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    Hi, I have hundreds of pdf files, all in the same format. I need web based tool to extract data from this pdf files into a format xls or xlsx. The purpose is to extract the values from the pdf file so we can use them in calculations. I also would like to be able to implement this in our PHP website, so it needs to be programmed in .NET, Python, PHP or Java. I have added 8 pdf files so you have a...

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    Hey, we are looking for someone who is helping us to grow our leads. Your job? Write in a .csv file the country, company owner full name, company name, phone number and email adress. How are you going to find leads? Easy. We provide you with keywords and website directories. This is an ongoing project and we are only looking for serious candidates who can meet deadlines. The price is $5 per 10...

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    Summary :TTFB on my site fix and ensure quick load. Current Droplet configuration Ubuntu 16.04.4 x64 managed via serverpilot Linux OS Size -1 vCPUs , 2GB / 25GB Disk websites hosted wordpress only 1 site. Current Load time is 4 seconds with Cloudflare TTL Edge Cache - Time to load is less than 1 second( since this not optimum setup want to fix it) Things to do [登录来查看链接] Redis and ma...

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    I need to Upgrade mysql in CentOS Linux 7.6.1810 (Core) from 5.5 to 5.7 using plesk onyx

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    Repair my HTML file 已经结束 left

    I have a total of 10Mailing templates that I got built by a freelancer they all appeared good when I am seeing in my localhost but when I am uploading them in mailing site they are getting oriented. I want someone who can repair these files ASAP.

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    PCB Gerber File 已经结束 left

    I am looking for custom pcb with ws2812b on one side of pcb and esp8266 and supporting components on other side of pcb. It can be various shapes and sizes. Ws2812b can vary from 8 to 64.

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    Hi, I need a developer to create a [登录来查看链接] file and upload it to my server in the correct location and insert link tags along with the icon images (which i have already made)for my admin panel so that it becomes a full screen landscape web app instead of just being a website.

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    We have a very tight timeframe we need this to be delivered in however we are available 24 hours to assist. The goal is to take time stamped data e.g. 1,000 line csv file with currency pair(EUR/USD), entry date and time, entry price, stop loss, take profit, type of position (long/short). Using this data to create a simulation which will present a simple GUI to allow user to see an interactive ch...

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    Write Lambda function to generate inventory (.csv) of unused Loadbalancers and email that inventory to user. Automation: Unused Loadbalancers inventory

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    Have a power shell script and that needs to be run on different machines automatically by connecting to them automatically using their ip and should run that script using invoke command

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    I am looking for someone to build me the following from scratch. Backend 1. open street Server setup 2. Load our private data on OSM Server 3. Create web interface to continue loading/enriching more data 3. Enable Rest API for : a. Geocoding lat -long for address - on demand via csv load / API calls. KML generation based on CSV loads. b. Streaming directions and gps tracking of user movement r...

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    Hi , i am looking for a developer who knows Springboot, jDK 1.8, Angular , Intellij IDEA, mysql database .if you have good knowledge in these above technologies please ping me we will discuss and close it ...thanks

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    MySQL training in $10 已经结束 left

    Searching for new freelancers in this arena who can give me training on MySQL (probably 8 to 10 hours) at $10. Please do not bid more than $10. Thank you.

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    I need a new website. I already have a design, I just need you to build it.

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    We need to create two alerts into 2 different tables when a new entry gets inserted. I need to receive an email alert when new entry inserts so I can take action. That on 2 different tables. Using MySQL / PHPMyadmin

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    design and write a software company profile design software company showing a professional software service including a different kind of software. The Company Basics These items will vary depending on your business type. So, just keep in mind that they may not all apply to your company, but you should include those that do. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT TESTING Description of the business including the...

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    Small project with some custom code in wordpress that needs to be fixed and update to work with latest php/mysql.

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    Data entry 已经结束 left

    Data entry of supplied text and pictures from one Database to another. Copy and paste, save pictures and load them onto the new software. We expect 40 hours-50 hours per week. Please provide expected hourly rate. Only those that provide the rate will be contacted

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    We need help for: 1. open street Server setup 2. Load our private data on OSM Server 3. Create web interface to continue loading/enriching more data 3. Enable Rest API for : a. Geocoding lat -long for address - on demand via csv load / API calls b. Streaming directions and tracking movement real-time for our apps with taxi kind of features 4. Enable a Portal to sell our Map services on subsc...

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    I have some .json files that express the movement of a human in 3d space (each json have the 3d coordinates of every human body joint for every frame). Currently, I have 3 types of exercises and I want to classify a new movement to one of those 3 categories. The problem is that every movement can vary in size and duration and on starting and finishing point as well. My approach was to calculate fe...

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    script smm panel 已经结束 left

    need prgrammer script smm panel all feture like api .....etc need programmer do like this project before

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    We need to search a particular field in a table, display the basic content, including picture, and then, print it in a portable printer. All must be accesible in pc and mobile phones. Mobile friendly and responsive. The size of the image does not correspond to the real size of a credit card. This is just an ilustration of how we want the final picture.

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    The deliverable is an web application / portal for a custom product with a checkout. It can also be used to calculate price estimates. Upon checkout it sends ideally a csv file as an attachment to an email address for internal customer service. It may have a payment gateway attached. It will be a separate independent platform which will NOT be integrated to our current website. Developer must b...

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    I am looking for someone to customize the [登录来查看链接] open source app and create a backend for my needs with the following On backend: Administration area, that allows me to upload CSV files with will geocode and KML files that I can assign to a user. (Will be shown in a personal folder on Map Application) Ability to create accounts and user groups. On application: Ability to connect to backend an...

