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    opencart connect to Stock Manager Advance (v3.0.1.20 ) sync opencart with Stock Manager Advance including order, member, order status. find the attachment is detail document

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    We are into manufacturing of UPVC doors and windows. Looking for a complete Inventory management developer who can customize the software.

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    Inventory ERP 2 5 天 left
    已验证, MVC and MSSQL only Simple inventory module - Generate purchase order for raw parts - Generate work order for assembly of final products from raw parts - Generate invoice for finished products - Allow users to input costing for raw materials and prices for finished products - > calculate profitability - Allow users to view relationship between

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    Inventory ERP 5 天 left

    Simple inventory module - Generate purchase order for raw parts - Generate work order for assembly of final products from raw parts - Generate invoice for finished products - Allow users to input costing for raw materials and prices for finished products - > calculate profitability - Allow users to view relationship between finished/intermediate products

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    I am looking for a trader who work on my account with an agreement of specific week profits. Benefits: trader will be given 25 percent of the profit money in USD Condition : Invested Capital shouldnt be lost no matter what Requirement: proofen record of trader which shows more wins than losses. - Last 12 months history of his trades

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    [登录来查看链接] is a new ecommerce website in progress built on Shopify and Oberlo dropship model. Inventory has been added and theme has been personalized to desired look and feel. Instagrama and FaceBook pages have been completed. We need experienced end to end IT partner in performing product title, description and image updates, create facebook

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    We would like someone to create a inventory management database that can be accessed from anywhere. A sample is explained in detail on the following video [登录来查看链接] We would like the system to be able to add inventory in increments. So if 1 barcode is scanned 3 times, 3 quantity should add. The same goes for minus quantity.

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    I need a pos software inventory program that is already built only. software must be built already or require minor revisions I would like this software to be developed for Windows using PHP. asp [登录来查看链接] mvc

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    I need you to develop a complete POS sales and inventory management software integrateable with barcode , cash drawer etc Main features : User friendly Fast billing Automatically stock balance Sales analyst Instantly view your sales Cash balance with drawer High security Suppliers and customer information Debtors and creditors Multiple users with multiple

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    I am looking for somebody who can spend a few hours to teach me how to write C++ code that executes an actual decision(in this case buying/selling a stock). This does not need to involve huge API's or mathematics, I just want to be able to use C++ code to actually make decisions. I am a pretty good c++ programmer so you will not need to teach me how

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    I have a excel file used for stock inventory used thrice in a day which my operators put in. there are four different departments and thus each department is separate from each other. my supervisors are not literate in computer or studies they don't know to read and write but know numbers and item names as they deal in it everyday. 1}they have to first

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    ...someone to create a stock analyst report, based on SEC filings of a public company that details the company's fundraising activities. The company has raised funds more than approximately 15 times since going public almost 20 years ago and has consistently lost money. The report should include An executive summary Each stock sale, in chart or table

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    We need a tool that daily updates price and stock on polish plattform allegro.

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    I have a set of Excel spreadsheets that builds out graphs on stock market data, but a while back, Yahoo Finance cut off it's free download API and I am not able to get the stock market data. I just need someone to program the macro to: 1. Download the data for the symbol that I put in up to the maximum years back per the data vendor 2. Put the weekly

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    Implement the Genetic Algorithm in JAVA for Prediction, based on average, Stock Closing Values ​​of the Stock Exchange. Implement Evaluation, Selection , crossover, mutation, update and finalization. Example: start with a vector with the previous price of 90 days stock. Data, Open, High, Low, Close *, Adj Close **, Volume. Example: https://finance

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    I need some help with my course on Production Planning and Inventory Control

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    POS - Simple POS for more than 1 store with inbuilt reports. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION - Stock Keeping, Stock in, Stock out, etc.

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    enhance inventory management system

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    I would like a inventory property that is already created. needs to work with online and with in store sales

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    22 竞标 scan the serial number. If the item does not have a serial number, the user is prompted for a quantity. When the order is complete, the information is pushed into an SQL database via wifi. We have three handheld scanners, all the same model, but only one is reliable. The other two lose data when uploading to the server. Our future goal is to link

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    I manage an e-commerce gift shop. We use BigCommerce to host our website. I need someone to do weekly uploads of new products.

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    we prefer Something Ready in Cheap Price , please Don't Contact If you Bidd is Above My Budget I need webbased inventory & billing software 1 – product / service inventory 2 – statement of account print 3 - invoicing & printing with vat 4 – voucher printing 5 – daily sales report 6 - multiple style of invoicing 7...

