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    I need to find a great writer. The abilities he/she must possess are: 1. Proficient in SEO related knowledge 2. Have many years of writing experience 3. Must speak English and Russian (or only Russian), and can write Russian articles 4. Research on topics/themes 5. Need to be familiar with every product of our company. Need to know the functions and features of each product, and under what circumstances the product will be used. You need to clearly know how each product is used, and you can write out the operating steps. What I can provide: 1. Order at least 5 articles per month 2. 20-25$ per article of 1200-1500 words 3. Provide article structure, keywords, and articles on similar topics for your reference If you meet the above conditions, please actively communicate with me, I am ...

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    This role requires a native Chinese. Looking for someone has experience in writing content, articles, blogs, ads copy, event promotion copy for a long-term project discussing cross-border e-commerce business, DTC brands, Amazon, aliexpress and shopify business etc. Job will be paid by hours and the expected deliverables are bi- weekly with 1 original posts; sometimes I will need some event promotion articles and will inform you one week before the delivery. Marketing knowledge and SEO skill will be huge plus. The writing style guideline will be provided to you and here is the content hub for your reference: Looking forward to your interest! 工作内容: - 负责撰写相关企业品牌传播软文及线上线下活动稿件及媒体广告文字,涉及内容采集、优化、整理和原创撰写。 - 了解跨境电商例如亚马逊、速卖通、aliexpress等,负责撰写跨境电商行业热点、公司产品、大事记相关文章。主要内容产出方向为跨境电商行...

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    论文的方向:marketing,关于sales performance,找一个变量与之构成模型,然后通过问卷搜集数据,用spss分析,线性回归分析其之间的关系,再得出结论及建议,120页左右(英文的)。 先完成proposal,然后设计问卷,形成初稿,修改定稿答辩。目标:合格即可。 有proposal格式和论文格式参考。

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    ...the existing App architecture, and the backend API program has been developed. To implement the function: 1. Personal information: !AqPM7dbV2A19gQsDiRtydgboa-TT 2. Appointment consultation: !AqPM7dbV2A19gQ1hUcdb7QlMDpIX 3. Albums: !AqPM7dbV2A19gQ_NccI-ke6PWFks Before writing the above API, you need to log in to get the information. The following is the login teaching (without writing this section) !AqPM7dbV2A19gQc136QJKAVDrPEd...

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    你好 我们想开发相似于永利娱乐城的游戏。 开发者必须知道casino游戏,红黑大战,还有麻将游戏的规则和设计 我要独特的设计还有规则 我们要配套服务器 如果你能胜任这项目请你发个proposal 谢谢

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    SEO软文写作要求规范: 1、文章围绕关键词进行原创,不得抄袭,负面等 2、文章主内容500字/篇,每篇含1-3个关键词, 每个关键词出现至少一次, 要自然不勉强; 3、每篇另加meta关键词5-6个; meta 标题(30字左右) 和描述文(80字左右), 各要求出现一次关键词; 4、文章根据关键词,围绕行业经验等进行写作,不得写作没有一点用的口水文 5、文章中不得写别的公司、论坛、网站等信息 6、文章病句错字尽量减少,整体符合逻辑 7、文章可以参考网络知识,但不可抄袭,要保证文章原创度 8 、以英語溝通 (電郵或skype)

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    SEO软文写作要求规范: 1、文章围绕关键词进行原创,不得抄袭,负面等 2、文章主内容500字/篇,每篇含1-3个关键词, 每个关键词出现至少一次, 要自然不勉强; 3、每篇另加meta关键词5-6个; meta 标题(30字左右) 和描述文(80字左右), 各要求出现一次关键词; 4、文章根据关键词,围绕行业经验等进行写作,不得写作没有一点用的口水文 5、文章中不得写别的公司、论坛、网站等信息 6、文章病句错字尽量减少,整体符合逻辑 7、文章可以参考网络知识,但不可抄袭,要保证文章原创度 8、需與外國人以英語溝通 (電郵或skype)

