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    网站的导航条有5个栏目:首页、产品、解决方案、成功案例、关于我们 每个栏目下的分类规划如下: 首页:布局精简 产品:Microsoft、Citrix、Symantec、Sophos、Vmware、HP、Dell(可以自主添加条目) 解决方案:虚拟化、云计算、IT安全(可以自主添加条目) 成功案例:待定(可以自主添加条目) 关于我们:公司背景、宗旨方向、招贤纳士、团队风采、联系我们 附加说明: 1.当鼠标停留在某个栏目上面时,会自动列出该栏目下的分类信息 2.对于每个栏目下的页面,希望参考以下布局格式,在左侧框架点击某个条目后,右侧框架显示出相应的条目详细内容。 3.在网站的首页边侧放置一个固定悬浮框,用来放置公司的二维码图与联系信息

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer who can assist with various tasks relating to Azure AD, Microsoft AD, Intune, and AD synchronization. Requirements: - Your primary tasks will be around user management, group management, authentication and authorization, and policy configuration. - Experienc...configuration. - Experience with AD synchronization is a plus as we might need support in this area too. In addition to these responsibilities, I'm looking for someone who: - Can troubleshoot and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. - Has excellent communication skills and can work collaboratively with our IT team. - Prior experience in a corporate environment is a plus. - Experience in Sharepoint - Experience in Intune If you have expertise in these areas, pleas...

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    I'm in need of a user-friendly tool that allows Windows users to ...user-friendly tool that allows Windows users to upload local network drive files and folders to Sharepoint Online, retaining their metadata. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in the following: - Developing user interfaces on Windows platforms - Integrating file and folder upload functionality - Interfacing with Sharepoint APIs While the client has skipped specifics on metadata management, it would be advantageous if you could provide suggestions or options. The tool should be designed to handle file and folder uploads through file browsing, ensuring a seamless user experience. This project is a great opportunity for a developer who is proficient in both Windows UI design and ...

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    ...faculty members. Specifically, we have observed instances where faculty members are able to share study materials externally or within our organization without appropriate authorization. To mitigate this risk, we propose the following enhancements: Scope: Creation of SharePoint Site: Establish a dedicated SharePoint site for our organization, subdivided into departments such as HR, Accounts, Social Media, Backend, Faculty, Content Writers, and Counselors. Departmental Folders: Assign specific folders within the SharePoint site to each department, ensuring that documents remain securely stored within their respective domains. Group Creation and Restrictions: Formulate departmental groups with tailored restrictions to regulate access and actions within the design...

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    We're looking to implement SharePoint to uplift our organizational efficiency by centralizing document storage and management. This project aims to integrate three main features: 1. Document Management: This remains the core feature where each document gets assigned unique identification, arranged, stored, and traced with ease. 2. Collaboration Tools: To smoothen and enhance the work ethic among our employees, a collaborative workspace is essential. The integrated tools should allow multitasking, document editing and sharing in real-time. 3. Workflow Automation: We aim to streamline our work processes by automating repetitive tasks, therefore, a successful SharePoint integration should facilitate this efficiently. This solution will be used by all our employees, th...

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    I'm looking for an expert to assist me with the complete installation and setup of Microsoft 365. Key Requirements: - Proficient in the installation and setup of a wide variety of Microsoft 365 applications, including Outlook, Word, Excel, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and PowerPoint. - Prior experience with email configuration in Microsoft 365. - Capability to provide comprehensive support on the applications and ensure they are optimized for optimal performance. This project will require hands-on assistance to ensure the successful implementation, configuration, and optimization of Microsoft 365 applications. The ideal candidate should be able to offer guidance on best practices and provide necessary training to ensure smooth user adoption.

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    ...need of a Sharepoint expert who can assist with server configuration tasks related to my Sharepoint 2016 application. I need someone who can perform a screenshare to guide me on the following: - Identification of the source directory for the Sharepoint 2016 site application. - Configuration of the server to optimize the Sharepoint application. Given that I'm not familiar with the Sharepoint source directory, patience, clear communication, and the ability to explain technical concepts in layman's terms are crucial. Ideal skills and experience: - Extensive experience with Sharepoint 2016 and server configurations. - Excellent communication skills, especially the ability to explain technical concepts clearly. - Patience and willingness...

