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    ...base, we aim to: Increase revenue streams and profitability. Enhance market reach and penetration. Strengthen brand recognition and reputation. Foster long-term partnerships and collaborations. Target Audience: We are targeting businesses across various industries that can benefit from our products/services. Our ideal clients include but are not limited to: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) Startups and emerging businesses Corporations seeking innovative solutions Organizations looking for reliable partners Approach: To achieve our objectives, we will implement a strategic approach encompassing the following steps: Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to identify potential business opportunities and industry trends. Prospecting: Utilize diverse channels such as ...

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    I'm in the process of setting up a new business in India and I need help with Stripe account setup for managing recurring subscriptions. Please note the following: - **Type of Payments:** I intend to accept recurring subscriptions as the primary mode of payment. - **Integration:**...India and I need help with Stripe account setup for managing recurring subscriptions. Please note the following: - **Type of Payments:** I intend to accept recurring subscriptions as the primary mode of payment. - **Integration:** The Stripe account will need to integrate with my Saas software. The ideal freelancer for this job will be someone with experience in setting up Stripe accounts for startups, particularly in India. Experience with integrating Stripe with Saas software would be a signifi...

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    I'm starting a new product in the food and beverage industry and need assistance in creating a business plan and developing a professional logo brand. For the business plan, I need: - A well-researched and comprehens... I need: - A well-researched and comprehensive plan - Detailed financial projections - Product marketing strategies For the logo design, my requirement is: - A professional-looking logo - A design that represents my business accurately Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Previous experience in business plan development, particularly for food and beverage startups - Strong graphic design skills and a portfolio showcasing professional logo designs - Excellent understanding of branding, specifically in the food and b...

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    I'm seeking an exceptional writer to create an 800 word blog post weekly. The focus should be on business law relevant to life sciences and technology businesses. Your posts will cater to an audience ranging from startups to established companies. Key objectives: - Inform and educate on the intricacies of business law in the tech and life sciences arena - Cultivate awareness about common legal pitfalls, current legal events and regulatory changes. Ideal candidate: - A skilled writer with a solid understanding of business law - Knowledge in tech and life sciences industries is a major plus - Demonstrates the ability to distill complex legal information into relatable content. With your help, we can empower businesses using law and foresight.

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    As a new tech startup, I need a professional solicitor to assist with several aspects of my project's legalities. The highest priority is GDPR compliance; I need an experienced professional to ensure that my operations are ready to comply with this. Another important element is patent submission; I plan to file my patent within the European Union, thus knowledge of EU's rules and regulat...essential. Since I am unsure whether a data audit has been conducted to identify what personal data we collect and process, advice or assistance on this area will also be beneficial. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in EU law - Experience with patent filing within European Union - Expertise in GDPR compliance phase - Experience in data audits - Previous work with t...

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    I need a professional web developer to help me create a website for my Capital Markets Advisory business. - The website should have a professional, modern design that r...Proficiency in web development with a portfolio of financial or advisory websites - Knowledge of domain registration and email setup - Prior experience working with consultancy or financial services businesses - Strong understanding of SEO and lead generation principles Please include in your bid any additional services you can provide such as ongoing maintenance or support. I primarily work with startups and small to medium-sized enterprises to help them access capital markets. This project is critical to my business success, so I'm looking for a professional with a strong track record and excellent commun...

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    As an early-stage biotech company, I'm in need of a compelling pitch deck to attract potential investors. The goal is to bring in funding that will facilitate the growth and development of our innovative biotech products. Key Responsibilities: - Create a visually appealing and professional pitch deck that effectively communicates our business model, market oppo...industry, including market trends, challenges, and opportunities. - Exceptional visual design skills, with the ability to create engaging and impactful slides that resonate with investors. - Strong storytelling and communication abilities, as the pitch deck should not only inform but also captivate and persuade potential investors. - Proven track record of securing funding for biotech or tech startups through the use ...

