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    I have 6 chron jobs and I feel like they may not work correctly. 5 of them are used to send email 1 is used to change the status of a CPT Using wordpress and wp-control plugin

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    I need you to write some content for a website. CV writting

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    i want to set up local host in my laptop i got dump and if you need anything extra i got vpn access

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    I am looking for someone with knowledge of Franch language to help me set an account and list 5 items on [login to view URL]

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    I am seting up a lab to make cbd i want to hire a chemist chromatography expert or engineer to help. Currently working on the chromatography step using lplc.

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    noise reduction while seting up the WebRTC video Cal..

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    I need someone to educate me on seting up kubernetes on ubuntu with a docker in docker setup. I get the setup done but having difficulty with the finer settings and setup

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    ...phpMySQL Database. You Have to have good epirience with seting up Database connection with Dreamweawer. I have AndyDesc app on my PC or you can use TeamViewer to setup Dreamweawer on my PC. Only serious offers/ proposals please. You have to teach me and show me step by step how to do this connections after sucesfull esablish connection with database.

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    already have the smart contract and a visual designed ico site made in wordpress. want to finish the site setup for making the sales

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    Your Job is to setup a 6 Node MySQL NDB Cluster on Cent OS Machines. We don't care if you do this with the Web based Autoinstaller or manually but we n...setup a 6 Node MySQL NDB Cluster on Cent OS Machines. We don't care if you do this with the Web based Autoinstaller or manually but we need it because we have no experience in seting up a NDB Cluster

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    Seting plug in Woo-Comerece, dan dibuat bahasa indonesia semua menu pembayarnnya

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    Hi Ghulam A., I notice you for stic projet with Michel Docteur i send you 75$ from 150$ for the frontend and the seting for hosgastor. My name is Samuel the webmaster Stic.

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    Diese plugin auf meine Site zu instalieren/seting/anpassen über TeamViewer? [Removed by Admin]

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    Hello, We are now in the final stage to finish our website. However, we are looking for someone with knowledge in SPINNAKER to set up our system to continuos deployments. Do you have knowledge and experience setting up pipelines, canary and tasks for continuos deployments? Please, write to us. We are looking forward to have a chat with you.

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    Hi! I want yo develop a saas system with the front end working on an app (tablet) or website. It needs to print tickets on a thermal printer connected by Bluetooth. Also a backend or backofficce site for configuring, seting up, and obtaining several reportes, statics and analitics. Ir will be used in a parking lot where clients pay for hours of use

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    I am looking for someone to guide me trough a few steps for seting up a node on ubuntu using the terminal. I have the step by step guide but for some reason i cant manage to make it work.

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    I am getting some error in seting PayuMoeny payment gateway integrated with Odoo 10. Need to resolve the same.

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    Hi, I am looking for an Wordpress and Woocommerce expert. I have started seting up a shop on WP and WooCommerce, that is 80% finished. Now I am looking for your skills to finish it up and make it most Google friendly. I have a list of tasks that need to be done for that including speed optimization, changing of the template coding for faster first

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    i am looking for help with seting up a freepbx server and understanding what i have done wrong i have the server installed but i am not able to get calls or make calls

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    I am getting some error in seting PayuMoeny payment gateway integrated with Odoo 10. Need to resolve the same.

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    - What do you need to know to do that? Have previous experience in seting up a collabora with nextcloud at the same time. That would involve understanding how to edit apache configs, forwarding ports and operation in docker. - What has been done ? 1) Bought a domain in go daddy forwarded ip to vps server. 2) created a subdomain forwarded

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    i wont to create a wordpress presentation page , seting the page

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    We are seting up ansible / WX server but having problem. Need someone to complete it

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    ...title name, date posted, posted by, unique hits, movie url - watch page > show hits, likes/dislikes, comments ( comment counts ) right side you see parts what are also in categorie stored show all of the movies from that name in scroll bar - categorie system when pres movie name page loads you see alle content from that movie name with pagination

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    we need help with seting up 2 params on instance (aurora,mysql on aws) set global net_buffer_length=1000000; set global max_allowed_packet=1000000000;

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    A really good guy helped me here to setup my Linux server (CentOS), but he is having a hard time seting up port 586 to send emails. Thats because 25 port is blocked in Brazil. I need help from someone that have gone though this problem just to fix this issue.

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    On scoreboard panel there is a RSR232 serial port. From that port we should get the scoreboard data (red numbers) as in [login to view URL] o...numbers. We should also have posibilities to change the background color and the colors of numbers. We can connect scoreboard to computer so it could be tested remotly. Common seting for the serial port is unknown.

