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    I am looking to have an Excel spreadsheet modified/programmed. We have used a single Excel file for >20 years as our database to track treatment and outcome of patients. It currently has 5700+ rows with 43 columns of data per row. We would like to modify the spreadsheet so that is it more efficient to enter data into each of the columns by using dropdown

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    Hallo, Ik zoek iemand die voor een leuke prijs een Data ranking script kan maken. Het is voor een online game die mobstar heet zie Graag een volledige script met zoveel mogelijk opties en veilig. Kunt u dat? Hoor graag van u betreft het bod die u kunt geven. Met vriendelijke groet, Brian van Straalen.

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    Trophy icon Do some 3D Modelling - STL file Creation 已经结束 left

    I need a small specific item that needs to be printable with a 3D printer - Tubular Approx 7mm in diameter in two halves Will support an internal 41mm tube of approx 2.7mm diameter Tube that goes inside is about 41mm x 7mm the two halves must protect and hold it in place Where it supports the tube on either side it should not be smaller than 1.5mm and not bigger than 1.8mm to allow ...

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    10 项参赛作品[登录来查看链接] Requirements: - The web scraper should run on my server (Ubuntu) and I need to be able to perform a new scrape when I like it - The result should be saved on my server, including images - I need to be able to export results in Excel (or CSV) - You are required to scrape and save also reviews for each record (you

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    Content Writing 已经结束 left

    I am an author and I need to acquire a literary agent. I need someone who is experienced in writing query letters to literary agents. Experience proof/references needed. I am offering $75.00 for the letter and a extra 25 if you are able to set up the "what to send/pages of my novel (font size, margins, etc) for the agent. Will send agent set up requirements

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    ...(iPad of i phone) and take pictures of the exams appearing on the device with another device so that we have all the pictures of the past exams. Then I need you to create a pfd file with all the exams so that I can easily print them. There is around 900 pages of exams. Easy to do just tedious. Having done it myself before it takes around 4 hours. The issue

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    forms filling 已经结束 left ,so take care will doing your work check once will submitting 7. When you put payment request you will get your payment after 4 to 5 working days. 8. If you have any Query then you can call on our helpline number or else you can mail us 9. Check 1 r 2 will submit of form,because u payment depend on QC report [登录来查看链接] form u will get rs 25 that

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    SCRAP/EXCEL/CSV/PRESTASHOP 1/ scrap a website - categories/pictures/products 2/ build the excel files the categories and products (2 files) 3/ generate csv 4/ import to prestashop site

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    I am looking for a quick modification to my wordpress website. I need following changes! 1: Change Menu ...quick modification to my wordpress website. I need following changes! 1: Change Menu Style ( I will show you a a website, Just Copy that) 2: Fix Number Of posts per Page Query ! I want to show Last 3 Days Posts with Button at end! Thank you

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    I need a vector file (DWG and SVG) of the attached drawing fluss.jpg. I will use this file in Autodesk Graphic and SWIFT Publisher 5.0

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    If user fill X=±1.0 X.X=±0.500 X.XX=±0.250 X.XXX=±0.127 if dragged number of cell 3rd is only number without decimal ( example if 10), cell 4th will be fill up with 10+1.0=11 and 5th cell will be fill up with 10-1.0=9 If dragged number of cell 3rd is 10.0 cell 4th 10.0+0.5=10.5 Cell 5TH 10.0-0.5=9.5 If dragged number is 10.10 then cell 4th 10...

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    You would need to change all my MySql user's passwords, simply rehashing them to what they currently are would suffice. I have 15 user accounts (different websites) use pre-4.1-style MySQL passwords. I have WHM access. You will need to make sure that the specific passwords for the non-cPanel users match the ones used by whatever third party code uses

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    I need online fee module in php my sql with payment gateway and need to integrate with existing website. Dont' have time for development I need ready made if some one has.

