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    Simple chat system 已经结束 left

    ...this project ... I need a very simple but butiful private flash or java applet chat. My members need to be able to talk together (one on one) in private by clicking a "chat with this member" button. Then the member has the chat system popping up where ever he is in the site and they can start to chat. I really really need this si...

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    ...first page as I now have it with a little extra flare maybe. DO NOT BID WITHOUT SHOWING ME YOUR IDEAS FOR MY SITE, doing so will simply get you ignored. I prefer simple html, but will consider other options that will easily be edited by me, I need to have complete control over updates and content. I want to introduce 2 new areas and rework

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    College Project 已经结束 left mini-project in Java [login to view URL] note that I do not need entire project.I need small parts of the project mostly client side of the application. At the moment we need 2 things- 1)First we need a simple simulator for network using Jung library(available at [login to view URL] ).This should be very easy for a Java programmer hence

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    Java Chat system 已经结束 left

    Hello, I need a simple to explain java coder that can develop a simple Client/server chat system in Java using JBuilder software that can also be used as a file sharing client between the users connected to the server. I would like it to be simple and not complex, so it should be a simple task for you programmers. A front end GUI interface will need

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    IM GUI front-end project 已经结束 left

    ...developed in wxwidgets. The GUI is minimalist, with an overall complexity matching Google Talk's chat interface, that too, without nifty features (very simple). We need a cross-platform GUI (for Mac, Windows and Linux), and hence, we are looking at wxwidgets. Java-based GUIs are not an option. The GUI screenshots are included here. The green fields are text

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    6 竞标 I will be creating the layout, graphics, and database. I will need someone else to code in PHP using MySQL a few simple tasks and place them into the layout. This task should at most take a few hours of time. (1-2 day project). I would like a user to be able to sign into the website (md5 password hash is fine) to get to administrative tasks. Once

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    ...folder at a time. I need it to load folders and subfolders with all of the brushed seen. So, if there are 100 folders with .abr files - they will be shown. 1. I want it to be simple. Basically just a few buttons. An Import Folder...which will search the selected brush folder - then import them into the viewer. 2. Once the brushes are will show

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    ...backup system and inventory (another project refers to this) and maybe additional services marketed towards smaller businesses with few or no IT support/experts. The idea being SME (small/medium enterprises) use the web site to backup vital documents etc offsite (desktop to website!), allow for support via a live chat system (freelancers with technical

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    We had to create an Instant Messenger in Java as our home-work. We created it. You can send/recv messages using our instant messenger. Now we have to add "file-transfer" feature. It has to be completed in about 10 hours from now. Time is 1pm EST. We have existing code which does all the sendMSG, getMSG, buddy list etc. But we have

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    Chat application in java 已经结束 left

    ... We need a chat application that handles a server and multiple clients, also it should perform file transfers as well. The application should be in JAVA and with no exclusive GUI. This has supposedly to be as simple as possible with these functionalities and an additional multicast and broadcast facility if possible. Need this project by 25th November

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    I am looking for an experienced developer conversant with Java and C# to help me quickly, within the next 48 hours, write a fairly straightforward windows app to do markup texts by grammar, and store/load the results to file. In a departure from typical operational procedures here on Rentacoder, I will require you to work on it in fixed, preagreed hours

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    A chat application which has Voip capabilities along with text chatting. It has to be simple but not too simplistic. Hence, I would require good design/implementation/programming structure ( for example the use of assertions to detect and correct bugs) , and a detailed explanation for each line of code and simple reasons why a certain programming technique/code

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    Freeware Chat Script Project. Example: see attached file. Its developer's website no longer exists. I want something like this, which doesn't infringe copyright. It's very good, but has bugs: - Chat text ends up not being deleted. You get one huge file. - Users can flood the room. - Script CHOWNs the chat text file to 'nobody'. Site owner ca...

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    Photoshop Brush Organizer 已经结束 left

    ...looking to create a program for Windows XP. It will be an independant program for viewing and organizing Photoshop Brushes - an entire folder at a time. 1. I want it to be simple. Basically just a few buttons. An Import Folder...which will search the selected brush folder - then import them into the viewer. 2. Once the brushes are will

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    This is very simple project, i just have my own personal site that been down for a while, since i don`t have time to put it up the way i need i need developer to do it for me real quick, everything required is easy but too bad i don`t have neough time to do it myself Request needed: 1- Integrate the invision board form 2- Create resuem template on

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    Build a simple system that allows users of a massively multiplayer online game the ability to buy, sell, and trade items (in-game currency). Build an admin area so that new items can be added by me to the database at any time and users accounts can be edited. Build several search functions for these items. The name of items will be entered into the

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    ...hourly rates and per project rates. However I will pay u on per project basis not on Hourly rate. It will be great if you live in Jaipur ! PLEASE NOTE : PRICES/BUDGET MENTIONED AT THE BOTTOM OF EVERY PROJECT IS NOT FINAL AND IS NEGOTIABLE UP TO A LIMIT PLEASE NOTE : PRICES/BUDGET MENTIONED AT THE BOTTOM OF EVERY PROJECT IS NOT FINAL AND IS NEGOTIABLE

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    $235 - $785
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    Turn Based Strategy Game 已经结束 left

    ...strategy games. Coding can be done in Flash, RealBasic, Java Applets, or I'm interested in other program choice suggestions. **Basic Game Features:** Login screen, be able to choose your server. Lobby for chat. Simple commands for users Chat and spam? filters. In battle game board? and chat. Messaging system for a "buddies/clan lis...

