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    PHPBB3 Cashe problem 已经结束 left

    When im pressing "Home" in topmenu i get logged out. Also everything needs to be pressed f5 otherwise im still logged in on my old account. I assume its cashe-related after i moved the forum online, but im not sure. But i've got help with this before, i know it take tops a few min for you guys so no dreamprices please

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    Desarrollar software 已经结束 left

    Si conoces phpbb3 y conoces la ultima version 3.1.9, este es el proyecto que andas buscando. Estoy necesitando, que se cree una extension que permita cambiar el Viejo Editor que viene con phpbb por un editor visual tinymce. El mismo tiene que ser adaptado a mi sitio, sin perder las funcionalidades del mismo. Debe estar en español.

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    You have to redirect the old addresses to new Forums - Has 60 addresses new and old (scale 1: 1), so there will not be a problem Threads - Has 9000 addresses new and old (scale 1: 1), so there can not be a problem Topics + pagination - The expansion of the above with pagination give you an example as it was and as it should be [登录来查看链接] [...

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    ...database into a form where others can follow up on the responses and amend the database with the status of each response. The questionnaire is going to be embedded in a phpbb3 page with the header and footer wrapper and will utilize the same style sheet as the phpbb forum. I already have this part set up and ready to go but I may want to pull a variable

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    Very small code problem on a phpbb3 board I have a message board here: [登录来查看链接] When you make a post and then hit preview you get this error: [phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/includes/[登录来查看链接] on line 84: preg_match(): Compilation failed: character value in /x{...} sequence is too large at offset 88

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    Looking for an experienced coder who is fluent in PHP / PHPBB3 forums to assist in resolving a Login issue involving PHPBB3 forum. The forum is integrated into an existing (in-production), heavily customized OsDate website. The site and the forum use a single login, which currently doesn't work, after the Landing page of the site was redesigned. Only

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    Python3 Forum Posters 已经结束 left

    Hi, I need a python 3 script. That script's structure must be a class. While creating an object, i must declare forum url, username, password. There must be a two...creating an object, i must declare forum url, username, password. There must be a two member function, which are send post and update post. There only be one forum type, phpbb3

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    I need some changes to an existing website. It is currently designed with bootstrap, magento, WordPress and phpbb3. We are a 3d printer manufacturer, we want the following things: *update our website with a new theme from theme forest to give it a more modern look. *We require that the landing page of our flagship product is

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    I have a phpBB3 site that recently crashed for some reason. We had it restored using the latest backup and just now discovered that while trying to move some of the forums around and organize things, that there are some database issues. Not really sure what they are, basically, nothing works properly. All of the forums are disorganized and every time

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    ...user lists. The other parts of the project will be posted later but I prefer to work with just one freelancer from the beginning. Example: [登录来查看链接] This is a member list where you can see the members of the forum. Note that I need them collected from all pages of the memberlist. Also note

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    phpBB3 Forum Developer 已经结束 left

    We are looking for a phpBB3 forum developer who is dedicated to his craft, writes code that s/he is proud of and can hit the ground running. We need you to write code for my forum that abolishes Cross-site Scripting (XSS). Programmer must know how to program the application to block the insertion of Untrusted Data Except in Allowed Locations. - HTML

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    Modify phpBB3 已经结束 left

    Remove authentication (login) requirement in phpBB3 plugin so that members logging into secure site area also are logged into phpBB3

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    Potrzebuję zrobić konwersję skórki forum bazującego na silniku PHP BB by Przemo na wersję PHPBB3. Docelowa skórka ma bazować na skórce subsilver. Grafika bazowa jest - możliwe, że będzie trzeba dodać trochę drobnej grafiki, takiej jak przyciski.

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    For a PHPBB3.x forum, I want to have a Twitch integration, on which the registration of the user requires to connect with their Twitch account. This in order to be able to log in, just by clicking the "Login with Twitch" button. So no passwords or account names would be ideal. The only thing is to create a additional page for registration in order to

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    Buenas tardes,<br />Tengo un foro PHPBB3 en un dominio "A", y quiero migrar este foro a un dominio "B" sin perder el posicionamiento, ya que son 5 años de funcionamiento y hay mucho indexado en Google. Entiendo que haría falta un redireccionamiento además de la migración.<br /><br />Si deseas más información no ...