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    Build a stock portfolio application in java.

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    Inventory WEB Application MVC , SQL server Arabic RTL

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    We have products like mattress, hunting rangefinder selling on amazon us site, and need to find someone to help to promote these products and clear the stock.

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    I am looking for an expert who has some deep knowledge in machine learning to help me set up an algorithm for stock price prediction and predict if a stock will go Up or Down. Technology: Python using Sklearn module, RNN, LSTM or similar ( Preferred ) Experience using hyper parameters - like Adam Optimizer. H2o (automl) ( [登录来查看链接]

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    I need stock screener website done .Its should: [登录来查看链接] stock prices from page provided and feed the information to the database. [登录来查看链接] the data on tabular form which should be visible on desktop and on mobile neatly. Attached is sample stock screener.

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    I need to extract several stocks data. If you have experience on it, contact me. I will provide the list of target stocks via interview.

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    i would like to integrate a inventory control system inside my woocommerce . where it will be possible for me to add my product through my woocommerce backend and control my stock inside it. maybe you will have a plugin and customize it for my needs.

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    I are looking for a Zoho Reports Expert to configure 3 new reports for us using data from Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory and Zoho Books.

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    I have a java project forecasting stock price next day. Java code implement weka forecaster 'eat' a csv file named '[登录来查看链接]' (same as uploaded [登录来查看链接]) and write forecast result to '[登录来查看链接]'. Java code also call [登录来查看链接] to run 'FC.R' to 'eat' the same Dataset file '[登录来查看链接]' and write forecast result to '[登录来查看链接]�...

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    WPF inventory application 已经结束 left

    I am building a WPF database application. It’s a basic inventory application. It’s using a telerik Gridview. I need help with some aspects like databinding an image to my database table where I need a byte to image converter. I’d like you to complete this step. Then I’ll take it back. I am likely to run into other aspects I can’t complete so there...

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    We are looking for artists to create fantasy and sci-fi stock art pieces. The initial commission is based on SMALL color pieces of art. See link for examples: [登录来查看链接] We desire anywhere from 3-5 pieces per month and are including royalties ranging from 10-40% of every sale of your art based on negotiations.

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    Windows based only. Front net, back end....SQL.

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    This is a project to manage inventory in a warehouse

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    DAILY STOCK PRICES 已经结束 left

    These are the Daily Stock prices list of Previous Day last trade of stock market.

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    I want to be able to get an inventory valuation grouped by location on my self hosted Odoo 11 instance.

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    STOCK MANAGEMENT 已经结束 left

    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my business.

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    We are looking for somebody to come up with a database schema for a small packaging company. The company does not purchase materials other than consumables such as pallets etc, but is free issued all its materials. Materials come in the form of mill/master reels of flexible packaging materials which are slit/cut down to food packaging dimensions. Normally

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    Create legal documents for new start up in California. 1. Stock Option Plan 2. Convertible Note 3. Term sheet template. We may need help with some filings if necessary too. Please bid with cost.

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    Bid only if you have experience in similar projects or if you did this already and can prove it you will get the project right away. The site should have fu...Monthly list of top 10 traders and monthly rewards [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接] [登录来查看链接]

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    ...record the data associated with all these activities, so we can use those data to improve predictions regarding resource demands and yields. Thus please keep that future database in mind when considering your architecture. Language: I am intentionally not specifying which language or software you should use for the project. Though I would like it

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    As the title says. I need you to edit 5 images that are taken from stock photos and put my personal face to the face of these women. I have blonde hair and you may need to change the color of the hair. This needs to be professionally made and nobody should be able to see that it has been edited. Will not accept bids higher than 20$.

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    We are in the process of developing a Inventory Management System. Software we want to use is QT, PYQT, PYTHON and POSTGRE SQL.

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    I have a software want to repair some of the components Add some new modules and give it a new appeal

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    Stock Ticker Mac App 已经结束 left

    I am trying to use some existing source code from a mac app I own to make a new stock ticker mac app. I will provide more details to qualified bidders via private message.

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    I have an inventory management software.I need a person who has knowledge of how an inventory management software works. Need to add some new modules and to repair the previous one with changes in front end

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    Our business is a corporate catering organisation for off shore and onshore catering, housekeeping and laundry, on site catering for factories and for corporate canteens

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    medical shop inventory 已经结束 left

    Hello I am looking for a software that can easily manage my stock for medical kits and drugs. I have Depo in two places, so I need this software to be connected together for both place I usually get the drugs with Excel sheet invoices, so I would like to have function to upload it directly to the system instead of adding manually. I will use

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