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    I need a Power Automate expert who can seamlessly automate the transfer of images from a SharePoint list into a Microsoft Word template. Specifically, this project requires: - Fetching the Image from SharePoint List - Incorporating these into a Microsoft Word template - Ensuring the image is isolated without any overlay Ideal candidates will have prior experience automating tasks with Power Automate, as well as a solid understanding of SharePoint and Microsoft Word's integration points. Proficiency in handling and formatting images within Word templates will also be advantageous.

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    I worked on setting up ADFS for my SharePoint 2019 environment everything worked fine but when user is trying to access using adfs below error is show: the project is on testing environment, not production. I'm looking for someone who can help me set this up effectively and ensure a smooth running testing environment.

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    ...efectivo de las tecnologías mencionadas. - Desarrollar y mantener flujos de trabajo automatizados utilizando Power Automate. - Crear informes y paneles interactivos utilizando Power BI. - Gestionar y optimizar entornos de SharePoint. - Participar en la planificación e implementación de proyectos relacionados con Office365 y Power Platform. Requisitos: - Dominio avanzado del idioma inglés, tanto escrito como hablado. - Experiencia comprobada en el diseño, implementación y mantenimiento de soluciones basadas en Office365 y Power Platform. - Conocimientos sólidos en SharePoint, Power Automate, Power BI y Outlook. - Capacidad para trabajar de forma autónoma y en equipo. - Excelentes habilidades de comunicación y r...

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    I'm looking for someone to set up a flow in Microsoft Power Automate to help automate repetitive tasks in my business quickly. I need to create a simple automation that will monitor the document library and if a new document is created, it will add a line to the list of documents and fill in the name, version number, creation date, etc. Furthermore, I need the correct version number to be automatically overwritten in the list when the document is edited.

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    I need an experienced SharePoint Online and Microsoft Flows developer to automate a process for our team. This entails creating Microsoft Team/SharePoint sites using templates that we have defined. The specialist should also ensure automated template selection and permission assignment during this process. In an ideal candidate, I am looking for the following skills and experience: - Deep understanding of SharePoint Online and Microsoft Flows - Proven experience in automating the process of site creation, permission assignment, and template selection - Proficient in creating SharePoint templates using elements such as document libraries, lists, and custom fields Your duties will include: - Extracting templates from an existing site/team - Using these templa...

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    I'm in need of an expert to create a set of templates in Word. The goal is to facilitate the collection of needs from stakeholders in an organized manner. Key Points: - I expect the templates/forms to be stored in a cen...stored in a centralized location for easy access and management. - The level of customization I'm looking for is medium, meaning I need some level of customization with predefined options. I'm seeking a freelancer with prior experience in SharePoint configuration, particularly in: - Developing and implementing document management solutions within SharePoint. The ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills, as the success of this project will rely on their ability to understand and translate the needs of stakeholders into a...

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    ..."Application name", "Homepage URL", and "Application description" fields. For the "Authorization callback URL", use https://localhost:5001/signin-github, replacing 5001 with the appropriate port number for your project. Click "Register application" to create the OAuth App. Configure GitHub authentication in your project:Check this page as a reference Install the GitHub authentication NuGet package:dotnet add package dotnet add package Octokit Add a section in to contain the clientId and clientSecret values provided by GitHub when you registered the Oauth appSet value of these properties as '<secret>' Add the actual values for these properties in the user secrets

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    I'm looking for a professional who can develop a VBA script to extract data from specific Excel files stored in a Sharepoint folder. The extracted data should then be organized and saved into a local VBA file on my desktop. Ideal Skillset: - Experience with Sharepoint paths and access. - Proficient in VBA scripting You must have solid experience working with sharepoint paths via VBA.

