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    01. Google People api 02. Google Contact api 03. Wordpress Ref : [登录来查看链接]

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    Looking to add some marketing to our google and yellow page company profiles.

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    I need you to create me a timeline about history on my google drive by adding pictures and titles of the pics on the side and marking it by date. I need at least 150 pints, meaning 150 pics. Thanks. Respond with the price or I will not reply.

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    I need you to create me a timeline about history on my google drive by adding pictures and titles of the pics on the side and marking it by date. I need at least 150 pints, meaning 150 pics. Thanks. Respond with the price or I will not reply.

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    I've built a script that uses the Google Calendar API. My script is functional, but I'm experiencing bugs that I don't understand. I'm looking for guidance from someone that really understands the API well. I'm also looking for help converting my script into an actual product.

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    build me a automated browser extension using OCR , It should automatically translate video ,it should auto detect the language and run

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    I have a Canadian news app for which I need new users from Canada. Hence looking for aggressive promotion for my app. So looking for google adwords expert to look into my adword promotion and tell me how can i improve. Please dont bid too much, as i am expecting answers. I have fixed budget of 30 USD and if I get result ,then will give bonus of 10 USD..

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    I need someone who is very experienced in Google calendar api and google scripts.

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    I need some help with internet marketing.

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    We would like to create an editable designed Report / Brochure using Power Point or Google Slides using our branding that will allow us to add and change data in the Power Point per property analysis that we do for each client, and then export it to PDF so we will be able to send it to the client The template will need to be in RTL Example to the raw data: [登录来查看链接] We will provide our branding...

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    A google sheet that is automatically receiving new data from web form submission through pabbly. The data are inserted as new rows, So when data come on google sheets then Adding A Timestamp When New Row came in Google Sheets. So I want to add time automatically when data come in google sheets. I have a few scripts but it's not working but I can provide them. Lower Bidder won the project....

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    I need someone who finds out the error and verify google webmaster tools. I have use plugin, file upload, and HTML tag method but I'm unable to verify it

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    Google Map Pack 3 Expert 3 天 left

    Hello, we want someone to do google map pack 3 rankings for us.

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    We are looking for someone to optimize our GMB page to rank better in maps and local searches.

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    Google AdWords expert needed to help run roofing Ads, create campaigns, can give guaranteed results.

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    We need use the Google Maps and Google Places APIs on our public-facing website. Because of excessive charges, we need to urgently take the following advice: Using the Autocomplete widget means not needing to manually create session tokens and is the easiest implementation: [登录来查看链接] Otherwise there's more info on session tokens at these two docs: [登录来查看链接] and [登录来查看链接]

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    Tengo un cron job que ejecuto normalmente en un servidor compartido linux para wordpress cada 5 minutos wget -q -O /dev/null "[登录来查看链接]" > /dev/null 2>&1 pero migré mi sitio web a google cloud en un servidor ubuntu 20.04 con servidor litespeed y requiero crearlo para que funcione de la mejor forma posible aprovechando los recursos del servidor ya sea por crontab -e o...

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    dating app will be download. please in first message send your google play market, so that I can see how many applications you have already downloaded and which ones. I don’t care about accounts where applications for gambling have already been downloaded

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    I have the theme for chat app, I need to install it and the call gateway on Google play and make sure everything is working fine.

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    Google Ads account for rent 3 天 left

    Hello, We have been running Google Ads campaigns for many years, and currently are managing several MCC accounts with many subaccounts in them. We are currently looking for other MCC or Ads accounts (that have been active for at least 6 months or are old and inactive) that we could rent to promote and manage one of our main campaigns. We need to do this in order to diversify our traffic to oth...

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    We need to build an app (google AND IOS) ordering from a menu and additional questions e.g., remember ketchup and beverage. payment true [登录来查看链接] Denmark (visa, Mastercard etc) ordering process: scenario: customer: orders 2 pizza, 1 burger and fries add-ons or off (tomato’s, chili etc each ad on will cost ekstra and each removel will discount) checking out: 1.. pick up yourself or del...

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    SEO , Google Etc., 3 天 left

    SEO, Google rvws to be considered. Only having process for US region SEO. Give your specific Service and its Fee/Rate

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    I am looking for a google ads expert to optimise my three google ad accounts for the UK, US and Australia market. Everything (Google shopping ads, merchant center product feeds) has been setup already - I just need someone who can improve CPC and conversion rate on my websites, as well as create new campaign, or design a advertising structure/bidding strategy for my campaigns. Thank you for yo...

