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    嗨 Truthful Translation , 我想要邀请您来完成我的项目。更多细节我们可以稍后通过聊天交流。

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    Russian SEO articles 已经结束 left

    I need to find a great writer. The abilities he/she must possess are: 1. Proficient in SEO related knowledge 2. Have many years of writing experience 3. Must speak English and Russian (or only Russian), and can write Russian articles 4. Research on topics/themes 5. Need to be familiar with every product of our company. Need to know the functions and features of each product, and under what circumstances the product will be used. You need to clearly know how each product is used, and you can write out the operating steps. What I can provide: 1. Order at least 5 articles per month 2. 20-25$ per article of 1200-1500 words 3. Provide article structure, keywords, and articles on similar topics for your reference If you meet the above conditions, please actively communicate with me, I am ...

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    website content writing 已经结束 left


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    Writing 已经结束 left


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    Writing 已经结束 left


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    SEO软文写作要求规范: 1、文章围绕关键词进行原创,不得抄袭,负面等 2、文章主内容500字/篇,每篇含1-3个关键词, 每个关键词出现至少一次, 要自然不勉强; 3、每篇另加meta关键词5-6个; meta 标题(30字左右) 和描述文(80字左右), 各要求出现一次关键词; 4、文章根据关键词,围绕行业经验等进行写作,不得写作没有一点用的口水文 5、文章中不得写别的公司、论坛、网站等信息 6、文章病句错字尽量减少,整体符合逻辑 7、文章可以参考网络知识,但不可抄袭,要保证文章原创度 8 、以英語溝通 (電郵或skype)

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    SEO软文写作要求规范: 1、文章围绕关键词进行原创,不得抄袭,负面等 2、文章主内容500字/篇,每篇含1-3个关键词, 每个关键词出现至少一次, 要自然不勉强; 3、每篇另加meta关键词5-6个; meta 标题(30字左右) 和描述文(80字左右), 各要求出现一次关键词; 4、文章根据关键词,围绕行业经验等进行写作,不得写作没有一点用的口水文 5、文章中不得写别的公司、论坛、网站等信息 6、文章病句错字尽量减少,整体符合逻辑 7、文章可以参考网络知识,但不可抄袭,要保证文章原创度 8、需與外國人以英語溝通 (電郵或skype)

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    Aim: promote our company’s FinTech website in China Action: Write and post posts in simplified Chinese on China forums to promote our company and its FinTech website that offers digital currency information. Requirement: 1. Knowledge of IT/FinTech/ Finance/ Bitcoin / digital currency would be great. 2. Native simplified Chinese writing and know the terms of FinTech in Chinese community. Forum suggested: 网易社区(网易财经论坛)、巴比特、区块链社区、壹比特、雪球、网易财经论坛、和讯论坛、经管之家、金融之家、投行先锋、博瑞金融、交易币论坛、彩云比特、深度科技论坛、火线互联网金融论坛、互联网金融吧(百度)、知乎、金融业(天涯)、新浪主题社区、百度論壇/百度贴吧、搜狐社区、21CN社区、中华网论坛、QQ论坛、比特范、P2P论坛、网贷社区、天涯社区、上海热线论坛 (谈股论金) Duration: Mid Aug to Oct 2016

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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'Poster design for a speech of Natural Farming'

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    Looking for someone to create and manage a wechat group. Scope includes coming up with attention grabbing ideas to drive "Likes", writing/refreshing content, uploading content (words, gif, videos, images) manage Q&A etc for a year

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    读一篇关于Camus's speech 的五页文章和一份ppt,再根据要求写2-3页的文章

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    Content Writing 已经结束 left

    We have an Arabic Musical Instruments forum. We would like to have there a professional posts regarding these musical instruments. The post's must be 100% relevant to the Arabic Musical Instruments and should help to attract many Arabic musical instruments players. We need 6 professional posts per day.

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    Chinese Content Writing 已经结束 left

    i am looking for Chinese writer for my website in simplified word. Around 50-60 words for 1 video. 50 video to be done at the moment. Content need to be fresh. Long term job. prefer somebody who is chinese educated waiting for your bid.

