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    1. 必須懂廣東話 2. 能用whatsapp與香港時間同步溝通 3. 工作耐心認真負責 4. 建設wordpress網站,按給予的模板仿製 5. 中英兩種語言 6. woo-commerce購物車及會員系統 7. 預計工作時間為3-4日 8. 必須包含電腦版與手機版 9. 支付方式是銀行轉賬(直接展示銀行號碼)及展示payme 二維碼,及paypal 10. 如客人有需要後台training ,需要教客人使用簡單後台及培訓(on line) 11. 包含網站遷移、服務器設置(客人自行購買服務器)、域名指向等全套服務 12. 內頁會找類似樣板,請模仿並建議更漂亮的形式進行製作,而不會提供首頁設計 13. 首頁已經設計好,並會提供AI文檔 14. 提供購買服務器建議及協助版面設置等 15. 整個項目完成預算大約HKD 1800

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    需求概述: 将get到的长链接转换成短链接后,用二维码api生产二维码显示到前端。 具体需求: 1.用YOURLS搭建 短链接服务。 并用shortcode方式写入function.php. 方便前端用shortcode调用。实例:下图是一个获取当前网址的shortcode,可以用来获取当前的长链接。 在前端,通过使用[geturl] 就可以显示输出当前网址。 (当然,输出当前网址方式有很多,这里只是实例说明 SHORTCODE的使用方法。) 短链接转换后,代码结构类似于: 这样, 我可以通过使用[shorturl]短代码在前端显示 转换后的短链接。 2.最后,使用google 二维码API(如果有国内类似的二维码api也可以。)短链接转换为二维码。 代码如下: <img src=";cht=qr&chl=[shorturl]&choe=UTF-8;chld=H;" title="Link to "> 上面标红的,就是用短代码将转换后的短链接传递给google api。 这段前端代码,可以直接在页面使用,也可以在我打印PDF模板使用。 如果国内有类似的前端调用的二维码生成api,能这样使用,也是可以的。

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    ...the direction of the foot can automatically achieve direction control. 3. Buzzer drive buzzer driver requirements can set the PWM output frequency, the output time, the output time to automatically shut down the PWM output. 4. Membrane button drive and USB keyboard driver reserved 24 GPIO as a thin film button input, the current drive is read as a GPIO port; the best input into LINUX event, press the different keys to send different keys Value, read from event0; the external USB keyboard driver is also read from event0. 5. Other GPIO drivers Each GPIO port can be set by the drive input / output. 6. Touch screen driver and external USB mouse driver 7. Touch screen driver and external mouse drive device files are best fixed, such as touch screen fixed use event2, USB mouse ...

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    ... and need chinese version website base on these two website first page:choose a city like (cookie remember the city that user the return user will go straight to the 2nd page ) the 2nd page please see and its their 1st the top of this page ,there are buttons 【切换 城市,切换英文版(this is link to another site),免费发帖,我的账号,所在城市名称(press go to the main page ,which is 2nd page),招工,群聊讨论或信息,广告说明,购买广告】 the 3nd page just ad page which is posted by website gonna have lots advertising in the middle and two sides ,so will need change and update in future. no need register to post but if use an email to register an account can manage the ads. when posting need fill title ,location,descraption, all in chinese please

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    大家好,我叫‘马克’,我是一个英国人 I would like to gather information about 100 companies in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, including: 1. 公司名 2. 地址 3. 城市 4. 省 5. 国家 6. 电子邮件 7. 电话1 8. 电话2 9. 手机1...profiles on the job site (the source) 4. List the number of vacancies the employer is currently listing, if available 5. Make sure all links are live and clickable NOTES: 1. All phone, fax and cell-phone numbers must start with the international dialling code - Hong Kong: +852 - China: +86 2. All email and weblinks must be made a live link. The easiest way to do this is to edit the cell, then press enter and it automatically changes to a blue link that you can click 3. Column P (招聘职位) is the number of visible job vacancies for ...

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    创建 Wordpress 模板 已经结束 left

    在现成的已开发的模块中,进行二次开发,需要英文好的开发者,对word press 代码程序精通

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    我们 有三个网站需要. 我们提供 Word Press Theme 和内容 你需要提供 图片,切图, 把网站组合。用Wordpress. 我们要的是简单的风格,例子: 你需要时能做好 图的设计的人员。和能用Wordpress 模板做网站。 qq 199566439

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    I'm looking to have someone integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ChatGPT and an News RSS feed into my existing goal. Specifically, I want both AI and RSS feed integration for the blog to post News (RSS) 1-3 posts a day and also ChatGPT/AI to generate and post various articles (1 a day). You will have to make recommendations on word press plugins for ChatGPT/AI and RSS feeds and integrate those to make it work.