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    Project Background: We envision an innovative platform designed to transform how organizations, including startups, nonprofits, researchers, and small businesses, search for and apply for grants and funding. By leveraging advanced AI technologies and a user-friendly interface, FundFlow aims to simplify and enhance the funding acquisition process. Objective: The primary objective of this project is to develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for using the Bubble platform, incorporating the capabilities of the Perfect AI Software Template. This MVP will validate the concept by offering essential functionalities such as AI-driven funding opportunity matching, interactive user profiling through an intelligent quiz, and efficient application assistance. Scope of Work: The project enco...

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    WANT TO HIRE SOMEONE FOR FULLTIME WORK I'm looking for an experienced content creator to develop engaging to potential customers. Key Requirements: - Creation of both video and photo content - Primary goal: to effectively explain and showcase our products - You'll need to create videos of actors reviewing and explaining our services - You’ll need to have good content ideas to create Ideal Skills: - Strong portfolio of video and photo content creation - Experience in producing content for startups - Ability to write engaging scripts for actors - Proficiency in video and photo editing software Please provide examples of your previous work, particularly any content you've created that explains products or services. This will help me assess your ...

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    ...from just recounting my experiences, the main focus will be to communicate these in a manner that's both educational and informative for my target audience - the general public who has a keen interest in startups. Key tasks will include: - Developing engaging blog content around my anecdotes - Conveying realities of starting up in an educational manner - Making complex aspects of running startups understandable to a non-technical audience. The perfect fit for this project would be a freelancer with a solid background in blogging or journalism about entrepreneurial journeys and startups, and capable of writing in an engaging, educational style. prior experience in writing for a general audience is crucial, as explaining technical matters in simple terms will ...

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    ...Pro, Premium). Implement pricing strategies for different subscription tiers based on features and benefits offered. Configure trial periods and promotional offers for new users. Community Forum Development: Integrate a Community Forum feature within the platform using SureMembers. DONE. Customize and matchmaking user profiles (Advanced plugin for profiles?) to include relevant information for startups, scaleups, investors, and professional consultants. Implement user authentication and authorization mechanisms to ensure secure access to the forum. Enable features (Gamipress..) and algorithms (AI/ML plugins? )for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among users. Use Cases and User Scenarios: Startup Entrepreneur: Ability to search and connect with Investors. Partic...

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    ...for websites. - Excellent research and editing skills. - Familiarity with the corporate law, registration, and incorporation sector. - Ability to deliver well-structured and error-free content on time. - Strong grasp of English language and grammar. The ideal candidate has an extensive background in writing about the following: - Incorporation of Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, and Company Startups - Registration of GST, MSME, DPIIT Recognition - Annual Compliance MGT 7, MGT 14 submission - Additional Services such as ISO Certification, Insurance, HR and Accounting Software Quantity: 45 - 50 pages Deliverables: 1. Unique Human-made content - ensure it and strictly avoid A. I content and plagiarism 2. FAQ's 3. Keywords While the site will feature a variety of content,...

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    ...web design services. The leads should be from prospective clients who are interested in web design. These leads should belong to small business owners and startups from the US only. Key Responsibilities: - Generate email leads from a variety of sources - Ensure the leads are exclusively from US-based small business owners and startups - The leads should have a genuine interest in web design services The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in generating email leads, ideally within the web design industry - Understanding of the US market for web design services - A track record of working with small business owners and startups - Excellent communication skills and ability to connect with potential clients Please note that only US-based leads will be c...

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    I am currently in need of an experienced startup advisor who can lead me through the found...the products. 6. Finance Strategy: Aiding in developing a finance strategy based on the startup stage and growth plans. 7. Marketing Strategy: Market analysis and creating a marketing strategy targeting health-conscious consumers, fitness enthusiasts, the general population, and the youth and families. Ideal freelancers will have previous experience in business consultancy specifically for startups and have a solid understanding of the healthy food industry and white labeling process. Good networking skills will be beneficial to connect us with potential suppliers. Please note that while the budget for this project hasn't been specified, I am looking for high-quality advice and strat...

