutions (AutoMatic Solutions). The name is referencing Automation, Automatic, and Auto (Cars), since the Software is intended for Car Shops, Detailers, and Dealerships. Basically, ever Car Care Business Having experience with GoHighLevel and the Car Industry is a plus. Our target market is the auto industry but we are a Software company first, therefore keep this in mind when designing the logo. It can just be AutoMtc, no need to include "Solutions" on the logo but this is entirely up to you and your creativity. We are open to just having the name written in a cool way or even a logotype, you have total creative freedom here, just keep in mind that we do requir...

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    KEAP Automation for Brochure 6 天 left

    I'm looking for a freelancer skilled in KEAP automation to help me deliver a brochure as a lead magnet via email. My goal is to engage my audience effectively and efficiently by providing them with valuable content directly to their inboxes. **Requirements:** - Expertise in KEAP automation tools. - Ability to integrate a pre-designed brochure into the KEAP email marketing system. - Knowledge of best practices for email marketing and lead magnets. - Experience in audience segmentation and targeted email campaigns. **Ideal Skills:** - Proficiency in KEAP or similar marketing automation platforms. - Strong background in email marketing strategies. - Proven track record of successful lead generation projects. - Creative thinking in maximizing the imp...

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    ...leverages the serverless computing model for automation purposes. This function is crucial for improving our operations by creating a seamless bridge between our system and an external API. **Core Requirements:** - The Azure function must be triggered by an HTTP request. - It should automate the creation of a POST command to a specified external API. - The function must parse and return the API's response in JSON format to the requester. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Azure Functions and serverless computing concepts. - Strong understanding of HTTP protocols and RESTful API interactions. - Experience in JSON data format for web communications. - Ability to write clean, efficient, and secure code. - Familiarity with automation processes and externa...

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    ...possible. One of the examples provided is referred to as a "fingernail sticker". We would like them that small or smaller. The system concept we have in mind is to have a central transmitter or reader that continuously sends the signal to the lighted tags so they can remain on without blinking. If you have experience in handling RFID / UHF technology, DIY electronics, or have a background in the automation industry, you'll be a perfect fit for this assignment. A comprehensive understanding of decorative lighting systems will be an added advantage. Light up your skills and bid now. *****PLEASE DO NOT waste my time by bidding on the project without looking at it first. I will not hire someone for $2000 when it's clearly stated what we're offering here....

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    Trophy icon Company Logo Design 1 天 left

    I am on the hunt for an experienced graphic designer who can create an elegant, yet sophisticated logo for my company. Ideal Skills & ...necessary - We like the look of Quicksand font or something similar but welcome ideas - Parent company name change to "Catalina Solutions Inc.", prefer a square logo (vs rectangular like current logo) - Along with the parent company update, we will need sister logos for the different specialties we offer - Please submit 3 other color/sister design combinations for sister logos - Racking Solutions, Automation Solutions, Lighting Solutions - Current logo attached for color reference To sum up, I'm looking for a designer who is receptive to feedback and also open to iterating on their designs until we find the perfect match for ...

    $1173 (Avg Bid)
    加保 加封
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    ...a home automation project and need a talented freelancer skilled in PIC assembly language, specifically for the PIC16 series. My project's primary goal is to develop robust and efficient assembly code that can seamlessly integrate into my existing home automation system. **What I Need:** - Expertise in writing assembly code from scratch tailored to PIC16. - Ability to understand my project's requirements and translate them into efficient code. - Knowledge in home automation applications would be beneficial. **Skills and Experience Required:** - Proven experience with PIC assembly programming, particularly with the PIC16 microcontroller series. - Strong understanding of how to write clean, efficient, and maintainable assembly code. - Previous projects or ...

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    I am seeking an arduino developer experienced in sensor integration and basic automation. This project involves: - Integration of a wetness sensor into an Arduino project. - Implementing basic automation functionality for watering my plants The ideal candidate should have significant experience in Arduino programming, sensor integration, and automation. Expertise in IoT connectivity is a plus, although not a absolute necessity for this project. The end goal is to have an efficient automation system run by Arduino, utilizing a wetness sensor. Your input in the project's execution will certainly be valued.

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    I ...templates. The end goal is to automate the input of my clients' personal data directly into these Word templates. Here are some specifics: - Information Integration: The data to be incorporated consists of basic client details such as names and contact details as well as their account information. Ideal Skills and Experience: 1. Proficiency in MS Forms and Word 2. Ability to implement data automation effectively 3. Experience in handling private client data is a plus 4. Completed forms need to be moved to client folder in One Drive 5. Completed forms need to be named specific 6. Completed forms need to be converted to PDF format before moving to client folder in One Drive Thank you for your interest in this project. Please ensure you meet the above criteria before su...

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    i have a software made in Node.js Docker Coolify Automation. Node.js deployment Automation script for coolify and docker. With latest version everything. Node.js Everything is typescript Datebase Mongodb Frontend React framework. I need errors and api calls checked and fixed.

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    I'm an "end user" trying to build UiPath workflows on my own, within a walled corporate environment. I'm in need of an experienced UiPath developer to assist me in designing and implementing a straightforward workflow devoted to simple data manipulations. My objective is to streamline processes, specifically by creating an automation that interacts seamlessly with , despite the absence of admin credentials. Here’s what I’m looking for: - **Workflow Creation:** Expertise in UiPath StudioX to design workflows that automates data entry tasks, using Excel or other tools to automate data entry into Automate creation of opportunities in from an excel workbook, add products, pricing, dropdown menu data, and dates, up to 100 steps. -...

