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    ...and where the countdown timer never changes. I need to push the button when the times is at 0.01 seconds. This is for my classes i am taking online and do not want to sit in front of a computer and click thru the reset button. All i need is some kind of a software that will execute a left click on my screen when the timer on the website is at 0.01

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    A Basic App for managing the patients counter number and their remaining time. Details attached in document.

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    Hi there, We need someone to design us a simple circuit that includes a timer, an illumination LED that turns on/off with the timer, a temperature sensor, and an indicator LED to indicate temperature alerts. The project includes the following tasks: - Design the circuit and BOM - Build a couple prototypes for testing - Once proven functional

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    ...don't have to deal with that. "elapsed time" would be blank until time is recorded there through the buttons. I must be able to copy & paste more rows (up to 100), all with timer functionality as I get more tasks. Thanks so much!...

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    I would like to start ranking higher in my service business target market.

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    Simple Project to create a countdown timer for Nextion HMI (NX4024K032_011). File attached shows flow diagram and HMI file attached with sample pages (showing layout and function). Please reply with quote and timeline for completion.

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    I need a count down timer for my website. simple. I would provide the display picture and then the countdown thats all. I am paying $10 only for this.

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    i need someone who expert in atmega/stm32 to build prototype drag racing with reaction time+elapses time to display in lcd

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    I'm running an online gaming community with members from all around the world and we host regular online meet ups, events and competitions. For members to easily see exactly when the events are on, we require a multiple countdown timer preferably linked to a calendar to be prominently displayed on the website. We are using PHPBB 3.2.1 so the program

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    ...preferable) digital clock/timer controller with digital display. I want to replace the old fashioned timer controller on my boiler with a modern/reliable arduino/rtc clock unit. Requirements: Arduino (Atmega328 preferable) RTC (DS3231 or similar) 1.8" TFT display (non touch version) Switch controls to set time, date, and timer controls. No more than

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    Simple : Request Add countdown timer to my website Need a nice background off a server room Upload to my server

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    an app that can show to you traffic light time on the map The program will be including 3 things 1- Admin control panel ( which i can add or delete traffic light from the map & manage the system ) 2- Users can add a traffic light places & time. 3- upgrade version. the programmer will only script thous 3 categories & i will fill the information by the control panel time posi...

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    We require a website for our project which shall include online tests based on [login to view URL] site should have a user-friendly interface.

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    I am reposting this due to updates. In need of a custom count down timer written for Raspberry. Attached is a document detailing the project and a sample python script. I am open to different languages as long as it will run on the Raspberry Pi platform. Please keep in mind the I might want this to run on Mac and PC in the future.

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    ...a custom interval timer app to work on apple and android devices for our gym. Basic graphic design of the interface is done we need you to to the back end work. What must the timer have: 1. Adjustable count down timer (work) 2. Adjustable count down timer (rest) 3. Adjustable count round timer 4. Adjustable count set timer 5. Store timers

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    ...brewing guide that segues into a single view with directions and images; second view is for selecting a brewing method which launches into the timer view or an option to create a custom brewing process; timer screen showing the steps with a countdown for each step; a screen for creating a custom brewing process that is saved to the local memory -

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    I have a javascript template that I need adjusted. The current countdown timer works in the following manner: Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds. I need an expert to remove the Years and Months, so I just want: Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds. Please send a message to find out more.

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    Part timer needed - one pax Event: Malaysia IT Fair Location: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre Date: 15th - 17th Dec Time: 10am - 10pm Salary: RM7/hr Requirements: 1. Well known on camera brands 2. Able to speak English, Malay & Chinese 3. Passion 4. Own transport (lrt applicable) Benefits: 1. Extra commision when you hit sales target

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    Hiring one part timer for assisting me manage event booth for 3 days. Event: Malaysia IT Fair 2017 Date: 15th - 17th Dec Time: 10am - 10pm

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    Need an application for Android, which will read time from system timer and send it as a string (keyboard emulation?) to any application field which is active at the moment. For example web page or sms message editor.

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    Web site template that will have a count down timer that is SEO compliant and will be automatically published to the search engines with good ranking based on specific key words when a timer reaches Zero. The website is a book with several chapters. Each chapter will be a page (or post if easier) with a story and downloadable list of documents.

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    I need an Android Massaging app. the app links you up with random people to message for 5 minutes.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using Python.

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    I require a website for ico website offer within 1...ether/BTC/litecoin payment process for users to be able to pay and purchase tokens. Prepared to give tokens for the creation of the site. Must set up for a whitepaper to be added as the project evolves. Initial Website creation with the subscription, purchasing. Then ongoing support and programming.