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    I'm in need of an experienced grant writer who can help my LLC secure funding. The gran...funding. The grant proposal should focus on funding for both the business startup and the purchase of transportation. Key skills and experience should include: - Proficiency in grant writing, particularly for healthcare startups. - Ability to conduct thorough research and articulate the core goals and needs of a business. - Experience in securing grants in the range of $10,000 to $50,000. - Understanding of the transportation sector and how it intersects with healthcare services. Please include in your bid your experience and success rate with obtaining funding for startups, any relevant experience in the healthcare sector, and a brief strategy for how you would approach t...

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    As an entrepreneur, I am in need of a certified individual or agency that can provide proficient bookkeeping and accounting services, tax filing, and financial consulting for my operating startup in Gurgaon, India. I require a professional with: - Deep expertise in startup accountancy, bookkeeping, and taxation - Seasoned in guiding startups through their early stages. - Familiarity with the tax system in India, with a major focus on startup incentives and rebates. - Capability to handle different accounting and tax software and platforms in India Your role will include, but not be limited to: - Managing compliance by applying proper accounting methods. - Conducting routine account management and tax filing - Assisting in yearly tax filing and financial reports, remaining compli...

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    As a health care startup committed to innovation and growth, I'm seeking a convey complex ideas - Extensive experience in strategic messaging and positioning of startups to investors Exciting Opportunities: - Chance to shape the narrative of a promising startup in the health care industry - Opportunity to collaborate on other business development materials, should this project be successful Expected Outcome: - A pitch deck that clearly communicates our vision, goals, unique selling propositions and competitive advantages - A persuasive narrative that resonates with investors and incites them to invest in our brand Only candidates with substantial experience in crafting pitch decks in the health care industry need apply. Impressive portfolio of similar work for st...

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    I'm looking for a talented designer who can help me develop a unique and professional visual identity for my digital marketing brand. Key Requirements: - Design a bespoke logo for my brand 'Option 1' that embodies the essence of digital marketing for the Tech and Startups industry. - Create a color palette that aligns with the logo and exudes a professional and sophisticated tone. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in logo design, particularly for digital marketing brands within the Tech and Startups sector. - Strong understanding of color theory and the ability to create a cohesive and impactful color palette. - Creative, innovative, and able to work independently with minimal guidance. - A portfolio that showcases your previous work, particula...

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    Business Startup Brainstorming. 14 小时 left

    I'm looking for a team of innovative minds to help develop our new startup in the business industry. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong understanding of business and startup ecosystems - Experience in developing startups or new business ventures - Creative problem-solving skills - Knowledge of successful revenue generation strategies Key Responsibilities: - Brainstorming and proposing new startup ideas - Outlining the specific problem or need that the startup will address - Suggesting potential revenue generation models This project is perfect for those with a passion for entrepreneurship, a knack for innovation, and a drive to make a difference in the business world. Your contributions will be essential in shaping the direction of our startup and making it a success.

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    I'm in the idea stage of a re...- Identify and profile our target consumers and businesses - Develop a clear and implementable go-to-market strategy that can ensure successful market penetration - Create a comprehensive marketing plan that includes both online and offline strategies - Recommendations on how to approach both the B2B and B2C segments Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in successfully launching startups and developing go-to-market strategies - A strong understanding of the real estate market and its challenges - Exceptional market research and analytical skills - Excellent communication and collaboration skills to interact with the team and stakeholders. Please note that the strategy should be adaptable and scalable, as we aim to grow and expand...

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    I'm looking for someone to help develop a robust go-to-market strategy for a new fi...profiles: We want to deliver a personalized experience for each client. - Gamified progress tracking: Our solution should include a fun and engaging way to track progress and achievements, rewarding users and stimulating continuous improvement. Ideal candidates for this project would have a strong background in strategic planning, an understanding of the financial sector, as well as experience with startups, fintech, and B2B strategies. You should be innovative and can grasp the benefits of our unique offering and translate them into a compelling strategy that can garner interest from potential clients. Experience with AI integration and blockchain technology implementation is a huge plus but...

