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    i used to use php curl to scrap the website. but since they use cloudflare domain. it does not work any more. you have to login and dump html page specific folder. but since they use cloudflare domain. it does not work any more. you have to login and dump html page specific folder. you can use any language. but i want you use perl or php.

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    We are looking to write a file comparison script in Python or PHP which can compare data between 2 Excel Files and output the results in CSV or Excel.

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    We need a London England accent voiceover artist to record a 40,000-word script for an online e-learning module on the music industry. The person needs to be upbeat, clear and a little bit edgy as it is thje music industry and musicians need to be able to relate to a slightly more laid back style to a corporate voice over. This will be the start of

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    counter to increament when user logs in and show docs not counting well in backend

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    Respected All, i need auto script for one particular site selected files revert with remarks from excel

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    Hello , i use PHP script for publish topics , and i have limited for inserting Tags in one time but i need solving that so i can inserting Unlimited Tags in one time Regards

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    Create simple Script For wp all import for importing to woocommerce

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    Hi I need help implementing a UDP ping client/server model in python. Ask me for more details.

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    I have an ASEQ instruments...want to build a custom python script to get the spectra from a spectrometer. I have visual studio code and its working fine but I don't know about python. I have build the python script but its returning some random data. I want to get it fixed. Basically it would be great if anyone can covert the c code to python script.

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    Fixing a php script 已经结束 left

    I need an expert developer to fix my PHP script on Teamviewer only must be knowledgeable with API and DB

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    I have an opensource php script (No framework), it works already on a web host, I need to setup and configure it, and configure the environment to make it run completely on a local host. We expect you accomplish this task within 1-2 hours remotely through zoom or teamviewer or anydesk. Thank you

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    I am looking for an expert to help me integrate the [登录来查看链接] payment gateway into my social networking PHP7 script. Once a user selects a credit card for payment to add funds to his/her "wallet" and/or pay for a monthly subscription, the website will need to utilize the [登录来查看链接] payment gateway for processing and managing their order(s).

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    [登录来查看链接] I wanted to download Articles from above website Daily, Can Some One Write a Script or Something, My Aim is to Download those Articles Daily. Please Have some Research on the Site, and if you can Do that, Then Bid fo the Task

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    ONLY for East Europe and Western Freelancers! - Please no bids from Freelancers from Asian countries! As the title says, I am looking for someone who got proven expertise and highly skilled in the Chameleon - [登录来查看链接] This job is for a longer time with ongoing tasks (this of course depends on if expertise is very high and the price ratio is fair)

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    Python script on Linux 已经结束 left

    I need a python script that will run as a service on Linux. Script should print the disk size on a regular interval (triggered by a timer) to a file. File will be on /var/tmp and disk size should be appended to the file. Script/Service should be able to handle start, stop, restart commands from systemctl command. Project needs to be completed very soon

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    ...Sometime we only need to update one asset bundle so we need a custom editor script so we can select one or more asset bundle name(s) in the project, build the asset bundle(s) and upload the assetbundle(s) to the remote FTP server. For the user of the app we already have a script which checks if the asset bundle has a new date-time stamp. If there is a

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    Hello, I want a Php Script with parameters an image and a string, to publish automatically on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Thank you

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    Hello I want to Scrape meesho android application data so needed android app scrapping script ( have to give demo before delivery) app name - meesho.

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    3 个竞标 a script for monitoring sellers prices in [登录来查看链接] this is marketplace website like [登录来查看链接], there is many seller and who will offer the lowest price will be the main seller of this product. I need a script to monitor my price and other prices, if anyone put price lower than me then I will have a notification. Script functions:

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    Hi Guys , Looking for Excellent freelancers / companies to make a very to the point script . I would be sharing a Investors pitch deck PPT from which you need to create an excellent and crisp script . This script will be then taken into whiteboard animation with voice over. Need not say it definitely needs to be on budget and time bond.

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    ...little to no supervision and can get the job done as quickly as possible as I am behind deadlines already. This job will be the integration of 2 wordpress site plus a java script plugin plus added subscription payment of the wordpress site may already have this feature. I would like to see past work please again I dont have time to waste

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    Hi, We are looking for script writer, article writer and editor to join our team of 30+ writers. We take on different projects from different companies and delegate them to our writing group. We will start by looking at the samples of previous work provided by you then we will ask you to write 2 sample articles of 100 words and one sample from our ongoing

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    Hi, We are looking for script writer, article writer and editor to join our team of 30+ writers. We take on different projects from different companies and delegate them to our writing group. We will start by looking at the samples of previous work provided by you then we will ask you to write 2 sample articles of 100 words and one sample from our ongoing

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    R coding,R script. 已经结束 left

    Its a project related to R programming.

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    Php script modify 已经结束 left

    Hi , I need a php script to modify . It has something related to country and I want to change to city. Payment 10$ by paypal.