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    Greetings, I am seeking a proficient Perl developer well-versed in web automation using Perl for a specific task. The project involves enabling automated liking of YouTube comments through Perl. Based on my discussion with ChatGPT, this task is feasible by providing the necessary parameters: 'YOUR_COMMENT_ID', 'YOUR_SESSION_ID', 'YOUR_XSRF_TOKEN', and 'YOUR_YOUTUBE_COOKIE'. If you possess the expertise to accomplish this, kindly reach out. To secure this project, a demonstration of your capabilities is required. The script is available in ChatGPT, and I can provide it upon request. While this initial task is relatively small, successful completion may lead to more extensive projects in the future. Please bid on this project only if you can ...

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    As the project owner, I am searching for an experienced developer to create custom modules within my Odoo system. The primary focus areas are: - Sales and CRM module - Accounting and Finance module In the Sales and CRM module, I need: - Creation of custom fields and form - Automation of sales processes The perfect candidate will have deep understanding of Odoo's built-in modules, be proficient in tailoring these modules to specific needs, and experience in automation workflows. Prior experience in Sales and Accounting modules is highly desired. An understanding of customization best practices is required for a successful completion of this project. I look forward to working with a professional who has a history of delivering high quality module customization in Odoo.

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    Trophy icon Outdoor Static Banner Design 1 天 left

    We are in search of a skilled graphic designer who can craft an attention-grabbing 33" x 81" static banner for a roll-up cassette. ** Please make it minimalistic, just one image, conveying a robot helping humans on a computer. The design should have a look and feel reminiscent of our website, ** The banner's content should include the following: Zagitas LOGO "AI-driven Automation of Business Processes" . 6 years . 60+ use cases . $60M+ saved* (* forecasted savings) . Endorsed by CFO, COO, and CIOs The banner will be printed through Vistaprint (), so it's crucial to adhere to the attached guidelines. Additionally, the design should have a look and feel reminiscent of our website, We eagerly anticipate your innovative interpretati...

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    ...professional with expertise in PCB layout and design. My project involves updating a well-maintained library of multi-layered PCBs to adapt to the specific needs of industrial automation applications. Key Project Requirements: - Must use Altium Designer. - Addition of New Components: Incorporate new, essential components to our existing PCB designs. - Maintain High Standards: All updates must retain the integrity and efficiency of the original PCB designs. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with multi-layered PCB design and update projects. - In-depth knowledge of components relevant to industrial automation. - Familiarity with power efficiency and signal integrity optimization techniques. - Proficient with PCB design software and tools. - Ability to work ...

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    QuickBooks Invoice Automation 5 天 left

    I'm seeking a freela...**QuickBooks Integration:** Implement a seamless integration with QuickBooks to auto-generate invoices using the extracted information. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in programming languages suitable for email parsing and QuickBooks integration, such as Python or JavaScript. - Experience with QuickBooks API and understanding of its invoice creation process. - Strong background in automation and data extraction from emails. - Familiarity with accounting processes to ensure the invoices align with standard practices. The perfect candidate will help streamline our accounting process, ensuring that the daily influx of text-based orders is accurately and efficiently transformed into QuickBooks invoices, ultimately automating our invoice gene...

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    ...Information:** Every customer detail from Method CRM needs to be perfectly synchronized with QuickBooks Online, ensuring no data is lost or mismatched. - **Share Sales Data:** It's critical that sales information flows seamlessly between both applications to maintain up-to-date records and facilitate better decision-making. - **Automate Invoicing:** I want to eliminate manual invoicing by setting up an automation that pulls service or product details from Method CRM into QuickBooks Online to generate and send invoices. **User Interface Needs:** - The integration should boast a simple and minimalistic design without sacrificing functionality. - An intuitive, user-friendly interface is non-negotiable; my team should be able to navigate and utilize the integration without freq...

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    Seeking expertise to bring my Forex trading vision to life through automation. My goal is to develop a bespoke, automated strategy, utilizing TradingView for the forex market. This project demands a combination of analytical prowess and Pine Script coding skills to craft a tool that not only analyzes market trends but also executes trades based on predefined criteria. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Pine Script: Your ability to write clean, efficient code is crucial. - Deep understanding of Forex markets: An in-depth knowledge of Forex trading mechanisms and strategies. - Experience in strategy automation: Previous projects or work that showcases your ability to automate trading strategies effectively. - Strong analytical skills: To interpret market data and ...

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    I require content for a brochure for my steel fabrication company, targeted towards industries such as FMCG, Petrochemical, Distilleries, Grain Storage and Automation. The purpose of the brochure is to introduce our new products, pique the interest of potential clients, and provide detailed information about our offerings. In particular, the brochure should: - Showcase our unique features and benefits, backing them up with technical specifications - Include clear usage instructions Ideally, freelancers bidding on this project would have past experience in technical writing and the steel fabrication industry, with a clear understanding of industry-specific terms and concepts. Your understanding of our target audience's needs will be essential in crafting engaging and informati...

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