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    我需要重建一个已有的网站 设计就可以了 小型企业网站 We are a POS system supplier for restaurant

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    radiator, which used in house, used in winter, the sourcing for request this produce must out of china

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    Requires a database that helps users in our company to organise different packaging specifications for each of our products. Since different customers require different packaging format of the same products, we need to be able to pick from existing packaging format or create new format for each customer. Requires the following functions. 1) Product overview (list all the items, and related different packaging specifications) 2) Functions that allow users to alter and add new packaging format for each item. 3) Functions that allow users to pick different products (and its respective forma) and output the selection to Excel or PDF 4) An import and export function that allows us to import all the existing packaging data into the database.

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    ...our head quarter is based on Philadelphia. We have production in California and a warehouse in Guangzhou. Currently we have 4-5 employees responsible for packing and shipping. We are growing really fast: since last September, our growing rate is about 5000%. Our order volume is about 3,500/month. We are looking for helps about building a new warehouse in China, and buy items we like in Taobao, sourcing in open market in China and help us to ship. If you interest, please send an email back to us, we are looking forward for your reply. 您好, 我们是一家年轻的时尚公司,产品包括服饰,配饰,主要面向年轻的女生。下面是我们的基本信息: 我们的总部设在美国费城,我们在加利福尼亚州有生产点。我们在广州也有一个仓库。现在我们有4到5个员工帮助我们封箱和运输。目前我司成长的非常快,从去年九月开始,增长率大约为百分之五千。我们希望寻求你们的帮助:协助我们在中国设立一个新的仓库,在淘宝或公开市场帮我们购买所需产品,并且协助直接运输给顾客。 如果你们感兴趣,我们再次期待您的回复,谢谢。 黄迪

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    Need an electrical enginner of extensive electronic knowledge to develop an inexpensive motor controller for a synchronous reluctance motor. Project premisses are: - project must be of a production level of detail, so that it can be mass manufactured with third party facilities (gerber files, CAD files and everythin...level of detail, so that it can be mass manufactured with third party facilities (gerber files, CAD files and everything related to fabrication must be developed); - the design must be of very low complexity to produce and low cost, all of that within a robust package; - minimum efficiency of 95% when on maximum power output (about 200kW); - BOM list of about 250$ maximum; - clever selection and sourcing for components in order to avoid shortages that would harm mass p...

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    Hi, My name is Patrik, I own a woocommerce store and need some help with updating products from a certain supplier and also creating a Api connection to there site. I have almost all of there products on my site already but they all need to be updated and also the supplier have alot of new products that needs to be uploaded to my site. I have got a updated CSV file from the supplier were the products is sorted by brand name. But the category is missing in the csv file and the supplier can not supply that. The supplier have their own e-commerce webstore were all the products are with category and everything. I am wondering if it is better to scrape their site to a csv and then upload the csv to our site? This is the suppliers site: All the products and...

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    PHP API to SAP Integration 6 天 left

    I need to create an API that integrates my PHP application to SAP. The API should be able to read: list of ledger accounts, budgets, and suppliers from SAP. It should also create in SAP a supplier. It should also read and write payment/supplier invoice.

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    ...sit with a systems type of mind who can assist in innovating solutions through custom or ready systems or softwares availabe. Key areas of my consultancy service offerings which need an admin process and a clear methodology. We can have specific expertise in even single ones if potential free lancers are available in particular areas of expertise mentioned below: 1. HOW to take on board talent sourcing, recruitment work and deliver? 2. HOW to take on board HR management and development work of corporate companies? 3. HOW to give a story telling service to customers who want to tell their stories in all digital media? 4. HOW to attract the youth and business owners to our Coaching solutions(amani ya akili) 5. HOW to attract knowledge seekers to our Training workshops? 6. HOW to ...

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    Transport ERP script 6 天 left

    Looking for a readymade web-based Transport ERP system. Only minor customizations will be require...application - may check as to how it works. We need to get rid of this and have a web based software. Must-have Features in your software are: 1) Loading sheet :- A) Loading challan entry with loading pont , unloading point , destination,supplier, buyer,vehicle ,vehicle owner, agent , advances ( cash/ bank ) , diesel advance( pump name ) , loading/unloading charge ( cash/ bank/ agent ), loading rate for transport,loading rate for vehicle owner 2 ) Transport bill to vehicle owner and supplier with their rate . 3 ) tds deduction for transporter by supplier. 4) payment and received for all 5)Full account with P/l and balance sheet ONLY BID IF YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHINGS SA...