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create POST APIs from Microsoft Project Server. The goal is to facilitate integration with our Microsoft SharePoint custom website. The project involves: - Crafting APIs for project creation - Extending functionality to include other project fields (details of this will be discussed) - Implementing API key based authentication for security. - Enhancing the EPM project creation by adding some extra fields. Ideal candidates will have: - Proficiency in Microsoft Project Server (EPM) - Experience in creating APIs, especially for project management systems - Familiarity with Microsoft SharePoint integration - Expertise in implementing API key based authentication - Strong communication skills for detailed discussion on additional project fi...

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    To create an internal RMA system that captures real time information and updates on RMA claims. This will be interactive and show where each RMA process is up to and ideally who is responsible for each step in the process. The RMA process will live on its own page on our SharePoint site.

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    ...Quotes/Estimates Automatically 4. Stage/Status based email sending 5. Contract generation and Post-Signing Actions 6. Dynamic Document Generation & Filling (PDF. Word. Google Docs) 7. Post-Project Analysis Report 8. Commission Calculation & Reporting 9. Auto-Progress Workflow (Update stage/status based on completion of events) 10. Client Onboarding (Project/Client Setup) - Folder Setup (Google Drive, SharePoint, etc.) - Tasks set up in Task Manager (ClickUp, Asana, Monday, etc.) - Form for client to fill to gather info - added to task/folder - Welcome email to client - can include resources, form link or document upload location 11. Sales Intake - Intake from: - Calendar (Calendly etc.) bookings - Website sign-ups/contact form enquiries - Purchases - Leads genera...

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    We urgently need an experienced SharePoint and Power Automate developer to create a custom Purchase Order Tracking System tailored to our specific business needs. The ideal candidate will have proven expertise in integrating SharePoint with Power Automate and the ability to develop automated workflows. **This project requires immediate attention and a very fast turnaround.** **Project Requirements**: - **Email Integration**: Automatically track and record emails from suppliers, capturing relevant details. - **Document Management**: Attach and manage approval drawings and other related documents. - **Order Tracking**: Track the status of orders from approval through to delivery. - **Automated Notifications**: Set up alerts for important events such as upcoming delivery dates,...

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    ... - Create a Power Automate flow that triggers when a new form submission is received. - Extract data from the Microsoft Forms submission. - Map the extracted data to the corresponding fields in the Visualcare system. - Use the Visualcare API to automatically upload the data into the system. - Append the data from each form submission to a master spreadsheet stored in OneDrive or SharePoint. 4. **Error Handling:** - Implement robust error handling within the flow to manage failed data transfers. - Provide notifications (e.g., email alerts) to admin staff for any manual interventions needed. 5. **Testing and Validation:** - Thoroughly test the automated flow to ensure accuracy and reliability. - Validate that all data is correctly transferred and stored i...

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    I'm looking for a skilled SharePoint expert to establish a robust and user-friendly member portal. The portal should cater to a variety of user roles and facilitate seamless communication and document sharing among members. Key Features: - seamless registration and login process for members. - Document Sharing and Collaboration (upload, share and collaborate on documents). - interactive discussion forum to facilitate member interaction. User Roles: I'm aiming for a four-tiered user role system in the portal: - Admin: To manage the portal and its features. - Member: Regular users who are part of the community. - Guest: Limited access users. - Moderator: Users who have extra privileges to monitor and regulate discussions. The portal integrate with our CRM system (yet to b...

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    I have created fewer than 10 online forms under a SharePoint list and am looking for a Nintex developer to help with significant customization. Key Requirements: - I need intermediate-level customization for the forms. This will involve custom layouts and validation. - You should have prior hands-on experience with Nintex, specifically with creating and fine-tuning forms within SharePoint environments. - The forms will not need to integrate with any external systems or services. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in SharePoint Online and Nintex - Skilled in customizing forms in SharePoint - Able to provide recommendations for best practices in form design and validation - Strong communication skills to understand and realize the requirements Please bid...

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    I have created fewer than 10 online forms under a SharePoint list and am looking for a Nintex developer to help with significant customization. Key Requirements: - I need intermediate-level customization for the forms. This will involve custom layouts and validation. - You should have prior hands-on experience with Nintex, specifically with creating and fine-tuning forms within SharePoint environments. - The forms will not need to integrate with any external systems or services. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in SharePoint Online and Nintex - Skilled in customizing forms in SharePoint - Able to provide recommendations for best practices in form design and validation - Strong communication skills to understand and realize the requirements Please bid...