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    Aim: promote our company’s FinTech website in China Action: Write and post posts in simplified Chinese on China forums to promote our company and its FinTech website that offers digital currency information. Requirement: 1. Knowledge of IT/FinTech/ Finance/ Bitcoin / digital currency would be great. 2. Native simplified Chinese writing and know the terms of FinTech in Chinese community. Forum suggested: 网易社区(网易财经论坛)、巴比特、区块链社区、壹比特、雪球、网易财经论坛、和讯论坛、经管之家、金融之家、投行先锋、博瑞金融、交易币论坛、彩云比特、深度科技论坛、火线互联网金融论坛、互联网金融吧(百度)、知乎、金融业(天涯)、新浪主题社区、百度論壇/百度贴吧、搜狐社区、21CN社区、中华网论坛、QQ论坛、比特范、P2P论坛、网贷社区、天涯社区、上海热线论坛 (谈股论金) Duration: Mid Aug to Oct 2016

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    Looking for someone to create and manage a wechat group. Scope includes coming up with attention grabbing ideas to drive "Likes", writing/refreshing content, uploading content (words, gif, videos, images) manage Q&A etc for a year

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    我想知道G2A卖家哪来的货源。 悬赏前我一定会先跟你在freelancer上聊聊。其务必回复。 请留proposal。谢谢!

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    playstation会员卡礼品卡序号供应者货源要求: - 货源要干净合法 - 序号最好要美国激活的,其他国家也行 - 序号要正版,全新的,没用过的 - 价格要便宜 我award这个项目之前一定会跟你chat一下,请务必回复信息。 请务必提供proposal。 谢谢!

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    电脑游戏Steam序号供应商货源要求: - 货源要干净合法 - 序号要全区的,可以全球激活 - 序号要正版,全新的,没用过的 - 价格要便宜 我Award这个项目之前一定会跟你chat一下,请务必回复信息。 请务必提供proposal。 谢谢!

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    $234 - $779
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    We have an Arabic Musical Instruments forum. We would like to have there a professional posts regarding these musical instruments. The post's must be 100% relevant to the Arabic Musical Instruments and should help to attract many Arabic musical instruments players. We need 6 professional posts per day.

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    i am looking for Chinese writer for my website in simplified word. Around 50-60 words for 1 video. 50 video to be done at the moment. Content need to be fresh. Long term job. prefer somebody who is chinese educated waiting for your bid.

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    Hello. We need someone to translate a Japanese description into Chinese. This is Product Description of Japanese Electronics that will be used on our E-Commerce site. Therefore, anyone who can write Marketing, Advertising, Sells Writing, and promise to keep this project secret is welcomed. 你好。 我们需要自由工作者把产品说明从日语翻译成汉语。 需要进行翻译的是我们即将在自己的网店使用的日本电子产品说明。 我们欢迎所有擅长营销写作,广告写作,宣传写作,并且保证不向第三方透露工作内容的自由职业者!

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    We have a new idea to create one apps ,we need a proposal for investor to invest us in this apps

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    Hey how are you? I’m Kate and just wondering if you could take a precious moment to help me translate this Simplified Chinese article in Australian English in regards to Arts. This is fairly important to me as it is mainly for my little private business’s art project description. I need it as soon as possible (within a couple of days). Thank you for your cooperation!

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    يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب

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    $1946 - $5839
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    Please check below assignment requirement and let us know if you can do. Please answer following question before bid for the task 1. How long you can finish the assignment? Please tell us your fastest period as possible 2. What is your skype id, email and contact no? We need it for better communication purpose 3. Briefly tell us in one sentence what is our assignment requirement? We need to know if you are genuine contractor 4. What is the main challenges/ problems in completing this assignment? 5. From scale 1 to 10, how would you rate your writing skills in chinese? please noted that contractor that bid without answering the above questions will be disqualified if not have lesser chance to get the job 论文计划书要求 请选择其中一个题目(只能选红色的题目。黑色的被选了) -以直观演示...

