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    **We need a flash based chat solution. ** Update: you do develop only Flash, Actionscript, and a small RED5 Plugin - website, database and integration is done by ourself. We?d like to offer remote video driven advices to customer who pay the chat per minute, similar to erotic and other sites. In our solution we got a customer whos choosing

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    ...(loyalty program). Luckily we have an Asterisk system running hosted on a virtual server, with a VOIP seems to be running OK although we haven't launched into production and don't know what issues we may run into later on. I have a simple spec with the required flows and description of IVR systems to be developed. Although they are very simple systems

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    ...platform, a portal type similar to the steam client, to create and maintain a community for the customers / users for my intended group. The program would involve: Chat function (similar to mIRC type chat with rooms etc etc) file sharing (preferably bit-torrent type, this only has to be on the client side as the hosting can be done through other

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    Simple Chat program 已经结束 left

    Simple chat program written in Java. >With video steaming feature >Audio streaming >File sharing >Photo sharing Pls show us your work.

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    teaching web control 已经结束 left

    Clean and simple to use ches steaching control. The idea here is that two people meet on the web, and this is a rich control for the teacher to teach the chess pupil remotely. Technology: probably java, php mysql, but I am open to suggestions (it must run on any hosted server though) The control should have the following capabilities:

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    Need a simple java client and server for doing text, audio, video chat between **two** users general requirement ******************** a. code must be well designed (OOD, MVC, Use Interface) b. SUN Java coding guidelines must be followed c. code must be commented properly (java doc, readability) non functional requirements ***************************

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    ...add a basic one-on-one chat feature. We operate with Apache and PHP. The Chat module can operate using Flash or Java, depending on your experience and what integrates into our environment. We need a chat system that offers very basic features to the users, but among them simple text manipulation and emoticons. No video, no audio, no file sharing needed

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    Watch the PDF attached for more specs This is our already done videoconference platform, made with the java media framework, is released under the GPL license and all the modification made by others myst be released in this kind of license too. The system is pretty done but needs some change and needs also a debug and performance impruvement. Part of

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    Java Video Chat(Repost) 已经结束 left

    Hello Coders, My project consist on a chat client/server application based on Java using the Java Media Framework (JMF) and the Real Time Transport Proctocol (RTP) for the streamming. The server should receive the incomming log-ons and then process the streamming connection to the clients on a One to One chat. We require the transmition of video and

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    ...Graphical/Textual Images (professional look) · Active Nav Bar (Java-expandable subcategories) Improve easy of user’s navigation throughout the site (increased accessibility to all pages) · Increase site interactivity and provide services for community organization (Message Boards, Chat, Voting, Polls, Guest Book) (w/ logo or co-branded) ·

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    videochat system 已经结束 left

    Peer to peer Java Audio Video chat Application: This application consist in 2 parts : server and client Server features : - video and audio streaming - simple chat with private messaging support and other like (Ban, kick on user or ip) Client features : - this part would be something like an Java applet that shows the video stream...

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