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    I'm seeking an experienced professional to develop an efficient file moving automation system for Windows. Your primary task is to create a program that capably and effectively moves files between SharePoint libraries. Ideally, you should have: - In-depth knowledge of SharePoint and its libraries. - Experience in automation and file management systems. In essence, the program should be able to: - identify file name, parse file name and move file to folder based upon parsed file name - Identify designated files in SharePoint libraries. - Automate the transfer process of these files between SharePoint libraries. - Maintain the integrity and quality of files during the transfer.

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    Create a Flow in Power Automate to Update file property in a SharePoint List/Library

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    We are seeking an experienced freelancer to assist us with setting up an automation in Microsoft Power Automate to ensure that dates in our Microsoft Lists are updated automatically when the date h...automation. Strong understanding of Microsoft Lists and Office 365 tools. Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to Power Automate flows. Excellent communication skills to provide clear documentation and training. Ideal skills for this project: - Strong experience with Microsoft Power Automate. - Familiarity with Microsoft Lists and SharePoint. - Ability to create complex automation scenarios. - Prior experience integrating Power Automate with SharePoint. This is a critical aspect of our workflow and we're looking for a freelancer who can deliver a reliable a...

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    I am looking for an expert in the Document Management System (DMS) using MS SharePoint / MS Office 365 for our organization

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    ...workflows in Power Automate. - Furthermore, I have a need for data modeling and transformation, particularly in working with Excel spreadsheets and SharePoint lists. In essence, I'm aiming to leverage these tools to achieve some key business goals, namely: - Creating a set of insightful reports and dashboards to improve our data analysis and decision-making. - Automating certain business processes to enhance our operational efficiency. Ideal candidates should have a proven track record in Power BI and Power Automate, with prior experience in creating data visualizations, building automated workflows, and data modeling. Proficiency with Excel and SharePoint is a must. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, good communication, and an understanding of business ...

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    In need of a nifty SharePoint wizard to help me create a tailored customer page that will help us streamline our management process. Here's a little bit more about the particulars: 1. **Customer Listing**: We want each listing to include name, contact information, as well as distinct indicators of the industry and their company size. 2. **Maintenance**: We value the personal touch, and prefer the information on the SharePoint page to be updated manually by our team. 3. **User Access**: Not everyone needs access to everything, right? We want the access to this SharePoint page to be restricted. Only certain departments within our organization should gain access. Ideal skills for this project include in-depth SharePoint knowledge, Azure Maps knowledge, a ...

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    I am in need of a seasoned tech specialist who is proficient in setting up a web page and SharePoint for project management. This site will serve as the central hub for my team of 6-10 people and its main purpose is: - Project management I'm specifically looking for these functionalities to be incorporated in the setup: - Task assigning: Allowing coordinators to assign tasks to team members. - Progress tracking: A feature that enables us to monitor and report on the progress of individual tasks and the project as a whole. - Document management: A system to store, share, and manage documents related to the project. Ideal candidates should have extensive experience in SharePoint and web page setup, with a keen understand of project management processes. Knowledge in c...

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    I have a SharePoint website that I'm struggling to configure for guest access. Currently, guests are encountering issues when trying to access the site; they're specifically having trouble viewing content, downloading files, and collaborating. I'm also looking to make the site accessible without requiring a Microsoft account. Key Requirements: - Fix the current guest access issues - Enable guest access without a Microsoft account Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SharePoint administration - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve access issues. - Experience in configuring SharePoint for guest access. - Prior work on enabling guest access without Microsoft accounts.

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    I require a proficient SharePoint developer to build a comprehensive knowledge base for my team. This platform will serve as a hub for document and knowledge sharing, fostering more effective collaboration. Key Requirements: - Capability to handle all types of files, including text-based documents, multimedia files, and data and spreadsheets. - Designed for internal use only. The knowledge base should not be accessible to external users. Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in SharePoint development - Experience with knowledge base creation - Understanding of information security best practices - Strong attention to detail.