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    As a development agency owner, I am seeking a Carrd specialist to assist with the creation of simple websites primarily for early-stage startups. Key Requirements: - I would like a moderate level of customization for these websites. - The preferred starting template for these projects is a 'Business' template. Functionalities: - The websites should include a contact form for user interaction. - Additionally, the websites should have integration capabilities with CRM to ensure seamless data handling. Ideal Skill Set: - Proficiency in Carrd and experience in building websites using this platform. - Understanding of user experience and design principles for creating sleek and effective business websites. - Experience with CRM integrations for seamless data flow and m...

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    I'm looking for a corporate lawyer in Singapore, who specializes in startup agreements. I'm looking for legal assistance, from planning to drafting of an agreement. TASKS: 1. Startup Advisory: I need a startup lega...startup agreements. I'm looking for legal assistance, from planning to drafting of an agreement. TASKS: 1. Startup Advisory: I need a startup legal expert to provide advice on agreement terms. 2. Contract Drafting: You will draft an agreement, ensuring that all legalities are adequately covered. IDEAL CANDIDATE: You must be a licensed corporate lawyer in Singapore with a track record in startups and agreement drafting. Your expertise will be required in discussing the agreement terms. Supreme attention to detail and the ability to deliver prom...

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    I'm looking for a skilled graphic designer to help me create a strong and coherent identity for my brand. The designs will be used across both print and digital platforms, so versatility is key. Key Requ...and coherent identity for my brand. The designs will be used across both print and digital platforms, so versatility is key. Key Requirements: - Proficient in graphic design - Experience in creating brand identities - Capable of delivering designs suitable for both print and digital mediums Ideally, you will also have: - A strong understanding of my target audience - Experience designing for startups or small businesses - A portfolio that showcases your versatility in design If you can help me create a brand identity that is visually appealing, coherent, and memorable, pl...

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    I need a writer who can craft a startup story that effectively builds our brand awareness. The story should portray our vision and journey, while resonating with our target audience. - Ideal skills: Excellent storytelling abilities, adept at formal style of writing, notable experience in content creation for startups, and a thorough understanding of brand positioning. In addition, you'll be responsible for creating formal and consistent content for our website and social media platforms. Specifically, we are seeking inspirational stories that portray our company in a positive light and inspire our audience. - Required skills: Proficiency in formal content creation, proficiency in writing inspirational stories, and relevant experience in managing multiple content platforms. ...

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    This project needs an ambitious professional to do outbound appointment setting for my web design studio. We need someone who can take the reins and: - Handle outbound appointment setting primarily aimed at small businesses, e-commerce companies, and startups. - Effectively convey our services and how we can assist their business in improving sales and online presence. - Manage communications, ensuring potential clients are well-nurtured and understand the full value of our offerings. The ideal candidate would have experience in sales, appointment setting, and competent with follow-up email communications. An understanding of the web design industry would be advantageous, but isn't strictly necessary. We require someone with confident communication skills, who can promote our...

    min $392 / hr
    min $392 / hr
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    This project needs an ambitious professional to do outbound appointment setting for my web design studio. We need someone who can take the reins and: - Handle outbound appointment setting primarily aimed at small businesses, e-commerce companies, and startups. - Effectively convey our services and how we can assist their business in improving sales and online presence. - Manage communications, ensuring potential clients are well-nurtured and understand the full value of our offerings. The ideal candidate would have experience in sales, appointment setting, and competent with follow-up email communications. An understanding of the web design industry would be advantageous, but isn't strictly necessary. We require someone with confident communication skills, who can promote our...

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    Seeking professional who can provide comprehensive support to companies, both startups and SMEs looking to expand or set up international business in the United States. If you have ANY of all of the requirements below, we encourage you to apply 1. International Business Support: Due diligence on local companies and facilitating market entry for foreign companies aiming to expand. 2. Corporate Secretary Services: You will act as the corporate secretary to register foreign business in the US, UK, Singapore, China, HK, Germany. You can help with setting up a local bank account on behalf of the business and establishing local partnerships and contacts. Your expertise in understanding the local market (where ever you're localted) navigating the international trade regulations...