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    Hey how are you? I’m Kate and just wondering if you could take a precious moment to help me translate this Simplified Chinese article in Australian English in regards to Arts. This is fairly important to me as it is mainly for my little private business’s art project description. I need it as soon as possible (within a couple of days). Thank you for your cooperation!

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    يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب يبسيبسيبيسبيسب

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    $1955 - $5866
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    Academic Writing 已经结束 left


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    我有一个持续工作,之前与之相关的项目为'writing a report'

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    Check out: You see the following phrases: 缘分是前世感情的延续, 缘分是今世的擦肩而过。 缘分是前世不变的誓言, 缘分是今生痛苦的约定。 缘分是一次机遇的把握, 缘分是一种爱慕的流逝。 缘分是相遇时美好梦想, 缘分是别离后苦涩回忆 I need 500 10-12 word phrases on 缘分.

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    Project Title: Article Writing Word Count: - The desired word count for each article is between 500-1000 words. Research Services: - Research services are needed for the article content. SEO Optimization: - SEO optimized articles are required for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong research skills to gather necessary information for the articles. - Excellent writing skills to create engaging and informative content. - Knowledge of SEO optimization techniques to ensure the articles are search engine friendly. - Ability to meet the desired word count for each article. - Attention to detail to ensure accuracy and credibility of the content.

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    ...Additionally, the video will include 30-second segments at each step, offering lessons for viewers and prompting them with open questions related to their own businesses. Project Scope: Storyboard Creation: Develop a detailed storyboard outlining the video's content, visuals, and messaging. This will involve collaborating closely with us to ensure the narrative aligns with our vision. Script Writing: Craft a compelling script that not only narrates BOLT's story but also delivers valuable business lessons at each stage. The script should be engaging and informative, keeping viewers hooked throughout the 15-20 minute duration. Video Animation and Editing: Use your animation and video editing skills to bring the storyboard and script to life. Create visually appealing ...

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    Blog writing 6 天 left

    I am looking for a professional blog writer who can write blog posts of 500-1000 words in a professional tone. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing for a general niche and be able to come up with engaging topics within that niche. The blog posts should be well-researched and informative, providing valuable content to the readers. The writer should have excellent writing skills and be able to meet deadlines.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with writing book names and author names from English and Malayalam to English ( See Format & Instruction Files ). The project is for a total of 77 books. To enter in the same order in the Excel file. Skills and Experience: - Fluent in both English and Malayalam - Attention to detail

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    Trophy icon Need to edit a design for tshirt 19 天 left

    my brand is SWEATCLUB on 1st image i want to change RELAX in the background to SWEAT.....around the smiley face i want it to say something about sweatclub, or sweating, etc.....in 2 boxs below smiley face on left it can say sweat and right can say club on 2nd image at top change to 1984.. change top to feel the burn...change JUST VIBIN to SWEAT CLUB...and the bottom writing you bottom writing you can change to something fitness/gym related or that goes with the brand

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    I am looking for someone to help me post my physical product on Amazon for sale. I already have an Amazon seller account and I need assistance with product photography and description writing for my Amazon listing. Skills and Experience: - Experience with Amazon seller accounts and product listings - Proficiency in product photography and writing compelling descriptions for online listings

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    Conversation copy writer 6 天 left

    I am looking for a conversation copy writer who can create professional emails on a daily basis. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing engaging and persuasive emails in a professional tone. Skills and Experience Needed: - Strong writing skills with a focus on email copywriting - Ability to adapt to different tones and styles - Experience in crafting persuasive and engaging emails - Knowledge of email marketing best practices - Attention to detail and the ability to meet daily deadlines

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    Hi, we are looking for sports writers on a STABLE BASIS with experience in tennis...have good knowledge of tennis and of some of the above-mentioned players We are fine with intermediate writers who have ALREADY WRITTEN many articles on tennis. Having a passion for tennis is not enough if there is no experience in writing about tennis. It's about writing short articles (150 words), 10 per day. The author must have experience also in uploading featured images, taking screenshots, and embedding Instagram posts, Twitter posts in Wordpress. To summarize it's very important to have: 1- A good knowledge of WordPress; 2- A good experience in writing about tennis 3- Be fast on the keyboard and on reply 4- Work from home or proper office WITH GOOD internet VERY ...