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    Hello, i have an Google Spreadsheet to create bulk [登录来查看链接] short urls. I need an additional Spreadsheet to change the back-half of the shortened url. e.g i get from the first Spreadsheet [登录来查看链接] if i put the shortened links in the Spreadsheet in nother row the desired name (e.g. myname1) i want to get the [登录来查看链接] link changed to [登录来查看链接] It needs to work for bulk change like the Spread...

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    Hi, I need a custom Google Sheets script to import live account-related data via API from BitMEX, Bybit, Binance Futures and FTX automatically every 10-30 minutes or so. The script must be able to run automatically on its own (i.e. without having to have it open on a computer). The script needs to populate this template: [登录来查看链接] By taking the values in the INPUTS section of the spreadsheet, th...

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    Google my business SEO -- 2 3 天 left

    need my google listing to rank no. 1 in india

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    Two repaired reports in Google Data Studio (8 pages total). Guidance on how to avoid lost data connections when staff leave (either in development processes to follow when staff are working on reports, or an SOP to follow when an employee leaves to ensure reports continue to function).

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    Hi, I 've been using a google script which used to send email to user based on cell condition but recently it stopped working. Would like to know fins an google sheet expert who can resolve the issue.

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    I want google listing in different locations of India mainly in Hyderabad, Bangalore,mumbai

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    Seeking your expertise to build a Google chrome extension. Some features: People can create groups for chatting. People can upload profiles of themselves to connect with each other. Will provide sample and further details. Looking forward to chat with you

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    Hallo, mein Name ist Jannik Hinrichs. Ich bin Dienstleister im E-Commerce Bereich und brauche Hilfe beim Marketing von Onlineshops. Die Aufgaben bestehen darin verschiedene Shopify Shops zu bewerben inkl. Keywordrecherche und alles was dazu gehört. Die Projekte bestehen bereits, daher kann theoretisch auch direkt angefangen werden. Ich erwarte Zuverlässigkeit und Sorgfältigkeit. &U...

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    Laravel google cloud hosting 3 天 left

    I need someone who can deploy laravel project on google cloud hosting

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    I'm looking for an android developer to upload my new app to his Google Play developer. I don't have a developer account.

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    I have an application, but no Google Play developer account. I need you to publish my application

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    Hi, We are small drop shipping business. We have just started couple of weeks ago and since then we had only 3 sales and been advertising on Google since the beginning. Every other day Google suspend our account. We have paid almost £200 so far and made no money. We need help with understanding and fixing what is wrong with our campaigns. Thank you

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    I would like to set up a facebook and google ad campaign for my business.

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    I'm looking for someone who has a good knowledgs and experience of making automations using Googlesheets apps, and who is well versed with manupilating JSON data to reflect them in a readable way on a google sheet document.

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    We are interested in collaborating with a person who is proficient in SEO at a more advanced level. We want to promote our products on google through paid ads. If you are an SEO able to handle this job, please contact us for more details.

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    Upload my app to your Google Play Developer account

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    We are having a couple of websites and a complete mess in our google ads - we need somebody clean all this up and make it run better

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    I have a game that needs to be posted to google play. But I don't have an account

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    Buscamos un desarrollador experto en AWS Y Google Cloud y que haya trabajado con la tecnologia de kubernetes.

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    Posts for Google My Business 2 天 left

    Fluent English is required. Write 28x Google My Business Posts. 2-hour job. Topics provided. 40-60 words each. Need to use SEO searchable terms. Occasional research required. You will need to sign a confidentiality agreement/freelancer agreement. Fluent English is required. Must include 1x revision.

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    Hi, I have an issue with my shopify store and google tag manager, when I want to use the preview mode it can not connect. The tag is right installed.

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    Ho già collegato excel al firebird di Danea utIlizzando ODBC per creare varie viste e pivot ma ora vorrei connettere il database di Danea Easyfatt con google sheet per fare la stessa cosa su google sheet. Se la cosa fosse impossibile mi basterebbe tenere un copia del database di Danea su google, magari aggiornandolo periodicamente.

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    Google ads 2 天 left

    I need to set up google adds for 4 different sites

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    I need someone who has a track record working on scrapinghub to create and deploy a scraper product. more details please contact me. Collect the data about each listing and write it into a google spreadsheet file. Thanks for your biddings

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    Require devs who has worked on Google maps api function in JS & has PHP skill also. I have technical work to be done on the google maps api

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    Hi, I want to sync woocommerce products with a google sheet. When I change the price in Sheet it has to change in Woocommerce products.

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