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    I need a compelling pitch deck created to help attract investors to my technology-based startup business. This pitch deck must be captivating, informative, and professional. Key features must include: - An overv...pitch deck must be captivating, informative, and professional. Key features must include: - An overview of our innovative business model - Detailed market analysis demonstrating opportunities and competitiveness - A synopsis of our expert team and their roles Ideal freelancers for this project will have a proven track record in constructing successful investor-attracting pitch decks for tech startups, with a strong understanding of market analytics and business structuring. Strong visual design skills are also important to create an engaging and easy-to-understand pre...

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    ...specific demographic. - Portfolio: Showcasing your previous work is vital. Please provide examples of podcasts you've worked on, especially those targeting similar audiences. - Capacity and Timeline: I aim to release 2-3 episodes per month. One episode will be a detailed discussion lasting 45-90 minutes (although most will be 45-60 mins), while the other two will be shorter interviews with startups in the health space (usually 10-15-20 mins). Please provide your availability/estimated timeframes for delivery and your estimation of net billable hours for each episode type. In addition, while social media posts can be prepared ahead of time, they need to be posted once a week (either manually or with tools) - Long-Term Commitment: I'm looking for a partner for t...

    $150 - $300 / hr
    加精 加封
    $150 - $300 / hr
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    I am a passionate founder, my platform allows users to request and verify certificates of good conduct and educational background electronically. I am seeking a highly skilled UI/UX designer to create compelling pitch decks and user s...applications. * A strong portfolio showcasing expertise in pitch deck and user storyboard design. * Excellent understanding of user-centered design principles and user experience best practices. * Proficiency in design software such as Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch. * Clear communication skills and the ability to translate complex information into visually compelling stories. * Experience working with startups is a plus. Brand Identity: Trustworthy, secure, reliable Design Styles: Modern, minimalist, professional I attached my logo to help you hav...

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    As an owner of accounting and bookkeeping services, I am in urgent need of an accomplished Business Development Manager (BDM) to expand our client base. Responsibilities: - Identifying fresh opportunities for business growth - Building robust relationships with our clients - Implementing effective sales strategies Target Market: - Small businesses - Startups - Mid-sized businesses Geographic Focus: - East Coast - West Coast - Midwest The perfect fit for this project will be able to prove their ability to increase client acquisition in these areas, preferably with a background in accounting or B2B sales. Experience working with target markets in the specified regions is beneficial.

    $16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need a professional writer to create eng...create engaging website content for my digital marketing agency. Key Responsibilities: - Write clear, compelling, and accurate content for various digital marketing services, such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing. - Tailor the content to small businesses, startups, and e-commerce websites. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in writing for digital marketing services. - An understanding of the needs and challenges of small businesses, startups, and e-commerce sites. - Excellent research, writing, and editing skills. - The ability to deliver high-quality content within a specified timeframe. If you have the skills and experience required for this project, I look forward to re...

    $122 (Avg Bid)
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    I am in the process of kickstarting my new enterprise, and I'm seeking a creative and dedicated graphic designer who can craft a professional logo. This logo will be used as the emblem for my company, and hence, it should effecti...and professionalism. The job will involve: - Concept development based on my brief - Creating a professional style logo - Providing color suggestions that signify trust Ideal Experience and Skills: - Proficient with professional and minimalist logo design - Ability to translate brand values into visual elements - Deep understanding of color theories and their implied meanings - Experience with startups would certainly be a plus This is a great opportunity to shape the visual identity of a new business from the ground up. I look forward to collabor...

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    Hi Shujoy S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

    $23 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...included in the project report. Annual sales , cash flow statements, manufacturing cost and profit are some of the financial aspects of the project report. Skills and experience required: - Proven experience in market analysis, preferably with exposure to the multiplex or theater industry. - Expertise in preparing financial statements. - Established track record in writing business plans for startups. - Sound understanding of consumer behavior & R&D procedures. Please ensure to incorporate the size, scope, and target audience of the business in your research....

