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    ...on... The signals that i upload they must have a timer. I WANT to decide how long the signals are available on the app so that if i am busy the signal stop o it will erase automatically and the can not buy it. The timer be under every signal so everyone can see it. The big part of the project is this then if someone decide to do it i'll be very

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    I need people to sell products and get commisions. If you are good in seling this is best for your

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    iOS Timer application 已经结束 left

    I have an existing and active Cube Timer Application in the iOS App Store, I need it updating, ideally to use storyboards to support the new iPhone X layout. Also to upgrade to the latest facebook API's. Essentially just a refresh and a tidy up. The app does contain video's and if you are interested to see exactly what it is I can send you the link

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    Looking fashion blogger (women) with strong reader's presence through their online blog and website.

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    We are an e-learning education centre with our own online platform. We would like to hire someone who is familiar with Codeigniter to help us add some new features to our writing module. More details will be provided in chat if suitable. *We use GitLab to update codes as we have different developers working on the platform at the same time and

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    must be made in wordpress, using a image slider, gallery with mouseover text and links, no autobids!

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    I want to build a system similar to Paypal. Now I understand that Paypal offers a lot of features under the roof and I can't implement all of them at once. I want to implement the core functionality of Paypal and other such services.

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    We are teaching online Quran Pak with translation to the children and all the age's person who like to learn. Quran Pak is only book which tells us the right way in this world. We charge hadiya (fee) 3 USD per hour.

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    I am a co-founder of Verifast Technologies. We were in process of building online simulation tool for ASIC development. Base code is ready and seen demo, but after that development team decided to drop the project and send me just code base. This project includes: - Take the code base and make it live on [登录来查看链接] - Add user authentication access

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    Teaching English online 已经结束 left

    I need an online English tutor - I need someone who's good at teaching English to an ESL kid - The candidate should have a degree or currently enrolled in a university student. - Availability from 7 PM to 11 PM in Korea time is preferred. - The candidate should be a native English speaker.

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    Estoy buscando a alguien que pueda realizar una búsqueda de la competencia online y pueda ver si sería rentable hacer un negocio online de venta de bolsos para niña o adolescentes... Los bolsos son de lujo, es decir que el precio por bolso ronda los 20-30€ siendo stock estos... Si alguien puede hacernos esta búsqueda y ver si es rentable podr&iacut...

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    I'm looking for Wordpress developer who c...progression, and calculate your one rep max and total weight lifted - Export workout information by email to pdf format, as well as full Database Export - Built in Auto Countdown Timer to help record rest breaks - Allow to setup Workout Or Meal plan form and share with other members using shortcode

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    ...purpose of this survey is to investigate the research methods and techniques about Rumors Diffusion in Online Social Networks. I have a good number of papers and surveys and the goal is to present a comprehensive review and summarize Rumors Diffusion in Online Social Networks. (computer science, Information tech, data mining, social network analysis)

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    Build an Online Store 已经结束 left

    need we designers for workwith.

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    Need to promote a website online for targeted traffic from UK students, looking for a long term partner company to handle all online marketing. Can later add commission as well based on the no of orders.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it.

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    Greetings!! We are looking for school management software application with ready to use features for multiple schools. We prefer to have it online and/or offline. A developer who could take care of all the technical part of it. (Removed by admin) Thanks Ankur

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    Greetings!! We are looking for school management software application with ready to use features for multiple schools. We prefer to have it online and/or offline. A developer who could take care of all the technical part of it. (Removed by admin) Thanks Ankur

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed . We are looking for hadoop testing online trainer. On who has experience in hadoop testing can apply. S S S S S A A S A A A S S S S A S S A S As S S S S

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    I need a script to capture some date (cut and paste) from an online database. It’s a publicly accessible database and the job itself is simple cut and paste into the format I’ve provided in Excel. I’m providing detail instructions to complete the task, please read fully and carefully – only after you understand it fully (ask questions!), bid on this

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    processing of online transactions and Point of sale transactions

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    iOS Video Test App 已经结束 left

    ...(paid/unpaid). Video pre-start screen: This will show video image, title, tips Video Play: This screen will play video, this screen shows a video, a video timer bar. If use taps the screen it shows a flag on the timer. The user taps on the ‘correctTime’ than it’s a green flag otherwise it’s a yellow flag. If user taps on correctTime then he gets 5 stars r...

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    Please make unique but simple design for my online jewellery shop. Please make your you have submitted two cover photo with one submission. I need two cover photo. Thanks in advance.

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    ... ; function definition at the end. CustomMessage(Index) TimerSet := A_TickCount ; Record when the timer was started. This is used for the countdown SetTimer, Sequence, % TimerLength := StepDelay ; Set the timer for the next time Return Wheelup:: ; Fire

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    There will be an educational fair for kids in June and we are looking for competent online PR who can identify the right influencers, and have contacts to online media to help us manage the online PR for the digital marketing. For more details, please contact me directly.

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    Hi! I need a Design for a native App IOS and Android, the app is called „Be Quick!“ and it’s an app to measure your Reaction Time. I need the following work to be done: - Design the Logo it should say „Be Quick!“ - Start Screen of the App, needs to include the Logo: and a Button List: „Play“, „Settings“ and „Highscores“ - T...

