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    ...Power Supply DC power input, 5V single power input, CPU can detect whether this power supply; Battery input, lithium battery power input; Real-time clock power supply, use button battery; 2 Display interface to support RGB, LVDS and MIPI interface, as only one interface can be used at the same time, so the three interface pins can be reused; 3. Touch

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    I need my website re-configured.I need you to edit a landing page.

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    hey! I run a custom apparel website, made on shopify. I need make a file upload button, at the checkout, where people can upload their design file and proceed with check out. On my end, i receive a file and work with it... I use Venture theme. If you can provide piece of code and description where to put it, would be great. Please let me know if you

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    i need to change link in button on my website (Wordpress) and one css style link i dont know why is -link---

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    ***I need you to connect t...ONLY on that landing page, I need 1) the menu to be a sticky menu 2) the phone number on that menu needs to be diallable. 3) Need to add a couple sections that show the CTA button. Please see attached screenshots. The 'Before' screenshot is what it currently looks like. The 'After' screenshot is what it SHOULD look like.

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    Create a custom JavaFx button as the image attached

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    ...electronic pulse massage to relieve body fatigue and pain. * 6 MODES & 10 INTENSITIES - Installation Method: Open the package,take out the machine and massage sticker, put the link button of the massage sticker into the holes of the machine,finish the installation. Before using,remove the blue protective film of the massage sticker, and attach the massager to

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    Need someone to do a small job by adding a Toll-free phone button script on our site on the side bar. Our site is Wordpress

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    Need to add an update button so that we can update the existing firebase model.

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    I want country selector ui with country flag and number input same as showing and working on this website -> [登录来查看链接] check marking in image attachment left side reference website and on right side my website * you need to make it in my already up & running php codeignitor project. we need to show countries using iso code the iso codes coming from api we don't need to show flags tha...

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    ... by a mobile app (you don't have to make the app). The system is a security system, and apart from the electronic system that you have to make, you also need to attach a button keypad or touch keypad (preferably touch) with the system, so that the user can control it from the home. The tasks which the system will perform are turning on and off the

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    ...elements into the rooms, full list to be provided later but will be things like “sofa”, “fridge”, “toilet” ● Save button will store the full diagram in a cookie ● Ability to load saved diagram from cookie ● “Collect Sample mode” upon pressing a button for sample mode, the diagram will no longer be editable. Clicking on the diagram wi...

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    New software for website 3 天 left

    ...they can see their activity and history. * Will require a database to store user data Sample website with same functionality [登录来查看链接] Also [登录来查看链接] Anticipated core skills are .NET and PHP but please tell us anything that you think is relevant. If you require more information please ask.

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    STATUS: We have a subscription based WP website (paying membership), only paying members can access the member part (subdomain) and its content (videos). Wordpress website in live and in production mode. CF Stream service active. Token can be already generated. Signed URLs NOT in place (here we need your help) Staging environment with credentials

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    I have a pay to post profile website built on Wordpress using WP Job Manager plugins. Here is a duplicate version of the site: [登录来查看链接] I would like to add the ability for each profile post to contain a bitcoin payment button so that each user enters their own wallet address/s, and also for the payment to be paid directly P2P. Please

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    Hello. The problem concerns my website [登录来查看链接] -> after pressing the action button on the main slider and after entering the wrong username the script hangs the page. I am willing to help, please test two sets of data to know what's going on: 1. Instagram name -> liam_kalhagen This one is working perfectly but 2. instagram name -> llllllllll_ldfs4

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    In website placing orders takes lot of time,i need a "quick buy" button near to "add to cart" in order to move the [登录来查看链接] soon as i create the button there is some error in payment [登录来查看链接] are using a wordpress theme "impreza"

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    In website placing orders takes lot of time,i need a "quick buy" button near to "add to cart" in order to move the [登录来查看链接] soon as i create the button there is some error in payment [登录来查看链接] are using a wordpress theme "impreza"

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to do some API work and customization for a Wordpress Plugin. We are currently using the EventOn plugin to manage our events. It includes an RSVP button. When the button is clicked by the user I would like it to use Zoom API to auto-register for that event in Zoom. Please feel free to contact me with any questions

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    Hey, I want this program to be like google search engine. I have a excel sheet with ...that product. I want this program to use predictive search (Like the one google uses) so it can find that product easily. There needs to be a user inference with an export button so I can export the search data into another excel sheet. Must be done fast! Thanks!

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    ...the layout just look better on all pages also on the products page were the details is on the page it loads from the 1st text editor in word press then there is the spec's button when clicked it show the info from the products short description from word press right now it is working back words every thing is coming from the short description in word

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    ...the deadline would be mentioned but can be changed / a new deadline and price can be quoted by the expert ( user 4 ) D) . User 3 ( student ) Uploads the project via upload button on his / her view. The uploading formats has to include all formats. User 3 also gives the word count, type of project, [登录来查看链接] copies via which our logic would define the price

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    Existing site. Looking for someone to setup Motopress channel manager and bookings plugin 4 properties Different rates for Public holiday dates Style the reservation button to style of site (sample can be given) Bookings form in style of website ( simple design ) Cancellation policy Simple Confirmation

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    ...and the owners of the plugins have expressed they are not adding that feature. So, we need an experienced developer to integrate it for us. We were going to just add a paypal button to the page for them to pay, and we would have to manually verify the payment matched the entry. But that will take some time and it would be better if they paid at the time

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    PSD to WORDPRESS professional 1 天 left

    ...CODE, DO NOT PUT YOUR INFO ON IT! Key Features: 1. Slider 2. Pixel Perfect 3. Animation HTML5, I want things to look sweet coming in. 4. use my exact fonts. 5. Get estimate button will go to a page with a form, I will show you what the form should look like and the page. 6. Testimonial slider. that will got o a testimonial page we can update. 7. 2 different

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    i want to use [登录来查看链接] to be used for a login page that sign ups user with name password and ...sign ups user with name password and a image and users can sign up with password and facial authentication. The coder must mention the place to insert the url when the login button is pressed for further integration

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    We need custom Joomla! plugin with quickcodes for hide/show selected content. User can see "show more" button and when he/she clicks button more content will be available.

