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    8,459 site web int 搜到的工作,价格货币为 HKD Android app. I would like to have a web API that is able to call that function and return the result. The android virtualisation is not decided (qemu?), also need some advise there. A decompiled sample java code is here (the lib is the .encode()) public static n calculate(n paramn, List<String> paramList, int paramInt) { String str2 = URLDecoder

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    ...following prototypes: int textInit(char allLines[MAX_LINE][MAX_LINE_LEN]); void textPrint(char allLines[MAX_LINE][MAX_LINE_LEN], int numLines); void counts(char allLines[MAX_LINE][MAX_LINE_LEN], int numLines); void convertCase(char allLines[MAX_LINE][MAX_LINE_LEN]); void searchForWord(char allLines[MAX_LINE][MAX_LINE_LEN], int numLines); The first

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    Grapnic Design 6 天 left

    I need my wedding vows turned into art like in the image attached below. I need both images to be 18inches by 24 inches I have attached the words to my wedding vows int he word document below. Please let me know if you have any questions. [登录来查看链接]

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    Hi I need add record to MSSQL with Node.js via REST API. There is 5 field in database. ID (int) Machine_ID (int) Model (varchar(50)) Qty (int) Recordate (datetime) Budget is 10 USD. Thanks

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    Completion PHP page 4 天 left

    ...logout for TP   Actual state: Target: Registration and login works Switched to TP for login and confirmation instead of email/TP (TP is stored in the database as username and as int).   Email confirmation available.  To be switched to PHPMailer. Is already on the server under PHPMailer in the main folder.   [登录来查看链接] with username in $_GET and database.

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    I have a mysql database with a table called sms_in. the structure for sms_in is: CREATE TABLE sms_in (id int NOT NULL auto_increment, sms_text varchar(1600), sender_number varchar(50), sent_dt datetime, PRIMARY KEY (id)) default charset=utf8; The table is constantly receiving data after every hour. This data comes from mobile phones in form of

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    ...or future times/dates. I also need a helper function to create the last write time object from normal date/time values. FILETIME createFileTime( int month, int day, int year, int hour, int minute, int second ); void setRegistryKeyTimeDate( HKEY hKey, LPCSTR lpSubkey, FILETIME ftLastWriteTime); Example: setRegistryKey( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, "SOFTW

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    ...but lost it during an upgrade. You can use our example images and PHP examples to quickly understand what we need! See my attached images for an example. $bonusCard = 20*(int)($totalAmt/100.); if(BONUS_CARD_ENABLE && $bonusCard > 0){ ?> Requirements: Add a custom dynamic message on the: product page, cart, order and confirm pages and in

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    ..."length: "+[登录来查看链接]() ); [登录来查看链接]( "content: "+[登录来查看链接]() ); [登录来查看链接]( "type"+[登录来查看链接]() ); InputStream st = [登录来查看链接](); int c; while( (c=[登录来查看链接]()) != -1 ) { [登录来查看链接]( (char)c ); } //[登录来查看链接]("[登录来查看链接] :"+[登录来查看链接]()); //[登录来查看链接]("[登录来查看链接]

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    I need to implement the following "round up" function in GOLANG: func roundFloat64 (x float64, decimals int) float64 {...} Examples for testing: roundFloat64 (1.111111111,8) = 1.11111112 roundFloat64 (1.1001,2) = 1.11 roundFloat64 (1.1000000000001,2) = 1.11 roundFloat64 (1.1000000000001,3) = 1,101 roundFloat64 (1.12345678,4) = 1.1235

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    We need a android source code module for creating a database file with about 30-40 fields 1) Field types can be string/int/boolean etc, example name, city , mobile, gender etc 2) Add/delete a data row in above format using a FORM display 3) Open an existing data row for editing or deleting. 4) importing the same data from excel files 5) exporting

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    Trophy icon design one Logo/biz card 已经结束 left the enclosed biz card , pls consider. 1) Backgroud : We are in the Gene tech field , pls check our competitors website as below : [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] 2) Our new company name is : BoHaSo (Shanghai) Biotech Co., Ltd. 3) Our Logo is : HELA GENE TECH