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    We need someone with experience in WordPress, to make some changes in our website, develop new forms for collecting information of the visitors, add some videos and pictures, among other changes, and also we need to improve the speed of the page. We will like to have English speaking persons that can proofread any new texts. The changes must be done according to the findings but in general ASAP.

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    Public Company PLSH new releases

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    Estamos procurando um profissional capacitado para nos ajudar com a integração de ferramentas em nossa plataforma web. Somos uma plataforma que permite aos u...permite tocar músicas em nossa plataforma para melhorar a experiência do usuário, e que tenha algumas frases acompanhando o dia e horário que o usuário esteja dentro como "Bela sexta!" e "Boa noite!". que seja uma plataforma viva. Requisitos: Experiência em integração de ferramentas em sites, especialmente em plataforma Wordpress; Conhecimento em ferramentas como Easy Digital Downloads, Member Press, serviços de CDN, e hospedagem em nuvem Envie Portfólio com trabalhos relacionados para amostra; Se você tem as habilid...

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    Create survey app form 6 天 left

    We require are pdf survey form converting to app, which can be downloaded onto devices for our surveys.. They will input survey details, press send at the end of survey form, and it will be sent to are email...

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    I have a set of webpages which requires animations like change of text, text colour, extension of images, rotation of images to do be done with a press of a click on various buttons. It needs to work offline since no internet connection is given. example of work, the green lines needs to be rotated along the sector with a duration of say 2 seconds on press of a button on the same page.

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    Hi Infosparkles IT Solution, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Text generation AI model 6 天 left

    We have an AI text generation requirement for...for "Open Response." This means the user can enter text without restrictions. Who fills the response? Staff fill Features 1 to 6, and Patients fill Features 7 and onward. What are 9001 and 9002? These are the case numbers; each number represents an individual patient. Do we have to create a UI? Yes. We can design a GUI interface that enables users to generate stories seamlessly with just the press of a button. It could be as simple as having an input form and a “Generate Letter” button to generate the desired text or ‘story’. What are the deliverables? The two deliverables are: 1. Accurate ‘story’ generation with more than 90% accuracy and 2. A user-friendly interface for users to fil...

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    We are a company that sells press on nails. We would like to ask the same audience to fill out three whole research process lasts about 10 wanted 30 Americans aged 18 to 35, predominantly female, who are interested in nail painting.

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    ...the person completes the Practice session, they should begin the Test session after 10 seconds elapse. 5. The Practice session default setting must have a total of 10 trials (or ‘rounds’). I need the Practice session modified so that after 5 practice trials expire, the point total returns to 0 before the second 5 practice trials occurs. 6. Presently, the AGRAF requires the research subject to press either the number 1 key or 0 key to earn points. I need this changed so that the research subject can select either the triangle or star with a computer mouse only, instead of working with keys on the keyboard. 7. Data must be recorded on EXCEL spreadsheets 8. Finally, I will need the source code for the AGRAF when finished. There is a person creating a website for me at m...

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    Mautic UI Need some custom 5 天 left

    Hello, We looking for an dev / designer for custom UI of mautic script. i need edit menu, change the menu from vertical to horizontal, and group some iteam to sub link. Ready to hire you now.

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    Trophy icon COMPLETE AND UPDATE A WEBSITE 28 天 left

    I need a freelancer who is well experienced in Word Press and PHP to complete and update an E-Commerce website. The website needs corrections, Boost the speed, Reconstruct the Check Out pages, add and remove some products and update some plugins. THE JOB NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED WITHIN 10 DAYS FEE AGREED UP ON WILL BE DEPOSITED WITH FREELANCER ESCROW ACCOUNT AND WILL BE FULLY RELEASED WHEN JOB IS COMPLETETD. See attached files for Job description.

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    ...understanding of the subject matter is so excellent that they can write on just about any subject. The candidate is expected to possess excellent written and spoken English skills, should be able to write on any topic easily and coherently and be able to ideate independently, be fast on the uptake and have a fast learning curve. Should be proficient in writing engaging articles, blogs, guest posts, press releases etc. Should be able to independently handle writing requirements for an entire website Should be comfortable writing on even technical topics after adequate research Utilize industry and organizational knowledge to develop ideas and content. Be proficient in research and be able to produce UNIQUE, ORIGINAL content. Should have very clear and strict views on PLAGI...

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    i need someone to design a packaging box with paper/cardboard folding layout for my press on nails business. the box will be used to pack the custom made nail press-on extentions along with a small bottle of glue and nail filers in it. the box will be shipped all over India so it needs to be sturdy as well as cheap to manufacture. i have the logo of my business and a tentative colour scheme for the box but i am open to new ideas.