    $861 (Avg Bid)
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    Senior Graphic Designer 已经结束 left

    Job Title: Designer Job Type: Full-time Location: 100% remote About the Company: At PitchWork, we are devoted to supporting startups with a unique blend of strategy, design, product, and website development. With James at the helm, our boutique digital agency boasts over a decade of experience creating solutions that resonate with early-stage businesses. As we continue to grow, we are seeking individuals who share our passion for empowering startups and helping them achieve their full potential. With a focus on creating beautiful and functional business, product and digital experiences, our team is committed to supporting the success and growth of these burgeoning businesses. Join us at PitchWork and be a part of a team that's dedicated to changing the startup landscape...

    $102 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Wir sind eine etablierte Schweizer Investmentfirma, die sich auf die Gründung, Investition und Skalierung von IT-Startups spezialisiert hat. Mit mehreren Unternehmen in unserem Portfolio, die in der Schweiz Marktführer im Bereich Recht und FinTech sind, streben wir kontinuierlich nach Innovation und Exzellenz. Wir sind derzeit auf der Suche nach einem talentierten und erfahrenen IT-Projektmanager, der unser Team verstärkt und zur Weiterentwicklung und zum Erfolg unserer Projekte beiträgt. **Ihre Aufgaben:** 1. Erstellung der Anforderungsdokumentation und Testen neuer Funktionen vor der Freigabe. 2. Kommunikation und Verhandlung mit Dienstleistern und Überprüfung der Qualität ihrer Leistungen. 3. Planung und Koordination von Entwicklungsaufgaben i...

    $352 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    11 个竞标

    I'm at the beginning of an exciting journey, embarking on a new business venture and I'm in need of a minimalist logo to represent my brand. This job is ideal for designers who enjoy producing clean, sleek, and straightforward designs. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Enthusiasm for minimalist design principles - Evidence of strong visual design skillset - Prior experience designing logos for startups Application Requirements: Interested freelancers, please share your past work, specifically those showcasing minimalist designs. Seeing your portfolio will give me an understanding of what your design aesthetics are. I'm looking forward to discovering what you can bring to this project.

    $337 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a detailed and professional website and pitch deck that will be effective in securing investors for my clean technology startup. The pitch deck should encompass: - Competitive Analysis: showcasing a comprehensive understanding of our competitor ...Product Description: outlining what we offer and its value - Team Information: showcasing the capable hands behind the product - Investor Testimonials, explaining the benefits and value of the product from an investor perspective - Process: a walkthrough of our process - News: providing updates on our progress and achievements Ideally, you should be experienced in creating captivating content for startups, have a clear understanding of clean technology, and financial analysis. Skills in UI/UX design will also be a g...

    $11558 (Avg Bid)
    $11558 平均报价
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    Tech Startup Logo Design 已经结束 left

    I'm in need of a skilled graphic designer to create a visual identity for my technology startup through a captivating logo. Here's what I’m looking for: - Mastery in creating a symbolic representation of the technology industry - Confidence to make color recommendations, as I'm open to any suggestions. - Demonstrable experience in logo design, particularly for startups or tech firms Your portfolio showcasing similar past projects would be highly regarded. Impress me with your creativity and your understanding of the tech world.

    $153 (Avg Bid)
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    91 个竞标

    ...a proficient grant writer with expertise in securing government grants. Being a new venture, I require funds to cover our start-up costs and establish a firm foundation for my venture. Key responsibilities and skills include: - Understanding government grant specifications and guidelines - Comprehensive research and proposal writing - Prior success with government grants, particularly for startups - Excellent command of the English language - An understanding of our business challenge and how to eloquently translate this into the grant proposal Successful applicants should have a proven track record in securing funding through government grants for start-ups. Applicants with a high success rate will be preferred. The ability to work to a strict deadline is crucial as we wis...

    $3242 (Avg Bid)
    $3242 平均报价
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    As a technology startup, I'm looking to create persuasive and comprehensive documentation for obtaining funding from grant agencies. This documentation will serve as a detailed project report and a dynamic company pitch deck aimed at this specific audience. Perfect Candidate: - Experience in writing for technology startups - Proficient in drafting funding proposals for grant agencies - Ability to create captivating and concise narratives Scope of Work: - Detailed Project Report: Understand our company's roadmap, objectives, competitors and financial projection, and encapsulate these data into a coherent and persuasive report. - Company Pitch Deck: Craft a visually engaging pitch deck that succinctly illustrates our company's value proposition, team, market opportu...