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    Project Goal: Sense and record (CSV/XML file) the voltage/current of a generic load (250VAC/10A) in real-time, through a SBC (RPi, OrangePi, alike). Project TRL: Prototype on a bread-board using market available breakout/parts in order to show the outcome. Expected deliverables: 1) Design files of the custom breakout (SMT), schematic, PCB

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    convert text to csv 已经结束 left

    converts text into sentences per specification

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    mysql replication between 3 server 2 Master = mysql on windows server 1 slave = mysql on linux replication should be able to resume if disconnected for upto 48 hours should use least bandwidth

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    ...There are a total of approx 150 products. I need the full product (Heading, product description, SKU, Images etc) Product Categories are not required. The file supplied needs to be to me in a CSV format that can be uploaded directly to shopify as supplied by the winning freelancer. I can supply the required format if required. This job is quite

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    Hey, dear freelancers! I would like to write a Python automated script that can print user information(i.e. phone number, name, etc) who sent me and immediately reply him with my text(i.e "Hi") in Web Whatsapp. This script needs to run on Ubuntu System and users information from received message has to print on Terminal of Ubuntu System . I know

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    Image files to text file 已经结束 left

    I have 20 files and i give one file for 2 €. They must converted from image to notepad text as fast as possible. Higher bidders of that amount will be rejected. Only serious bids please.

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    another dev was working on my server and now the webserver wont run. need help bugfixing

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    Decrypt xmzx file 已经结束 left

    I need someone familiar with decrypting xmzx files

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    CSS file creation 已经结束 left

    I have a design created and want the CSS files built please. I the CSS for 1 page please This design is in [登录来查看链接] BUT we have had some changes made which are not in there. So you will use static and Zeplin for your design. All the coding has been done to the best of my knowledge. I also have hi-res photos. This is just CSS I need.

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    30 个竞标 site to listing business and a switch that changes it to a shopping area I will not release anything until the site is 100 percent finished.. TYPE 5898598d YOU MUST WRITE IN YOUR MESSAGE..... I UNDERSTAND YOU WILL NOT RELEASE ANY MONEY BEFORE PROJECT IS FINISHED 100 PERCENT [登录来查看链接] area that allows me to hire admins to control each city that

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    Hi recently google made some changes and now we have to use proxy player with limit of 500 requests per acc per day....we have to use proxy player with limit of 500 requests per acc per day. I need someone who can fix google drive streaming Script limited requests to unlimited requests. Only contact me if you know about google drive streaming script.

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    I have an csv file containing a few thousand url's, and I would like to have the following data in json format for each of those urls: number of shares on facebook number of shares on Twitter number of shares on Linkedin number of shares on Pinterest number of shares on Google plus Sample of csv file is attached Please give appropiate quote

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    I have 2 files in binary format with various fields. I need the files to be converted to .csv for further processing. You are required to deliver fully working python code and converted csv files. Please see attached file for fields byte description

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    ...developing and are seeking an advanced PHP developer who can work independently with me to optimize code, create new script features, and repair/launch script functions. The potential developer must: - have an ADVANCED knowledge of PHP / MySQL / LAMP environment - have a working knowledge of Bootstrap and CSS/HTML - daily communication necessary - must

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    I need an assistant to convert a data table in csv format into another format. Needs to have good communication skills and access to Skype or Audio/Video tools on Freelancer. Please don't qualify. It's a bonus if your based in the US. Rising stars who qualify please apply. If you have any experience with R, Excel or Rstudio with good written

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    ...milestone but I will not release anything until the site is 100 percent finished.. TYPE 5898598d at the front of your message so i know you have acknowledge this. YOU MUST WRITE IN YOUR MESSAGE..... I UNDERSTAND YOU WILL NOT RELEASE ANY MONEY BEFORE PROJECT IS FINISHED 100 PERCENT 1. A full proper messaging system between users must be

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    I have a server where it run a script that produces a .csv file, the script runs every morning and appends the new data to the same .csv file going down the rows. I want to display this .csv file on my web server, I would need someone to make a database that connects the .csv to it, and shows it on the web, with filters to filte...

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    18 个竞标 2. Write a Ruby program ruby [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] ... It will run the action on input files and save outputs to [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接], [登录来查看链接] ... Notes: a. we have Photoshop CC (2017) on a Mac computer b. Your program should run on a Mac computer. If you are testing on Windows

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    Having trouble running two shell_exec one after another in php. Very simple project for experienced php developer.

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    ...visual message) whenever my stock hits a certain variable price based on certain indicators/metrics. It's a bit more complicated than described, but if you're able to make a script, please message me and I will send more detailed requirements. Details on the API: [登录来查看链接] Basic GUI/history of alerts is nice to have. Not

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    I would like to get the following information for each dispensary on [登录来查看链接] in United States of America : - dispensary name - website - phone ... - website - phone - email -hours of operation - dispensary type (delivery or physical location) - location (city/state) Storing all this information in a CSV/Excel / google docs file is ideal.