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    The Elementor Form is submitting the data which you can see from the WordPress Admin, but its not sending the email. I have confirmed that emails are working correctly as I can get the password reset working and it uses the same SMTP Engine Even when you press submit it should redirect you to the home page but it doesn't we are running the latest wordpress and elementor plugins If we can fix good if not can we look at using a different contact form like ContactForm 7 or similar

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    Hello, we are an NGO and are installing small heat press machines in communities with no electricity. we would like a comparison done between heating a 12" wide by 48" long 1/4" thick aluminum panel insulated on the top side to 180c and maintain that temperature. How many watts are required. how many watts if we use a resistive many watts if we use a inductive heater and a steel plate securely attached to the aluminum. This will be connect to solar panels produciing 24 to 48vollts DC. We have a different project on upwork for determining the efficiency of a solar thermal - semi sphere mirror heating a liquid then that heats the aluminum plate. For this project just the basic calculations and recommendat on the most efficient low cost way to ...

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    Update the existing website and fix errors in pages and systems. specifically listed are the below items that we know of, but there could be more: 1. fix oauth login with facebook and Google and make sure notification services are still working. 2. add in protection for posts to make sure bots are not using contact us, comments or submission posts. We have many posts that are spam or backlink creation. Make sure new users can not be bots. clean user database of bot users. 3. clean the post dadabase of spam posts from the past in the pending section. 4. only use modern plugins with a history of support and updates. no coding allowed. the site must be automatically upgradable in the future without new modifications. 5. post catagory section needs some type of management and identifica...

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    Dynamic Word Press Web Sites 5 天 left

    Word Press experienced web developer utilizing a MySQL database to create Dynamic Web Pages. The web developer should have expertise with database integration. This is a project requiring a skillful web developer who is proficient in using the database to create all the Dynamic web page information. I look forward to working with you!

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    I am looking for help with an unfinished project that requires the development of a iOS and Android app. The programming language is ReactNative and Core PHP for Admin Panel. It needs to be integrated with Stripe Connect, additionally, the app in linked with a web-based control panel for the application and a... I am looking for someone who can develop the app quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Furthermore, I would require suitable progress reports and updates throughout the duration of the project. It is important for the freelancer to understand that I only work with a fixed price and I will release the total amount once I received the project 100% tested and fully working, no partial releases, no money advances. The bugdet for the total project is $1,500 not n...

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    52 个竞标're up for the challenge! The intended script will do the following. On my laptop there is no way to lock the FN key. So to increase brightness I need to press FN+F8. I would like to make a script that allows me to press only F8 to increase brightness. There is a script on github that does the same functionality but does not contain options for some functions like keyboard brightness. You can use it or edit it, it's up to you. So to sum this up I need the script to do the following: Whenever I press any key from F1-F12 the action performed is FN+the pressed key. In addition to the F1-F12 keys, I would like to add the right ctrl key, so I press right ctrl, the action performed is FN+right ctrl This script on github may be useful: Please send y...

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    Need the following , Inner pages of website not appearing. Side bar need to be done. font if can be change.

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    Copywriting Job 4 天 left

    ...well-researched information to target my desired audience and have a wide reach. The reports should include informaiton that can be easily distributed through various channels, such as media and the Internet. My goal is to use these reports to increase the visibility of my business in order to create better engagement and connections with customers. If you are familiar with research reports, copywriting, press releases, and other marketing tools, then this project may be for you....

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    ... and Business Intelligence. Location: Satellite office - Hyderabad, India (Currently - WFH) All interviewing and on-boarding will be done virtually due to COVID-19. This position can work from anywhere in India/ work from home until it is safe to return to our offices. Key Responsibilities: • Develop and implement test automation strategies and best practices to ensure high-quality software releases. • Mentor the automation testing team • Develop and maintain test automation frameworks which includes developing and maintaining automation scripts, updating the test scripts, monitoring the framework's performance, and troubleshooting issues. • Ensure that the automation framework is scalable and maintainable over time. • Analyze test results and iden...

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    1. Fix errors in Google Search Console 2. Make it so that and all other URLs were opened only with a secure connection (https). 3. Add the Portfolio tab to the website with examples of work on the services provided (Websites, mobile applications, web design, examples of music tracks, video editing) 4. Add the "video editing and sound recording" tab to the services tab. 5. Add a toolbar "Categories" on the main page of the Blog. 6. Provide a place where a video trailer for the site with a transition to Youtube will be placed 7. For the speed of the site, the Nitrolak plugin is used, but it distorts the image when loading. You need to use either another plugin or fix something.