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    We are looking for a Wordpress developer to build a site for an exciting new online product. We will need an talented and proven developer who has the ability to build the site but also design all the graphics and, potentially, animations which we will showcase on the site. It terms of design and style of the site, we are looking for a slick, “crisp”

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    Web site developing 已经结束 left

    Hello everybody I will...poems,comics(and you can only vote and like others and not your own post).And during competition post with the highest votes will come first followed by the next [登录来查看链接] a timer will appear on the screen when the competition is on and the system will automatically display the winner with the highest like as the time ends.

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    ...presented with a map and a request is sent to all avaliable providers for that kind of service in the range of X kms, the providers can accept or decline the offer withn a timer and they can see the job details to [登录来查看链接] user will be able to see the service provider making their way to the premises to deliver the service. Provider will notify within

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    Online customer service 已经结束 left

    I need some help with internet marketing. Need a customer service assistant for online bussiness helping customers Basic knowledge of customer service requiredYou will only get paid depending on how many customers you’ve helped £1 For every customer helped this is not a full time job

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    naija funns 已经结束 left

    ...poems,comics(and you can only vote and like others and not your own post).And during competition post with the highest votes will come first followed by the next [登录来查看链接] a timer will appear on the screen when the competition is on and the system will automatically display the winner with the highest like as the time [登录来查看链接] system should allow users

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    They calculator is meant to be for the front end. It has to be an awesome deisgn and should display some numbers with 1-2 slide controls. f.e. [登录来查看链接]

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    Hi I am looking for UX trainers( experienced 4-5 years) who can teach students online on weekends.

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    We need around 6 blogs/artIcles writings for our online Training Website. [登录来查看链接]

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    Hi, I already have an app and server working, for a home automation solution. In the current version, the app is able to send the request to the server for turning a device on and off. I need to add a scheduling functionality to the system wherein I can schedule the events such as switching a device on or off. Also, the app needs to view and delete these schedules. The server is done in Node....

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    looking for technician to remotely solve technical issues . keywords mikrotech- Antennas - winbox- hotspots -traffic - IPs -DNS - firewalls -user manager Please if you dont know any of the mentioned terms ... do not apply

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    We just won the award as the "#1 Online Military Friendly College in the Nation". We need a logo designed that we can add to our email signatures and letterhead. I have attached our college seal and military friendly logo to be incorporated into the design.

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    We have an online directory project that require both frontend and backend knowledge to build. However, we have specific theme that we would like to use which theme has nearly all the features we need except some customizations. Looking for freelancer who has knowledge and solid background and experience in: - Clear communication - Understand

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    I need a new website. I just need you to build my online store.

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    The proposal must have research done. 2000 words and no useless words. No plagiarism. Ghost writing. you will sign and NDA and...anywhere else. I need it done in one day. I will pay per hour but I will only pay the max sum of $20. Feel free to use $2 for10 hours to finish. you must have your desktop timer on. or $5 for 4 hours. I need it in 24 hours.

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    I am looking for an expert in online retargeting to help me create a formula/strategy. PLEASE NOTE: this project is for actually running and setting up a retargeting campaign. I just need a formula in excel spreadsheet. You will be provide with all of website's monthly stats, etc... Need you to put a table in spreadsheet broken down by 90 days

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    Our company is starting a vlog, and we need to make 4 interviews per month of approximately 30 to 45 minutes each month, just need to do the interview and record it in a zoom account that will be provided by our company. -The person that does the interviews must be English native speaker -He will have an assistant that will help to guide the interview and will provide most of the questions in ...

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    We need someone who can moderate 2 x 60 min online focus groups in Italian. The focus group will take part in the next month. The exact date will be decided based on a later date all parties availability. The sessions will be 60 min each. About 30 questions each. There will be about 100 people joining. expecting 50 to 100 answers to each question

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    I need you to put only timer in existing poker script. Details will be shared through chat.

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    You will have to do some searches online and make a list of individuals that fulfill specific criteria. You also need to have a decent level of English in order to communicate with people. 1. Read the documentation I provide. 2. Log in to an online website using Last Pass (you need to install this software) 3. Do the research 4. Fill a spreadsheet

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    Online research 已经结束 left

    refer attached for detailed instructions

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    Realizar descripciones de producto para una tienda online Cantidad de palabras a traducir: 3.777 Las traducciones se harán en una hoja de cálculo, que adjuntaré a la persona que realice la traducción a través de un link compartido de google drive

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    Online BIdder 已经结束 left

    We are looking to hire bidder for online bidding, who have knowledge about bidding and who have strong profile with reviews and rating also. We provide Mobile Apps Development, Web Designing, Custom Application Development and other related services.

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    Guys I need a one-page, selling, juicy one-page website on Wix for selling 3-5 electric bicycles. Blocks: Home (photo with discount and timer) advantages video goods reviews about company

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    Plataforma de serviços estilo marketplace. Ex: airbnb, superprof e etc.

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