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    加精 加封
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    Following is the format and structure of the requirement 论文计划书要求 开题报告 第一章 绪论(20%) -前言Pendahuluan -研究背景Latar belakang kajian -问题提出Pernyataan masalah -研究思路Kerangka Konseptual -研究目的(最多3项)Objektif kajian – (maksimum 3 objektif) -研究问题(3至5项)Soalan kajian – (antara 3 – 5 persoalan) -研究的重要性Kepentingan kajian -研究范围Batasan kajian -变量的表述Definisi pembolehubah -小结Rumusan 第二章 文献回顾(10%) -前言Pendahuluan -理论与相关概念Teori dan konsep berkaitan -过往研究Kajian-kajian lepas -小结Rumusan 第三章 研究方法(10%) -前言Pendahuluan -研究设计Rekabentuk kajian -采样(研究对象)Persampelan -研究工具Instrument kajian -数据分析(描述性)Anali...

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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'writing a report'

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    $78 - $78 / hr
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    Check out: You see the following phrases: 缘分是前世感情的延续, 缘分是今世的擦肩而过。 缘分是前世不变的誓言, 缘分是今生痛苦的约定。 缘分是一次机遇的把握, 缘分是一种爱慕的流逝。 缘分是相遇时美好梦想, 缘分是别离后苦涩回忆 I need 500 10-12 word phrases on 缘分.

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    Essay writing -- 3 6 天 left

    need help with English and vocabulary for essay writing

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    I need someone to help on white paper writing on cryptocurrency and EFT, looking for someone familiar with it

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    Just have to write a summary from one story in three parts Information Gathering , Sequencing and synthesis. i will provide a detailed information on it. I will provide detailed summary on what to do. Link for the story is here.

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    Re-type PDF to WORD need to retype PDF files into word to make sure the word was spelled correctly.

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    Can someone please explain step-by-step to solve this math problem? Simplify the expression by writing down each solution step and transform your final answer to polar form.

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    Looking to convert an excel pricing calculator into a tool that will write to allow event scheduling (under development in SQL, but also need a temp solution) and output to Quickbooks online for revenue recognition. Example, sales 10 rows with name, program, price, client detail, deal number etc. this would need to plug into SQLserver once ready, but until then it needs to allow to plug in dates for each event. The dates and $ would drive revenue recognition. It would be nice if it could output into QuickBooks online via API. Looking for time and cost quotes and type of solution. Calculator interface and logic with writing into a database, temp scheduling solution form, output into Quickbooks online of price times quantity based on scheduled date. Ability to pull data for...

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    Exciting content writer opportunity to join a fast-growing paper writing service in India! Your new company: You will be part of a fast-growing paper writing company with its headquarter based in the USA, Wyoming with a presence across India. As the market leader within the industry, the company is focused on creating customer experiences coupled with digital technology. Your new role: As the Content Writer, you will play a pivotal role in creating content for our website's service pages. What you'll need to succeed: The successful candidate will come with over 4 years of experience within communications work and writing across a variety of assets as well as a background in creative writing and content creation. Expectations of a Creative writer: I...

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    Simple C Project 6 天 left

    I am looking for a C programmar who is good at handling process, semaphore on GCC compiler. I have attached a previous version of the project that uses 'thread'. And also the project requirement of new version too. Now, only process and semaphore must be used. This job is so simple that need to be done in next 1.5 hours. ONCE YOU HAVE PLACED A BID, THE PRICE YOU QUOTED WILL BE FINAL. Please have a look in the attached c file and start your proposal with the BUFFSIZE in it. Thank you.

    $78 - $389
    $78 - $389
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    I need a long-term virtual assistant that can help manage 3 accounts in the Travel, Fashion, and Beverage industry for (starting) 3 months. Each of these industries will include varying tasks. However, the virtual assistant will need to have the following skills: fluent in English, great at writing, research, social media marketing, and growing an email list. Attached you can find the specific objectives for each industry. If the above sounds like the perfect fit, I want to hear from you!