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    I need a packaging design for my “Press on Nails Brand” Logo and content is ready. Need an economical design for the same

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    IOS backup program 4 天 left

    ...and the data entered to be saved on the local hard drive to a specific folder. Once the form is completed, the backup process will begin. • Display a progress bar with the estimated time remaining. • Hash and log both source and destination files; the details will be placed in a specific folder • Backsplash image and background image to be displayed on the screen A button that the user can press to restart the process if an error occurs that would bring them to the beginning of the process. • Once the process is completed, a screen should indicate the completion. And if they have another device to image if so, the process should start again, and the information should be placed in a different folder. • If the process is not completed, an error ...

    $1962 - $5887
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    $1962 - $5887
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    I am using and WordPress to build a cigar website, am also using woo commerce. I am having issues with linking the pages and uploading the photos. I need help with putting everything together.

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    Need a word press and elementor expert to redesign a website to my business. The website is in 10web and I already have a domain

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    A mid sized hospitality company who just hired a new COO. I need a spiffy press release for distribution to media in the US. It should be 1 page (going on to a second is fine). Deadline is 2 days.

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    I am looking for a company to help me with the design, writing and managing of my website. I need help creating a website that is a marketing tool for our sports team. Freelance applicants should be experienced in creating press releases and include samples of their past work for consideration. The chosen company should also be capable of producing blog posts, product descriptions, and other copy to piece together a complete website. This website should be informative and market our sports team to a larger demographic.

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    We are logistics start-up. We've prepared a news release in English and we want one prepared in German. We don't necessarily need a 1-on-1 translation, you can have the liberty of making it suitable for the German start-up media audience. It's about 500 words. Can you help us with this?

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    Hello, We are needing help for a WP woo commerce specialist to help an error with our website. The issue we have is through the links / scripts built in our website and I have been told it is a script issue that needs to be fixed. • Our website is an Australian telehealth website. • Which requires a client to complete an online consultation from through our website for all our Dr prescribed products. • The problem we are having is when advertising all of our dr prescribed products on google shopping, when the potential client clicks on our advertisement it takes them to the online consultation instead of the specific product page. • We need the client to be able to go the product page first from our shopping link, instead of direct to the consultation which is the s...

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    Description: First when you are logged in, you must fill out values in given forms - name, count, fileupload, price and description. If you press button "release", page is redirected lists management page. Here have to be displayed the options you insert in a row, and you can edit and delete this values. This page must be filtered by every options and have to be routed page. I would like to discuss with suitable developer about more details.

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    Resolved: If I want to remove an item from the cart, the item disappears in the background, but the progress bar hangs. I have to refresh the page or press Esc to go back to the cart or the "There is nothing in the cart" page. Likewise, the total price at the bottom of the page doesn't show up and I can't make a purchase. It is as if the button did not click. I assume the problem is the same, related to the buttons pointing to "javascript:void(0);". The console gives these errors: Uncaught SyntaxError: "" string literal contains an unescaped line break car:111:20 Uncaught ReferenceError: vmonepage is not defined update_prices :1616 each jQuery update_prices

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    Make a Logo 2 天 left

    I want a creative and standard logo with letter AA for my Offset Printing Press .

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    ...we will have only 2 momentary button/switches connected to the ESP32. Let's call them A and B switches. This ESP32 acts as a webserver, so it hosts a webpage. On that webpage, there is only one square (div in css or whatever). When u press momentarily the A button connected to the ESP32 this square becomes green. If u press A again nothing happens. If you press momentarily the B switch, then the green square becomes red. If you press again B, nothing happens. So, when the square is green and we press B, the square becomes red. When the square is red and we press A, the square becomes green. I want the data to be stored and retrieved from a database. So, even when the webpage is closed, and we have a change (from green to red or from red t...

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    I need a word press seo expert to rank my websiy

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    Hello, I am seeking a experienced architect to develop a modern styled office building for Community Forces Inc. We are looking for floorplans for our administration building. Our organization chain of command is like the government. So this building will locate offices for our President, VP, treasurer and it's dept. secretary, five department heads, a press room, a dinning cafe, and a small event space with kitchen. The building should provide sufficient space for an admin building and cater to our company’s vision of providing quality service to the community. With this in mind, we envision the building to be of medium size. It should provide adaptability in order to meet our ever-changing needs while also being aesthetically pleasing. At Community Forces In...

    $55052 (Avg Bid)
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    the Administration building *Must include the following President's office with bathroom Office space for the Vice President, Treasurer and it's department, Chief of staff, Five office space for the department heads, a recruitment/HR department. A press room (for interviews). And event space. Our organization is operated like the government Which is why we have the executive branch(i.e. the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, 5 dept heads, etc). Please let me know if you are interested. We are a 501c3 organization which means we are a tax exempt nonprofit.

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    I am looking for help to promote awareness of the quality of my company's reporting. My goal is to submit a PR piece to the online Press Release. The PR submission needs to include graphics related to my company, so I am looking for a freelancer who has an eye for creating creative visuals to accompany the PR submission.

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    精选press releases社区文章