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    10 PROJECTS FOR U 已经结束 left

    ...tell individual prices and no. of days for all projects and your price/bid and no. of days if u can do all of them tell your hourly rates and per project rates. However I will pay u on per project basis not on Hourly rate. It will be great if you live in Jaipur ! NOTE : PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE UP TO A LIMIT Pls see PMB for details

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    Java game modification 已经结束 left

    ...have a complete Java source code of a monopoly game (PC version). What I want to do is to modify it into a multiplayer webbased game. The game will run on web browsers. No graphics design is require. The source code is pretty good so you can use it as a template, all the classes are there already. Features like find table, lobby, chat, player ranking

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    Hi, I need a simple Chat for a members section that i have in PHP.- This Chat is only for One channel This chat can be Modifyied Open source, or your own system.- I need this to run faster, and with unlimitted users (i know that a PHP chat can run very slowly with too many users) I'm open to sugestions, u can use java, flash, or anythin...

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    Greetings, from this point on this project will be referred to as “BBS”. Here is the initial data for the site: Site: [login to view URL] HTTP Auth: beta / access Server: [login to view URL] SSH Auth: root / libdb.a Site User Login: drrighteous / takethis Auxiliary Subdomains: [login to view URL]

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    ...Client interface must be similar to Yahoo or MSN. You can get a general idea from this product <[login to view URL]> ## Deliverables **Basic chat Features: NEW!!!** * Possibility to send a message both immediately and at given time; * Possibility to write to an absent user with delivery later; * Notify about receiving

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    This project is similar to [login to view URL] (or <[login to view URL]>). I need something like that. The only thing I need in java is the server. The main thing on the web page needs to be all in flash. You need to be able to walk around in a tile based world. The tiles need to be in array format (flash) (e.g. 0 is walkable, 1

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    Property Portal Backend 已经结束 left

    ...for property portal. The database driven portal will include various search criteria’s the main one’s being property and agent searches for various countries as well as a simple job search section and CV upload facility. Though the template has been finalised including admin section for agents, the property portal should allow estate/property agents

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    I need a Java Chat Applet system that is firewall friendly (no special ports - http only). I suppose that involves HTTP tunnelling? I want to support up to about 50 applet clients connecting to a server (written in Perl) at the same time. All client messages need to go to the server, be processed, and then be sent out to all clients. I want

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    Remote Control Software 已经结束 left

    ...a software for remote control/remote help desk on Windows based computers. The software should be like Netviewer, with a small client (that can be an exe file or an ActiveX/Java applet) for the user. The VERY important thing is that we need a LAN to LAN connection with a server (proxy?) in the middle. So we need: - An application/service (proxy?) to

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    Live Chat System developed that has the following features: * PHP, COLDFUSION, ASP - written in 3 languages (exact same script) * MYSQL * Operator Interface EXE that works with Linux + Windows * Skinnable templates (MSN Messenger, etc). * Uses Licence key system * Integrates easily with osCommerce, Modernbill, Cpanel, other windows programs

    $3925 - $19624
    $3925 - $19624
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    This project will be used to teach TCP IP basics for Java students, my lack of expertise on java is what makes me ask for your help. The chat must be more or less a clone of mIRC (for the client interface) but more simple. There must be a "Server" which must use threads in order to accept multiple connections. Also there will be a

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    9 竞标 it. I would also like to add the ability (option) for members to chat while playing. This can be thru a simple chat system similar to Counter Strike chat system, just simple text and no smileys needed. I want the whole site coded with PHP and all games programmed using JAVA. All game should be multiplayer and no AI players. Everything should

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    **Hi -** This project is to develop a web based ASP.NET simple board game application written in VB.NET with Visual Studio 2003. The project is designed as a learning experience for me and is expected to lead to a subsequent more sophisticated web-based board game project. Included in the work is up to 5 hours of addressing potential questions

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    ...a client. server will handle all the necessary passing of data from 1 client to another. The java language must be used, with JMF (java media framework) main functions i need in the project: - text messaging, like a simple ICQ prog - P2P voice chat using JMF, like SKYPE - interface in JFrame and other functions that is deemed necessary

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    Watch the PDF attached for more specs This is our already done videoconference platform, made with the java media framework, is released under the GPL license and all the modification made by others myst be released in this kind of license too. The system is pretty done but needs some change and needs also a debug and performance impruvement. Part of