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    I have phpbb3 installed. It is not the most recent version, but very close to it. Last year I had Phpbb SEO Mod installed. Something must have changed, as it is no longer working. I do not get the SEO urls as I did when it was first installed. I am hoping someone with knowledge can help clear this up for me and get this mod in my forum working correctly

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    I have a phpbb forum that i need the following set up: I purchased this theme and I need it to have 1. the catagories/forums set up with correct permissions. 2. Side widgets installed and set up, I will send you a link to what it should look like. 3. Adsense installed using the widgets. 4. Logo corrected. 5. My button to another site added to the top. 6. Footer completed (I have demo us...

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    Write some Software 已经结束 left

    I am using the Generic message import mod for phpBB3 (3.0.14) Currently if it cannot find the user who created the post in the database of existing users it throws an error. It would be more useful if it would create any users it cannot find. username = $poster email = <some agreed value> password = <some agreed value> 'group_id' => 2,

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    Osclass - phpBB3 bridge 已经结束 left

    For new project i need merge registration of these CMS. User which register in osclass is automaticaly registered to phpBB.

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    Build a Website 已经结束 left

    We are working upon modern technologies and tools with vast experience to handle web based projects, e-commerce, portable applications and program...based projects, e-commerce, portable applications and programming scripting dialects like PHP, MySql, JQuery, CSS, Ajax, XHTML, Drupal CMS, cakePhp, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, PHPBB3, with web 2.0 standards.

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    PhpBB3 SEO Mod Fix 已经结束 left

    I have phpbb3 installed. It is not the most recent version, but very close to it. Last year I had Phpbb Seo Mod installed. It was working, but it isn't any longer. Most likely due to a server php upgrade. I need to get this working again on my custom template.

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    phpBB3 Oauth + Twitch 已经结束 left

    I need a working Twitch login oAuth plugin that resides in phpbb/auth/provider/oauth/service and vendors/ for phpBB3.

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    upgrade PHPBB2 to PHPBB3 已经结束 left

    i have a website in phpbb2 and need to upgrade it to phpbb3 with all modules already installed on my phpbb2

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    phpbb3 forum edit 已经结束 left

    Need edits to the attachment posting feature for users on phpbb3 forum.

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    Hello, We are getting error: phpBB3/includes/utf/[登录来查看链接] on line 1663 This must be fixed today. Posts are not showing properly and can not login to mcp.

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    ...attachments. The image provided is a PHPBB3 admin default theme, which can be found here [登录来查看链接] The username and password is "administrator", so log in and click admin control panel at the bottom. I love how clean the template is and how it supports a lot of text. In addition, it is also mobile friendly. If you find a template like

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    Convert HTML (or PSD) to phpbb3. The PSD has already been converted to a responsive HTML. You only need to convert the HTML into a phpbb3 theme 1. HTML provided, convert to phpbb3 theme 2. Preserve Responsive and mobile friendly features 3. Update Title/text font and size and color of minor pages (login, profile) to match theme You CAN have

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    * Solo contesta si tienes experiencia en foros PHPBB3 *<br /><br />Nuestro foro está ubicado en: [登录来查看链接]<br />Cuando se intenta publicar un tema nuevo, me redirige a una página en blanco con el siguiente mensaje:<br /><br />Not Found<br />The requested URL /foro-excel/tus-aportes/[登录来查看链接] was not found on this server.<br /><br

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    We need a generic PHPBB2, PHPBB3 and vBulettin crawler written in Java 7+. rnrnCrawler must be able to crawl forum entierly. rnrnCrawler must work on following 2 forums (also other forums): [登录来查看链接] (vBulettin) and [登录来查看链接] (PHPBB2). Tests must be written and provided along with source code. So we can verify that it

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    $2423 - $7270
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    I have phpbb3 installed. It is not the most recent version, but very close to it. Last year I had Phpbb Seo Mod installed. Apparently, they did not complete the install. So when I saw this, I tried to complete the install per instructions. Uploaded .htaccess to domain root and forum/ root. I am now getting this error when I try to go to my forum:

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    Convert PHPBB3 Theme 已经结束 left

    Modify the Ariki PHPBB 3 Forum Theme ([登录来查看链接]) for the following -Front Page's Left Side bar should be 300px -Every page should have a sidebar on it to be the same size as the front page. -Make the total width 1250px You will get a login for the PHPBB 3 Forum and FTP access to modify the files

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    1. Stworzenie / Edycja szablonu dla forum phpbb3. 2. Instalacja silnika forum + kilku modyfikacji oraz w.w Stylu. 3. Avatar 4. Logotyp 5. Zdjęcia w tle na fb. 6. Tło na kanał YouTube

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    PHPBB3 Theming 已经结束 left

    I need a Fallout themed PHPBB3 style fully built including icons and a logo. Must be based off of the prosilver base.