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    I'm looking for an expert to assess the performance and user experience of my SharePoint environment. I want to delve into not only what's known, but also the unknown, uncovering processes that might exist unbeknownst to us. Here are the specific areas you'll be working on: - Performance: Particularly, I'm interested in evaluating the response times and assessing the scalability of my system. - User Experience: The present focus here is on collaboration features and other functionalities that could be relevant to my company but aren't currently on our radar. The perfect fit for this project would have a strong background in SharePoint, with a skilled hand in analyzing performance and user experience factors. A proactive approach and the ability to i...

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    Want to help in solving and training in Power apps and Sharepoint

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    I am looking for an experienced SharePoint developer who can create a user-friendly navigation system for our internal team collaboration site. I am not looking web developers. Key Requirements: - Custom design for user-friendly navigation - Integration of essential SharePoint web parts for team collaboration The project involves: - Designing a custom navigation system that is easy to use and understand for our internal team. - Implementing important SharePoint web parts for team collaboration. Ideal Skills and Experience for this job: - Proficiency in SharePoint development - Experience in creating appealing and intuitive user interfaces - Strong understanding of internal team collaboration needs - Familiarity with SharePoint web parts I am open to...

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    I am in need of a SharePoint expert to assist in document storage and organization. The ideal candidate should be able to: - Assist in setting up a document storage system based on document type or category - Help in creating custom metadata fields for better organization - Provide recommendations on best practices for document management within SharePoint Please share your experience with Sharepoint and document management, as well as any applicable certifications.

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    14 个竞标 Microsoft SharePoint who can effectively handle our document management, incorporate collaboration tools and execute workflow automation for less than ten users. Ideal Skills and Experience: - At least 3-5 years of hands-on experience with Microsoft SharePoint - Proven track record in managing documents, collaboration tools, and workflow automation. - Experience in working with small teams is a plus You must be able to: - Develop and manage a coherent and efficient SharePoint-based document management system - Implement collaboration tools in our SharePoint environment - Automate workflow and processes where necessary This project requires keen attention to detail and a strong comprehension of the complexities of SharePoint. Excited to work wi...

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    I'm looking for a PowerApps developer to help me ...**Automation of Manual Processes**: The app should be able to automate various manual tasks such as data entry, approval workflows, and report generation. The ideal candidate will have: - Proven experience in developing custom PowerApps - Strong understanding of business processes and automation - Ability to integrate PowerApps with other platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, and SharePoint Online - Experience in creating user-friendly interfaces for business applications - A proactive and collaborative approach to working with clients Your proposal should include a summary of your relevant experience, any previous projects that are similar to this one, and your approach to ensuring the successful delivery o...

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    I am seeking assistance with migrating my clients' files from OneDrive to SharePoint. The primary goal of this migration is to enhance security and permissions control. Key tasks for this project include: - Transferring files from OneDrive to SharePoint - Setting up appropriate permission levels and file shares on the SharePoint platform - Ensuring that all users (totaling 1-12) have seamless access to the new environment Ideal freelancers for this job would have: - Proven experience with OneDrive and SharePoint migrations - Strong understanding of file permission and sharing best practices - Excellent communication skills to ensure the swift and smooth transition for all users Your success in this role will be measured by how efficiently and accurately...

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    We are seeking an experienced MS SharePoint consultancy to assist us with comprehensive SharePoint upgrade, migration, and development services. The ideal consultancy will have demonstrated expertise across all aspects of SharePoint. Below are the specific requirements and details we expect: 1. SharePoint Upgrade and Migration Process Assessment and Planning: Detailed analysis of current SharePoint environment and user requirements. Pre-Migration Planning: Inventory of existing content, applications, and customizations. Execution: Seamless migration with minimal downtime, including data integrity checks and testing. Post-Migration Support: Ensuring all systems are functional and addressing any post-migration issues. 2. Experience with SharePoint V...