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    ...with: - ASP or (VBScript or C) - SQL Database - Flash (Possibly Java, but flash preferred.) - Preferably done via a COM object (Written in C or VB) It must have / be: - Instant messaging (one on one) (Secure) - Popup a new Window - Instant messaging (Chat Multiple) (Secure) - Popup a new Window - Emoticons - Friends List

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    Java/XHTML Homework 已经结束 left

    This assignment requires the development of XHTML and Java-based client-server software that supports the activities of an imaginary on-line college administrative system (i.e., software that simulates the selection and payment of college courses over computer networks). Your on-line college administration system should be able to process the following

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    Java Video Chat(Repost) 已经结束 left

    Hello Coders, My project consist on a chat client/server application based on Java using the Java Media Framework (JMF) and the Real Time Transport Proctocol (RTP) for the streamming. The server should receive the incomming log-ons and then process the streamming connection to the clients on a One to One chat. We require the transmition of video

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    ...Location: England. Job Type: Contract Key Technical Skills Required: MS SQL Server 2000; ASP (ADO/CDO etc); PHP; VB and VB Script; Object oriented techniques; Dreamweaver MX; Java; JavaScript; Batch Scripting; HTML; DHTML; XHTML; Server configuration set-up & administration (Windows 2000); DNS and IIS5; Flash (some); Actionscript (some); Apache 2.0; Fireworks;

    $1570 - $2355
    $1570 - $2355
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    Multi Chat Client I am a beginner/intermediate VB programmer currently working on a program similar to Trillian, that will enable the end user to log into several different chat servers across the internet. At the moment I seem to be stuck deciphering the new eShare server log in protocol. I was able to complete the process at one time but the chat

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    Multiplayer Yatzy site 已经结束 left

    ...Multiplayer Yatzy site. See a description and rules of the game here: [login to view URL] We need it developed in PHP with a mySQL DB. Game room has to be developed in java. We also need a nice design on the site. Template based with the possibility to change language. (Swedish will be used on site initially) Features on the site: - Member

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    Skin editor 已经结束 left

    For one of my products which is a Java chat ([login to view URL]), I extended the Thinlet GUI tookit to provide the client applet with skinning abilities. The extension is called skinlet and is available at [login to view URL] It is LGPL licensed and sources are publicly available. All the sample skins were made 'by hand', i.e. by

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    ...have a customer who is looking for a experienced web developer who has extensive knowledge in Java / JSP / DHTML / and HTML... The developer should have extensive knowledge on how these technmologies work and how the browser displays them. The project will allow users to use the same browser and collaborate using DHTML objects and links. there

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    Blackjack Game 已经结束 left

    I need a server, client java blackjack game(software and applet) where players can play against the server and other players at once. Basicaly I want a clone of the yahoo game [login to view URL] but with better graphics ([login to view URL]) This also interacts with a mysql db to store user info, scores and other details

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    ... SQL Server, HTML, Java Script * Clean code with documentation. Designed for expansion using cascading style sheets. _Features:_ * New member email address validation. Ability to handle 10,000 simultaneous users. * Automated singles matching. New matches show up on login page. * Private and group chat. * Bulletin board

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    Need a php sports fan 已经结束 left

    ...bonus to get someone that knows how to do live java or flash generator work. This is my biggest weakness personally and a lot of this would be easier with someone that knows how to build a live chat room (not refresh based). Just need the data passing aspect more than the chat room aspect, though a chat room would be included. I have a work around

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    81001 City Portal Network 已经结束 left

    Before I get into the project requirements, please review the following project requirements. This particular project is very important to our business, and we simply cannot hire a programming student or hobbyist. The person we select to work with us must be very experienced, very professional and very willing to be a team player. We need programmer

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    Java 2 Based chat server 已经结束 left

    I'm in need of a java s based chat server with multi user capability. The server must be simple and easily configured for use with flash MX. The server must have a front end admin interface. The chat client communicating with the server will be done in flash MX using the builtin XMLsocket object for the connect. data passed between server & client must

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    java Audio Loop Recorder 已经结束 left

    ...cancel the project. It turns out that there is no port control in JavaSound (even though it is discussed in the examples and the JavaDoc for JavaSound) in 1.4. JMF does not recognize the audio as a native audio type, it will take abit of work to wrap the MOTU drivers so that JMF will recognize it ADC. I'm going to repost the project in the C++

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    ASP Code Snippets 已经结束 left

    I need 3 simple code snippets from an Expert ASP programmer. Please Note: They need to be ASP/VBScript (or Java). They MUST run on IIS WITHOUT any custom component installations. Code #1: When a user enters my website, I want to know their IP address and as much detailed information as possible. I will write code to log it in a database. All I need

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    Java Chat Client 已经结束 left

    ...waste my time or yours if you cannot do this kind of work!! I would like a java chat applet created for an existing application. The existing application is a java client/server chat system that has a lot of features. The chat applet will be a much simpler version of the existing chat client. You will have access to both the client and the server module...

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