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    We are looking for some facebook ads specialist who can co operatte with the company. Please Submit a proposal if you are interested in the project

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    I need a 3D animation 6 天 left

    Hi there i need a 3D animation of the attach file. Please show me relevant animations you did on your proposal and also put -drops- top of your proposal so i know that you are human.

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    CryptoBuxx () is a new crypto gift certificate program offered by the Certificate Exchange, Inc. and a...someone who can help create media lists, craft pitches, and follow up to get the story published. I can help, but I don't have the time to do it all myself. I'm not looking for consultations, but rather someone who knows what needs to be done and who can get it done! If you think you are the right person, especially if you have exposure/experience to the world of crypto currency, please submit a proposal for 5-10 hours a week for several months and help us get this product launched and the PR program up and running. Attached is a press release that was sent over the wires in December to get us on Google News. It may help provide some prospective on what we are offerin...

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    ...Optional quote to setup and configure Amazon channel 4. Help draw overall system architecture/tech stack diagram including identifying key ‘master data’ tools (eg SkuVault = Inventory Master, et al) and main data fields/processes between tools 5. Develop project plan showing key activities, milestone dates and dependencies . Revise plan as needed to meet requirements of customer. 6. Update/revise proposal based on any new learnings from step 5 & 6 Please note we would need a Project Manager for this project who will manage the entire Project from end to end Lastly we will need to Migrate/ import QB Online data to new QBE instance. The entire Project should be completed in not more than 2 Months...

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    Hi ! All i need is a little script that can perform a special task in Cinema 4D software. It seems like C4d dont have this kind of function which Blender has with an built in addon named F2 addon. Blender is free and the code is open source for that you can inspire from while writing a script that can work in the same way in Cinema 4d wich also have 14 days trial. With F2 addon in blender you can create a polygon from one vertex selected just by pressing F on the keyboard. in C4D there are polygon pen but when it extrude a polygon from a selected vertex or selected edge it place the polygon weird and not following the direction of other ages that conect to that vertex in which was extrude from. if you think you can do this script let me know. Thank you !

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    I have an IP camera that has the ability to detect cars and/or people. When a car approach...attached snapshot taken from a browser connected to the IP camera. What I need is the ability to send a command to the camera so the camera ONLY sends the car snapshot and the car color (in metadata) when the camera sees a car approaching. I am not interested in seeing live video. The way to do this is explained in the attached document (page 253, 254) by using RTP. Basically, I need help with writing C# code to send the URI command to the camera for the RTP session, then to detect when the camera sends information related to an approaching car's snapshot and color. I then want to save the snapshot to disk (jpg) and to save the metadata in a text file. I can provide remote access...

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    looking for someone look over my web site to do proper writing for my 10 key words and towns looking to do business for services I privide right now not getting right leads only handy man leads need mor contractor leads Kitchen remodels bath remodels ,Basements ect decks

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    500-750 words writing. Need it in 24-36 hrs.

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    Help in writing a sql query as attached on the file

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    LONG-TERM position! Bonuses and raises will be included for excellent work. $50 will be sent into Escrow and paid over time as projects are done accordingly. After each project, $10 will be released. Contract will be renewed if you exceed our expectations! You will be responsible for writing a 1700 word (8 minute equivalent) script every 24-48 hours. If you are interested in applying, please show us examples of your previous work. We want someone who is knowledgeable in the NBA space! We ONLY want the best! Look forward to hearing all your proposals and working together!

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    Have a client that needs help editing 13 pages of content for executive coaching services. Also need help writing bio. Freelancer must have experience writing for executive coaching / psychology field. Please send work samples of work in coaching / psych along with estimate.

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    Pellet Project 6 天 left

    virtual lab, dissection, writing

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    As simple as it sounds, but only for those in the field of listening and writing. The project is simple as you only convert thep3 files into text

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