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    I am looking for a talented freelancer to create a brochure to help promote a software. The target audience for the brochure is potential customers, so I am looking for somebody to help create a compelling design and compelling copy to grab attention. I have some content and text , but may need help creating additional content and images for the ...create a brochure to help promote a software. The target audience for the brochure is potential customers, so I am looking for somebody to help create a compelling design and compelling copy to grab attention. I have some content and text , but may need help creating additional content and images for the brochure. If you feel up to the challenge and have a great eye for design and compelling copy-writing capabilities, I would love to hear...

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    ...interactive lessons, exercises, and quizzes. - The platform should have a user-friendly interface that allows me to track my progress and set personalized goals. - It should also include a pronunciation guide and vocabulary builder to enhance my speaking and writing skills. - The platform should have a feature that allows me to practice conversations and role play scenarios related to work situations. - The self-study materials should cover various topics relevant to the workplace, such as business communication, presentations, and writing emails. - The platform should be accessible on both desktop and mobile devices for convenience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing online learning platforms or educational websites. - Proficiency in English language...

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    ...help me complete my freelancer profile on freelancer.com - I need assistance in completing specific sections of my profile, including "About Me," "Skills," and "Portfolio" Requirements: - The ideal candidate should have experience in creating and optimizing freelancer profiles - Knowledge of the platform and understanding of what clients look for in a freelancer profile is necessary - Excellent writing and communication skills to effectively convey my skills and experience - Ability to showcase my previous work through a well-organized portfolio section Timeline: - The completion of the freelancer profile should be done within 1-2 weeks - A flexible timeline with no strict deadline can be considered as well Note: - Please provide relevant example...

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    I am looking for a talented freelancer to write a non-fiction article/story about a personal experience with a word count of 5,000-10,000 words. The writing style should be creative and imaginative. This article/story should capture the essence of the experience and make it come to life. There is room to be creative and subjective with the piece. I'm looking for someone who is passionate about writing with an imaginative style and an attention to detail. If you have what it takes to tackle this project, I invite you to apply. Thank you for considering my project.

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    ...and search engine marketing (SEM) • Google Ads certification • Competency with using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to produce reports and presentations for the management. Qualities needed to be successful: • Result focused. • Strategic thinking • Positive attitude. • Good work ethics and do not require micromanagement • Self-motivated and responsible. • Fluent/Expert English comprehension and writing ability. • Knowledge of the food industry Further ideal qualities: • Knowledge of diet and nutrition • Knowledge of food manufacturing • Close to the AU Sydney time zone What we will provide you: • Job security with a company with a social mission. • Long term employment with a growing company • Full ti...

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    Content Writer 6 天 left

    Content Writer I am looking for a skilled content writer who can create informative and engaging articles for my website. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing formal content and be able to produce pieces within the range of 500-1000 words. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in content writing, preferably in a formal tone - Ability to research and gather information on various topics - Strong writing skills, with attention to grammar and spelling - Ability to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality work within a week If you are a talented content writer who can produce well-researched and polished articles within a short timeframe, I would love to hear from you. Please provide samples of your previous work and let me know your rate per word ...

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    Wordpress Page content & SEO 6 天 left

    ...have excellent writing skills and be able to create compelling content that drives sales. SEO: Indexing of pages Doing all the basic SEO stuff for the new website - I need assistance in keyword research for my Wordpress pages. - The freelancer should be experienced in SEO and be able to identify relevant keywords that will help improve my page's visibility and ranking on search engines. - Knowledge of SEO best practices and the ability to optimize content for search engines is required. Main Purpose: - The main purpose of my Wordpress page is to sell products or services. - The freelancer should have experience in creating content for e-commerce websites and be able to write persuasive product descriptions and call-to-action statements. Skills and Experience: - Excellent ...