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    We are Simple Business Solutions. We provide boutique/luxury technology solutio...programs, configurations, and initial settings. Complete pseudocode will be provided. You will be responsible for using proper shell syntax and coding technique to create a script that does exactly what the pseudocode asks. We will require 1-2 revisions, most likely.

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    Scenario #1 GIVEN: Account does not contain any Facilities Agreement Contract.…AND a new Colocation Opportunity (Direct or Agent) on Account is created. WHEN: User creates a new Quote on Opportunity THEN: Template_Type on Quote is set to Blank

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    I have problem installing the zcart scpt [登录来查看链接] Please help

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    need a python script to be developed All instructions attached

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    ...currently work through several sheets with importrange formula, but it frequently shows "Import Range Internal Error" which is very troublesome. I need to make a fast working script to connect my sheets. I have used scripts found online but they're not efficient and generate errors. The idea is for them to be executed as frequently as possible (like the

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    I am looking for someone who is experienced using rhino grasshopper to make a script for me that I can manipulate and re-use for some art projects I work on. I need a script that can do the following tasks. - Make a square grid. Size of grid should be based on input image. - Populate the grid with Points (slider for number of points) - Use the Image

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    I have some perl functions that I need converted to php equivalents. I am sure they are simple but not being overly familiar with perl I just don't have the time to work through them.

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    mplement this google script: [登录来查看链接] Such that folder full of my google presentations and will find and replace any words I need it to. If you know google scripts and how to call on certain folders, it doesn't seem like a challenging task.

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    ...modifying an asterisk script we use for monitoring calls. The current script you dial 556 for Chanspy and it prompts you to enter a specific extension to monitor. This works great. We need to have an extension blacklist (Executive extensions) that can't be monitored through Chanspy. I've attached the working Chanspy script and a modified one with

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    Develop a script (html format) to manage CRON tasks from a web browser

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    I need to hire someone to work for my company [登录来查看链接] we are a media company and we focuse on e-commerce, we create videos and we need someone to make you see on our page we have short captions on the videos to make the story this videos are mostly used on Facebook so I need reach me only if you are professional making script for videos

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    Data needs to enter in csv file See more: getting data chart csv file, entry captcha file, job description data entry csv, simple internet research data entry excel file, data entry csv web, importing data mysql csv file, data xls csv file perl, automate data entry csv, convert mysql data result csv file format asp, data entry csv format

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    Need a simple PHP Script to send Apple Push Notification to an iphone app.

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    Need a action screenplay writer to write a movie script. I will give you the premise and plot and need you to write it. Need to be able to write action type movies.

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    Crowdfuding Script 已经结束 left

    I need a crowdfunding script for a pitch. I currently have a draft written- would need someone whom can edit parts of it and add their add on to the script to make it better.

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    I need expert in Perl Programming. You must have done some projects in the past

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    I need a simple Java script to download a file from a download site. The script must attempt the download from a given address (which may include a redirect to the file) If the file is downloaded successfully then copy the file to a given location and replace the old file. If the download fails, then the script needs to try again after 10 minutes and

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    I am looking for someone that is very good at javascript (jquery), Powershell or iMacros. The basis of the script is that I need to have a page with a calendar be refreshed under a second, and when a change is found on the page to automatically click on the said change.

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    (PLEASE! THIS OFFER IS FOR CHINESE PROGRAMMERS ONLY) i have a project which is a multilanguage marketplace created with ecmall script, which is kinda popluar here in china, i need to finish up some script modifications and make changes in styles and themes.. i'm also in china, i'm looking for someone or some trusted a group of programmers or even a

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    Requirements: Looking for one who could code a script to download from Google Drive & OK.RU. - Allow qualities from [登录来查看链接] & Google Drive (240, 360, 480, 720, 1080). - Not only one direct link. - Written in Java. - Works for Android. - Doesn't rely on any external APIs. - Use third-party libraries but without any API auth or whatsoever. - Works

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    Hi I have my project with 50 email addresses + passwords on email server and I need automated script to validate if password is still valid or has been changed by co-workers. I have input list which has per each row: email,password as a output I need : email,password, flag if password is valid, timestamp of check.

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    Need help with sales script/guide for new employees for my web design/marketing company

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    develop shell script follow document we want to develop shell script to do run some task, there're 23 tasks. ex: checking file exited or not. If yes then proceed next step. pls bid only u hav experience.

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    I'm wondering if I can have some guys test it fully, discover what the problems are with it , send me the problems, and then give me a price to get it running smoothly with the problems resolved. Now, for each problem I need an itemised price to fix that problem. Eg, Home page: $10.00 Bidding function: $12.50 Images: $24.00 Etc Thankyou Andrew L Regards Andrew L [Removed by Freelance...

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