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    It is a project to Develop a Stopwatch Timer Using 68k Assembly Language. It should display minutes, seconds and tenth's like that: mm:ss:s. Will give the details later.

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    need to write function

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    I need you to add a timer underneath my videos. The videos are just a loop of me showing the exercise. Just need you to add a timer underneath it. For example 40 seconds of work followed by 10 rest.

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    I need someone to create a timer on my websites for dispatch cut off times. For example order before 4pm for same working day dispatch. (A timer with a date is then shown) I have uploaded an image as an example. It does not need to look like this exactly. We need it on the homepage and the product pages. Also we need it for wordpress website

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    Hello, I need to create a simple Logic level 2 outputs and 1 output for LOW/normal battery sensor using the PIC688

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    Just create a countdown page for my website that I am about to launch on the 1st of january 2018 Something like the following on this link [login to view URL] Simply say Reserve your store and which will go to a form where the person will fill out the store information and submit while it would redirect the person back to the countdown after confirmation. I have less than $10

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    I would like to make an android timer app

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    Some updates required for website script.

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    Skill - Minimum one year Experienced in Robotics, RTI. Will offer you full-time job if profile matches to requirement

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    I have already created the 30 minute timer in power point. But for now this is only minute counting down. Now I need seconds also counting just next to the minute. I have attached the PPT. Keep the same model and design. Write "Im in" in the bid. My budget is 20 CAD. The project should be completed within 5 hours from now. The quicker is better.

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    I need to Triple Chance Timer Game with multi distribution system with android app. similar [login to view URL]

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    ...about the "TM Timer plugin for Power Point" It is a timer that can be used during presentation. The main issue is timer goes off after closing and re-opening the PPT. Type "TM Timer" in the bid, so that i know you've read the project. And timer in the multiple slides doesn't work individually. I need someone urgently to fi...

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    Very Simple task. I need someone that can do the following: -set my computer up in order to run "NiceHash" program on a timer. It will be running 24/7 however there are certain hours I do no want it running, so I would like you to set that up. -set up a way I can remotley manage my computer, with someway that a program can "ping" or check with

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    ...have added a timer for how much time is spent on the task, but this at the moment also counts time for parts to be ordered and arive, what i am looking to do is for when the task is set to job started the timer will start, if the task is set to any other value the time will pause, then if the task is set to job started again the timer will continue

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    This project will be used in an real life Escape Room game. The timer will have two windows: The Controller Window: Where the Game Master will be able to use simple buttons to control elements such as; starting a video, pausing a video, resuming a video, controlling the volume of the video. As well as sending hints to the Viewer Window in the

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    Hello, i need source code for ionic framework app. 1 page app without menu, just showing banner, show timer for the next event send send push notif 1 hour before event, showing 1 week event and automatic scroll today events on top. here is the link for the xml event : [login to view URL] and the time should

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    ...a simple screen with a name field and "go" button, start and stop links, and a timer - and a way of having a new user! The user will enter their name and click go. The system will then record the time it takes to move the cursor and click 'start'. The display timer will now start running. The user will then put on the glove and complete a buzz

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    It is to Design a Timer Management System Using C. I will give the details later.

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    Build an iphone/ipad timer app that displays text and images at different timestamps and outputs the times on a final output screen - final images and designs available - see mockup [login to view URL]

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    count down clock circuit with 4 digit 7 segment display 0 to 9999 hours can select how many hours want to start

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    remove timer on website............................................................

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    I need help creating Google Display banner ads (16 different sizes) containing an animated flipclock countdown timer (like this: [login to view URL]). The banners will be used for promoting our Black Friday sale on the Google Display Network. I created these banners last year, but they did not get approved by Google. The attached image

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    Hi there, It's a simple plugin that I need. We want to restrict a page by timer. So after X number of visits, the timer will show that Now You Can See The Content After 24 hours. That's all.

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    I'm looking to build a small IOS app modal type app that does the following: Prior to activation, I should be able to input the following parameters: 1. The ability to input the pop-up frequency (in minutes) 2. The ability to add custom elements to the modal (such as URLs, text, images) 3. The modal should be able to pop-up once activated and can only be deactivated with a password 4. Th...

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    visual basic 6 i need to add functions timer and get number from text file ALL TIMER (EXSAMPLE 0 - 60 SEC examples ONLY LEAVE TIME I WILL PUT IT ) function get numbers from [login to view URL] the timer i need it from 0 - 60 sec hang up call with active botton and deactivate function timer from 0 to put 5 sec or any time put it in textbox press number

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