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    I am migrating an old PhpNuke website to Joomla 3.x. Your job is to adapt the visual styling of a phpnuke block which displays forum posts to the equivalent in joomla. The Phpnuke block (equivalent to module in joomla) and the joomla module are published. and can be accessed. The joomla forum integration and module is based on the p8pbb bridge

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    Hello, i'm running SEO phpbb 3.06 and need to install Mobile Artodia, so it would works on Mobile or Tablet. I would need that the url's stay the same, the color look is the same and that the plugin "Gallery" works with it to. Please note i do not have a normal forum index page. it is a portal page. Perhaps you would need to know to work with rewrite

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    register users on a forum 已经结束 left

    Hello, i need someone to create users accounts on a phpbb3 forum from a e-mail list of 6k mails.

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    Buttons missing after installing theme on a phpBB3 forum. See attached images. - the code already exists, you are welcome to fix or add your own implementation. i need in 2 hours

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    Buttons missing after installing theme on a phpBB3 forum. See attached images. - the code already exists, you are welcome to fix or add your own implementation.

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    Joomla Avatars -- 2 已经结束 left

    Need Joomla users to be able to have avatar. This needs to be a core component, not linked to 3rd party such as gravatar. Registered users need to be able to up...users need to be able to upload their own avatar in their user profile or choose from a built in gallery . Must work both directions with RokBridge, and show user avatars on phpbb3 also.

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    Hello. I need a phpBB forum theme edited to have some extra features which are as follows. Forum Theme: [登录来查看链接] 2FA Login. Automatic Escrow with Fees that go to admins. BitCoin deposits and withdrawls. Bitcoin wallet balance. Automated Shop added which Vendors can upload information

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    Users are having problems when they the forums, without any access to their original email address, just logging in with their user name and password. Please only reply, if you're a *genuine* expert on PHPBB3 forums and describe recent work you've done on a forum, including a link to that forum. Can pay up to 40usd for the right person.

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    ...[登录来查看链接] that runs on phpBB3 sotware that we recently migrated from one server to another. All the data transferred over fine and is loading no problem however there are 2 issues. One, the users can't seem to login, neither can I, and we have AJAX chat on there which is also having some issues. I need someone who knows phpBB3 forum software, php

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    I need a PHPBB2 Forum converted into PHPBB3. We are migrating hosts as well. I have a full backup of the current database as well as all of the forum files. First task will be to get the PHPBB2 working on YOUR server with the database restored. Once that is done I need a full working backup copy of that made. Store those working files as .zips.

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    Hi there, I need a basic forum setting up using Phpbb3. Essentially I need the forum platform to be installed onto the site, with my premium template installed on top of this. This is the premium template: [登录来查看链接] With my direction, if you could create the different forum categories and upload my own

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    PHPBB3 site repair 已经结束 left

    My web host says I have malicious/infected files on my message board/forum. I need the files cleaned and submitted to the host. I'd also like to update to the newest version of php, maybe add some mods for allowing users to choose different fonts, and I'd like to look at options that minimize my site getting hacked in the future. I can be reached at 6038941138

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    Upon verifying user ID, and 2 other user-input parameters. A badge (gfx provided) is added to the user's profile (beside or under name). The website is running a phpBB3 3.1.x forum.

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to re-purpose an existing 3.0.X phpBB forum style to be compatible with newly installed phpBB 3.1.2 forum. I'll provide a link to the 3.0.1 style. You have to make the style compatible on 3.1.X. Some minor changes such as logo swap is required. Please provide links to your other phpBB works only. Thanks

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    I have 4 websites to update, troubleshoot, extend & upgrade. PHPBB, Wordpress, Prestashop, Genesis, Genesis Extender, several other items, all integrated with one another through various existing code.

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    Game Panel 已经结束 left

    ...Info Web Server ( Clients ): -What cPanel has, mysql, manage domains, addon domains, redirect, subdomain, easy to install phpbb3, joomla! etc... We were also hoping you could add a billing system that goes onto our website, and when somebody buys server, webhosting, dedi it automaticaly installs it. On all the GS webhosting and dedi we need a

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    I need a chat module installed on my phpbb3 forum, so that my members can chat with each other. The chat needs to be free.

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