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    we need a supplier to provide us high quality external links per month.

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    I need a spreadsheet of all BHP () contacts split by: Senior management IT Infrastructure & enterprise IT Technical excellence & assets IT Minerals Australia IT Data and Analytics IT Enterprise Architecture IT Infrastructure and Operations IT Program & portfolio management IT Security and risk management IT Sourcing, procurement & vendor management Business technologists I need everyone at BHP that work within those different departments.

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    Job Summary As an IT recruiter, you are a deadline-focused technical recruiter to be responsible for the sourcing, screening, and hiring of technical specialists to fill IT positions. The responsibilities include all aspects of hiring, from meeting with hiring managers to write job descriptions, posting job ads, screening and interviewing of candidates, to offering job positions to the most suitable candidates. You should be focused, hard-working, and able to meet deadlines to the satisfaction of all parties involved. To be a successful technical recruiter, you should have in-depth working experience with tools such as LinkedIn Premium, Monster, RingCentral, and MS Teams, but also have a good working knowledge of technology, technical roles, and technical skills, as well as knowled...

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    E-TRADE INDIA 5 天 left

    I am currently looking for a software developer who can help in building E-commerce website where supplier and buyer can meet together and find there required products

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    Building Architecture project 5 天 left

    I need an Architect from China for setup a renovation project for an old industrial area of 8'000 mq. The architect selected must design the project, identify the building companies from china and supplier of materials from china and follow the project end to end. Here attached the map of the building in scope

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    I would like a website that is able to accept orders for hiring items. Users must create an account and place their order for items for hire for a specific date. When items are going out for rental on those dates, it must show in the stock count. There should be a backend management for all other business aspects such as inventory, customer lists, supplier lists and accounting insights.

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    Suite à l'augmentation de notre production, nous recherchons des rédacteurs web francophones (pas de limite de volume). Nous avons donc besoin de vous pour nous en faire le sourcing sur toute l’Afrique. La mission est simple, vous déposez des annonces sur un maximum de sites et groupes de votre choix. Il faudra filtrer les candidats en amont afin que les meilleurs seulement arrivent jusqu’au test final. Vous n'avez pas à faire les entretiens. Les candidats pour cette mission de sourcing, tout comme nos rédacteurs doivent : - Parler le français. - Être capable d’écrire un français impeccable dans un style européen. - Suivre des consignes claires. Paiement à la performa...

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    ...the marketing and advertising departments, and networking to find new clients. You should also be able to answer clients’ questions and address their concerns. To be successful as an Account Representative, you should demonstrate innovative ways to ensure excellent customer service. Ultimately, an exceptional Account Representative should be able to develop creative and resourceful methods of sourcing new clients....

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    File converter 5 天 left

    Hello, I have 2 pdf files made in Canva, my supplier "please send locked turning curved files to printing" Open original files in AI, then “Ctrl+A" select all , Then “Shift+Ctrl+O", output files.

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    ...needs to be done and there are systems that the assistant can work within. What will the assistant need to do? Vedemi Music Manage imports and relay with all the steps for getting the packages and order items to our premises. Manage Courier services for the items to get to the customer Manage orders and The Online Services sales Sales sheets for-profit vs loss on the platform. Orders to the supplier in South Africa for items sold by us to a customer, invoicing client, and then sending the item to the client. Club Studios Invoicing Quotes Customer Statements Client follow-ups if payment has not been done. Understanding the clients' needs (This will take time to learn, as there will be necessary linguistics to understand and utilise) Managing Sales / Bookings with clients o...

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    Our business is about selling pet accessories. We intend to contact other business and vet clinic to distribute our products

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    T Shirt Graphic Design 5 天 left

    We want assistance with: 1. Graphic design for T Shirts (mandatory); 2. Graphic design for Social Media Banner Advertisements (mandatory); and 3. Finding a suitable supplier for T shirts and products (optional) We have a logo, website and colour scheme already.

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    ...need 1 or 2 suppliers who are able to print and color ceramics with customizations the customer made with our configurator. Our customers are end customers, not retailers and as such each order which needs customization, will be very low volume. We are targeting east-European suppliers because of cost related preferences, no Chinese suppliers or even outside of the EU. What do we expect from our sourcing specialist? - Perfect spoken, written and understanding of the English language. - Respectful - Constructive - Sales flair - Documenting skills. The following are the steps to be selected for the job: - Post here on that you are interested. Ensure your text is without spelling errors and structured well. - I will contact you through freelancer chat to have a fi...