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    ...categorization, and retrieval of our documents. - Access Control and Permissions: It is crucial that the system enables us to control who can view, edit, or delete documents. - Collaboration and Sharing Features: We need to be able to collaborate on documents and share them securely. Users: - The system is expected to serve between 10 to 50 users. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Microsoft SharePoint is essential. - Prior experience in developing and implementing document management systems, especially for charities or non-profits, would be highly preferred. - Strong understanding of access control and permission management in document management systems. - Excellent communication skills to understand our needs and translate them into a functional system. Please prov...

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    ...el cual firma o encripta las sesiones y los tokens antiforeign. Cuando se crea con AddDistributedMemoryCache() al momento de escalar o crear réplicas de la web, cada instancia tiene su propia Data Protection y cuando un request va a una instancia, pero fue creada por la otra no lo puede desencriptar o usar. Para mayor documentación puede revisar esta página A tener en consideración: - El proyecto debe ser en asp net core 3.1 tener en cuenta que se desplegara en Linux no IIS, se recomienda usar Docker y las imágenes de alpine o debian. - Se dara como finalizado la prueba de concepto nuestro lado ejecutando 2 instancias del proyecto con la misma key en cada proyecto, si se puede

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    Zapier Automation Fix 已经结束 left

    I'm in need of a Zapier expert to address an issue I'm facing with one of my existing automations. - The Problem: The automation I've set up isn't functioning as intended. Specifically, it's not recognizing CSV data being uploaded to the system. This means the workflow is failing to operate efficiently. - The Current Set-Up: Microsoft sharepoint recognises a new file in a folder. Zapier formatter is then used to format the data. Python code is then use to extract each row of data as a new record to upload into XERO accounting software. However, the automation isn't recognizing or processing this data correctly, causing the workflow to break down. Failed to create a run python in Code by Zapier Your code had an error! Traceback (most recent call las...

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    ...looking for a professional that can help me create a dynamic data search box in Excel online, specifically within Sharepoint 365. This search box will need to support a FILTER function for text, numbers, and dates. Key Requirements: - I'm using Excel online in Sharepoint 365. The search box should be compatible and functional within this environment. - The data for the search box will be stored in an Excel spreadsheet. You'll need to integrate the search box with this data source. - The search box should be able to filter data based on text, numbers, and dates. I attach a document with the categories that a user needs to search Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Excel and Sharepoint 365. Experience with similar projects will be a plus. - Strong u...

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    I am in need of an expert who can assist me in developing a highly efficient, automated incident report form using MS Forms and SharePoint. This project will involve the integration of these platforms to achieve an automated process that includes approval, comments, email notifications, and the saving of records in SharePoint. I have already created an MS form and now need assistance with Power Automate. Key aspects of the project include: - Creation of an incident report form using MS Forms: The form should be user-friendly, comprehensive, and easy to fill out. - Implementation of an automatic approval process based on specified criteria: The system should be able to autonomously approve or reject submissions based on the predefined criteria. - Configuration of email...

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    I'm looking for a skilled PowerAutomate expert to help me with creating workflows. The specific r...for a skilled PowerAutomate expert to help me with creating workflows. The specific requirements and details are outlined below: I have a SQL server from where I need to extract data manually every month. Need to someone to create a blueprint and a demo of how to achieve the goal. The goal is to automate running the script on the server and the logs file should get automatically uploaded to a SharePoint site through power automate This is a POC stage and need to someone to create a test on their demo environment and share the blueprint. Once the approval is their we can work together to create the same. Please note Place Bidder bids will not be accepted and will immediately o...

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    I need training videos made for my SharePoint Online platform. I want a series of instructional videos that cover fundamental tasks in SharePoint, and also demonstrate best practices. The project price described is not per video but rather series of small videos. Topics will be provided. 1. Describe what type of screen capture software you will use. Should be compatible with my screen saver software to do voice over. 2 I am only looking for someone with beginner to intermediate SharePoint knowledge to capture step by step instructional videos. Please note that this task is not for someone with advanced knowledge and budget is limited. Please acknowledge Ideal Skills: - Prior experience with creating training videos - Expertise in SharePoint and its various ...

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