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    We are looking for a freelancer who can create and publish SEO articles (daily articles) for us. 1) The task is simple: we will provide the original content, and we...write 1-3 news articles per day - Proficiency in researching and collecting news from specific sources - Familiarity with SEO best practices to optimize the news articles for search engines - Attention to detail to ensure the news articles are free from grammatical and spelling errors - Ability to deliver news articles within tight deadlines Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in news writing and editing - Proficiency in using content management systems and publishing platforms - Familiarity with AP style guidelines and journalistic ethics - Strong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively wit...

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    I am looking for a skilled writer for a project in Indonesia. Job Type: Article Writing Topic: I have a specific topic in mind. Length: The article should be more than 1000 words. Requirements: - Fluent in Indonesian language - Strong research skills - Ability to write engaging and informative content - Knowledge of SEO best practices - Excellent grammar and proofreading skills - Ability to meet deadlines Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in writing articles on various topics - Familiarity with Indonesian culture and current events - Experience in writing for online platforms or publications If you are a talented writer with a passion for creating high-quality content, please submit your proposal with relevant samples of your work.

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    I'm in need of someone who can help me with a Wikipedia page that I unsuccessfully tried to edit. Specifically, I would like help with grammar and formatting, adding reliable sources and writing new content for a page dedicated to my husband's book. Though I understand the Wikipedia guidelines, I need some help in applying them correctly. The current status of the page is submitted but needs revisions, and any help in addressing the issues would be much appreciated.

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    I am looking for experienced copywriters for a website content project. The writing should be of a professional style and tone, and should include specific keywords and phrases as provided. This project requires expertise in writing for website content, high-level editing and proofreading skills, and the ability to craft language that is both clear and engaging. The ideal candidate should have excellent verbal, written, and communication skills, as well as knowledge of the industry-specific topics related to the project. If you think you have all these qualifications, please apply! Thank you.

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    I am looking for a s...create a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for an engineering manager position. I have a background in Electrical Engineering and I am open to suggestions for specific projects to include in the report. Requirements: - Must have experience in writing CDR reports for engineering manager positions - Proficient in Electrical Engineering concepts and terminology - Able to provide highly detailed descriptions of the projects included in the report Skills and Experience: - Strong background in Electrical Engineering - Excellent technical writing skills - Familiarity with the CDR requirements for engineering manager positions - Ability to research and gather information on specific projects - Attention to detail and ability to provide highly detailed pro...

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    Create a copmany portfolio 6 天 left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a company portfolio for our technology company. The ideal candid...to showcase the innovative solutions we offer to our clients. We have existing materials that can be used as reference, which will provide a starting point for the freelancer. However, additional information may be needed to complete the portfolio. Key skills and experience required for this project include: - Graphic design expertise to create visually appealing layouts and designs - Strong writing skills to effectively communicate the features and benefits of our products and services - Attention to detail to ensure accuracy and consistency in presenting our company information Interested freelancers should provide examples of previous portfolio projects they have ...

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    Social media 6 天 left

    I am seeking an All-Rounded Social Media Account Manager to join me on my journey to go viral in 6 months! As the mastermind behind our online presence, you will be responsible for curating captivating content, primarily focusing on YouTube, and writing compelling descriptions to captivate our audience. This is not just a job; it's a chance to shape a brand and make a lasting impact. (you need to be proficient using chat gpt), have wit, intelligence and a vibe! ? Key Responsibilities: Monitor trends, analyze data, and adapt strategies to ensure optimal audience engagement. Collaborate withmy video editor to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing brand image. Engage with the audience, respond to comments, and build a loyal online community. Stay up-to-date with the latest ...

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    ...and targeted towards beginners interested in learning about essential oils, the benefits and how to use it in their daily life. Perhaps i would like to focus on 2 to 3 types of oils only. Key Requirements: - Experience in writing educational content or e-books - Knowledge and understanding of essential oils and their benefits - Ability to provide clear and concise information suitable for beginners - Creativity in presenting the information in an engaging and informative manner The project will involve: - Researching and gathering information on essential oils - Writing and organizing the content in a logical and easy-to-understand format - Providing suggestions for essential oils to focus on, based on the provided list and personal expertise - Collaborating with me to e...