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    ...installing wordpress on my host and seting everything up properly this is for reference only) what i want to change is this: it will have home page, news page, releases page, mixes page with subsection exclusive podcast and PA Elements, Interviews, Exclusive Music with subsections Premieres & free Download, store page, Events page with subse...

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    ...a pcb layout but i don't know if it was done correctly. 1- i will need help in verifying the pcb layout and components for the project is correct 2- write code for arduino 3- help with seting up a server or a cloud for hte data from the device 4- building a website to show the data 5- building an app for a cellphone i will like to do this with

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    A simple s...except videos files) 2. New server settings (All settings for the script to work) Install php, apache , mysql and etc. 3. Restore a backup file 4. Completed remaining work : SSL re-install , Site Backup and Site copy ,make cPanel install (webmin) , pop3 email seting, domain dns change. You need to replicate two sites on two servers.

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    Next try to get a good Freelancer. I am searching an expert for Seting up good Spamservice with Postfix, Spamassassin, Dovecot, Calmav. Server and System is there and already running. There are 15 Mailboxes where i need best spam protection. Around 30 Spammails per Day will go into Inbox of one Postbox and i want to delete it automaticially and

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    Issues related to assignment of business rules to (local) controls. Data source and a business rule are created, but no control shows up for assignment. Some controls are available as filter, but it's impossible to assign them. Please provide a checklist. Report GRPC_PSTEP_SYNCHRONIZE has been executed– no difference.

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    I need help with wordpress website. Projects like seting up the facebook pixel advanced codes to track product ids and content type so i can be able to use product catalog feature in facebook ads and the best tracking.

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    Hello, I need somebody that has already experience seting up [login to view URL] also [login to view URL] Asap!

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    I need help seting up a new web page.

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    Hi i am interested in seting up an smpt server, and send bulk emails. i also want you to teach me how to send them i want to now how much it will cost me.

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    Hi i am interested in seting up an smpt server, and send bulk emails. i also want you to teach me how to send them i want to now how much it will cost me.

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    We are looking to design a single storey bungalow in a rural seting, around 2000-2200sq ft. 4 bedrooms 1 en suite and a main bathroom. Big kitchen/living/dining area with big windows overlooking the rear garden. Also a raised roof in this area to give the feeling of space. we would also like a seperate den/sitting room. Narrow corridors as we want maximum

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    We need a email server on AWS. We have several domains and would like that all emails go thru our own email server, which you have to install on AWS.

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    i want to install all software to record my music with my pc

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    ...arabic coutries : Turkey, Iran, Kuweit, United Arab Emirates etc. 2. We will pay all margin for selling and seting up auction and i need to hnow how much does it pay and where the auction will be. 3. Need to hnow your price for seting up auctions and ads and for translate All our products will be sending to our clients by couries or by post

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    ...saya di bidang electrik genset dan panel listrik, saya memiliki pengalaman cukup lama dalam bidang tersebut jangan ragu untuk bekerja sama, keahlian saya seting panel listrik, syincron dan seting controller untuk panel Product by comap, deif, depsea, dll Pernah melakukan perbaikan panel upgrade dll Hubungi saya apabila anda mengalami masalah dalam bidan

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    Saya mencari freelancer yang bisa install dan seting aplikasi webchat [login to view URL] di website Opencart saya akun [login to view URL] sudah ada jadi tinggal install dan seting Fee kami sediakan 100.000 IDR tidak kurang tidak lebih saya memperioritaskan freelacer dari Indonesia Terima kasih

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    I need seting up and adjustements of Wowza servers

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    ...develope an arduino code for wemos d1 r2 ESP8266 which is serving as an irrigation controller the key is that different users can remotly controll the watering of their gardens from everywhere from the world where WiFi or internet is. If you find the project interesting and we can make a deal your task would be to write the ESP's code and an easy to use

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    Please Check the 3 page Attached file beofore applying. Project Statement - Need to develop a Insurance price comparison website where the user can compare the prices of various insurance types offered by different insurance companies. Project Description in Brief: The objective of the project is to develop a price comparison website that will

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    Ineed help seting up a shopify store. Maybe even manage it.

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    I want to make village website . But the first page I want use live video . Like when any event or any function in my village I want show that live so make seting like live on front page . Also who can see who has signup account on website . Also I want see demo first like first page how looks and I can provide details of village but how to setup that's

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    ...fully and carfuly to the end . I’m looking for someone who: 1. Knows how to build a succesful affiliate webpage, the niche is already chosen and there is no need for seting up hosting, finding a good niche etc. This is everything that I provide and I am willing to share with you. There is a need for you to know: - website design and managment

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