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    [Contexto] Usuarios de la App/Web hacen peticiones a empresas asociados y estas tiene 48h para responder a esas peticiones que se guardan en la tabla WorkShopResponses. Lo que hay que desarrollar es una pantalla (que se integra con el backend como una opción del menú), que se muestren todas las respuestas dadas por los talleres y asociadas a una petición

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    To utilize a templated LinkedStack to help to convert a positive int number to base 16 (hexadecimal), base 8 (octal), and base 2 (binary), respectively. Without recursion use repeated division and save the remainders as strings on a stack, pop the stack with each of these remainders to create the base N number where N is the divisor in a repeated integer

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    ...correspondant, il suffit d'écrire : DayOfWeek day=[登录来查看链接](); String dayname=[登录来查看链接]([登录来查看链接],[登录来查看链接]); Un age peut se récupérer immédiatement : int age=[登录来查看链接](date,[登录来查看链接]()).getYears(); Pour la requête de connexion, il faut fournir à la fois un nom, mais aussi une date : pour le transfert d'information, on

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    ErpNext Contract DocType 已经结束 left

    ...Trying to Create Rent Contract DocType as the following: - Start Date (Date) - End Date (Date): To be calculated based of the (Duration of contract) - Duration of contract (Int) : Value in Months - Rent ( Currency) : The Total Amount of the Contract for the whole Duration - Rent Type (Master/DocType): Payment Period (Every 3 Month, Every 6 Months

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    I have a c++ project (.sln) and a c# dll. - the c# dll is closed source but can be decompiled w...c++ project with an example to use it. in c#, the c# dll can be used like this : c# dll can be used like this in c# : private EliteAPI _ELITE; _ELITE = new EliteAPI(<(int)process_id>); [登录来查看链接]("Player name is : " + [登录来查看链接]);

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    ...[登录来查看链接] { private String surname; private int mark; public Result(String name, int score) { surname = name; mark = score; } public String getName() { return surname; } public void setName(String name) { surname = name; } public int getMark() { return mark; } public void setMark(int score) { if ((score>=0) && (score<=100)) mark = score;

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    small project in java 已经结束 left

    ...multiEnqueue(Type els[], int k, int l): requires: None. input: Type els[], int k. results: The first k elements of the array els are added to the queue at its tail one at a time until the queue is full or all k elements are added. The output l is set to the number of elements that have been added. output: l. • multiServe(Type els[], int k, int l): req...

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    ...with image reflection on sides. Please refer to the attachments. "[登录来查看链接]" is the input. With the following code, the resized output image is "[登录来查看链接]" int width = 192; int height = 192; Bitmap outbmp = new Bitmap(width, height); //Bitmap inpbmp = new Bitmap(source); using (Graphics gfx = [登录来查看链接](outbmp))

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    I have an mvc c# website.. 4 db tables all the same.. 2 int columns (int y pk, int c).. I want to build a view that has 4 drop-down list of colmn y for each table.. the user select y and the value c of y selected must be showing besid.. I already used CRUD controller I want the code in 1 hour work by 20$

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    C# Program 已经结束 left

    ...private variables: string name; // Will be received from files. int weight; //random number from 1-10 The class Weapon is derived from Item. The variable for that class is int atk; //random number from 1-10 The class Armor is derived from Item. The variable for that class is int def; //random number from 1-10 You will have 2 files. One called

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    ...multiEnqueue(Type els[], int k, int l): requires: None. input: Type els[], int k. results: The first k elements of the array els are added to the queue at its tail one at a time until the queue is full or all k elements are added. The output l is set to the number of elements that have been added. output: l. • multiServe(Type els[], int k, int l): require...

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    We have exciting opportunities available for Accounting professionals; Accounts Payable - $55k Join a large established organisation with excellent benefits and pension. - Ensures vouchers and payments are coded accurately, and approved/processed in a timely manner - Prepares, enters and processes AP invoices - Audits, processes and reconciles corporate credit cards Jr/Intermediate Accountants...