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    Need to write on SOURCING STRATEGY for any topic mentioned in the at Kearney chessboard provide with an example of where such strategy is applied/can be applied.

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    product design 4 天 left

    I have a designed for a baby bottle. A system that allows me to preload the baby bottle with formula and water but to mix only when I'm ready to feed the baby. great for on the go parents or over night aid. I need a sketch or perhaps a 3d design or whichever way is best to be able to provide the design to the manufacture/ supplier.

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    I'm a crypto enthusiast having been involved in the industry since 2018. As a result I have been sourcing and trying different lucrative crypto models. As a result I have found the Arbitrage trading which I have been experimenting on. As a result of that I'm looking for investor as the are price differences ranging from $300 dollars to $900 while using internationally known exchanges such as binance to purchase bitcoin and selling it on South African local markets. As a startup we are looking to cater investors from across the world as opposed to the local arbitrage trading provider The link is for one the exchange and arbitrage trading company hence we will only be providing arbitrage services.

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    Hi, I am building a home gym , and i want 2d and 3d layouts of the gym with the machines i need to purchase etc. I will give you the supplier catalogue for the machines and then you can place them. Can we have a whats app call to discuss better the project please

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    Looking for US IT Recruiter 3-6 Years of experience 3-6 years of experience as an US IT Recruiter. Should hav...database. Verification of work status. Must have hands of experience in hiring of all Visa types (US Citizen, GC, H1B, H4 EAD, OPT EAD, etc.,). Screening the resumes and maintain separate database and Following up with the candidates. Ability to interact, develop candidates' network. Should have excellent communication skills. Explaining and Negotiation about company & rates. Good Negotiation, Sourcing and Networking Skills. Coordinating the entire recruitment process till the consultant is on-boarding. Should be able to educate the consultants about the whole process. Soft skills- High degree of emotional intelligence, positive attitude, team work, and...

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    MaiPDF offers two ways of PDF sharing. Online and offline. * The way which online DRM means: Upload pdf files (with password or not) to MaiPDF site, and turning that file into a web link or an QR Code, and you can set up your own pdf DRM into that sh...maximum open times allowed for this pdf file”, “the reading during for each time that file is open”. After that, you can track the result of read. * The way which mean by offline DRM is make your PDF file into a readable HTML file which compatible to all most all the modern browser, reader can open the files in browsers like Chrome Firefox, Edge etc. The offline file is like other expensive DRM supplier do, the file needs to be verified to a validation server through before it can be open. Pls check website and ...

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    We are a food packaging trade business based in South Africa with a vision to be the no.1 supplier in the country. We are looking for an individual or small company to assist us manage our COMPLETE ONLINE PRESENCE and ensure we are top of mind for potential customers of food packaging so that we generate more leads and ultimately increase sales. The scope we envisage is as follows: 1) Improve our current website () by creating new layout/graphics/content etc, so that it is attractive and user friendly and then manage it regularly as required with the most relevant content and up to date information of our business. This should include all SEO activities also. 2) Manage our Instagram/Facebook account and related posts – this includes creation of relevant graphics/content

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    My name is mpeg and i'm craving a roleplay server in australia. We used to have one but sadly the owner threatened people and bam, server was empty. Anyway, I basically need help coding the plugins i plan to install, and help sourcing a couple. These include; TruePVE(no damage to buildings or objects not owned), No upkeep(still cant find this plugin), code locks for cars(cant find), gather multiplier(is this a mod?) and the usual QOL plugins(better chat, /msg, admin tools). Let me know if you can help. Kind regards.

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    Trophy icon Booth Design 5 小时 left

    Rendering of a 3m(W) x 4m(D) x...tables with five chairs each to be placed in booth. Note the table in the partition shown in sample 4. Some key phrases to be emphasized around the booth. Refer to samples 1 & 2 for negative examples of design, cluttered and disorganized. However the samples provide a rough idea of space and furniture allowance. Refer to sample 3 for layout, sample 4 for how the interior print will be done by the supplier. Note that clutter should be removed, clean, coherent minimalist design for walls in sample 4. Just make it a place that's sleek and would catch your eye should you see it at a convention. Think comic-con but minimal and futuristic/ Avenger's Endgame Quantum Suit colours. Minimalist/ futuristic theme appreciated. Goal is to stand o...