    $885 (Avg Bid)
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    I need an expert freelancer to construct a compelling pitch deck for my new software services startup. The primary goal of the pitch deck is to attract potenti...Custom Software Development, IT Consulting, and Cloud Services and Solutions. - You should have the ability to present complex concepts in a concise, engaging manner. - The deck needs to appeal to our target audience which, in this case, is comprised of clients in the software services sector. Skills & Experience: - Prior experience in creating pitch decks, particularly for software service startups, is needed. - Proficiency in graphic design software to make the deck visually appealing is beneficial. - Knowledge of our niche (Custom Software Development, IT Consulting, Cloud Services and Solutions) will be a signific...

    $642 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm primarily focused on developing an all-encompassing business plan with a primary objective of securing seed funding for my IT Tech based Startup. I aim to attract small businesses and entrepreneurs as my clientele. This comprehensive business plan needs to provide a clear roa...these businesses with comparable statistics. Ideal Skills: -A background in Software, Tech Industry & Seed Funding Procurement. -Understanding market needs in relation to businesses and entrepreneurs. -Strategic business planning and financial forecasting. -Preparing a viable business plan to present investors. Ideal Experience: -Experience in writing business plans for IT startups. -Demonstrable success with startups obtaining seed funding. -Proven experience with small business and ent...

    $4322 (Avg Bid)
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    As an entrepreneur starting up a food manufacturing venture, I'm seeking an adept designer to create a logo for my new enterprise. Key Responsi...simplistic elegance in design, and I need this reflected in the company logo. - Collaborating with me to incorporate a suitable color scheme. No specific colors are set yet, hence your creative input on color pairings would be highly appreciated. Ideal Candidate: - Experience in minimalistic design. - Knowledge of color theory. - Proven record in crafting logos for businesses, particularly startups. Devise a logo that communicates a sense of simplicity, ingenuity, and a food-related element to resonate with the target audience. Your proven intuition and ability to creatively interpret brand ethos into visual form will be key...

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    I am looking to build a website that serves as an all-in-one platform, integrated with features like CAD, CAM, PCB Designing, 3D modeling, and e-commerce functionality. The primary objective is to create a STEM platform for startups. Key features needed: - CAD/CAM/PCB Designing tool - E-commerce capability - 3D Modeling with capabilities for 3D rendering, interactive 3D modeling, and 3D animation The platform should primarily cater to product designers and e-commerce shoppers. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in Web Development, particularly with e-commerce, CAD/CAM/PCB Designing, and 3D modeling integration. A sound understanding of product design and familiarity with the e-commerce sector would be highly beneficial.

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    ...matter, ensuring your messages reach the right eyes. - Speed & Efficiency: Dispatch hundreds of personalized contact form messages per minute, maximizing your outreach potential. - Customization: Tailor your reply-to email addresses to maintain consistency in your communications and brand image. Pricing Section: Clear, straightforward pricing tiers designed to fit businesses of all sizes - from startups to enterprises. Include a comparison chart for easy decision-making. Video Section: Engaging explainer video demonstrating the effectiveness of contact form marketing, showcasing our platform's ease of use and highlighting key features. Client Testimonials: Genuine feedback from satisfied clients, emphasizing the remarkable results and improvements seen in their market...

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    As a SAAS startup, I need a professional and experienced whiteboard animator. Your role will be creating an engaging video that introduces our product and its benefits intriguingly and vividly to our target audience - businesses. Key Details: - You should have a solid background in whiteboard animation. - Experience in creating videos for SAAS products or startups would be a plus. - we will provide you with the story and the narrative Skills and Experience: - Whiteboard Animation - Storytelling with B2B experience - Video Production - Creativity. Experience with animated videos previously published by companies is a must. please share your video examples when bidding We believe this will be a unique, exciting project for those with the right skillset. We look forward to your ...

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