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    ...validation a logo / image and update msql database using php / mysqli. It is a very simple project and good commenting is needed so I can play with the code. I need 6 fields:- id (int) auto increment name varchar 30 index date date field (yyyy-mm-dd) value dec 2 (99.99) email varchar 40 comments ( text box 500 chars that recognises line feeds, enter) also

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    ...static int CIPHER_KEY_LEN = 32; private static String CIPHER_NAME = "AES/CBC/PKCS5PADDING"; public static String encrypt(String paramString1, String paramString2, String paramString3) { try { if ([登录来查看链接]() < CIPHER_KEY_LEN) { int j = CIPHER_KEY_LEN; int k = [登录来查看链接](); int i =

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    simple .net core project. 已经结束 left

    I have a simple function i need written. I need a form with several like fields that need to go through a controller then to a stored procedure t...several like fields that need to go through a controller then to a stored procedure that has a user-defined table type with two fields (a decimal(is the values from the form) and int(the ID of each field).

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    Hi, We are hospitality group of companies and have outlets int UAE and UK. We are going to launch new outlet. Now we need New landing page for our website. Will share all details over G Drive. Think out of the box. Will provide color idea, and fonts as well. We need very creative idea of 1 Landing Pages and this must be responsive. Please come up

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    ...positive integers a and b separated by a space. • ‘R’ followed by a positive integer a. Each of the lines above ends with a ‘n’ character. All numbers used will fit inside an int. End of input is indicated by EOF. Output Format • If input line was “N n”: No corresponding output. • If input line was “U a b”: No corresponding ...

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    I have an int type column on one table and a json type column on a different table. I need a query that selects all rows from the int type column, separates them by a comma and UPDATES the json type column on a specific row with an array [] containing those comma-separated values.

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    Python exercise 已经结束 left

    ...where V and W are properly nested [登录来查看链接] example, the string "{[()()]}" is properly nested but "([)()]" is [登录来查看链接] a function:object Solution { def solution(S: String): Int }that, given a string S consisting of N characters, returns 1 if S is properly nested and 0 [登录来查看链接] example, given S = "{[()()]}", the function should return 1 and given

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    Facebook Banner Design 已经结束 left

    Hi Graphic Designers, I need a Facebook image Learn More." The image can be any relevant stock image which we can buy it for you. Please make sure the facebook image is following the facebook policy for text int he image. You can check the text on the image by the following link: [登录来查看链接]

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    Cisco Engineer Toronto 已经结束 left

    We are a training company with consulting services int he networking / security field

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    ...*************************************************************************************************3. EAN field in csv file always is saved with "+". Need it to be saved as INT and showing is CSV as INT. Ex: attached sample --> last item(row8) EAN is showed as 5,09921E+12 when it should be 5099206052543 ****************************************************

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    Need a fully working website coded using ASP.NET C# to proce...Azure DB to hold the data 4) Accept payment for wide variety of payment using banks including USD,INT,CAN $,AUS $, UK 5) Website should be usable from mobile Please only reply if you have done at least one similar website. Payment is based on fully working site and not based on time spent

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    math problems 已经结束 left

    .../gaia/class/student/srivatss/csc60_18/shell/[登录来查看链接] There are 10 questions in the file , each question of the format : operator operand1 operand2 Step 1. Declare an array int quizData [ 30 ] and fill it up using the data that is available in the file. Do not write a program to read from the file. Step 2. Could you shuffle the questions. Step 3.

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    ...clé, référentielles, de domaine et de non nullité. (Indice : CREATE TABLE) Par exemple, vous aurez CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS [登录来查看链接] ( idProjet INT NOT NULL , idClient INT NOT NULL , nomProjetVARCHAR(45) NOT NULL , dateDebut DATE NOT NULL , dateFin DATE NOT NULL , idResponsableINT NOT NULL , PRIMARY

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    php and sql project 已经结束 left

    For this assignment, you are to create a PHP web app that lets a single user log in and manage (i.e. view, add, remove, and modify) the contents of a table stored in a MySQL database. The default idea is to create a “collection manager” to manage some collection of objects (i.e. coins, vinyl, blog posts, etc.) The Data Table Your table must have at

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    ...The issue we are having is to do with the information that comes back to our website. The information comes back to our site like this via a callback: object(FacebookFacebookResponse)#18 (6) { ["httpStatusCode":protected]=> int(200) ["headers":protected]=> array(16) { ["ETag"]=> string(42) ""xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...