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    We need a very simple booking prototype using localStorage. You will use canvas to draw the Squares representing the seats. No databases, nothing, only using localstorage. You will create a page with a booking system for a flight with 18 available places, the six first being dedicated to business class and other economy classes. All data in the reservation system must be saved using sessionStorag...

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    Project for Kileigh B. 已经结束 left

    Hey, I am in need of an assistant to do a variety of business and personal tasks for me. Please let me know if this is something you might be intrested in. Tasks could vary from data entry, buying gifts for loved ones, sending out mailers and basicly anything that will help take the load of the tasks i have.

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    Create design file 已经结束 left

    Automotive product design for Porsche street and race cars. This piece is a aftermarket steering wheel adapter to me laser cut. We have a drawing to scale with measurements of specific holes and cutouts

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    We have built an online store [登录来查看链接] and we are going to change our supplier as soon as possible. We are looking partner who could import products with pictures from our suppliers XML or CSV -feeds to our online store. Products should be imported as hidden products, so we can FIRST translate descriptions to finnish and only THEN publish products to our customers. Stock levels should also automa...

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    I need a scraper which can scrape facebook friends of people. I need their names and url in excel file as a final result.

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    The scripting language must be Lingo. Basic commands include: on mouseUP on exitframe go to frame goToNetPage Lingo Dictionary: [登录来查看链接]

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    enötigt wird eine Android App für die Firmeninterne Verwendung. Die App soll über eine Bildschirmtaste eine von vielen CSV-Dateien einlesen können. In diesen Datein sind 3 Spalten. In den Spalten stehen je Zeile der EAN-Code, Regalnummer und Positionsnummer. Die App soll über eine weitere Bildschirmtaste einen Barcode einlesen können und diese EAN-Nummer in der CSV-Da...

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    All details will be provided to selected candidate: thanks

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    I am working with a membership organisation that has recently launched a new membership site. The legacy site allowed users to create 'Learning Diaries', to which they added 'Activity' records. These need to be extracted to a CSV file in order to migrate them, but the legacy site has no export function. The steps the bot would need to take: -Log in as admin -Click on a link...

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    We are looking for a few good video editors to work with on an ongoing part-time basis at least 5 days per week for 3 hours per day. We have been doing our own work, but we need to increase production with some good freelance editors. Your video editor must be able to load our video files without issues and maintain audio/video sync. Your editor must also render pristine quality video. We will ...

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    We need our logo converted to AI so we can have it imprinted on glass containers.

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    We are looking for an expert/specialist in page loading time. The issue seems NOT to be on server or on pictures. You are expert in backend coding laravel and js loading time. You know how to improve waiting time in GTmetrix. Please check page load issues as follows: - improve code for backend loading. - Is Javascript at the end of the page? - Are external scrips async loaded? - Reduce http requ...

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    handle the CRM application to allow us to use it smoothly

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    Hi. There is a ready-made website coupons, you need to create a script for it cash-back. The site runs on Wordpress.

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    I'm working in a Go application to make load test for noSQL databases. I have it very advanced, and it have been developed by myself, so I'm able to speak about the specifications in a very clear way. There are some parts of the code that I want to fix and improve. I only have three weeks coding with Go, so I want to work with an experienced Golang programmer for some specific requireme...

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    For my recently incorporated pvt ltd start up, urgently need a smart phone charger OEM manufacturer who can carry out mass production of normal smart phone charger for my brand with technical specification of 5v 1/1.5 amp , wired/standard USB port . Make sure product should be BIS compatible/approved, compact and highly durable and circuit should contain all the protectionary features like over...

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    I have a set of autoCAD and PDF drawings which I need to covert Revit for further modelling and detailing.

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    I have need email auto responder script urgent if any developer can do that let me know asap.

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    Please i need someone who can help me install adult video script (AVS). I have the full script and documentation. I installed the script but does not show thumbnails and videos after uploading. My sever have almost all the requirement. I want all the modules to be working.

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    CSV file to html with row 已经结束 left

    Hi, I need someone to convert a csv file to a simple html. I want the coma that make a separation for each table to be in there own row. Compte | Numéro de compte | Date | Description | Montant Chèque | 00000-1234567 |01-01-2018 | Payment | -53.07$ But the csv file look like this: 1- Type de compte,"Numéro du compt...

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    Need Structural Engineer 已经结束 left

    Hello, I'm building a simple barn and need a structural engineer for wind load calculations and depth of piers. The soil report is completed and barn plans are completed. Soil engineer does not know the point loading on the piers and will defer required pier thickness to recommendation of structural engineer.

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    I need about 1 hour and 20 minutes of audio transcribed. The audio is a mix between Dutch and English. I need it done before Saturday.

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    need fix some error in db connection after upgrade php5 to php7

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    Hi everyone. I am looking for a developer or a team to work on SaaS web app related to logistics industry. Specs, databases, moqups will be provided as project progresses. Database is MySQL, back-end is Python. Front-end language and framework, themes TBD. Web app will need to work with one of the following mapping API such as HERE, OpenSteetMap or Google Map. During development process I will b...

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    I Need an Affiliate Plugin for an Affiliate Wordpress Site I am looking for a highly skilled freelancer to create a new version of a affiliate plugin for Wordpress site/s The plugin I currently have only adds an Amazon affiliate tag to the end of an Amazon URL making it an affiliate deeplink. I want the new version of the plugin to add affiliate deeplinks before the websites’ links. Some ...

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    Edit this .SVG file 已经结束 left

    I need you to change the color of this .SVG file to EB7226 and limit the width to 200 pixels. I have the .AI, .PSD, EPS files if that helps.

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