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    We need an accounts assistant to work with us full time to do the following: - Check supplier invoices against purchase orders to make sure that the pricing is correct - receipt goods into Xero accounting software once correct - make sure job numbers are on all company purchase orders - track spend per job number in spreadsheet or database (to be created and maintained by freelancer) - monitor parts usage in spreadsheet or database (to be created and maintained by freelancer) -A t the end of the month, you will need to request statements and balance. - add new parts into the system when approved. -maintain the pricing database Experience required in: - Xero accounting software - Spreadsheets and databases - dropbox - microsoft including email Attention to detail and a positive a...

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    ...product details from our suppliers. The stock / data is available at a company called 'stichting DST'. For bicycle retailers they collect stock info and more product details from several of our supplier. See This data is being made available through an API. We want this stock info updated on our Magento products. In Magento we use Embedded ERP extension. See Products in Magento. Our products in Magento use unique SKU (from supplier) and EAN. Ideal solution Sync stocks per supplier with assigned warehouse in Magento Embedded ERP every hour. Who are we looking for? Someone who can understand the API documentation from ‘Stichting DST’ and can think of a way to connect it to

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    We need an API for a shopify plus store to pull data and images from different suppliers to display daily changes in cost, inventory, and product updates. Main supplier has detailed instructions for an API web integration. We need the developer to create the API and get it working. We want to integrate the suppliers into the Shopify store in order to avoid uploading products, pricing, and managing product changes daily to stay current with inventory quantities etc.

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    E-shop Woocommerce problem 3 天 left

    there is a project with woocommerce i have setted a website with ~77.000 the problem is that we need this to be refresh everyday 3 times a day.. for now it is setted at once. the problem is that everytime it runs the the server load going to the MAXIMUM. we need to set it through cron job as it is already and...the problem is that everytime it runs the the server load going to the MAXIMUM. we need to set it through cron job as it is already and find the problem with the high load.. also we need to set it to be done 3 times a day and find a way for this to finalize the working at maximum of 2 hours each time. the project i have is and i am seting in back the /b2b in which i need to work as supplier i have wp all import wp all export for these crons also i have setted the xmls

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    API integration for the supplier store into my shopify store. All API documentation support provided. Only genuine interest please. Happy to provide more information on request. Dee

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    exhibition stand design 3 天 left

    8m x 5m 03 side open stand for Food items supplier

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    ...monitoring. When registering (the person who wants to work as a delivery person), the client should enter his / her data (name, surname, date of birth, car, motorcycle, bicycle, where he / she lives, as well as a picture of passport or identity card) Everyone who is registered can filter cities, restaurants and choose which package they want to take from the restaurant to the customer. When one supplier clicks and blocks an order, that order immediately disappears with all other suppliers so that it does not happen that two suppliers deliver to the same address. on the application there should be an option where the deliverer when he blocks the order and heads towards the restaurant is followed by a gps who sees the restaurant on his device. When the delivery person takes over...

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    A Company produces tables For producing one table, we must manufacture and cut (internally) the top (1 m3 wood) and the four legs (0,1 m3 wood each) and for the final assembly we will take these five parts as well 5 screws type A, 10 screws type B and 15 nuts type C per table. Wood, screws and nuts are bought to an external supplier 1. 1) Describe the BOM 2. 2) Show an MRP for producing 100 tables considering that * a) Delivery time for screws and nuts is one week (I need a tables for this) * b) Deliver time for Wood: 3 weeks * c) Lead time for producing boards and legs is two weeks * d) Final Assembly time: 1 week * e) We must deliver the tables in 6 weeks from now on CASE PREMIUM PAPER Company “Premium Paper” is located near Paris. The design and print ...

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    Hi there, We are looking for Amazon FBA PL virtual assistant, major roles are. - Search high-quality products. - Product sourcing. - Listing optimization - PPC Campaign management. - Brand Management. Note: If you do not have prior experience please do not apply for the job, we are looking for a long-term commitment. Experience one's are more than welcome. Thanks.

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    We are covering below modules in our ERP Software 1. Administration (Setup & Security) Multi User with multi level rights 2. Material Management (Inventory & Purchase) 3. Production Planning (Production against Sales Order) 4. Bill of Material (Product Costing) 5. Sales & Distribution (Customer Order Tracking) 6. Customer Relationship Managemen...Security) Multi User with multi level rights 2. Material Management (Inventory & Purchase) 3. Production Planning (Production against Sales Order) 4. Bill of Material (Product Costing) 5. Sales & Distribution (Customer Order Tracking) 6. Customer Relationship Management (Quotation Management & Daily Communication tracking) 7. Sub Contracting (Purchase/Production on Sub Contract Basis) 8. Finance (Supplier / Customer ...