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    I am looking for a skilled content writer to create engaging content for my company profile. The purpose of the content is to attract investors...to create engaging content for my company profile. The purpose of the content is to attract investors, inform potential clients, and showcase our company achievements. The tone of the content should be professional. Key points to emphasize in the content include our company history, notable achievements, and future goals. Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Proven experience in writing compelling company profiles - Strong understanding of the target audience (investors and potential clients) - Ability to write in a professional tone - Excellent research and storytelling skills to highlight our company's achievements an...

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    I'm looking for an experienced and reliable Copywriter to help bring my project to life. The project I have in mind requires 1-5 pages of copywriting, with no preference for a particular style or tone. The Copywriter should be able to collaborate with me and provide creative advice on how best to communicate my value proposition. My ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about writing and has an established track record of producing high-quality work. I'm confident this collaboration will be successful and look forward to hearing from passionate copywriters who meet these requirements.

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    ...daily tasks will involve: - setting up analytics and conversion tracking in Google Tag Manager - setting up Google Ads for clients - optimizing existing Google Ads accounts We have a proven, repeatable process that you'll be trained on. So, although experience in all of the above platforms is a bonus, I'd prefer someone who's hardworking and willing to learn. Must-have skills: - great English writing skills - creative marketing brain - past advertising experience (e.g., running ads on Facebook, Google, TikTok etc.) - ability to analyze marketing data and make appropriate decisions - great communicator who's self motivated and can keep me updated without me constantly asking and following up with you Optional bonus skills: - experience with Google Analytics ...

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    Title: Audio Noise Reduction for MP4 Video File I am looking for a freelancer who can help me remove background noise from an audio track that accompanies an MP4 video file. The audio is primarily speech-based and the noise reduction is required for the entire duration of the file. There are parts of the video where I am not able to understand the conversations. It's a digitized version of a 40-year old VHS recording. I'd like the noise to be reduced on the audio and the conversations to be made clearer or, in some cases, made louder (as they can be quite soft). The entire video is 20 minutes but the part with conversations is probably only half that (10 minutes). I've already added subtitles to the MP4 file to make it clear where the conversations are occurring. Not...

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    Ghostwriting Project - Non-fiction Book I am looking for a skilled ghostwriter to help me with a non-fiction book project. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing non-fiction books and be able to write in an engaging and entertaining style. Subject/Theme: - I have a specific subject in mind for my non-fiction book. However, I am open to suggestions and would appreciate input from the ghostwriter. Purpose/Goal: - The main purpose of my book is to entertain readers. I want the content to be engaging, captivating, and enjoyable to read. Skills and Experience: - Strong writing skills with experience in non-fiction book writing - Ability to research and gather information on the chosen subject - Creativity to add storytelling elements and make the book ent...

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    I am looking for a ghostwriter to help me create a non-fiction book/series in the genre of biography. I have a specific person in mind, and have some ideas of important events and aspects of their life that I would like to highlight. The project will require thorough research and writing skills, as the writer will need to provide detailed information in an engaging and informative way. I am confident that I have chosen the right person for this job, and am looking forward to a successful collaboration.

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    I am in need of industry specific contact writing, to be completed within less than 1 week. I do not have any existing content to be included in the writing. The style of writing should be formal and should adhere to industry standards. I need someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in this area. Therefore, the right freelancer should be able to provide me with the best quality writing.

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    ...helping women achieve financial freedom and wealth through real estate, investments and coaching. Learn more about us here – WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR We need a Social Media Marketing specialist/Content writer who will be able to help us grow our online presence via posts and videos. THE IDEAL CANDIDATE - Excellent English: You should be super confident in writing copy on different topics, analysing video content and delivering exceptional quality content quickly - Technical proficiency: You should be able to quickly navigate the majority of niche specific applications without any problems, understand concepts of automation, lead generation and AI. - Creative: You should be able to both create original content and repurpose already existing content.

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    精选speech writing社区文章