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    Web Developer needed 已经结束 left

    Need to hire a web developers for ongoing work . Initially, for a month you will be working part-time max 10 hours per week for us. After a month or two you will be working 30 - 40 hours per week depending on the workload. The right candidates must have experience in C# (4.5.2 ), MS SQL Server, KnockoutJS, Angular JS, Jquery, Bootstrap HTML

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    Write a blog post 已经结束 left

    ...lines. I would need this project completed by today 11:59pm Pacific Standard time, Which is about 11 hours from when i am posting this project. I would like this blog to be int the 900-1,200 words range. I also want this post to be SEO optimized. I would like a list on the side of the keywords that you used for the SEO. I can pay $17 but no more than

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    ...delphi functioneaza,deja. Pas1)Eu doresc implementarea functiei "rzx_playback", redarea fisierelor cu extensia .rzx. int rzx_start_playback( const char *filename, int check_snapshot ); int rzx_stop_playback( int add_interrupt ); Pas2) Daca se poate, se poate corecta sunetul, deoarece, eu aud paraituri in boxe. -----------------------

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    $78 - $235
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    ...them. Each of the lines above ends with a ‘n’ character. All lists are given as elements separated by a space. No commas are used anywhere. All numbers used will fit inside an int. End of input is indicated by EOF. Output Format • If input line started with ‘N’ or ‘E’, then no corresponding output. • If input line was “? u v”: Ou...

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    coding assignment 已经结束 left

    ...* [登录来查看链接](x, Exponent); } // Returns -1, 0, or 1 if the exponent of the current term // is less than, equal to, or greater than the exponent of obj. public int CompareTo(Object obj) { Term other = (Term)obj; if (Exponent < [登录来查看链接]) { return -1; } else if (Exponent == other

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    ...single word!! before biding . Thanks . This two site have redirection issue , this need to be fix . Please and please if you are not good at what you do ,don't bud on this project .. because site have to be fully secured /web protected . this is beside from ssl! We believed this site maybe infected from c-panel from the old developers

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    Trophy icon Wordpress sync to database 已经结束 left

    ...DETAILS: I need someone to write for me a WP plug-in which executes automatically every 5 minutes and performs {SELECT * FROM TABLE} on a database to retrieve 3 columns: ID (int), TITLE (varchar), CONTENT(text), PHOTO_URL(varchar). Each row of data is used for creating a new Post inside of WP, if the ID does not already exist. If it exists, the Post

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    5 项参赛作品 firebase will have the following structure or anything you see preferable Match -m_id (key) - Team_a_score (int) - Team_b score (int) - Quarter (int) - time - event_type (int) 0 or 1 or 2 - event - eventID (int) Match are populated from a json file, if m_id is not present in firebase, insert new key, Backend iOS app will update

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    I have a small piece of code that reads in an ASCII Autocad dxf file. This needs to be read into an array of structs where the struct is an Int and a String. For small files the way this is implemented is fine. But for large files, ~12.4 GB, it grinds to a halt taking about half an hour as the amount of memory required explodes to ~75 GB. Looking for

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    ...void InitDriver(string drivername) - for install kernel driver public static bool IsDriverInstalled() - check if driver installed successfully public static bool MoveMouse(int x, int y) - Move mouse cursor, if success -> return true, otherwise it will return false. public static bool ClickMouse() - Click mouse, if success -> return true, otherwise it

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    ...___ CString CRDoc::GetChairNo(CString strAcctNum, CString strDepNum, CString strSequence) { CString strChairNo; TCHAR sql[300]; TCHAR temp[32]; void* val; SWORD type; int size; // [登录来查看链接] memset(temp, 0, sizeof(temp)); val = temp; size = sizeof(temp); type = SQL_C_CHAR; // [登录来查看链接] the patient email from resp table. // 2.1 Create the

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