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    I'm looking for someone who will convert [登录来查看链接] to android app. App will be used 43 and 55 inch touch scre...[登录来查看链接] to android app. App will be used 43 and 55 inch touch screens. Also app needs to be all the time on, so we need to block it option of turning it off but back button. App needs to be ready for 1 PM GMT 12 June.

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    I would like for the “dynamic buy” (Google pay / Apple pay / Paypal) button location to be changed on my Shopify store. The store isn’t launched yet. Budget is AUD20

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    connect button to db 已经结束 left

    i need to connect a button to store information on database in addition, i need to store the make jtable larger Look this is a low budget for a simple task. lets not waste one another time

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    Hello, I want to apply a javascript function OR php on a youtube subscribe button. This should be a quick task. Interested people kindly place a bid ASAP. Thank you.

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    Hello, I need to install magento as multistore and multidomain. Multistore : Every store should have separate cart and separate full store, (where retail merchants can sign-up and create their own e-commerce and m-commerce stores with their own domain names) Multidomain : Every store should be on seprate domain

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    I need a developer to add 3 buttons to a product page that each select a different quantity for the product: 1, 3 and 6. Discounts are applied as the quantity is increased which is already defined in Woo Commerce. I also need the price on the product page to dynamically change when a different quantity is selected - for a quantity of 1-2, $44.95; for a quantity of 3-5, $39.95, and for a quantity o...

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    Project for Redcrix 13 小时 left

    ...attributes on the category page admin dashboard. 1. Restricted 2. Non-Restricted By enabling any attribute a user will be able to see a form on shipping step after the discount button and form will contain the following fields PAL Number(input field must be a number only) PAL Expiration Date(input field must be a calendar date only) Birthdate(input field

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    ...changes when the theme color changes. I would like to change this to use Button objects and have the color scheme change through use of something like the Visual State Manager. Perhaps something like this: [登录来查看链接] It might be an interesting

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    I have a small Wordpress job to add a button to bespoke WP website header (desktop and mobile - positioning will be different on both). Should be easy for a WP expert!

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    I have a site based on the wordpress theme "WP Rentals". The site deals with the rental of Location for events. I need the following customizations: 1) Currently the check in and check out management is managed in 2 ways: - Hourly rental - Rent per night (Eg. Check in 1 July - Check out 2 July -> the system charges the price of one night). The change

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    Greetings ...don't want file open dialog box to be utilized , instead i need to pro-grammatically set the file upload for example images , files etc.......after clicking open or choose file button all i need to bypass or any other methods to set the file to upload using your favorite programming language my budget will not exceed $50-70 USD thanks

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    ...proposal. I want it to work like the online car insurance quotes and how they work. 1: Name 2: Phone 3: Email 4: Site Address 5: m2 (width x length) note: numbers only Button: quote/submit (sends my email and clients email a quote) Quote to display inputs 1-5 and calculate the price and scope of works based on number 5 m2 (m2 matches table row

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    As a user I would like to be able to click on a button in my contacts list view called ‘Follow Up’ Clicking this button should trigger a pop up that prompts me to add a free text note, and choose a date from a calendar to follow up. Once I have added my note, I would need to press submit. Submitting the note should create a task due on the date selected

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    15 个竞标 -add notes/description button: brings up input field for any description user wants to enter, which will go in a default place (top or bottom) in easy to read red letters (red outline white inside) (Can be set up in the default header page where you want to put the description) -be able to draw on it with a pen button (red) -each page to have

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    ...point . - Display a button to the user - When the 2 button is pressed, use the information to make a line and insert the object in the middle of the line So you have the insertion point and the plane ( floor)( see pictures attached ). If this way of solve the problem don't work, you need to develop a new way. - Display a button to Reset if necessary

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    ... by a mobile app (you don't have to make the app). The system is a security system, and apart from the electronic system that you have to make, you also need to attach a button keypad or touch keypad (preferably touch) with the system, so that the user can control it from the home. The tasks which the system will perform are turning on and off the

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    I have Attendance Tracker android app now I want to add Send Sms button to ... options 1-whole class 2-Irregular students (absent) 3- Selectice class student

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    SendMail Button 已经结束 left

    Need help coding in Pascal - macro that are used to create an email. Its fairly simple code. function Btn_SendTracking: boolean; var sendTo,subject, body, mapistart: string; begin subject:=Tracking for your '+ oh.q_ic_oh_brand’ + Order; body:=chr(13)+chr(10); body:='Please find a link to the Tracking# for’ + oh.Ordernr.'; body:=[登录来查看链接]’+=’+olh.ta...

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    i want to add <span id=””> to "Add to cart" button in Wordpress / woocomerce

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    We need the RSS Button added to the blog section of our website I would also like there to be a comment section after each blog post.

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    ...1500-3000 businesses monthly. I use [登录来查看链接] to dial main business numbers and then follow prompts to get to my prospects' voice mailbox. Once there, I simply push a button to drop my message, then automatically the system dials the next phone number and repeat the process. there is no live telemarketing, just dropping messages when businesses

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