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    ...on wordpress and need to create each product in woocommerce. Instead of manually entering each product we would like someone to write code to read each of our webpages and find each product on that and either create a csv file with the product information that we can import into woocommerce or use a wordpress / woocommerce function to create each product

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    Build Whatsapp Bulk Messaging Webapp Requirement 1. We want to develop a program which will group lists. 8. campaign name with total history like date, timing, content, delivery reports, Mobile Type (android/Iphone/Blackbarry..etc) 9. Import & export Excel / Csv. ( mobile no.) 10. Application should be Light weight & Fast process

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    Need WordPress Custom developers for full time. Skills:- 1. PHP 2. WordPress 3. AJAX 4. jQuery 5. HTML5 6. CSS3 7. Bootstrap 8. Media Query Please Use word Joker in starting from the beginning of your proposal. And Do not use copy-paste proposal else I will reject before reading. Thanks, Happy Bidding

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    48 个竞标 EDI file format to be uploaded on the rrc website. I know people convert a pdf file to an EDI file, for which I have the example. See attached. I need to convert my Excel file to an EDI file. The two ways to do this: (1) Directly convert the Excel file to pdf file. (2) Convert the Excel file to the pdf file and then convert th...

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    $2 work. Please don't bid if you want more.

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    convert car tyre standard marking taken using mobile device to variables for mysql query.. website is in php.. we need the width... aspect ratio... and diameter... please advise project cost and timeline...

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    Project for jitendra2013 已经结束 left

    ...need to be collected separately. The following functions should have the Onlinesoftware:     - Accounting receipts / expenses separately for different projects   - Import of CSV and Excel files   - Assignment of documents and import / export of these documents (via iOS app, PDF Import ect.)   - Chart evaluations   - Encryption   - Access also via iOS

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    Basic webpage Page will display a column with data from a mysql field which i Will call F, and 4 column with check mark for each row from mysql. for this example I will call them x1 X2 X3 X4 when a row F1 column X1 is clicked we issue something like insert into table XXX [登录来查看链接] , [登录来查看链接] where [登录来查看链接] = [登录来查看链接] same for other rows similarly

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    Trophy icon Design a home page for our company 已经结束 left

    ...see "animated" elements using J query or similar technology. We would like to see a Homepage mock-up prior to choosing our final candidate. I have added some design files of our products to work with. Please use Lorum Ipsum in place of where content will be. INSTRUCTIONS: - Initial submission may be a image file. - Please use the graphics provided

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    The job is very simple. I will give you content, article and blurb and I need you to build up around 20-3...very simple. I will give you content, article and blurb and I need you to build up around 20-30 backlinks TODAY. I would like a variety of types. I'm going to do this paid test run with several providers and hire the best 2 for ongoing SEO work.

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    Whenever I try to upload files to my media library in Wordpress, they upload as broken images that are blank. If i try to add more files manually via FTP, it says disk quota exceeded even though my hosting provider's panel says i've only used 12% of disk space. I need a server / wordpress expert to look into and resolve this for me.

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    We need to write a PHP script that can be deployed as a cron job to query a database and determine which notifications need to be sent out using email and/or phone (using Nexmo API in form of a short text message). Email notification will be in plain text. Your PHP script needs to perform the below distinct functions: 1. Connect to the leads /

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    Hire a PHP Developer 已经结束 left

    I am looking for a PHP developer, who can make a simple script: 1. Importing a semicolon seperated CSV files of youtube URLs. Perform the following tasks: 2. Download the corresponding mp4 files in the highest quality. 3. Clean the filename so it just contain the characters A-Z, 1-8, - and _ 4. Open an url and fill in the cleaned filename in a defined

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    Old code read data with csv format, need revive it to json format

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    Hi Just after someone to convert my shopfront to a vector file. I need it to be in .AI .PDF .ESP If you can try to get the shades in the yellow and also the shadow of the pixels. The Urban Equipment text should be in black if you can make it a little glossy then it be even better Need this to be done asap. Thanking in advance

    $55 (Avg Bid)
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