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    Resume build 6 天 left

    Design my perfect resume. Recently laid off and searching.

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    ...skilled resume and email manager. Your job will be the following: 1) Collect open job postings for ESL (english as second language) jobs. Organize these into a spreadsheet, documenting employer name, pay rate, contact info, URL link to the job listing, and date my cover letter and resume was submitted to them. 2) Send my cover letter and resume to each

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    I need someone to open a resume/cover letter folder, clean up the content and label everything correctly. Should take no more than 30 minutes.

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    I have a current resume that I would like to modernize, and include my logo/or similar in the design. I currently work on container ships as a Marine Engineer and would be seeking engineering positions in the future. My current resume has the logo of the company/organization that mention, which I think is a nice visual, and would be inclined to keep

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    My current CV looks a bit too simple so I need to get it upgraded in order to get a job with no experience in IT. Please see current CV. Happy to welcome any positive or negative comment about current CV please!

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    Resume editing 6 天 left

    Need to prepare my resume, CV and my linked in profile. technical skills and required skills will be provided in sample resume and based upon that resume need be prepared.

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    Need a resume written 6 天 left

    Must be a native English speaker. Must have several years of experience or more writing resumes.

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    First of all type "Free Resume Maker" It the top of your bid otherwise your bid will not be considered. Description of the project: 1)you will have to make html & css resume without any bootstrap and responsiveness . 2) look will be same on the print page and mobile page . 3) no bootstrap will be used. 4) you dont have to make it responsive, 5)i want

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    Looking to update my resume. Needs to look professional and up to date for the Australian market.

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    Would love to get professional help on polishing my resume, cover letter and deal sheet for an executive position in commercial real estate investment. Thanks.

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    Build a UNIQUE website for my resume/portfolio as a recruitment consultant. This the coolest I've seen so far, and I want something top of the line design-wise. [登录来查看链接]

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    Resume Expert Needed 5 天 left

    I am in need of someone who can help me in writing resume for me attach your samples that you did. Thanks

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    I have a template, I don't have AI anymore and I need someone to edit resume to my liking. I will provide you with information

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    I want my website to allow the user to write and edit their resume exactly like [登录来查看链接] the user select template then write and edit then buy their resume the main part start from [登录来查看链接]

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    Resume Wtiting 5 天 left

    Iam a senior level finance professional with 15 years of experience and would like someone to write my resume

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    Resume building from scratch; I am an operation manager soon to be assistant director, working for a recognized institution in the field of higher education, hence my resume needs to be written in high standards language-wise, please.

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    I have a resume that is a few years old and would like it updated, changed and modernised.

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    rewrite resume 5 天 left

    rewrite my resume in IT to be professional written and technical

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    24+ years of experience as a freelancer. Need a resume for Software Testing Job.

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    I am currently job seeking and have being applying for quite a bit already. I would need somebody to help me with Keyword Optimization in my resume for the ATS system and for the human eye. I have 5 years of experience, a bachelors degree, a masters, and an important certificate that I am about to complete and still have not received any call back.

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    Hi, i attached my resume and I'm looking for someone who can improve it and make it professional

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    Need to prepare my resume, CV and my linked in profile. Just not this based upon my qualifications you have to apply for jobs in next 3 months.

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    As per the title, I can fill in the educational and work experience part myself, however am really struggling to know what to include on the resume to really stand out. Need a job so need this ASAP.

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    Resume writing CV 4 天 left

    need help with Updating resume

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    Resume Update 4 天 left

    Is my resume horrible? It would be great to have an expert take a look and make changes.

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    I want a service for at least 2-3 months for writing resume and cover letter,linked in profile and have to apply for job on my field .so any offers are welcome on reasonable bases.

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    Resume Writer Needed 4 天 left

    I need a resume expert who can help me in my resume.

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    I register vendors/stores on my mobile application. I need a UX/UI Design facelift of the main page of my app where all vendors are displayed. Please look at the image attached for more details.

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    resume making 4 天 left

    I need a resume to apply for Master of public health in India

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    i want to create a resume builder website with admin panel and payment gateway and pdf printout

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    After adding new positions to my resume, the second page of my document has some sort of formatting issue that I can't seem to fix. Need to have resume completed and submitted by the morning. Also any help with resume content, design, best practices currently, etc. would be helpful as well. This is a very important job.

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    i want help in writing a technical document it should explain in detail my role and how i did a job , its like i will be saying and the the writer should make it sound nice

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    BUILD ME A RESUME 3 天 left

    I will give you my details once i choose you.

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    Resume/CV writing, professional content writer

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    Hi i want create a resume and cover letter for my profile.

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    Needing someone who can review regular CV and Resume. Will vary from entry level Student to Executive, with 90% of the work being entry - mid level. Needing a set rate per CV. 24hr turn over needed. Must be Native English speaking and have a Degree or Bachelor in English. Average of only 5 CV week.

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    I have a working resume and cover letter. I have actually received some prospects from them, but I need to expand my job search to the next level. I am changing career industries. I've been in retail management for 10+ years and property management for 6. I do not want to be in either industry anymore for various reasons. I'm looking for security

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    Update my Resume 2 天 left

    Need my resume to stand out and get me hired. Overqualified

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    Hi there, i am looking expert resume designer who can design my resume only for $5. i have hired an indian, she got away my money and did nothing. I need expert designer

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    I'm a technician preparing for my Australian PR VIsa application and I need a new CV for this purpose. Thank you

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    CV/Resume 2 天 left

    I need my CV written for UK job hunting

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    ...users to select a template and write a resume and pay for it there are some website provide people to write a resume using some templates and such as [登录来查看链接] I have a WordPress website and I own a domain name and hosting the only things I need is the part of allowing the user to edit and write their resume so I want to know the costs before

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    My CV needs a major clean up and made concise. I would like to maybe move my career to contracting

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    CV/Resume Writing 15 小时 left

    Need to have a CV edited and rewritten. I have prepared a draft myself but is not happy with this, need a professional looking CV.

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    Resume Writing 13 小时 left

    I have a resume that has already been written. I am looking for someone to edit it. I also need a cover letter.

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    my resume.. 13 小时 left

    my project is my intro and my next project is transport agency web site i am not explen in word you watch my next project

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    I'm looking for someone who ca...looking for someone who can help us to craft a very good resume for job interview. Criteria: - Must possess a good command of English - He or she must currently work as either a Recruitment Consultant or Headhunter Those who are interested, please send me a copy of your work (sample resume you have done in the past).

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    Resume update 11 小时 left

    Resume update , and sprucing up

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    Need to prepare an international standard resume

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    Resume makeover 4 小时 left

    Hello, sir At first, take my sincere respect. I have gone through your description. After that, I have enough skills to update your resume properly. If you have any queries. Please, let me know. Thanks

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