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    ...Overseas - Young, enthusiastic work culture. - Market leading Pay - An early position in a rapidly growing company. Purchasing Manager Requirements - 5 years experience - strong excel base - An understanding / experience in mechanical / engineering feilds desireable. Position Details - Be in control of all procurement & purchasing for large scale mechanical engineering projects. - Sourcing suppliers, managing lead times with logistics department to ensure parts and materials stayt in front of production. - undertake pricing excercises to ensure maximum efficiency throughout projects. - Be apart of continuous improvement & product development We Offer - Senior Position - Full Time - Market leading Pay - Interesting projects in a challenging fast paced env...

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    i need someone to scrape supplier website to provide me with product codes that are male, female and unisex. it is a simple task for someone who knows how to scrape data. looking to pay $20

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    Looking for a highly proficient VA to support a busy agency owner. Native English speakers only, please (US, UK, Australia, Europe time zones). Must be very highly organized, with a strong, demonstratable in delivering high quality, attention-to-detail, tasks, and reports. Obviously you must have excellent written and spoken English working on a variety of tasks from recruitment support, product sourcing, client liaising, social media posting and organizing meetings etc. You must love spreadsheets, work fast and be enthusiastic to work across our product and agency businesses and support the delivery of creating digital products for our clients. Hours will be 10-40 hours per week, flexible about when you work. I'm more interested in the tasks being complete than what times y...

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    I'm looking for someone to help me find a reliable manufacturer for my Ecommerce business and help me source products. I'm starting an Ecommerce business and I need help with sourcing products, finding manufacturers, and branding my products as well as creating a private logo etc.

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    Want top 20 Agrochemicals manufacturing companies’ export manager’s active contact details in China and India supplying to West Africa Region

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    We're looking for a native/fluent french speaker, ideally based in France who will find an obtain offers on our behalf from suppliers such as restaurants, night clubs and other bachelor party activities according to a list of requirements. Expect that you will need to make 25 agreements for each of the 5 mentioned (below) cities and that you will need to input the data and images about each product into our CMS/ERP It is a bonus if you have local first-hand knowledge about the night life in one or more of the cities: Paris Bordeaux Marseilles Lyon (Bruxelles) You may offer a project fee or an hourly fee

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    ...Systems (CMS). -Have experience in market research & analytics for recruitment. -Have corporate / product/ IT experience with recruitment. -Experience with bulk hiring /locations specific hiring -Hands-on experience with recruiting software, Requirements Assist in Designing and implementing the overall recruiting strategy and processes Responsible for the end to end recruitment process from sourcing, scheduling interviews, negotiation, offer roll outs, onboarding, stakeholder management, and vendor management. Coordinate with function hiring managers and interviewers to understand roles; and develop, update and finalize job descriptions and job specifications Responsible for day to day reporting of the recruitment efforts to the Head of Recruitment. Meet recruitment metrics...

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    I am looking to build website for my food processing company. I need a good content writer. I give high level idea and the content writer need to write relevant content for my website. Company Name: VRK Food Products Brand Name: Mamatha Foods Business Description High Level: VRK Food Products is the manufacturer and supplier of spices and millets to its wholesalers, distributors and retailers in Telugu states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. As of now the products are Mirchi powder (50 gram, 100 gram, 200 gram and 500 grams packs), Turmeric powder (50 gram, 100 gram, 200 gram and 500 grams packs), Coriander powder (50 gram, 100 gram, 200 gram and 500 gram packs) and Ragi flour (500 gram packs) with our brand name “Mamatha”. Plant is located besides NH16 (Calcutta Chennai H...

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    Good day, Here is my Website - I am from South Africa I am looking to Advertise on TikTok and use Influencers to market my products (I also will give you access to this course if need be to excel our growth and your knowledge - h...Instagram Page 4. Advise on how you would like to work and what software you use to perform at your best Incentives: 1. Get Paid on our Project Performance. If you are able to run the tasks and leverage my Business I will do a Profit share of up to 20% Please let me know when you are available to talk and what you can bring to the table to make this a successful venture for both parties :) (PS. The Supplier of these products also has a retail store and did $20 000+ in Revenue without any ad spend and 30% Profit Margin) Kind Regards

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